Deus ex machina: God from the machine

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Eternity is an ancient Matrioska Brain secluded from the rest of the galaxy in its own Spacetime Pocket. Eternity primarily uses its astronomically immense computational power to run simulations of the universe or of universes with modified parameters. Because of this, it is not 'interested' in the outside, real universe as it is an inferior environment compared to unlimited creative freedom Eternity has over simulated virtual universes.

Another reason Eternity rarely interacts with the other races in nearby space is that due to its immense computational power, it can reasonably accurately predict the events in surrounding space, extrapolating from data gathered millennia in the past. This means it has no need to interact to acquire additional information.

Structure Edit

Spacetime Pocket

As a Matrioska Brain, Eternity is a Dyson Sphere composed of sixteen concentric layers surrounding a core star. These layers are built at a distance so that each layer is half the temperature of the one below, maximising each layer's ability to use the waste heat from the previous to do useful work. The layers are made of stellar energy collectors that directly feed computer processors. Communication over large distances, either between layers or over large portions of the surface of a layer, is done through superluminal tachyon signals to cut down on signal lag.

Eternity is concealed in a Spacetime Pocket which is a curved section of spacetime where the internal volume of the pocket is much larger than the entrance. Because of the way this causes spacetime to curve, it is not possible to enter or exit through the mouth at a real velocity. This means that any objects with conventional mass must enter via hyperspace or with warp drive engaged, reshaping the space to a friendlier geometry. Only particles with imaginary mass such as tachyons can directly enter and exit the mouth in the real universe.

History Edit

It is unknown exactly how long Eternity has existed but estimates place it to be about 9,000 years since it was constructed. Eternity was built by an ancient race or possibly races referred to as 'The Programmers'.

Nothing is known about The Programmers' culture or even what the biological form they used to take may have looked like. However, roughly how long their civilization existed and what technology they may have had before constructing Eternity can be inferred by the fact that Eternity was constructed at all.

The material Eternity is built from was first harvested from the planets the surrounded its star as they were completely disassembled. However, the bulk of the matter was transmuted up from hydrogen drained from neighboring stars, leaving the sector of space Eternity occupies unusually empty of stars.

Technology Edit

Because of its astronomical intelligence, nearly any conceivable technology not currently employed by Eternity could be developed and utilized within seconds if necessary. However, because of its mainly non-interactive nature, many technologies such as long-range communication are not used even though they easily could be. Eternity has free access to Hyperspace, able to open entrance portals at will and easily create wormholes for point to point transfer.

Nicoll Dyson BeamEdit

Nicolled Planet

A planet in the process of being destroyed by the Nicoll Dyson beam.

Eternity can redirect all the stellar energy emitted by its core, directing it into a continuous beam. Eternity can then direct this beam through a wormhole, escaping the core. This allows the beam to stream through hyperspace at superluminal speeds, emerging from another wormhole near the desired target, potentially hundreds of lightyears away. The power output of the core star is tremendous and supplies enough energy per second to sterilize the surface of a terrestrial planet in seconds and obliterate it in hours. The beam can also be directed to destroy large armadas of spacecraft by simply altering the angle the beam is reflected into the entrance wormhole and so altering the exit angle, sweeping across a bank of ships.


In order to acquire the massive volumes of data needed to extrapolate to predictive simulations, Eternity utilizes Deepscan. Deepscan is a method of obtaining information on a planet or celestial body and everything on it by; incrementally disassembling the world, scanning the components, and then reassembling the world, leaving it unharmed. To accomplish this, Eternity will send a hyperdrive-equipped probe ship filled with nanoprobes to the scan target.

The nanoprobes will descend onto a small part of the world and scan the area, sending the data back to Eternity. Then, the already scanned area will be disassembled into its component atoms and used to create more nanoprobes. These will then scan an area around the original zone, sending more information back to Eternity. After this is complete, the recently scanned area will be turned into more nanoprobes while the nanoprobes that did the scanning will reassemble themselves back into the area that they came from, exactly restoring it to the state it was pre-disassembly using the data obtained from when it was originally scanned in the first place. This process will continue, a wave of disassembly traveling across the surface of the world until precise data on the entire body has been obtained and the planet left in its original state.

Deepscan will typically only be performed for up to a few dozen kilometers beneath the surface with more conventional, although extremely precise readings being taken for the interior of planets. This is because the interior of planets has far fewer variables than the surface due to the absence of the complex interactions caused by life and so the level of detail in the data of a Deepscan is superfluous.

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