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Here are giants, beware, tend to be quiet but stay away from their land. If you see something shiny flees, because if it is gold or silver or any metal is theirs and if you see fire, is theirs too. They not are not evil, nor good, they just want to be let alone.

- Unknown

The Fa'agma-Tür Kingdom (Panssarish: Fa-agma-tür, Tower of Lava and Fire), often known like the Undergorund Kingdom or the Panssari Empire, is the only one faction of the Panssari in Koldenwelt. An old empire that has controled the underground of the East Divide in the Everwinter Highlands for nearly two thousand years. After a period of being locked inside their huge Mines, giants of Fa'agma-Tür have come to light.


Early HistoryEdit

There are many myths about the epochs preceding the founding of Fa'agma-Tur, according to the information handled, Panssari lived in underground communities for tens of thousands of years, and gradually managed to understand the need to manage metals to achieve the rock drill and increase the size of Mines. It is unknown how or why, but Panssari established six Mines to throughout the East Divide the Everwinter Highlands.

These six Mines were isolated from each other and worked as city states. This remained unchanged until around 2700 BNA when Seppä Takoo of Leiviskä pohjaton, Eledrich the skillful, carried out a campaign to unify the Mines into one empire. According to myth, Eledrich had a divine vision that explained how to use the Source to enhance the power of their weapons so they can face the other Seppä Takoo.

The Eledrich campaign was a resounding success, all Mines joined or fell under their banner. Once done, Eledrich personally directed the building of his new capital, a capital that should be more robust, with more access to magma and iron, and be strategically placed to act as a bridge between all Mines. This capital was called Fa'agma-Tür, due to the amount of magma that was in the area, and Eledrich proclaimed himself the Suuri Seppä of Fa'agma-Tür Kingdom.

Rise and FallEdit

Under the rule of Eledrich, the Panssari entered a golden age, the laws and traditions imposed by the new Suuri Seppä accelerated metals and food production, expanded Mines, increased armies, made ​​advances in technology and magic. One of the biggest events in the Eledrich government was the creation of the Twins Hammers, two sacred objects for Panssari, which according to myth was created by Viisasta the holy, the prophet of the Panssari religion, and improved by Eledirch.

On the death of Eledirch the Kingdom fell into a state of shock, until a new Seppä was named Suuri Seppä, forming the first dynasty in the history of Fa'agma-Tür. This succession by election of the Neuvosto Seppä became in tradition and law in the Kingdom, and for centuries Panssari lived in the splendor.

But that age of peace culminate a century ago, when Panssari of Fa'agma-Tür made ​​the mistake of drilling too deep in the Mines, sparking a mysterious and profound evil that unleashed a terrible earthquake, locking in Panssari their caves for decades. The few who escaped became pariahs and roamed rustic life in the mountains.

New AgeEdit

In the year 20 of New Age, the Panssari escaped from their Mines and reestablished its dominance in the East Divide. Currently the rumor of his return is echoing in parts of Koldenwelt, because who knows what dark and mysterious secrets are hidden in the vaults of the East Divide lords.



The Government of the Kingdom Fa'agma-Tür is held by the Seppä (Panssarish: "Hammermen") of the Mines, these are the elite of society being the most skilled, strong and intelligent of the Kingdom. These manage a government agency known as Neuvosto Seppä (Panssarish: "Council of Hammermen"), in which the Seppä made judgments​​, sign treaties and manage the transfer of resources to the capital. The Neuvosto Seppä consists of 120 Seppas. Among them one is chosen as leader, the Seppä Takoo (Panssarish: "Hammermen of the Forges"), which acts as a Mine manager and ambassador in the capital.

The leader of the Kingdom is the Suuri Seppä, exercised by the supreme leader, who always has the last word and is responsible for life. Anyway, the Suuri Seppä rarely falls into despotism, since it usually the Neuvosto Seppä chooses him just for his ability as a blacksmith and just leader. In addition, most of the time, the Seppä are the only ones who control everyday life, because the Suuri tends to become a mere icon locked in the capital, Fa'agma-Tür, for years.


The territory of the Kingdom is composed of seven Mines, which are huge underground fortresses located below the East Divide. These, added to the complex of underground tunnels, leading to a considerable territory under the banner of the "Tower of Lava and Fire". The territory has expanded over the centuries since, without geothermal energy reserves of East Divide, Panssari the technology is in the stone age, because they are not efficient in the use of trees as a source of energy for their giant machines.

As mentioned before, the Fa'agma-Tür Kingdom include 7 Mines, inhabited on average more than fifteen thousand Panssari, some tens of thousands of animals used as livestock, and hundreds of industrial machines fueled by steam power of the enormous geysers that abound in the area. The Mines are:

  • Fa'agma-Tür- The Tower of Lava and Fire is the capital of the Kingdom, home of the Suuri Seppä and the biggest industrial centre of the Kingdom. Due it capital status, the Fa'agma-Tür is an important commerce centre, always full of activity, where Panssari trading resources that they need to complete their work and their lives (food, metal and stone basically), is also an important center of military activity, where the troops of the Kingdom always present to fulfill its duty to protect the forges and the Suuri.
  • Valloit'maton-Linn- The Northwest Impregnable Fortress is the northwest Panssari Mine, located on the border between East Divide and the Northern Steppes. The Northeast Fortress is one of the most militarist Mines, being here as they prepare the best warriors of the Kingdom, here are transported by huge underground tunnels to different Mines throughout the East Divide. Another important feature is that this is one of the few Mines structure that protrudes from the rock, because there are no importants mountains in the area where it can be seen from a distance, the Panssari built a high tower that works as turret lookout.
  • Lähde-Tür- The North Fountain Tower is one of the smallest Mines of the Kingdom, known by it large production of meat, lichens and exquisite volcanic plants that are the Panssari's staple food. Mass production is due to intensive cultivation of plants on the slopes of the mountains surrounding the Mine, which are known for their particular amount of geysers.
  • Metsäinen-Linn- The Eastern Woody Fortress is further east of the kingdom. Mine is one of the poorest, because of their lack of stone, metal and magma for the industry, which have been replaced by low-strength rocks, wood and animals. Anyway, this is the only mine producing long distance antipersonnel weapons. The soldiers came out of this Mine are the best archers and crossbowmen, hunters and spies throughout the kingdom, and this Mine is the largest producer of animal and organic materials.
  • Järvi-Tür- The Southern Lake Tower is a great residential Mine, its main and only function is to serve the kingdom of rest for travelers and customs for capital. It is located directly south of Fa'agma-Tur, under a huge thermal lake, so the only access is by a gate Mine located on an artificial island, this goes down a chimney of a dormant volcano to the city underground.
  • Leiviskä pohjaton- The Extreme Southern bottomless mine is one of the deepest Mine in the kingdom. Known for being the center of Crimson Hammermen learning and alchemy capital of the kingdom. It produces tons of materials with unusual and strange alloys.
  • Jää Huippu- The Western Frozen Peak is one of the biggest Mine of the empire. The Mine is located in the fontire within the Central Mountains, so is the highest Mine in the area. It is used as a purely military and tactical position, used as a vantage point to observe the stranger territory. Their energy comes from a magma pit located several hundred meters below the sea level.


Society of Panssari is governed by a meritocracy based on their ability to handle the metal, and transforming them into tools or cutlery, which is why society is governed as follows.

The Vileijä (Panssarish: Farmer) is the food producer of the kingdom, most of whom live on the surface or in small caves, being the basis of the hierarchical pyramid Panssari. The Vileijä living in the surroundings of the thermal fountain where they cultivate lichens and volcanic plants cultivated and raise domestic animals used for meat. Due to its distance from the forges, they do not work metal very much, but by religion and tradition know as forging the bulk of Panssari clothing, the steel loincloth.

The Kauppia (Panssarish: Trader) are in charge of trade in the kingdom, generally live in small villages in caves built into the sides of the underground tunnels that connect the Mines, but always in movement, buying and selling. They are generally despised by many Panssari because they do not manufacture anything (other than their clothes, which the owner must make according to tradition), which causes them to be frowned upon by society. Anyway are vital to the kingdom, because without them the staples could not move in the territory.

The Soturi (Panssarish: Warrior) are the soldiers of the kingdom. Generally they live in the barracks, which are huge underground halls located in the surroundings of the forges. Due to the nature of the kingdom quiet and apathetic, the main function of the soturi is protection against outsiders and weapons manufacturing. There are three bodies soturi within the kingdom, the Steel Knights (soldiers responsible for guarding the frontiers), Silver Guard (troops that protect the inside of the forges), and the Hammers Immortals (charged with protecting the Suuri Seppä)

The Seppä (Panssarish: Hammermen) are the elite of the Panssari society. They live all their life into the forjes, where they works to make weapons, aromours, jewelery and strange alloys. Within Seppä there are three categories, the Grays (responsible for mining and architecture), the Silver (responsible for the construction of tools and special weapons) and Crimson (makers of jewelry, design alchemy and amulets).

The Pariahs are Panssari that are out of the normal Fa'agma-Tür Kingdom society. They had, for different motives, scaped from the Fa'agma Tür territories to the frontier of the Ever-Winter Highlands. Mostly of this Panssari continue to think they are part of Fa'agma-Tür and continue bowing to Suuri Seppä.
The pariahs are the first sighting of Panssari's life in the Ever-Winter Highlands and they are, most of times, the only ones who accept being interrogated by forasters.


The armed forces are Panssari divided into three groups, the Steel Knights, the Silver Guards, and the Immortal Hammers, each with their respective roles within the Kingdom. The Soturi exercised by soldiers within these groups, and is differentiated by its features, functions, and training.

Steel Knights

The Steel Knights are the soldiers of the Kingdom, there are about fifty thousand of these
Panssari Warrior (1)

Steel Knight

troops throughout the kingdom. Usually they live in underground caves on the borders of the Kingdom and near roads underground, but spend much of their day on the surface, in watchtowers or patrolling the area, making them very versatile when it comes to fight in lands that they know.

Their armament consists mainly with quality swords and maces, most designed by themselves to their needs and taste. They also will add to their natural armor a steel shield forged by Soturi or Seppä hands. Most do not use long distance weapons, with the exception of defensive turrets located at the entrances of the Mines.

Silver Guards

The Silver Guards are special guards of the forges of Mines, specially trained to protect
Silver Guard

Silver Guard

with their lives the huge vaults full of treasures and Panssari forge tools. To be more efficient as guardians live in the periphery of the forges.

Are generally armed with steel claws or swords forged by Seppä highest grade. Their armor are made of a steel alloy and silver material they extract, hence its name. Some use weapons capable of using magma with Raudan constructed projectile from an alloy unknown to the other races of Koldenwelt able to use The Soucre to strengthen it and make it almost indestructible.

Inmortal Hammers

The Inmortal Hammers are the Honor Guard of the Suuri Seppä, formed by the five hundred best
Inmortal Hammer

Inmortal Hammer

Soturi the Kingdom, the Immortal Hammers never leave the Throne Room Fa'agma-Tur. They are trained to protect at all costs the Suuri Seppä, his family and his greatest possessions, Twins Hammers of Eledirch the skillful.

Their armor is complete made of Raudan, making them virtually invincible, besides being armed for deadly hammer forged steel by Crimson Seppä, so some have magical powers, such as altering the temperature, change shape or size.


The Panssari follow a monotheistic religion where they worship a god known as Ensimmäisen Seppä (Panssarish: The First Hammerman), which is believe to be in a place outside Koldenwelt and was who create the reality. The Panssari, unlike many species Koldenwelt, do not regard the Colossi as supernatural beings or deities, according to the teachings of Panssari, the Colossi are the greatest creations of Ensimmäisen Seppä, which made ​​them immortal, intelligent and very big.

Panssari beliefs about the world of the dead described that when he died, the immortal soul back to what they call the Ääretön Joelle (Panssarish: Infinite River), a kind of flow of vital energy that keeps the universe running. According to them, the body returns to dust and the soul returns to the river, there is no punishment for the evil or reward for the good, the good to do good just because of it. Because according Panssari good is merely fulfilling its role in society, the concept of morality is very complex in their religion.


Ioror the blind
Instead you say "Hey, are you blind?" and then I need to crush you with my hammer, only say hello

  • Name: Ioror from Oldhammer
  • Age: Unknown
  • Race: Seppä Panssari
  • Role: Suuri Seppä

Ioror the Blind, formely known like Ioror from the Oldhammer clan, is the supremme lord of the Fa'agma-Tür Kingdom and the most skillful hammermen between the Panssari, and one of the best blacksmiths from around Koldenwelt. It is known throughout the kingdom for being one of the most revolutionary Panssari, intelligent and skillful history taking very curious species across the continent, going against non-interventionist traditions of their ancestors.

Being a Oldhammer he is possessed of all wisdom and esoteric secrets of this clan, as making one of the toughest Raudans, jewelry and magical weapons and better ways of tempering steel. Not to mention that Ioror is one of the only Panssari who are users of the essence.

The Collector
I still need more items for my collection

  • Name: Unknown
  • Age: Around 400 years
  • Race: Pariah Panssari
  • Role: Wanderer

The Collector is one of the oldest Panssari living, he has abandoned the Fa'agma-Tür Kingdom society centuries ago, considering that his countrymen were blind to the power of technology and magic of outsiders. Since then, The Collector has become a wanderer, traveling around Koldenwelt in search of new objects for his growing collection.

Among his vast collection of magic items has a lot of rings with limited powers over the elements, necklaces and amulets that can extend the life and heal superficial wounds and disease, protective pieces Raduan reinforced hammer and numerous weapons Panssari all the length and width of Koldenwelt.


Blue face AlliesEdit

He ovat kunnioitettavia ihmisiä. (They are respectable people.)

  • None

Yellow face NeutralEdit

Olet tullut huomioomme, mikä olet ja mitä haluat? (You have come to our attention what you are and what you want?)

  • Orocathi Domain - They create, build... but they are... dragons, proud dragons
  • Khàrabor - They create, build... but they only make great weapons, deathly weapons

Orange face UnfriendlyEdit

Olette paino tiellämme, pysykää omalla maallamme! (You're a weight on our way, stay on your land!)

Red face EnemiesEdit

Kuolet painon alla meidän terä, kehonne poltetaan tulessa maanalaisen. (You will die under the weight and edge of our steel, your bodies will be burned in the fire of the underground.)



Tämä maa on meidän, mene tai tuntea minun teräksestä! (This land is ours, go away or feel my steel)

Raudan on suurin hallussa, ilman häntä emme olisi mitään, mutta kivi peittämä eläimiä. (The Raudan is our greatest possession, without it we would not be nothing more than rock-covered animals)

Luo, valmistaa, rakentaa jotain, se palvelee ihanteita ja joita rakastat, suojata ideoita, ja ehkä, vain ehkä, me kunnioitamme teitä. (Create, manufacture, builds something, it serves your ideals and those you love, protect your ideas, and maybe, just maybe, we will respect you)


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Montes transferre et sub pedibus terram aperit. (The mountains shall shift, and the ground will open up beneath your feet.)

- Legion of Shiarchon


The madness is just another kind of sanity.
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