Cleric Faol is the Theocratic and spiritual leader of the Ordinis Sancti of Calcutta and its native Calcuttan. Faol is a rather religious zealot with intolerence for sinners and criminals though is tolerant of non-Aelfe and their believes.


Calcutta Cleric House

Cleric House, residence of Faol

Faol is a native of Calcutta and born around 405 AD. As the eldest living Calcuttan on the planet he is considered the wisest and as such has ruled Calcutta for over a thousand years. Though loved by his people, he is rather resented by the other Aelfe for his zealotism. As the Cleric and leader of Calcutta he lives within the Cleric House, overlooking the Tidal Defense and the beach in the shadow of the Cathredal. He raised the garden of his house to represent the sigil of the Ordinis Sancti.

Faol opened Calcutta for the Dutch and allowed his prized city to become a place of tourism as he realised the Dutch could protect his planet against agressive nations and pirates. Though tolorant of people visiting the beaches and terraces, he forbids the entering of the Cathredal in swimming outfits and requires them to wear at least shorts and shirts.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Faol is a rather complex Calcuttan, lived a long live of plenty and wealth without the interference of outsiders. He is considered a religious dogmatist, convinced that all his actiosn are justified because they are the will of the Qo-Oh, though he can be cruel and arrogant to other Aelfe and non-Aelfe, and consideres Half-Aelfe aberrations. These traits miake him loved by his own people for the love he has for his planet, city and the Cathredal but rather reviled by tourists who fear is snarky comments.

Though, like all Aelfe Faol is a proud, arrogant, and a somewhat jingoistic Calcuttan though not above providing forgiveness for those he believed have sinned.


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  • Faol is partially inspired by the Disney Villain Claude Frollo of the Hunchback of the Notre Dame.

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