This page holds the prophets and the prophecies of the Flame.


Many prophecies of The Flame have been fulfilled, and here are some examples-

The ones we thought had left, are closer than we think. The purple will become allies, and against the blue we will rally.

The purple will leave, but the blue will become nasty. Then they will run from the power of the Flame!

We will meet them again, some years after that, and the blue will still be nasty. The purple will be friends, and the blue will flee from the power of the Flame!

This prophecy, from the Foreteller Lexeran, predicted the Sylits finding the Cybuntas and Trilx after they left the continent in the Tribal Era. The Cybuntas will be friends, but the Sylits will go to war with the Trilx. The Cybuntas left when the war started, and the Trilx left the planet after the Sylits defeated them. In the Space Age, The Sylits met the Cybuntas and Trilx again, and again the Trilx and the Sylits went to war, and again the Trilx ran after the Sylits started winning.

The Sylits will meet a great potential ally. They will be friends, and during a war, the friends will cry! Many will die, and the Sylits will supply; the Sylits and ally will defy all odds and beat the evil eye.

This prophecy is thought to have been fulfilled, as Sylit Purities think it was based on the Second Galactic War. The friends or allies were the Rambo, while the evil eye was the Imperial Alliance.

Distant far, distant wide, enemies and us collide. They step with power in their stride, they disobeyed what we abide. From not north they embark. They too control spark. Yet they are dark, watch their mark, to them do not remark.

Sylit Purities have worked for a long time on this prophecy, and they see it as a great foretelling. From what they can understand, enemies from far away, either south, east, or west, will attack. They control fire and have somehow disobeyed the Flame.


Here is a list of different prophets of Eterfiammatheism:

Oracles (Prophets of great wisdom)-

Mudrix- 1,805 B.S.A.- 1,531 B.S.A. (one of two Sylits to ever enter his ascended form during his lifetime)

Chitry- 968 B.S.A.- 651 B.S.A.

Myazog- 14 B.S.A.- 323 S.A.

Foretellers (Prophets that tell prophecies and foresee the future)

Lexaran- 979 B.S.A.- 701 B.S.A.

Rambryk- 893 B.S.A.- 457 B.S.A.

Buducnost- 193 B.S.A.- 213 S.A.

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