This is the story of the human creation of the Jovar, and the politics and upheavals involved in "playing God." The story is an attempt to clear up how exactly the Jovar were created by the humans, an issue that has pressed me for some time now. This is an attempt to combine my original hypothesis of Jovar creation with those formed on this page some time ago. If any factual information is incorrect, please forgive me.

Now, this story might take a while to finish, as I have several other projects to work on as well. And please also excuse any scientific inaccuracies within the story. It is simply for the purpose of entertaining, as well as retconning the existence of the Jovar and how exactly they were created by the humans.

The story itself consists of six "days", though in actuality they can range from a single day as implied, to several months. In other words, "days" is really "chapters". Don't let it confuse you!

And yes... Toby is named after Wormulon!

Experimental Design
The ultimate experiment...

The Jovar's Fiction
Yes, we have no arms. Now stop laughing!
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