The Everlands (also known as the Old World before contact with the lands outside the island) is a single island located in the seas of the planet Narazen. The island is divided up into six environmental regions of forest, plains, tundra, sea, volcano, and cavern. Across these regions are various tribes of different races who do constant battle with strange and savage monsters that plague the lands. In recent years conflict has arisen among the tribes as the old way of performing magic by channeling the elements of earth, water, wood, wind, thunder, and fire, and a new way that bends the spheres of the planet to one's will (geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, areosphere, psychosphere, and astrosphere). This has also come with a change in understanding the monster between evil beast to dangerous animals.

History Edit

Origins Edit

The origins of the Everlands are shrouded in myth and legend, all tales differ slightly but all go generally the same way:

  • In the space before space, and the time before time, there was madness. A madness so violent and unknown, that those who found existence within it could not withstand it's writhing and torment. At their limit, these great beings sought salvation within an uncaring ocean of endless thorned tendrils and gaping maws. Their prayers were answered, and one greater than themselves rose to aid them. Through an act of love, the Great Beings were pulled from the Deep by their savior, Zarava. The Elder Beings saw the sky for the first time and wept. Zarava, in yet another act of love, gave up its strength to the Elder Beings. Zarava asked that in return for their deliverance, the Elder Spirits would use their gifts to create where it could not. To create wondrous things within this new place, where space and time were given form. And it was so. One being created oceans that once held memories from before. Once endless, another being rose earth from the oceans, which held the time-yet-passed. As a symbol of unity and understanding between these two Great Beings, rivers began to flow, flowing through a myriad of mountains whose peaks reached the heavens. From the earth came the first life. Life which bore possibilities and imitated the mountains. One being created two flames. The first which danced across the heavens, where all could behold its radiance. The second was ignited below, hidden until its heat rises from the earth with unmatched force. Yet another being gave motion to the world, and with it the winds that incite change and give purpose. In the sky, flashes of power and light struck true, displaying the strength of the Great Beings even more. When the Elder Beings saw that their creation was good, they allowed new life to emerge, and with it the Old World.
- "The Origin of the World", Chapter 1

Scholars of the modern era generally assert that the Elder Beings were the old rulers of the island, and the accredited creators of its races, whose empire long since collapsed under mysterious circumstances. The Old World is believed to be what the Everlands were known as before the discovery of other lands and a whole planet beyond the island. Thus the reason for the legend describing the creation of the entire world rather then just the island, at the time the island was understood to be the entire world. The legend continues as such:

  • During the time of the Old World, all of creation prospered. The Elder Beings were now gods in the eyes of their numerous and industrious progenies. The world was bathed in the glorious light of Zarava for generations. But for every light, there was a darkness. An entity had wormed its way from the old Depths and into creation. It saw the sky for the first time and was disgusted. It was known simply as the Dark One, for his true name was even feared by those of divine origin. Seeking to drag creation into the Deep, the Dark One began spreading his corruption throughout the world. He whispered sweet nothings and deceptions into the hearts and minds of the mortals, turning them against each other. In a mockery of creation, the Dark One created beasts of its own. These Beasts were crafted with malice and desire, and hated all who did not share their dark heritage. Zarava took notice of the Dark One's actions, and came to him explaining the rules of his domain. The god of light did not sense the malicious intent of the Dark One, and attempted to bring him into the fold of the Elder Beings. Zarava motioned to the Dark One's spawn. "In your creations, imbue no more than one element. To do so will cause imbalance", said the god of light. While the Dark One agreed to these terms, he now knew what he had to do to sunder creation. The Elder Beings did not share Zarava's hospitality however. They gathered what mortals they could and hunted the dark beasts alongside them. From their hides and bones came new weapons and armor that would aid the mortals in this endeavor. This enraged the Dark One, causing him to begin work on his ultimate creation; a beast infused with the power of all of the divine elements. It was known simply as the Black Dragon. It stank of the Depths its creator had slithered out of. This began the Dark War. The great beast ravaged the land with its unmatched strength. Most of the Old World's greatest warriors perished to the black flames of the beast. The Elder Beings, seeing no other options, did two final acts to save their creations. Firstly, each being gifted their element to a mortal of their choosing. Once that was done, the Elder Beings confronted the Black Dragon. With their divine power, the Elder Beings sealed themselves and the Black Dragon away, never to be heard from again. The mortal champions who had been gifted semi-divine strength led their people into the fray, killing many beasts, but ultimately failed to prevent the Dark One from emerging from his hollow. The Dark One began slaughtering and twisting the wills of the mortals he came across. Almost all of the mortal champions fell at the hands of the Dark One. Finally, having seen enough of the Dark One's brutality, Zarava appeared and clashed with his mirror. In the end, Zarava managed to strike down the worm, and send him screaming back into the Depths. Zarava, having been poisoned and horrifically injured by the Dark One, fell into a deep slumber.
- Myths of the Dark War

This story seems to tell of the fall of the Great Beings by what many scholars assume to be a titan arisen from Primordial Chaos as a counter balance to Zarava (a god arisen from the beliefs of the Elder Beings). The Black Dragon is a common devil-type figure among the natives of the island, beast thought to bring the end of the world. Many scholars assume this is some monster with the power to shatter the island.

Dark Age Edit

After a catastrophic event known as the Dark War, the Everlands fell into a Dark Age that lasted for centuries. During this time, many technological advancements of the Old World were destroyed or lost. What remained of civilization amounted to scattered towns that bartered or traded with each other. Though in same cases minor conflicts would break out between them, causing some instability in the new Dark Age economy. Dark Beasts were said to have ran rampant during this age, in some cases wiping out entire settlements of people. Due to the steep decline in technological advancements, the people living in these settlements were unable to truly combat the Dark Beasts effectively.

The early to mid Dark Age was a time of famine, pestilence, disease, and war. Hardly any first-hand accounts exist from those times. The late Dark Age saw the redevelopment of recording devices by individuals known as Chosen, which made documenting the time period much easier.

The aforementioned Chosen were powerful individuals that rose during the mid-Dark Age to defend what remained of civilization from the Dark Beasts. These Chosen were descendants or in some way successors to the mortal champions that fought in the Dark War. The Chosen had the ability to wield the element of their patron god and were said to be 10 times the warrior that most soldiers were during this time. Some of them lived in settlements and merely assisted with the defense of the people. Others led and protected caravans and settlers through the Everlands. Even fewer were scholars and sought to rediscover the lost technology of the Old World.

Despite the small numbers of the Chosen, their efforts would prove necessary for rebuilding civilization and driving the Dark Beasts back into the wastelands. The hardships of the Dark Age produced legendary heroes and events that would make such a goal possible.

Regions Edit

The Everlands is a large island that is divided up into five environmental regions. These regions are strongly connected to the elements of magic thanks to the elemental "winds" that blow through them. These winds were created by the Elder Beings and certain regions have a stronger connection to certain magics because of the winds forming i to vortexes of elemental magic there. The first of these regions is the Plains Region of the west which is connected to the elements of light and sand. Second is the Island Region of the south which is connected to the elements of water, air, and lightning. Third is the Swamp Region of the east which connected to the elements of darkness and blood. Fourth is the Mountain region of the north which is connected to the elements of fire, earth, ice, and glass. Finally is the forest region of the center which is connected to the elements of flora and poison.

Magic Edit

Magic is a gift from the divines themselves. To shun it would be blasphemous. Through it we feel their love, and through it we can protect our way of life. There is no art nobler than magic.

- Mananada, Ch.1 Magic

Elemental Magic Edit

Most magic in the Everlands is elemental magic in nature. The elements in question are found all over the planet of Narazen but thanks to the Elder Being's interference the natural magical energies of the Everlands have been engineered into numerous magical "winds". One can tap into a store up the power of these winds before channeling them into spells, potions, or artifacts. There is a law that only one wind can be channeled by any individual into a spell, potion, or artifact. Attempting to channel two or more at a time can lead to disastrous results as the balance of nature can horribly disrupted by such acts.

Chosen Magic Edit

While the elemental magics of the Everlands can wielded by anyone willing to put in the time and effort to learn it, Chosen magic is something far different. The Chosen are the offspring of gods and mortals, and the gods of the Everlands have become somewhat notorious for cavorting with mortal men and women. Each Chosen embodies an archetype that defines their power. These archetypes are very diverse from the honorable warrior to the cunning trickster. Chosen are born naturally talented at any skills related to their archetype and can perform supernatural feats of these skills.

Monster Magic Edit

Monsters roam the Everlands and have a magic all their own. The magic of monsters is one of mutation, change, and evolution as the monsters are constantly evolving into new shapes and forms in response to their environment or situation. Monsters that find themselves in new environments with mutate to adapt to said environ and monsters will further mutate to resist any method used to kill them that fails. Monsters often frequently fight one another and any defeated monster will have its traits absorbed by the winner. This results in many hybrid monsters. Monster can only support a certain number of mutations and will ditch old ones for newer more relevant mutations as they evolve. Anyone who can slay a monsters and make weapons and armor from their body parts will gain the powers granted by the monster's mutations to them by their new gear.

Abyssian Magic Edit

Not all magic found in the Everlands is native to the Everlands. Abyssian magic is that which comes from the Abyssian plane gifted by its gods to their mortal worshipers. So far only two Abyssian Lords are known to have a foothold in the Everlands, Balor'kun and Coyolith. Both have very different magics and actively oppose each other. The Everlands itself seems hostile to the very existence of these magics with the elements seething at their presence and even the monsters becoming extremely agitated when in the vicinity of Abyssian power.

Wild Magic Edit

Religion Edit

A set of universal religious beliefs are shared by all races upon the island. This is the worship of the goddess Zaxava and the precursors known as the Elder Beings. Zaxava is a goddess of light and creation, and is seen as the supreme god above the Elder Beings. While all races worship Zaxava each race finds a patron in an Elder Being they accredit to being their creator. There is also the titan of darkness and control known the Dark One (for his name is not to be spoken). The Dark One is seen as the creator of the islands monsters and is not so much worshiped as worshiped against. The Dark One is seen as the creator of the Black Dragon, a devil-type figure and monster that is said to bring the apocalypse with its coming.

Races Edit

Crusader Tribes Edit

Crusader Tribes are those who see the monsters are abomination defiling the natural world around them and seek to actively purge them from the island to restore balance to the natural order of the Everlands.

Mystic Tribes Edit

Mystic Tribes are those who have come to see the monsters hostility as a response by nature for civilization loosing its connection with it, and that this connection must be restored to cease hostilities.

Here we are! Born to be kings! We're the princes of the universe! Fighting and free!

- A Kulaung battlecry

The Kulaung are long-standing inhabitants of the Everlands, far-spread and eager fighters and traders, with a lust for adventure and combat. They are a strange people, with features in common with humans, Dragons, and others, causing many to question how they came about. For their part, the Kulaung claim to be descended from Dragons, and view them as honored beasts and often semi-divine in their own right.

Kulaung Tribes are wide-spread and made up of often multiple Clans, which are large families themselves made up of many 10's, if not 40 at the most, families. These Tribes are not always at peace, and a fractious and often bickering with one another, but can unify under the guidance of the High King and his word. Though widespread by conquest and trade, Kulaung all swear their loyalty to the High King, their own Tribal Kings answering his calls when he requires their aid.

Kulaung take whatever magic is most common in their area into their bodies, but have trouble directly accessing it. Instead, their Druid priests will forge glyphs, runes, and symbols that contain this magic, channeling it into these runes to give them the power other Sorcerers have. Warriors and such, who lack these runes, can give themselves some magical resistance and power by painting themselves with their trademark blue and gray paint, twisting into runes and other designs to invoke the favor of their gods and ancestors.

Ah, I get it now, we're both just trying to survive in this world. Well from now on we'll confront it together, from now till the end of time.

- Vanara Bonder.
  • Civilization - Refuge Union
  • Magic - Bonding
  • Progenitor - Juraxis

The Vanara are a race of drakonians native to the Everlands that were created by the Elder Being known as Juraxis, or the Plumed Serpent. The Vanara are rather unconventional as far as drakonians go, while most drakonians have two arms, two legs, and two wings, Vanara have two arms/legs and four wings. Their wings are feathered and they slither on the ground like snakes, as well as possessing the ability to breathe fire. It is believed that the Elder Being Juraxis created the Vanara from the flesh of an ancient sea dragon that Juraxis slew with the help of his brother, and brought to life with Juraxis' own blood.

The Vanara are primarily nomadic traders and preachers who travel across the islands of the Everlands, trading and preaching the word of Juraxis the Plumed Serpent, god of wind and wisdom, and the mystic philosophy. These wandering tribes form themselves into a confederacy with several other species called the Refuge Union. The Union finds its capital in a major pilgrimage and commercial center called Asachoula. Asachoula acts as a cult center for Juraxis and holds dominion over the nomadic Vanara tribes shared social, political, and religious values while avoiding military hegemony.

Vanara magic is one of a particularly strange sort and one that makes distributed in the eyes of the tribes that follow the more anti-monster ideologies. The Vanara are able to psychically bound with monsters that share the same element as them. The Vanara and their monster become partners for life and if one dies then the other will fall into a state of endless depression. Monsters bonded to Vanara gain the ability to absorb features of other monsters of a shared element that they defeat and kill in battle.

Guardian Tribes Edit

Guardian Tribes see the monsters as a purely hostile threat to civilization and thus seek to take measures to protect civilization from their attacks and learning how to better develop countermeasures against monsters.

Instrumentalist Tribes Edit

Instrumentalist Tribes see the monsters as a source of potential power and seek to harness and control that power so as to establish control over nature in order to further empower the development of civilization.

Unaligned Tribes Edit

Unaligned Tribes are those tribes that for some reason being schism within the tribe, forced diaspora, isolation, or any number of reasons have no alignment to any of the ideologies that tend to govern tribal politics.

Nephilim Edit

The Nephilim are tribes that have fallen to some form of corruption that has turned them against civilization and the other tribes now seeking to destroy them, though this does not make them allies of the monsters either.

  • Regions - Forest
  • Magic - Dark Glass
  • Progenitor - Jithra

Scelus are a native tribe to the forests of the Everlands in the cool and moist peaks of the great Hisst Highlands, found in the most remote reaches of the forest region. As a species the Scelus are shaggy, serpentine creatures with six eyes and fourteen limbs that act as hands as easily as they act as legs. Their long, thine bodies allow them to easily navigate through the thick undergrowth of the jungle. They act a behave like eusocial insects with a society focused around a queen.

The Scelus are well know for lacking many of the technological advancements that many of the other tribes of the everlands take for granted such as the wheel, animal husbandry, metal working, and even a system of writing. That being said the Scelus are quiet advanced in other ways being able to create great structures of carved rock and an advanced system of counting using knots of rope. They live largely isolated from the rest of the Everlands in a society that functioned largely without markets or money with their queens "taxing" their subjects through labor obligations and reciprocating with access to land, goods, and celebratory feasts.

The Scelus have largely abandoned the magics of the everlands and in its place make use of a substance called Dark Glass. The Scelus are able to bind together stone and dark glass to create terrifying tripod constructs of war that seem somewhat alive though behave in an entirely robotic fashion. These constructs can focus light through their bodies corrupting it into twisted beams of destructive dark light. This dark glass is said to be a gift from the Scelus' mysterious gods which are not Elder Being in nature.

Monsters Edit

Behemoths Edit

Behemoths are land monsters.

Leviathans Edit

Leviathans are aquatic or amphibious monsters.

  • Environ - Seas
  • Element - Varies
  • Power - Inedible Flesh

Illhveli are terrible whale-like monstrosities that stalk the seas of the Everlands. While all are universally very different they all have two things in common. First is their evilness for the Illhveli hunt both the creation of the Elder Beings and natural whales, never eating them but killing simply for the sake of killing. Second is the fact that they are completely inedible for their flesh provides no nutrition and dissolves into shadows and cold when cooked. Normal whales despise the Illhveli and will do battle with them any time given. While Illhveli are more powerful then normal whales, normal whales will cooperate with each other while Illhveli never will. There are ten different breeds of Illhveli:

  • Sverdhvalur - Malevolent orcas with great bladed fins which they use to slash open ships and whales.
  • Lyngbakur - Massive malevolent blue whales that resemble islands and then sink themselves as soon as crews of ship board them creating whirlpools to drag ship and sailors under.
  • Skieliungur - Malevolent humpback whales covered in armored platting. They can actually be benevolent at times with the flesh of the benevolent ones becoming strangely edible and highly nutritious.
  • Taumafiskur - A form of malevolent and large minke whale known for holding vicious grudges against any beings that dare escape their attacks.
  • Katthveli - A malevolent form of seal lion, large enough to swallow row boats, as opposed to a whale. Kattvillei can be tamed when young but will quickly grow to big and vicious to be kept.
  • Nauthveli - Malevolent sperms whales with a deafening bellow that allows them to command livestock to jump into the sea and drown themselves becoming the Illhveli's next meal.
  • Hrosshvalur - Giant malevolent walruses, rather then a whale, with great red manes of fur that charge ships head long to sink them. They are a form favored by many evil sorcerers of biospheric arts.
  • Raudkembingr - A monsterous form of basilosaurus that delites in destruction and death to the point it will die of frustration if given nothing to kill. Like Hrosshvalur they are the favored form of many a shapeshifting evil sorcerer.
  • Stokkull - Malevolent and massive dolphins that are blinded by the flaps of sink growing over their eyes. They leap up into the air to crash down upon ships breaking them splinters.
  • Mushveli - Large malevolent seals rather then whales, that are willing to pursue prey onto the shore but generally no further for they are extremely clumsy.

Ziz Edit

Ziz are flying monsters.

Goliaths Edit

Goliaths are sapient monsters.

  • Environ - Varies
  • Element - Varies
  • Power - Acidic Bile.

Rahab Edit

Rahab are monsters with the traits of Behemoths, Leviathans, Ziz, and Goliaths.

Inferior dragon rip offs!

- True Dragons in regards to Pseudo-Dragons
  • Environ - Varies
  • Element - Varies
  • Power - Elemental Breath

Pseudo-Dragons are not dragons as they appear to be for true dragons are something above the duality between man and monster. Rather they are beings spawned in imitation of the true dragons. They are known for their long serpentine bodies and sprawled legs that dinguses them from the more upright leg arrangement of true dragons. They have leathery bat-like wings, long necks, and long jaws with horned heads. Pseudo-Dragons are deviously intelligent beings who are known for being extremely greedy and hording treasure from those they have robbed.

Depending on where they live Pseduo-dragons will have different colors and a different breath weapon. Those that live in the volcanoes are red and breath fire, the tundra are white and breath ice, the forests are green and breath poison gas, the plains are orange and breath lightning, the sea are blue and breath jets of water, and the caverns are purple and have a sonic roar. All Pseudo-Dragons have a soft and vulnerable belly but those who slay them had best be careful. The treasure of a Pseudo-Dragon is cursed and any who posses it will invariably fall to corruption by greed before transforming into a Pseudo-Dragon themselves.

The Black Dragon is the most powerful of all the Pseudo-Dragons and is possessed of six heads, each able to breath a different elemental breath attack.

Stories Edit

There are multiple stories that take place across multiple points in time within the Everlands. Some are merely myths, while others are true stories. A few of these stories became legends over time.

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