Fire, then water, then matter as solid as the heart of a neutron star. Life molds itself as it sees fit unless you learn its secret names, its intricate soul. To master it is to learn how to caress and intimate with the source of every living breath. It is better said than done, and so it is... so it is.

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Life Essence, as it is mostly referred to by scholars and devouts, is the supernatural energy intrinsic to the concept of life across the entire universe. Present since the early days of the universe yet difficult to access, even more so to learn how to master it, the power of Life Essence it is largely speculated despite its legendary status as one of the four essences that openly stand against Chaos and seem to directly disrupt it or at least shield existence from it in one way or the other. Life is correlated with its destructive counterpart, Death Energy.

In the times of the War of Ages Life energy seemingly abounded in the universe due to the direct presence of its godforms, the Vi'Navitum, actively intervening with mortals and lesser civilizations. Although users of it were scarce apart from the Life Wardens, its power affected evolutionary processes and seemingly created lifeforms with a high spiritual presence. In the aftermath of the Great War against Chaos, the Vi'Navitum abandoned the universe to deal with their own internal strife against their eternal fallen, the Xi'Arazulha, leaving the use of Life essence effectively restricted to the offspring they directly produced during their time in the First Gigaquadrant and beyond it.

To this day, there are no certain Life energy users that learned directly from the Vi'Navitum, and although its conventions were considered by advanced civilizations as a way of manipulating life, such as with the Krass's apparent experiments with essence, only some Kicath that descend directly from a godly lineage show signs of Life energy usage. It is said that when dark days come again, these demigods will rise up to the challenge, with many scholars expecting Life essence to see a revival of sorts. From this point forward, however, no other records other than its seen history and applications are known.

Life Essence abides to certain physical (biological) standards. In the same way demigods were born from the mating between a Vi'Navitum and mortals (or other beings), life energy can be transmitted from being via intercourse. Some call it "The Way of Life", whilst others call it "The Path". See to the Characteristics section for more details.


The true events depicting the creation of Life Essence are lost to time, with only a few individuals that witnessed its birth or hold the power to see it truly aware of how it came to be. It is said that, in the advent of the universe's creation, when Essence first began to show in it through beings such as the Vida'Rra with Dream Essence, the being known as Vi'Naherza, ethereal and primordial to the fabric of existence, seemingly created the Vi'Navitum as instruments of his will, serfs that would carry his power and spread it wide and thin. Vi'Naherza's waves of emotions and power the coursed through the universe like blood pumping veins, effectively claiming dominion over the very concept of life with the goal of guarding it against the ever-looming threat of destruction at the hands of Chaos.

Life Energy came to be following the dimensional interactions between the Vi'Navitum and the universe's properties as the latter adopted Vi'Naherza's soul properties into its own. After millions of years of such paracausal interference, Life was no longer a loose term to define the soul and the beating heart, but a power within strongly connected to the Life Wardens.

It is said that, although everyone holds a degree of Life essence within themselves due to ancient intervention from the Vi'Navitum, only them know how to access such power, and without them it is absolutely impossible. Such technique (or techniques) cannot be put to words, as they are actions as natural as the course of life itself. Only the living biological descendants of the Vi'Navitum can hold a certain degree of power with Life Energy, granting them a series of powerful abilities.

Due to its nature as a fundamental force in the universe, Life Essence is extremly purifying to the point of total cleansing, only those truly pure can have a wave of life energy pass through or fill them up without having damaging results to their soul or even body.

Needless to say, the Vi'Navitum are the only ones with access to Life Essence, but skilled essence users of other order-aligned vergences may commune and manipulate it slightly. However, this will definitely incur the wrath of the Wardens, as it is taboo to use it without their permission.

Life Essence abides to certain physical (biological) standards. In the same way demigods were born from the mating between a Vi'Navitum and mortals (or other beings), life energy can be transmitted from being via intercourse. Some call it "The Way of Life", whilst others call it "The Path". See to the Characteristics section for more details.


Physical Properties[]

In appearance, Life energy displays as a glowing, thick plasma that can take any form of matter it is instructed to. Its colors are mainly black with white underlinings and blue splash stains that aimlessly flow with the dark mass. When expanded or accumulated, the blue tones seem to take the dominant role, as if more mass meant saturation. Additionally, these three colors can be separated from one another and used for different things. When alone, black hardens itself and can be manipulated as a solid, transformed as armor, tools, and weapons, its density varies according to its purpose as well, and with enough mastery, black can be as hard as the conceptual matter known as Neutrinium. Its white color takes a liquid form, often perceived as sightly creamie, it has been seen used as a healing factor, often placed upon an otherwise fatal wound, its properties can bring a lifeform back from near death, but the power of resurrection is related to the separated attribute of its blue property. Blue is fiery, ablaze, speculated as the purest of all three separate forms and the one thatt binds them together. Blue is the apalling, overwhelming nature of Life Essence itself, an all-consuming flame that it is seemingly uncontrollable by mortal standards. The blue flame has been seen obliterating some to atoms while leaving others unscathed. Its purpose is as enigmatic as the Life Wardens themselves. When saturated and brought together, Life Essence can perform the most miraculous feats ever witnessed.


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Relations to other Essences[]

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The Path of Life[]



Presently, the only way to apply Life Energy/Essence to fiction in general is through the use of the Vi'Navitum or their demigod descendants in some way. Creation of characters that are offspring of Vi'Navitum is possible, but there are requirements for it.

  • Should a user wish to create one, they must request permission from the present owners: The Valader and NorthCacique.
  • So far, only the Kicath race is the only one in the entire First Gigaquadrant to possess Vi'Navitum offspring, meaning that any other demigod must be from the wider universe beyond gigaquadrantic limit.
  • To use a Life Essence demigod is to recognize that your fiction correlates with said pantheon of Essentials, your fiction will be directly tied to the Vi'Navitum and, by extension, Vi'Naherza (see their respective pages to understand their motives and character).
  • Demigods, as stated in the Applications section, vary in terms of power and form, depending on the type of Vi'Navitum they descend from it is the degree of power they can have. All powerful demigods are not allowed, to try and grow beyond the Life Wardens—is taboo!




  • Life Essence's existence in the SporeWiki Fictionverse dates back to almost 10 years, when Xho introduced it and its users, the Vi'Navitum, to the broader community. It stands, alongside Psionic and Demonic energies, as one of the oldest essences ever created by users.