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The Psionic Energy is the most prominent type of Mystic Energy, seen by most of species to be the easiest path of initiation to be mystical, mainly because of its undeniable efficiency against other types of essence such as Nightmare Energy or even more against Chaos. As such, its practice and use are often considered as anathema by the forces of Chaos as a whole, since psionic energies will always structure and train the erratic pathways of the mind, giving it focus and the ability to invade with its influence the physical plain, thus, it may be the greatest and most effective essence aligned with Order, the concept opposing that of Chaos. Nevertheless, there are concepts undeniably chaotic within the principles of the essence's existence like the parallel universe called Iluvii Realm, which is manipulated to the whims of psionic masters.

Psionic energy refers to the mechanical and applied concepts of the metaphysical forces projected and manipulated through the mind. It is widely studied and observed throughout the universe in many ways, making it the most prominent mystical force in every galaxy, as many species inadvertently use it to manipulate other types of essences. It is also the object of religion, as psionic godforms manifest their will across the stars, some civilizations interpret it in a religious way, offering their devotion and faith towards these entities or the mystic aspects of psionic energy. Regardless of its subjective perception by users, psionic energy is recognized as an intrinsic force that constantly affects the laws of nature, bending them and recreating them in their own image.


Neural PhysicsEdit

See Neural Physics

It is a concept only known for civilizations who have adapted psionic energy as their preferred technological process, the theory behind Neural Physics states that psionic energy is able to replicate physical feats bound to the laws of nature in the present universe. It is a science founded with psionic essence as a principle. Psionic energy cannot be found in material properties other than the conceptual process of one's mind or in the psionic realm of Iluvii, thus it depends largely on an individual's power to breach the veil between both universes. The process is completely spiritual at first, where the user becomes a channel for psionic energies to pierce through, which requires not only a surmount capability to concentrate, but also an exact knowledge of the physical aspects they seek to apply. With this, psionic masters are able to manifest hard light constructs due to this principle, such as beam swords and weapons that can very well have a similar effect to more natural constructs of other species, even to greater extents. With this, specialist psionic users can create faster than light travel (many devices developed for this draw from the enigmatic technology of the Krassio), energy shielding for their ships, and even weapons so destructive that for more primitive societies it would look like the wrath of gods incarnate.


See Iluviism

Iluviism is a neologism used to refer to the religious and mystical views surrounding psionic energy, beings entirely composed of them and users who have mastered what is called Psionic Arts. Iluviism is particularly centered, yet it's not limited to, the worship of the celestial beings that master the Iluvii realm, called the Iluvii Pantheon, where many dogmas and liturgies are created in what civilizations perceive as "pleasing their gods". In many more occasions, however, Iluviist practitioners also use it as a ground for personal improvement, and they may or may not actually worship the Pantheon, albeit they must learn to respect it.

Known Influenced Empires Edit

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  • The Singularim Pact - Based on the Chandras Galaxy, they are perhaps the most advanced and evolved civilization on this evolutionary path. Its membership composes all kinds of psionic levels, from recent awakening to full embracement of the practice. This organization is also known for holding the legendary Civatrons as its leaders.
  • The Xol Dominion - Through the Pharia entanglement, the Xol'Etra enforce a single, unifying perspective of the psionic energy.
  • The Yasuul Legion - A chaotic force of psionic users that were affected by the late psionic Syndrome, seeking only monomaniacal notions of power like violence, instability, entropy, decadence, and above all else, the contagion of their affliction. They were later revealed to be users coming from a certain Mirror Universe.
  • The Narkal Alliance - All of the races of the Alliance have a measure of control over psionic energy, however, this is most obvious and strongest in the Lascavae.
  • Sacrosanctity of Hiroghain and Ikara - While no real, tangibly identifiable psionic populations exist within it, the Sacrosanctity's Ezesi'i leaders were passed on latent psionic powers in addition to having their evolutionary process tampered with by the psionically awakened Quuth.
  • Lsjanpodos Union Republic - Several species in the Lsjanpodos have been noted to be psionically awakened. Many individuals from both psionically awakened and non-Psionic species are known to actively use Psionic Energy. A notable Lsjanpodosi user of Psionic Energy is Sutrect Dill Sonthec, the current Grand Chief General of the Lsjanpodos who whilst coming from the non-Psionic Kreekracle fluently practices Psionic Energy, often using it in battle in his career in the military.

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