When Light fades, and Darkness breaks, the Void will consume the remains. For it is eternal, outlasting the formers, existing before and after.

- Xizothano Ada

Nature of The Void Edit

The Void is an unknowable expanse of utter nothingness. Not Darkness, but nothingness. It cares not for the morals and ideals of its users, only that they kneel and understand that all things much return to it's maw. The Void only wishes that all things cease to exist. While the Void does grant people tremendous power, the more people who worship and use its power only spread its influence. When enough people have done this, the Void swallows the universe whole. Supposedly, this has happened numerous times, and will continue to happen so long as mortals in each cycle give in to their greed and lust for power. Some call the Void benevolent for this, as nothing lasts forever. Though to reiterate a previous point, The Void does not care.

Almost all practitioners of this energy also practice Voidism, a religion centered around worshiping powerful Void Energy users.



The history of Void Essence or Aul'El (Aul'Elin Nyarqaeshian) "That which cannot be comprehended" is rather obscure, and many theories exist on the matter. One posits that appears to have existed during the first moments of the universe's creation, or might have even existed before the universe, in the nothingless that was before it. A more outlandish offshoot of this theory theorises that Void Energy really is this nothingless, but most scholars shun such ideas as ridiculous.

Of all essences, Void Energy is opposed to Liminal Energy and seems to be most closely related to Symmetric Energy. Indeed, Void and Symmetric Energy both manifest themselves in similar colors, are pre-occupied with bringing structure -the uniformity of nothingless in the Void's case-, and use deep-sea terminolgy. Furthermore, the Symmetric realm of Cocytus is uncannily similar to Abyssal Domain associated with the Void, though unlike the Abyss, it is fundamentally stable. Given that the origin of Symmetric Energy is itself lost, the precise relation that exists will likely never be known. Void Energy also shows similarity to Death Energy in it's desire to cause things to cease. While beings empowered by Death energy often glow in a demonic red, more experienced users tend to glow aquamarine, much like Void users do when utilising their energy. However, while energy vampirism lies at the basis of Death Energy, draining another to glut oneself is a concept antithetical to Void Energy. Death Energy is an essence that inspires anger, while Void energy is an essence that inspires calm and resignation. Taking all this into account, essence synchretists -scholars who believe that all essence can fundamentally be reduced to Demonic, Elemental and Mystic Energies- believe that Void energy came about as a strain of Symmetric Energy which became infected with Death Energy, and, like a virus, engulfed the known universe, forming the Abyssal Domain. Given that they allign Void Energy more closely with Symmetric Energy than they do with Death Energy, such scholars place Void Energy as lesser counterpart to Elemental Energy, much like they do it's counterpart, Liminal Energy. Such an origin is accepted mostly outside of Tyris Major and the Mirus galaxy, however not widely within it.

In any case, the Nyarqaeshu, a powerful elder race, were the first to discover Void Essence and its properties. They used its power to wage war and wipe out entire races. Xizothano Ada, the eventual leader of the Nyarqaeshu, was the most powerful Void Essence user at the time. He rose to power after his mentor's death and became a god in the eyes of lesser races.

Tyris MajorEdit

Use Throughout HistoryEdit

During his exploration through the cosmos, Ada began travelling to alternate universes using the Void. He began fusing with his alternate selves and became even more powerful. His last voyage was to the Omega Dimension, which housed the Nebulorians. He eventually ran out of energy as his species began to dwindle in numbers. Ada and the few members of his species left became trapped there. With the last of his power, Ada created the Abyssal Domain to escape the Omega Dimension. In this dimension, Ada and the remainder of his kind found sanctuary. Ada used his regular forms of essence to communicate with the Nebulorians so that they would be convinced to free him. Years of worship and isolation eventually corrupted the once benevolent Ada, causing him to hate those that did not worship him.

Millions of years before his departure into the Omega Dimension, Ada is said to have created planet Ascon and all of its inhabitants (mainly the Volver). There are also rumors that the Tyris Major star cluster within the Milky Way was created by Ada's Void Essence as well. Scholars speculate that Ada created this "mini galaxy" so that he and his people would have a place to call home. Pressures from the other elder races running about, Nyarqaeshu's low population, and energy crisis, and the threat of a genocidal virus caused Ada and his kind to flee into the Omega Dimension for resources. As stated earlier, this plan failed, as Ada had no way to return to the Milky Way.

Void Essence found later use through the Return of THEM, a war staged by Ada during his return into reality. After Ada's defeat at the hands of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment (UAE) and their allies, Terikalinra, the god of darkness, absorbed Ada and gained his Void Essence abilities.

King Brygon later received this power after the Return from his father, King Glynn. Unbeknownst to the UAE, Ada had a daughter named Zataura Ada. Brygon encountered her, though they became fast friends. She taught him how to harness the power of the Void.



Void Energy has been seen to allow users to defy physics. Users have access to teleportation and the ability to create objects from nothing. In reality, stronger users can merely manipulate the atoms around them to create or alter objects. It appears that especially powerful Void Energy users can even create entire dimensions by bubbling regions of space and altering the its properties. Most abilities in the Void Energy school of essence focus on explosions, implosions, gravity, and spacial bending

What Void Energy is, in actuality, is the phenomenon that occurs when real-space interacts with with the Void. Void users are simply using themselves as a conduit for the Void to touch real-space, which causes the carious abilities that have been observe. This is extremely difficult to do however, thus lower tier users are actually focusing energies from the Abyss, a region of real-space that is on the border of reality.


While extremely destructive, Void Energy is curiously seems to possess it's own sense of order and balance, though this is simply nothingless. As such, Void Energy is extremely dangerous to use, as over-use literally hollows out the user's soul. Firstly, any emotions or attachments a user might have will slowly fade, allowing them to attain a very tranquil state of existence. This, however, is only the first step on a long road which sees the gradual degradation of the user. After letting go of their attachments, the user will begin to see reality for what it is; miserable and imperfect. Though they might initially deign to help those around them, life is failible and craving. Realising this, the Void user will begin to isolate himself from those he now conciders to be terminally imperfect. As they withdraw further and further from their old life, more and more flaws in the existence of things will become apparent. Whatever form of tranquility they might seek, it will never pure be enough until such purity is absolute. At this point, the Void has already eaten away must of the user's soul and it takes only a little to push them into a mental abyss from whence there is no return. Oftentimes this is a minor experience, such as a trip trough the void of deep space, a dive to the very depths of an ocean, where no stimulus reaches, or even the mathematical realisation this universe might exist in a false vacuum - in any case the user will now begin to see themself as a cleansing force of all that is imperfect, which is to say, everything. At this point, the grip of the Void over the user is complete and they become an utterly calm destroyer, percieving reality itself as hopelessly corrupt. Mere tranquility is no longer enough. Everything must be rend down to its bare compenents, and these components scattered as far and wise as possible, never to reform. Perhaps then can true peace be archieved. In this stage, all precaution about using Void Energy is thrown in the wind and the user becomes a mere vessel for it. There yet exists a final stage beyond this, one that is triggered by reaching into the Abyssal domain. Witnessing the true nothingless of the Void, even whatever approximation of emptiness that can be aquired in this universe is no longer sufficient. Only it's utter annihilation will do.

This was seen in Xizothano Ada's ascension to "godhood", as his use of Void Energy changed him form a benevolent and caring leader, to a ruthless destroyer obsessed with the utter control of everything that transpired across the planes of reality. In order to prevent this fate, users of Void Energy must constantly try not to use too much of the Essence, lest they reach the point of no return.

Offensive TechniquesEdit

Offensive Void Essence Attacks are categorized into different Tiers. This allows users to get a general idea on how powerful they actually are. Abilities in the lower Tiers are basic attacks that can be used by any user. Higher Tier attacks require immense amounts of the user's energy and a large amount of skill to master. The attacks listed are the most common attacks, as users can improvise and create new attacks for combat variety.

Void Essence Attacks at the higher levels are dangerous to wield. Users must practice vigorously to avoid self harm. This is not always the case for the lower level attacks, as Void Essence seems to work on its own laws of physics. However, many Void Energy attacks lose energy the longer they travel, and are best used at short range, though are extremey powerful.

  • Tier 1
    • Void Bubble - An attack that launches a thin-membraned bubble of Void energy at the opponents. The ball then explodes on contact with a solid surface or its target. Another use encases the foe in the energy sphere. The opponent can then be crushed using a Void Crush.
    • Void Saucer - A disk shaped energy attack that can slice through opponents. It's power depends on how hard the disk is thrown. Concentration is required when preforming this technique. If one does not concentrate, the Void Sauces can fly wildly off course, missing the target completely before dissipating, or sometimes sometimes even arcing back to the user.
    • Abyssal Stream - The user stromps the ground, causing a stream of Abyssal Energy to open up from the Abyssal Domain between his feet and his foe. This attack has not much force, however, and the steam quickly dries up after a minute or so without leaving any marks.
    • Abyssal Energy Beam - A continuous energy beam that does considerable amounts of damage to unarmored opponents. The beam can be stopped at any time or can continue being fired as long as the wielder has energy.
    • Void Punch/Void Kick - A physical attack that charges the wielder's limbs with Void Essence. While this does not enhance the striking power of the user's physical strikes, it causes a small vortex wherever the user strikes. This vortex collapses within seconds, causing significant damage.
    • Void Pull - An harmless attack that creates an vacuum around the user, drawing objests in.
    • Void Push - A harmless attack that pushes opponents away from the user. Range is limited to the user's eyesight and limbs, as the force comes from either the hands or feet of the user. Damage can be caused by pushing opponents into objects.
  • Tier 2
    • Void Ball - An attack that launches a hollow, semi-solid sphere of Void energy that causes damage to opponents when launched. The longer the ball is charged, it does more damage. The ball becomes weaker as it travels, but strips of energy of foes as it passes nearby, and can do massive damage to a foe if at passes trough, rupturing their innards and almost certainlt resulting in an instant death. The ball can be detonated for additional damage using a Void Bomb. Otheriwse, it will disintregate.
    • Void Ring - An ring-shaped pulse of Void-Energy that enemates from the users hands. It acts like a stronger version of a Void Disk and causes a shockwave if it strikes objects in the enviornment.
    • Abyssal Wave - A powerful version of the Void Push. The force of the push can cause fractures or breaks in the opponent's skeletal system.
    • Vortex - A more powerful version of the Void Pull. It lasts longer and has a slightly wider area. If the user does nor concetrate, the Vortex will cause objects to be flewn around wildly, possibly hitting and harming the user or allies.
    • Vacuum - A more powerful version of the Void Bubble. It can trap multiple foes in the airless space inside it, quickly suffocating them if they do not manage to break free. These opponent can otherwide be crushed using a Void Crush, ot the Vacuum can be forcibly exploded by the user via a Void Bomb, rupturing the insestines of anyone caught within the area of effect.
    • Void Bomb - A large explosive attack that can destroy a single building with ease. The attack is almost unavoidable if the opponent is close to the user, but it only work if he or she is within the user's line of sight.
    • Void Slash - A quick, yet deadly, attack that can slice through opponents with almost no trouble. Armored opponents can withstand the attack for some time depending on their armor's material.
  • Tier 3
    • Void Crush - An incredibly dangerous technique that manipulates gravity to instantly or slowly crush the target or targets. The attack is often used in tandem with Void Bubble and Void Grip to avoid retaliation. The speed of the crushing varies based on the user.
    • Void Grip - An ability used to manipulate the opponent's gravity. This causes the opponent to rise into the air. While under the effects of Void Grip, the opponent is at the mercy of the user. The user can then throw their opponent around with ease, without worrying about retaliation. If the user is attacked, however, the Void Grip is broken.
    • Abyssal Energy Wave - A strong, continuous energy beam that merges a Void Wave with a Void Energy Beam. This beam can easily rip through opponents and push opponents away with strong force as it passes near them, but does not hit them directly.
    • Abyssal Shockwave - A pulse of Void Energy that is a powerfull Void Wave enemating from the user's body. Instead of rushing forwards, it instead expands around the user in all directions. This pulse is extremely powerfull, but only has a short range.
    • Singularity - A more powerfull version of a Vortex. It can be thrown as a ball of unstable Void Energy that collapses into a singularity at the user's will. The attack generates a gravity field that makes it difficult for the user's target to escape. The users and the users allies are safe from being drawn in, though can still be disbalaced due to the shipting gravity wells.
    • Abyssal Voidmaw - The user calls forth the energies of the Abyssal Domain in the form of a great oceanic predator. The ground liquifies and reforms into the shape of a watery jaw that snaps shut and drags anyone caught within it to the Abyssal Domain, where they are disintegrated by it's enegies.
  • Tier 4
    • Black Hole - Probably one of the most powerful Void Essence Abilities. This technique creates a temporary black hole within the user's line of sight. It is weaker than a natural black hole, but that does not mean it is not extremely dangerous. The user must also be wary however, as the attack can also draw them and their allies in. Using a small Void Push or Gravity Field on themselves, the user can avoid damage.
    • Void Nova - A larger and more powerful Void Pulse that emenates from the user. Instead of creating a pulse of energy that moves outwards, the whole surroundings of the user are instead blasted with Void Energy. This attack is extremely powerfull, and capable of obliterating both friend and foe alike. It is capable of destroying entire cities.
    • Abyssal Geyser - An immensely powerful continuous energy beam that can obliterate landscapes and enemy fleets. The beam is so powerful that winds generated from the attack can rip through buildings.
    • Void Ricochet - A more focussed Abyssal Wave that travels in a series of explosive impacts, capable of bouncing off solid objects and knocking back any in the landing radius. Where and when the shockave strikes can be controlled by the user, thus allowing enemies to be hit and allies to be spared. However, this requires a great deal of focus, and even a minor slip-up can cause the shockwave to land at an unintended spot, possibly causing a lot of colletoral damage.
    • Abyssal Flood - A stronger Abyssal Wave than can launch opponents at incredible speeds. The attack can cause considerable internal damage and can obliterate objects in the environment. This attack can harm the user just as much if they do not have a strong, fortified stance when using it. It erodes while swathes of land with the power of the Abyssal Domain if it passes over them, rendering them inhospitable for a couple of minutes. Despite it large area of effect, it is actually the weakest of the Tier 4 Void attacks.
    • Crack's Call - Stomping on the ground, the user shifts the gravity in front of him, causing the earth and anything standing on it to collapse into a rift emerging from the user's feet.
  • Tier 5
    • Supermassive Black Hole - Creates a temporary black hole that is larger and twice as powerful as the Black Hole technique. The attack only lasts a few seconds however. This can drain the user for long periods of time and is indiscriminate against friend and foe alike.
    • Void Supernova - A super massive blast of Void Energy that emanates from the user and can destroy entire planets, being indiscrimnate gainst friend or foe. The attack takes time to charge and can drain the user of energy quite quickly. If the user runs out of energy or is attacked before he is finished charging, then energy turn on the user and implodes, severely damaging the user and potantially killing him or her.
    • Abyssal Rift - The user pulls gravity away from a certain spot of him, causing tremors to strike an area, before a wide rift to opens up in that said spot, directly to the Abyss. Any foe that falls into it is then disintegrated by the the destructive energies of the Abyssal Domain. This attack can spread across entire continents, and even rip planets or space stations in half.
    • Glutonny of Nothingless - Thought to be the ultimate Void technique. This attack briefly opens the true Void into the user's reality, allowing it to consume everything within a given radius. Nothing is safe from the Void's grasp, not even the user. The user must close this opening within second upon use to avoid being consumed by the Void. Doing this will completely drain the user for a few minutes to a few days.

Defensive TechniquesEdit

Defensive Techniques have no Tier restrictions.

  • Annihilation Field - The most basic of defensive Void Energy applications, and also the most dangerous, this technique summons watery ribbons of black energy which float around the user. Though the field does not protect the user against damage, it quickly breaks down matter within it's radius, making it both an effective deterrent to melee combat and a very helpful technique within it. However the field can only be used for a short while to prevent it from affecting the user.
  • Void Shield - This technique creates a protective watery-cyan sphere around the user that can be used to defend against essence based attacks, gunfire, and physical damage. The strength of the shield depends on how much energy is put into making it. It can be broken through however, as the shield's durability is limited.
  • Abyssal Pulse - This is a defensive verion of a Abyssal Shockwave. This technique can be used to push opponents away from the user in all directions.
  • Gravity Field - This technique manipulates the user's own gravity, allowing them to fly and deflect projectile based attacks.
  • Fortification of Nothingless - An ability that coats the user in Void Essence. The user is almost impervious to damage for short periods of time. This enhancement is, in fact, invisible to foes, easily allowing them to wear themselves down on the user. It is certainly the most difficult of the defensive techniques to master and requires constant focus.
  • Fear of the Depths - This hex fills the minds of the user's opponent with images watery depths trough wich numbingly cold and pelagic shapes swim. The victim is paralyzed as he tries to escape the frightening vision and the imagined deep-sea pressure that rests on his body. In this state, the victim is unable to defend himself or herself, and is extremely open to other kinds of attacks.

Enhancement TechniquesEdit

  • Voidseer - Using this technique, the user closes his eyes and meditates. He becomes aware of the empty space that surronds him or her and the hazards that lie in it. Therefore, this technique is especially usefull when the user is crossing the void of space.
  • Void Portal - This ability allows the user to fold two points within the void together, forming a rift of energy between them trough the Abyssal Domain. This allows the user to cross empty space in an eyeblink, but only works between two points in the true void and other airless space, and not if there is any atmosphere in between.
  • Abyssal Pressure - This technique is used to improve the user's physical strength to an impressive margin. Physical attacks become much stronger.
  • Abyssal Weave - This ability allows the user to heal wounds almost instantly. The severity of the wound determines how much energy is used during the repair.
  • Hollow in Spirit and Body - This technique, only able to be used by Tier 4 and 5 Void users, allows the being to absuct chosen foes or allies into the Abyssal Domain, one being at a time. The essence of the being will be devoured by the Void and the being will be brainwashed into serving the user, while seemingly retaining their free will. Thus an Infused is created. The appearance of these beings changes into a hollow shell filled with cyan-ish abyssal substance. This technique can also be used to revive dead beings, by taking their souls, putting them into new shells, and filling these shells with the substance of the abyss. Due to this, a strong enough Void user can create his or her own personal, unquestionally loyal army. This was seen when Ada revived the Infectants, Helmore and Nebulorians to fight for him during the Return and enhanced the many Adaist Crimson Son Volver this way during the same conflict.

Other InformationEdit

Known UsersEdit

Users are divided into tiers as well. Users within a tier can use abilities that are within that tier and ones that are lower. Someone who is a Tier Three user can use Tier One and Two techniques, but cannot use Tier Four abilities properly.

Quotes from OthersEdit

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This thing, I think it tells people what they want to hear, want they want to believe. Anything so that they'll use it and worship it so it can achieve it's goals. I know what it tells me, and I don't like it.

- Seerkar

This power is incredible...I feel as if the power of the universe is at my fingertips. But...that is why this power is frighting...

- King Brygon

I was born with this power. It is indeed very powerful. Though...I hope that people understand how dangerous this energy is. It can currupt anyone, drawing upon the order and discipline so many civilisatiosn hold dear.

- Zataura Ada

The void... it is nothing... but nothing can be far more terrifying and dangerous then anything I have encountered.

- Jura

My brief visits in Mirus taught me that the power of nothing is as corrupting and potent as the power of demons and the power of madness.

- Arinalirur

Sooo hungry... but this taste bad... taste poison... not filling... so hungry... so cold.

- ???
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