This is the collection of legends about the Flame and the other gods.

Ramvelkys God WarEdit

The Flame and his three brothers, the Wave, the Wind, and the Land, help keep the Universe in balance. The Flame decided to create Ramvelkys Galaxy to store his own creations, but the three other gods decided that they wanted creations in Ramvelkys Galaxy. Each of the four gods made their own races, now called Foreshadowers. The Flame's Foreshadowers were the Pokets, who are his angels today. The Wave's Foreshadowers were called Velanyks; the Wind's were called Zametanyks; the Land's were called Kintanyks.

After the Foreshadowers were created, the gods used them as their weapons on the earthly realm. The gods each wanted to control Ramvelkys Galaxy, and fought a war, called the Ramvelkys God War. It lasted for many millenia. But all of the Foreshadowers were killed off by the war, and the gods decided not to force mortal races to fight. The gods fought a final battle for dominance on a planet near the center of the galaxy. The planet is now called Gazhanei Stost, or "Deciding Place".

The gods unleashed their power on each other, raging with strength while tearing the planet apart. The Flame finally beat the others, reclaiming his territory. The Flame allowed the other gods to claim parts of the galaxy, but the Wave, Wind, and Land decided to not interfere with Ramvelkys Galaxy at all, other than guiding the races that they had already created. The Foreshadowers entered the Realms of the gods they were created by, acting as the guardians.


Each of the Eterfiammatheistic gods have their own realm, each with a different "style". The creations of each of the gods go to their creator's realm when they die, to be judged to see if they should go to Heaven or Hell. Heaven is the realm of the twin gods the Lightning and the Thunder, and Hell is the realm of the twin gods the Shadow and the Void.

When creatures go to their creator's realm to be judged, they have the choice to stay in that realm instead of going to Heaven or Hell. Few choose this, however.

God Sons of the FlameEdit

Soon after the conclusion of the Ramvelkys God War, The Flame bore four sons from his essence- the twin gods of light, the Lightning and Thunder, and the twin gods of darkness, the Shadow and the Void.

The gods of light loathed the gods of darkness, and vice versa. Soon they battled atop Mount Evtukoa. The gods of darkness defeated the gods of light and cast them into the Abyss of the Drena Risae (Low Realm, Hell). But within days, the galaxy was in utter and complete turmoil. When the Flame learned of the battle and banishment of the light gods, he entered the Low Realm, freed the gods of light, and punished the gods of darkness. He confined both the light gods and dark gods to their realms for 1,000 years to keep them from fighting and unbalancing nature.



A demigod son of the Flame named Asyon killing the Quintraup, a five-eyed beast that terrorized the tribes

Sometimes the gods descend to the earthly realm when they find a mortal woman they are attracted to. They have offspring with them and their children, demigods (poloklat in Vyraklish), inherit some of the powers of their immortal parent, but are near impossible to choose out, in looks, from a mortal. While most gods, primary, secondary, and minor, have offspring often, the Flame chooses to bear sons only when he actually loves the women.

Demigods have longer lives than mortals, assuming they don't die in battle. They are immune to almost all diseases.

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