This was completely created, imagined and developed by The Valader, and it's for fictional use; don't misjudge The Valader's version with the real psychic term.

The Psionic Energy, also called Psionic Essence, along with its variant—the Pharia Essence—is the most prominent type of Essence in the Universe. Seen by most of species to be the easiest path of initiation to possess supernatural powers or mutations, to hold balance, to attain control of their full mental capabilities. Part of its popularity rests in the psionic energy's undeniable efficiency Chaos-related essences, but particularly against its polar opposite: Demonic Energy. As such, its practice and use are often considered as an anathema by the forces of Chaos in general, since psionic energies will always structure and train the erratic pathways of the mind, giving it focus and the ability to invade with its influence the physical plain, thus, it may be the greatest and most effective essence aligned with the universal concept of Order, which opposes that of Chaos. Despite this, there are concepts undeniably chaotic within the principles of the essence's existence like the parallel universe called Iluvii Realm, which is tampered greatly by the whims of gods and powerful entities, the so-called Iluvii. Nevertheless, the power psionic essence provides to the user is undeniable, and its mutations, universally called "Augments", are seen as a blessing rather than a curse.

Psionic energy refers to the mechanical and applied concepts of the metaphysical forces projected and manipulated through the mind. It is widely studied and observed throughout the universe in many ways, making it the most prominent mystical force in every galaxy, as many species inadvertently use it to manipulate other types of essences. It is also the object of religion, as psionic godforms manifest their will across the stars, some civilizations interpret it in a religious way, offering their devotion and faith towards these entities or the mystic aspects of psionic energy. Regardless of its subjective perception by users, psionic energy is recognized as an intrinsic force that constantly affects the laws of nature, bending them and recreating them in their own image. All religious doctrines ever created to worship the Essence and its gods are aligned within the parameters of what is universally called Iluviism.


Science and Religion[]

See Neural Physics

Psionic Interstellar Conduits called "Streamlines" are possible thanks to Neural Physics.

It is a concept only known for civilizations who have adapted psionic energy as their preferred technological process, the theory behind Neural Physics states that psionic energy is able to replicate physical feats bound to the laws of nature in the present universe. It is a science founded with psionic essence as a principle. Psionic energy cannot be found in material properties other than the conceptual process of one's mind or in the psionic realm of Iluvii, thus it depends largely on an individual's power to breach the veil between both universes. The process is completely spiritual at first, where the user becomes a channel for psionic energies to pierce through, which requires not only a surmount capability to concentrate, but also an exact knowledge of the physical aspects they seek to apply. With this, psionic masters are able to manifest hard light constructs due to this principle, such as beam swords and weapons that can very well have a similar effect to more natural constructs of other species, even to greater extents. With this, specialist psionic users can create faster than light travel (many devices developed for this draw from the enigmatic technology of the Krassio), energy shielding for their ships, and even weapons so destructive that for more primitive societies it would look like the wrath of gods incarnate.

See Iluviism

Worship of the Psionic Trinity is a universal concept for all that embrace Iluvism.

Iluviism is a neologism used to refer to the religious and mystical views surrounding psionic energy, beings entirely composed of them, and users who have mastered what is called the Psionic Arts. Iluviism is particularly centered, yet it's not limited to, the worship of the celestial beings that master the Iluvii realm, called the Iluvii Pantheon, where many dogmas and liturgies are created in what civilizations perceive as "pleasing their gods". On many more occasions, however, Iluviist practitioners also use it as a ground for personal improvement, and they may or may not actually worship the Pantheon, albeit they must learn to respect it.

Powers and Augments[]

Like all other essences in the universe, psionic energy begins to affect the user the more they use it, and if said practitioner were to tap into the ocean of the Iluvii Realm's mass mind, then that effect—also called mutation by detractors—is amplified even more. Psionic power and blessings bestowed to mortals through their devotion to the essence are transmitted too to offspring, meaning that second and third generations of a family will receive greater boons from the essence if the latter is continued to be practiced or exposition is continuous. Such is the case of the cryptic Chandras Galaxy, where psionic energy runs in the galaxy's veins and its spirits are allowed into realspace more freely than in other parts of the universe. Such is the imbuing of psionic essence into this galactic body, that its denizens of the third and fourth generations begin to show a permanent effect; energy begins to gleam in parts of their body, particularly their eyes, something Chandrans have called "The Glow".

Hereafter lies a list of powers and augmentations, divided in the concepts of those which are attained through voluntary tapping energy from psionic essence and using it, and the boons one might receive from it, either by birth or by continuous exposure.

Powers Augments Psionic.png

Powers are abilities obtained through the hardships of dicispline and training. Power is not for sale, nor it is come freely according to the tenets of the Book of Discipline, although power can also be given by communing with an entity with enough essence to provide it, something that is only reserved to those called gods among psionic users. These powers come in all kinds of forms, directly proportionate to the being or creature's mind and actual level of psionic essence usage.

  • Precognition - The ability to foresee future events, tapping into the myriad possibile actions to choose from. Its use depends on how skillful the user is with this power, with some dedicating their lives to master preconition above all else, working as oracles and prophets to some. Its minimum power output is to predict three things at random in the future, with the possibility of tapping into some possible prophecy. Nothing is written in stone, but everything can be planned for accordingly.
  • Telepathy - The ability to communicate with others via thoughts instead of verbal communication. Telepathy can be directed at one person or at several in the same room, even the same world. The extension of this power is virtually limitless, depending on how strong the user is. When communicating telepathically, a mental link manifests for other mentalics to see, this can be perceived as a presence to the least knowledgeable in the skill, and telepathy can be used alongside an Astral Body to dominate another person's body.
  • Telekinesis - The ability to mentally control objects, animals, or sentient beings. Use of this, like others, depends on the skill the user actually has. Its minimum output can be lifting a pebble, and its limit is up to one's mind, with users using it to crush bodies under the weight of an invisible yet tangible force such as gravity.
  • Light Manipulation - The power to control light in several ways, such as electricity or concentrated beams of light hot enough to instantly burn enemies to ash. It is said this ability is directly correlated to one's spiritual presence in the Iluvii Realm. Some beings are literal suns in the psionic dimension, and so they manifest their light manipulation in kind. Thus, it is difficult for many scholars to pinpoint the origin of this power, branding it a natural power to be tapped into upon touching the psionic oceans of the Iluvii.
  • Clairvoyance - The user can gain direct visual information about an object, person, location, or physical event through means other than the user's physical sight and allows them to act when they are unable to use their eyes and may be able to 'see' spiritual/psychic beings.
  • Astral Body - Users can project a spiritual version of themselves, a ghostly apparition, in order to traverse areas otherwise physically obstructed or to even take control of a weaker mind. Experienced users also apply this to create shadow clones of themselves, illusory dopplegangers that bait enemies or trick them. This power can also be used remotely for other people or objects, enhancing illusions even further.
  • Force Field - A strong psionic user will hold the ability to create an invisible wall, or to push and kick others without even touching them. Whether it is a variant of telekinesis or not, some users separate the force manipulation concept to be something entirely different, as they can feel their bodies extended through this enigmatic force.
  • Noosphere - Users tapping the Iluvii Realm will soon realize that the little pond they thought they were exploring is in fact an endless ocean filled with peers, and enemies. This sea of power and knowledge can be touched and harnessed. You may use the endless stream of the psionic dimension to replenish your powers, from where you take them is another question entirely. Many seek to bask in the power of the gods, but others might feel themselves devoid of power due to the irresponsible harvest of a distant mind who picked a random soul to feed from. The Juvan Noosphere is an autonomous collective gestalt that empowers the Juvan folk, serving as an energy reserve for the entire race.
  • Sundering - This ability is considered to be the most intricate, powerful, and dangerous of all. Not only you need a masterful grasp of all concepts to use it, you will still endanger your life if you are not directly a Krassio or a psionic god. Sundering can be as simple as tearing an object in ashes, as your mind has the training to manipulate it to subatomic weapons. The options from here are limitless. Create nuclear fission, manipulate mass and gravity and condense them into a black hole or the powerful neutron star. The most powerful users can even tear the veil of reality and bring a wave of destruction through it. As said before, Sundering is the epitome of an apex psionic user, and it must not be used lightly upon discovering it.

Contrary to powers, which are granted and 'unlocked' through training and study, the augments are direct genetic mutations that change physical perceptions. Despite the mind being the sole organ to be affected by these mutations, it directly affects its perception and functionality with the rest of the body. As result, the modifications it causes are normally a hidden talent that a user can draw either voluntarily or involuntarily. People who are blessed with these innate abilities are normally those also blessed with "The Glow", a common trait in Chandras, but on the contrary, those who are blessed with "the Glow" are not always blessed with an augment. As such, augments are a rarety, but a welcome one notheless. Small communities rejoice at the coming of a migrant augment, as their gifts are often more than useful.

  • Psychometry - The ability to peer into someone's past, or an object, a place, an animal. Its power, granted as it is due to psionic augmentation, varies in potency. Many affected are just able to see some days into the past, but others can go beyond, unraveling the mysteries of whatever they touch in a wave of visions and dreams. Augments with this power can fall into a trance if not careful.
  • Subjective Existence - A rare augmentation by psionic essence. One's mind is a chaotic structure, a rare and incomprehensible form of order amidst the disorder. However, those affected with this mutation hold the ability to subvert their own identity, their own physical appearance, and their own power. Hands can turn into blades, a giant might turn into a tiny creature in order to escape. The more they begin to subvert and break the very parameters of their existence, the easier it is to forget who they are, how they looked, as a great deal of memory retention is needed to revert back into a "normal" state. Some are subjected even to the persepctive of others, looking as an angel to some, and as a demon to others. This might be the most accursed blessing the psionic realm bestows upon those living under it.
  • Field Negation - User can negate any kind of Field, from fields with different effects (probably made by another user) to force-fields.
  • Shadow - If every psionic user is a light that flickers in the Iluvii Realm, those who are blessed with the Shadow augmentation are virtually invisible to the psionic minds. Although it is not a perfect cloak, inexpert users could easily lose a person with the Shadow augment.
  • Empath - The user can fully interpret the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others without reading apparent symptoms, allowing them to understand introverts or discover one emotion is actually hiding another. They can attack someone in a personal and emotional way since they know exactly what emotion is flowing through themselves and can use this knowledge to play against them. Some users may learn to read emotional imprints left into environment or objects. Usually over time, an Empath's power grows to the point that they can manipulate emotions on others, and possibly use them to empower themselves. The user may learn to extend their power over/on vast number of sentient beings or reach extreme distances, even other levels of existence but this may be possible only if the user has emotional link to those they search already in effect.
  • Physical Enhancement - Affected are born or are blessed with a physical change, either an increase of physical strenght or a more resilient body. The Krassio are the prime example of psionic physical enhancement, as their bodies are literally made of imbued Psionic energy into their DNA.
  • Hypercognition - The affected can instinctively or with little effort perform complex mental operations that are beyond the capability of a normal human mind, making their mental actions/process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience and the senses more powerful than an average person.
  • Astral Vision - Affected can see overlapping dimensions/planes of existence and the unseen creatures inhabiting them, but not into other realities or dimensions that do not directly overlap their own.
  • Perception - A very common augmentation. It allows those affected to sense otherwordly presences. It can manifest as a feeling or as a headache, or a glowing part of the body. Affected cannot see nor interact with them, only sense them and their surfacing intentions.

Psionic Arts[]

Master Kroc taught Ryen the ways of the Kum-Galam, infuencing his own martial style as an Aldarae Knight

Beyond the bestowal of augments or the adquisition of powers through exposure to psionic energy, there is a gateway towards a myriad of possibilities and a power unfathomable by the narrow-minded found through the fruits of one's discipline and mastery of essence. This martial disicpline, from which several more pacifist venues have been developed, is known as the Kum-galam, translated roughly to Elder Discipline, Elder Starway as a conceptual variant, and coloquially as Psionic Arts across the cosmos. The Kum-galam is the drawn martial philosophy from the Book of Discipline written by the Civatron warrior called the Valader.

Schools of Thought[]

The entirey philosophical ideals of Psionic Essence can be divided in two. Psionic energy is, in its entirety, an Essence inherently aligned with the concept of Order, meaning that it is fundamentally opposed to the designs and nature of Chaos itself, regardless of its own chaotic tendencies when learning how to control it. However, in its search for Order, there are different venues psionic users might pursue, commonly known as Light and Dark Psionics, which are derived by either their sefless or selfish ideology.


Light Psionics
Light Psionics.png
Dark Psionics
Dark Psionics.png
Light Psionics pertains to the philosophy of protection. It teaches the "Power of the Weak"—that there is potential in those who are weak as it sees weakness as a state that can be changed when nurtured and taught, most of psionics in the universe attain to this concept and turn to psionic essence because of this mentality. To hold power is to hold the responsibility to nurture others and protect them until they can take care of themselves. It is because of this that psionic users are normally considered a first-line of defense in the universe against extra-dimensional, extra-universal, or highly destructive threats. The universe is a living ecosystem, a garden of beauty, diversity and color, filled with a flock of children, and you are its shepherd, to nurture and protect it until it reaches maturity, its full potential.

The philosophy of Light Psionics is manifested in the universe mainly through Singul'Aren, Light Psionic god of Balance.

Dark Psionics pertains to the philosphy of the strong. It teaches that there are some that are born strong and others weak, that no matter how hard they try, weak people will never reach the might of those inheritedly born strong. The strong are the chosen to protect others, but more so to govern over the affairs of those weaker than them. The strong are to grow through the surpassing of those apparently stronger than you, until you reach the top of the food chain. The strong are there to defend the universe from Chaos, for it cannot defend by itself as youthful and innocent as it is. The universe is a living ecosystem, and you are its selected predator, a keystone element that maintains everything in Order, an alpha to a realm that is yours by right.

The philosophy of Dark Psionics is manifested in the universe mainly through En'Destid, Dark Psionic god of Power.


Relations to Demonic Energy[]

(Left to right) A demonic user facing a psionic user during the War of Ages's most intense stages.

If psionic energy is a mind finding its equilibrium, then demonic energy is anathema to that very concept, you are never in control, an alien, vicious and destructive force invades your consciousness. It is something that we must eradicate from the face of the universe at all cost. Never hesitate, my young students, to finish the demonic presence in the spot, never—ever—hesitate, lest you will pay with your life.

It is largely speculated, due to the nature of Chaos itself, that Demonic energy has existed since before the concept of time. It stood as a force unchallenged and unparalleled across existence, for any universe that it touched it devastated with utter cruelty and violence. The fact that Psionic Energy effectively counters demonics and viceversa is the subject of much debate among scholars, who speculate that the universe's spawning of an order-aligned essence to combat demonic energy is proof that their struggle is the manifestation of higher powers at play—a living, breathing, beating universe desperately pushing back forces that seek to effectively leave nothing but cosmic motes of dust.

As such, psionic and demonic energies have had a violent history since they both began to clash. The infamous War of Ages is depicted as a definitive class between both forces. It was thanks to this great war that the practice of psionic energy was scattered to many galactic communities across the universe, and although other essences of the order or chaos types eventually joined the battle for the soul of the universe, it remained, at a fundamental level, a battle of the psionic hosts against the demonic hordes.



Psionic Energy is open to any user to use it for their own fiction, although it is owned by The Valader, so make sure to notify him. Additionally, there are a few rules that need to be followed:

  • In terms of psionic application, the Krassio are to be the most advanced.
  • If your civilization is to use psionic energy, its psionic gestalt as a species or collective of species must produce a minor god, see the Iluvii Pantheon for more info.
  • In that same line, the highest authorities in Psionic Essence are the Iluvii gods, so your fiction would be partially bound to them, see more of them in the Iluvii Pantheon page.
  • Psionic Energy is spread across the entire universe, it lives in every mind and spirit with a potential to use it, as it empowers and lives by the power of the mind, so no matter where your fiction lies.


  • Psionic energy's inspirations are drawn from many real-world belief systems and disciplines, especially its spiritual tones.
  • Psionic energy was the first essence ever to be created in SporeWiki.