Demonic Energy is an incredibly ancient chaotic Essence pertaining to the Chaos plane of Inferno. A malevolent, widespread energy endemic to the Samut'angar order of demons, demonic energy possesses an extremely destructive nature and qualities that often bring both detriment and empowerment to the non-demonic hosts that utilize it. A driving force of Samut'angari technology and a notable phenomenon in extradimensional archaeology, Demonic energy is a subject of study in scholarly circles throughout the First Gigaquadrant and a subject of occult worship in various cults and Xhodocto- and Angazhar-focused cults, and a highly prevalent essence throughout much of the Gigaquadrant. An essence that has plagued existence for time immemorial, it exists as one half of the Psionic/Demonic axis of Essence, with its spiritual counterpart being Psionic Energy, the Essence native to the universe.



Demonic Energy is the ubiquitous quality of energy within Inferno; the by-product of the calamitous energies that created the realm itself. From Demonic Energy, the order of Chaos Monsters known as the Samut'angar came to be, and the entity known as Ekthrikos was the sentient remainder of the destructive energies left behind after the creation of Inferno. Demonic Energy has been present in the First Gigaquadrant since the times of the Zhulultu; several ancient sources indicate that the Zhulultu harnessed the ability to summon the Samut'angar themselves to lay waste to immeasurable expanses of space. Such summons caused the metaphysical fabrics of reality to tear open; a number of which remain in the Tuuros Galaxy in both the Schism and deep hellspace.

Samut'angari technology is driven by Demonic Energy in a similar sense as to how modern technology is powered; although the qualities of circuitry and present power sources do not exist, and thus most Samut'angar inherently power their own technology by the application of essence. Since the times of the War of Ages several studies into the nature of Samut'angari technology has been explored through the experimentation of using Samut'angari biology to reverse engineer their technology, with very limited success. Attempts to integrate Demonic Energy through the process of Descension has had little to no success whatsoever, and any successful instances of Descension itself has been through the medium of the Samut'angar or the Xhodocto.



Almost entirely damaging to the physiology of any being, Demonic Energy is construed as an invasive and destructive essence. Most entities that are 'infected' with Demonic Energy experience symptoms such as an intense fever, physiological mutation such as an increase in size, muscularity, supernatural degrees of dehydration and general mental symptoms that are similar to psychosis and overtly violent behaviour. Among other qualities, more extreme instances of Demonic Energy cause bloodstreams to superheat into a plasma-like substance, and thus most flesh of these beings tend to burn and char akin to fourth degree burns. Such damage to the body causes intense pain and mental damage that most of those who suffer from the instabilities of Demonic Energy die rapidly. Because of this, essence studies tend to name such a state of being as an Unstable Form.

The Stable Form, set apart from its more self-destructive counterpart entails far more benign consequences than the Unstable Form. Whilst the user may experience similar physiological changes, these users rarely experience rapid decline in their mentality and form and are able to sustain themselves. The Stable Form usually allows the user to harness Demonic Energy to applicable use, and mentally these users appear to alleviate their malignant symptoms through the use of essence and violent intention. In some cases, the use of Demonic Energy in this case stabilises physiological changes to the degree where Demonic Energy users appear asymptomatic.

Therusists of particular repute have the ability to alter their state at will; usually, these altered states known as Demon Forms are in fact the real, unmasked state of being of these individuals. Due to the lack of restraint and typical enjoyment of those who use the Demon Form, the qualities of Demonic Energy become immense and extremely violent to the degree where the most powerful therusists are singlehandedly able to raze entire planets and beyond to nothing. There are usually little risks posed to those in the Demon Form - however, extended periods of immersion in this form entail more difficulties in masking this form in future occasions, however these forms tend to become more powerful as a result.

Physical Properties[]


Relations to Psionic Energy[]

(Left to right) A demonic user facing a psionic user during the War of Ages's most intense stages.

You see this? This open wound festering with burning teal power right by my arm's hide, it comes from the accursed psionic energy. A thorn at the side of our masters for too long, I let this wound burn and itch into my very broken soul, I let it define me, for I know that those self-righteous warriors of Order and Balance and their petty struggle will ultimately come to an end, we have existed for eons, eons before psionics decided to rise up. We will endure, and this universe will fall.

It is largely speculated, due to the nature of Chaos itself, that Demonic Energy has existed since before the concept of time. It stood as a force unchallenged and unparalleled across existence, for any universe that it touched it devastated with utter cruelty and violence. The fact that Psionic Energy effectively counters demonics and viceversa is the subject of much debate among scholars, who speculate that the universe's spawning of an order-aligned essence to combat demonic energy is proof that their struggle is the manifestation of higher powers at play—a living, breathing, beating universe desperately pushing back forces that seek to effectively leave nothing but cosmic motes of dust.

As such, psionic and demonic energies have had a violent history since they both began to clash. The infamous War of Ages is depicted as a definitive class between both forces. It was thanks to this great war that the practice of psionic energy was scattered to many galactic communities across the universe, and although other essences of the order or chaos types eventually joined the battle for the soul of the universe, it remained, at a fundamental level, a battle of the psionic hosts against the demonic hordes.




Notable Users[]




  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II