Ioror, the blind? The Great Lord? The Truly Herald of the Ensimmäinen Seppä? The Biggest Hammermen? Him? No, I've never heard about him

- Random human villager

Ioror the blind, formely known as Ioror from the Oldhammer, is the Suuri Seppä and one of the oldest Panssari in existence. Ioror is the most skillful and revolucionary Suuri Seppä since the original Panssari leader, Eledrich the skillful.


Early historyEdit

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Leader of the OldhammerEdit

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Suuri SeppäEdit

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Ioror is very similar to a Panssari although has slight differences, such as skin color, that in a standar Panssari is usually red or brown, that of Ioror is gray, due to the loss of color of the rock that covers his skin, which happens to every Panssari after several centuries working in the forges.
Ioror uses the usual costume of a Suuri Seppä, armor composed of dozens of highly tempered Raduan plates, these plates cover much of his body, driving him virtually invincible in combat. He also uses two pieces of steel placed over the eyes, which used to hide her wounded eyes.


Ioror is one who tends to be quiet and peaceful, usually not violent or aggressive, although it has been shown capable of murder without mercy to those he considers his enemies. He has also been shown to be fairly serious one, being able to be sympathetic and sometimes even joker in low importance.
Ioror is possibly one of the few Panssari in history that has been interested in life outside the territory of Fa'agma-Tür Kingdom, and is the only one who has attained the title of Suuri Seppä following this philosophy. It is well known that has shown interest in foreign technology, politics, society and religion.


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Blue face AlliesEdit

"Sinun läsnäolo on arvostettu maa fa'agma. (Your presence is appreciated in the land of fire and magma.)"

Yellow face NeutralEdit

"Vasarat ja alasimet pysähtyä kuuntelemaan sinua. (The hammers and anvils stop to listen to you.)"

Orange face UnfriendlyEdit

"Olen työskennellyt. (I am working)"

Red face EnemiesEdit

"Agma tuhoaa sinut, fa kuluttaa sinut, ja minun vasara murskaa. (The magma will destroy you, fire will consume you, and my hammer crush you.)"

  • None


  • Ioror is not trully blind, he can see using the Source.
  • Ioror is the only one Panssari known that can use naturally the Source.

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