The Excelsior Endeavor chronicles the adventures of the USS Excelsior under command of captain Chianwe Apanoida. Featuring new adventures and events, cross-overs with other stories and fictions the new endeavors of the Excelsior all take place during the eventful time period, the Quadrantia Disorder.

Chapter 01: 07 AQFEdit

The USS Excelsior, an Excelsior-Class under command of female Chinawkya captain Chianwe Apanoida is one of the advanced vessels within the fleet. While on a routine patrol mission, Rambo Command tasked the Excelsior with a new mission!

The story takes off at the first day of the second month of 07 AQF.

Month 02Edit


Approaching the Infernal

Two days after the Infernal, the flagship of the Mortalitas commander Mortikran was placed under Rambo control during the events earlier on in the week, the ship had arrived at the Rambo Capital under Lianna Initiative escort for modifications, investigation and the study of its databases. While docked at the Capital Space Dock, a lone fighter approached the Infernal from its flank after it arrived 14 hours ago. Onboard the Muunilar bounty hunter Emtor, the Lizardian captain Lizrawn and a bunch of Lizardian soldiers were ready for action.

  • Emtor: "Yo Lizzie, we are approaching the Infernal!"

Lizrawn and Emtor meet on Stasje (flashback)

The Lizardian known as Lizrawn turned angrily at the bounty hunter, grunting his teeth he growled that he better watch his words. Emtor sighted, in all his years of bounty hunting the Lizardians were never funny to work with, they had no humor nor could they laugh at his jokes. Concentrating at the task at hand, he wondered why he actually returned to the Rambo Capital again while he lived in rather peace at Stasje, a Rambo Nation mining colony near Koerband.

Thinking back, he remembered going on his daily matters at a day, when at night he heard a knock at his door, his visitor Lizrawn! The Lizardian captain per swayed Emtor with riches if he would help him getting onboard a ship docked at the Rambo Capital to steal. Emtor gladly agreed, he infiltrated the capital before in 0 BQF when the Second Galactic War raged on. However Lizrawn forgot to mention it was the star destroyer, with origins of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus that was their target, the largest ship in the entire capital and inner colonial sector at the moment! An easier target to track if there was one to find. Sighting he evaded an approaching civilian freighter and headed straight for the star destroyer, due to the special coating at the hull of his own craft, the Rambo scanners were unable to detect his small craft and flight control would only realize the theft when Lizrawn would engage the engines!

  • Emtor: "Alrighty, prepare to dock Lizardians, within three minutes we shall enter the star destroyer!"


Apanoida and Ramickon watch the recording at the bridge

The captain of the USS Excelsior, an Excelsior-Class under command of Chinawkya captain Chianwe Apanoida looked at her view screen in front of her, sighting in disbelieve as she watched the recording of the theft of the Infernal together with her new science officer, lieutenant Ramickon Ramglover.


Excelsior approaches Proogency

Two days ago, an unknown band of criminals managed to steal the Infernal, a star destroyer formerly under command of Mortikran and commandeered by various Quadrantia Powers after a battle earlier on by the newly formed Lianna Initiative. Reading the report, an intercepting Dreadnought-Class and Miranda-Class were unable to prevent the theft, though pursued them over the Ramsoria Run until the ship disappeared in the Metruia Nebula where they lost track. Tasked by Rambo Command, under command of vice-admiral Ramcard to find the ship, Apanoida decided to travel to Proogency first with the vice-admirals permission. Apanoida was not pleased to travel to Proogency at all, as the listening post was bordering the Quadrantia Grox territories. Her earlier encounter with them was not a pleasant one and was a battle she rather forgot. Leaving her reading room Apanoida headed to the bridge, where the view screen in front of her showed Proogency coming closer at every second.

  • Apanoida: "Well, let’s see what we can do here before we start our little hunt. All crew, prepare for orbital rotation and prepare a shuttle, I want to go planet site the moment we are in orbit!"

Chianwe Apanoida stepped outside the shuttle, noticing the purple mist, she wished she could leave this devious place as soon as possible. Approaching her on the platform were the three headed-crew of the Proogency facility, commander Ramiron, lieutenant commander Tatsu Irana and medical officer Bianca Fiercehart.


Apanoida informs the crew of the Proogency facility

  • Ramiron: "Welcome captain Apanoida of the starship Excelsior, we are honored and surprised by your visit. It was unannounced!"

Suddenly a shadow passed overhead when a Mortis-dropship landed at another platform, deploying a force of clone troopers. Surprised Ramiron asked Apanoida what was going on and why an Acclamator-Class warship was in the nebula as well. The Chinawkya captain smiled and placed her hand at her hip.

  • Apanoida: "Pack your bags people, you three will be added to the crew of the Excelsior for the duration of my following mission, which was undermanned anyway. We will leave within three hours, so you better hurry! Clone Troopers will replace you."

The three were surprised, with Tatsu the first to express her love for it and soon ran inside to gather her stuff. Bianca and Ramiron protested heavily about leaving the facility in hands of troopers. Apanoida raised her hand and silenced them. She explained that Ramiron was to become her second in command, as she needed his experience in hunting star destroyers, something he did before when he hunted the Laberynth during the Second Galactic War under command of captain Rambam.


Apanoida inspects the mysterious Scion

She then followed Bianca and Ramiron inside to inspect the experimental creature, part of the mysterious entities known as Scions throughout the Quadrant Galaxies. Entering the lab, Apanoida watched at the white and purple colored creature, the creature narrowed its eyes when viewing at the trio and energy circled around its right claw.

  • Apanoida: "Fascinating!"
  • Bianca: "I totally agree captain. I would feel bad to leave it behind."
  • Apanoida: "I can understand that, no worry lt. commander, vice-admiral Ramcard ordered me to take it onboard as well!"

Both Ramiron and Bianca looked surprised, the latter in amazement while Ramiron was shocked.

  • Ramiron: "B-but captain, you cannot take that monstrosity onboard, it’s dangerous and…."
  • Apanoida: "I can and I will commander Ramiron. Now get ready, I want to leave this wretched planet as soon as possible."

The USS Excelsior arrived at the Metruia Nebula three days after leaving Proogency, with a delay of five days the hunt was on. Rambo Command send a report that the Infernal hadn’t left the Nebula, unless it had found a hidden wormhole, though unlikely. Chianwe Apanoida straightened her back and looked at Ramiron.

  • Apanoida: "Commander, your turn!"

Excelsor taken by surprise by the Infernal

Ramiron nodded and walked to the helm officer, his colleague lt. commander Tatsu Irana.

  • Ramiron: "You see those slight coloration 16 degrees to you left Tatsu?"

Tatsu nodded, and set in a course.

  • Ramiron: "Captain, this is the same route we followed with captain Rambam during our hunt for the laberynth. We need to slow to impulse power, hesitant in using our weapons and follow this hidden smuggling route. It will probably lead to the Infernal’s hiding place."
  • Apanoida: "A smuggling route? Large enough to let a star destroyer of over 8 kilometers pass?"

Ramiron simply shrugged his shoulders and returned his attention to the view screen. Apanoida looked tense, she didn’t like going blind into a nebula at impulse power and not to be able to use weapons. She thought back on her trip to the Hutter Kingdom with proconsul Apollo, perhaps she could use diplomacy this time instead of force first.

  • Ramickon: "Mam, I-i think I saw something in the nebula!"

Apanoida turned her attention once again to the screen, moving at one quarter impulse she saw nothing at the screen. Turning her head to the science station she spoke to Ramickon again.

  • Apanoida: "Are you sure lieutenant? I saw nothing."

The next moment the Excelsior was impacted by turbo laser fire from the Infernal that emerged form a dense part of the nebula. Apanoida and Ramickon lost their footing as Ramiron and Irana tried to remain in their seat. Onboard the bridge of the Infernal the Lizardian commander Lizrawn grinned, revealing his sharp teeth.

  • Lizrawn: "I though I recognised the pattern. Gunner, fire all forward weapons, maximum power!"


Excelsior continues her chase of the Infernal

As the Infernal opened fire, the USS Excelsior barely held her own against the powerful cannons. Letting the Infernal pass over, the Excelsior made a turn and set in a persuit, using her phasers in an attempt to damage the vessel. After hours of persuit, with the Excelsior constantly firing her phasers, the massive star destroyer didn't gave way, it even managed to cripple an Ifrit-class star destroyer, also part of the Imperial Navy. Left driftless as the Infernal continued it's escape, various Interceptor-class starfighters surrounded the Ifrit-class to escort a lone Extinction-class Interceptor who demanded to dock with the Excelsior.

Surprised captain Chianwe Apanoida allowed the Imperial officer onboard. As the figure entered the bridge, Chianwe saw in her horror that is was an Inquisitor of the Inquisition. Though only heard rumors about them, the figure, clad in decorated dark armor sent a chill over her spine.

  • Chianwe: "Welcome onboard Inquisitor, I presume you will join us in the persuit of the Infernal?"

The Inquistor narrowed his eyes, looking grim he placed his hand on his energy saber while looking around the bridge before replying.


The Inquisitor takes command of the Excelsior

  • Akagêlth: "Ofcourse not captain, I am Inquistor Akagêlth. I will take over your command and you can support me in hunting down this dreaded vessel."

A deadly silence fell upon the bridge, sitting in her chair Chianwe grew irritated and raised her voice.

  • Chianwe: "You shall not, this is my ship. A Rambo Nation ship! The Inquisition has not authority her-.."

Before the Chinawkya captain could finish her sentence, she was silenced by the Inquisitor.

  • Akagêlth: "Didn't you get the memo captain? The Nim-Glaré Concordat placed your precious Rambo Nation under the protectrate of the Empire, as such the Inquisition is authority and I am in every right to take command of your vessel captain. Now please, I require your seat."

Chianwe grinned her teeth, but slowly raised from her chair. The rest of her crew looked horrified as Chianwe stepped aside and the armored Inquisitor took the seat. He at once barked command to stop firing and give the Infernal more space before chasing again. Surprised and angered Chianwe demanded to know what he though was doing, as Rambo Command gave command to hunt down the vessel.

  • Akagêlth: "Frankly my dear captain, I don't give a damn what your Command wants. I only care about the Inquisition, understood?"


The Excelsior arrives at Lianna-station

Inquisitor Akagêlth, recently taken command of the USS Excelsior looked without emotion at the escaping Infernal, former flagship of the Mortalitas commander Mortikran. He shifted his attention to the conn officer, lt. commander Tatsu Irana.

  • Akagêlth: "Helm, set course to the following coordinates."

Tatsu looked surprised and turned around, looking confused she waited for confirmation from her captain, Chianwe Apanoida who looked shocked.

  • Apanoida: "Inquisitor! What are you doing? We are persuing the Infernal, not to rendevouz with Lianna-station. We will..."

The Inquisitor simply raised a hand and silenced the Chinawkya captain. Looking straight at Tatsu, pointing his hand to the unfortunate lt. commander, she suddenly felt a sickening pain in her chest and gasped for air. Apanoida looked horrified as the rest of the bridge fell silent.

  • Akagêlth: "You see captain, your disobedience hurts the well being of your crew."

Apanoida said nothing, though a defeat was seen in her eyes as she walked towards the console and entered the coordinates into the computer. The Excelsior changed course and the Inquisitor released Tatsu, who continued her duties as the Inquisitor demanded. After a few hours of travel the Exceslior arrived at Starbase 08, better known as Lianna-station and the Inquisitor, together with Apanoida beamed onboard the station.

Onboard the station, they met with captain Rambas II, the commanding officer of Lianna-station.


Qur'Trlan cornered by the Iquisitor

Apanoida shook the hand of Rambas, while the Inquisitor simply stared at the Serindia officer of Rambo Nation.

  • Akagêlth: "Thank you for your flattering words bird, I require your assistance in our new objective that is to the interesst of both our governments."

Rambas nodded, not reacting to the obvious insult while Apanoida had to surpress a slight giggle. After the Inquisitor explained his motives to come to Lianna-station, it became obvious that he wished to locate Rayria Mary Ramelzen, a noble Serindia taken hostage earlier on by Kzishaya raider that attacked the transport of empress Ramashe. Identifying the commander of a large Loron cruiser, Rambas indicated that the individual was at the station playing some gamble in the station's saloon.

Later on, arriving in the saloon, Akagêlth, flanked by Rambas and Apanoida faced the pirate warlord Qur'Trlan. The Quadrantia Loron simply shrugged his shoulders and laughted, pointing his blaster at the three. Suddenly the Inquisitor drew his energy saber, to the horror of the Loron pirate who dropped his blaster in surrender.

  • Akagêlth: "Now you filth, I require the information and location of the noble girl that you and your Kzishaya friend took hostage. If you want to save your slimy ass, you respond within five seconds.............."

As the USS Excelsior approached the Unclaimed Territories, captain Chianwe Apanoida grew tired at the sight of Inquisitor Akagêlth , who sat in her own command chair, a direct show of his authority over her. Chianwe wondered how the government of Rambo Nation could allow such a thing.

  • Akagêlth: "All hands, prepare for battle, we are approaching the Kzishaya hold out".

Chianwe began barking orders to her crew, as the Excelsior prepared itself for battle, various Kzishaya raiders swarmed from the asteroid holdout and started to engage the Exclesior. Overpowering the raiders, the Excelsior phasers disabled the raiders one by one. Driving the others off, Inquisitor Akagêlth and Chianwe, together with commander Ramiron they took a shuttle down and managed to located Rayria Mary Ramelzen. Afterwards they brought her back to her family at Ramalivua, where the Inquistor’s plot was revealed as the young lord Ramjon Martin Ramelzen pledged his fealty and thanks to both Rambo Nation and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Afterwards, Chianwe brought back Ramiron and his crew back to Proogency, much to the dismay of Tatsu Irana, while the Inquisitor returned to the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Month 04Edit

Desolation of the Bisistar 02

The USS Exceslior joins the Mou'Cyran fleet against the Bisistar

During the fourth month the USS Excelsior fought during the Great Battle against the Bisistar. Within the Cyrannus Galaxy, a new front of the Wars began in Coru Secundus when the enigmatic Bisistar Domain launched what seemed to be an unprovoked attack against the New Republic world of Venetia, new homeworld of the Republican Ermitant. Rallying the forces of the newly formed Mou'Cyran Accords, including Rambo Nation as well as many other allies including those from both sides of the ongoing schism outside the Cyrandia Cluster in the defence of the innocent world. In what is considered by many to have been as large as many of the titanic battles of the Great Cyrannus War, the allies fought bravely to defend Venetia, ultimately emerging victorious despite massive allied losses. In an apparent gesture of goodwill, the Galactic Empire agreed to lend some resources to aid the Republic's reconstruction of Venetia, with many in the Republic considering it a measure to ensure the Republic's neutrality in the ongoing insurrection in the Outer Rim and a measure to ensure the Protectrate's loyalty to the Empire as well.

Further monthsEdit

Coming in the future

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