<LOG INITIATE> We've been trying for months to get this right. How does one study, apply rigid arithmetic to, and ultimately control a power that by it's very nature rejects order? Some are suggesting we adopt more ritualistic methods of interaction with the Flower, try extracting *something* from the inane chorus of the survivors, something that makes no logical sense on our side but somehow works. This next batch has been conditioned to remain calm and obedient even near absolute zero; we'll see if anything comes of it. <EVENT A> The conditioning seems to have improved the results of this trial. Containment breaches immediately following dropped to 65% of the mean, and the contained are responding to post-trial questioning with much greater clarity. All seem to have a greatly increased antisocial desire and expressed need to harm, chaotically so. I've recommended we allow them to exercise these desires on each other—given the results of questioning it's our best hope for some worthwhile data. <EVENT B> We pulled out one survivor. One. A young Perüle boy, a bit on the shorter side for his species and age, who'd previously shown no remorse when ordered to kill his kinsmen in both simulations and reality, which he also demonstrated here. He had an interesting quirk of consistently targeting the spinal cords of the other subjects, as well as various pressure points—seems he was a fighter long before we picked him up. Upon regaining consciousness he appeared much more sane, though his antisocial compulsions were still quite evident. He expressed a desire to explore and channel the chaotic energy now within him. He will be the first key to a true understanding of this Essence. I think I will call him Vaon le-Kamm. In Pereêl it means 'Dawn, Child of Wisdom.' The rest approve. <LOG TERMINATE>

- Umbyrvraxa, MORS Experiment Log ABR-17290-A/B

Khaûrthik-thazhaurik (Khaûr: OzaxAberric.png, Blessing of the Above), most known as Aberric Energy is an incredibly ancient chaotic Essence pertaining to the unknowable and the eldritch. An Essence that has plagued existence for eternity, it is a ferocious and all-consuming Essence that exists to destroy and to dominate, Aberric Energy giving rise to the consciousness of Marrow and Khi’voranix, which both desire to see all of existence rendered into Marrow. Aberric Energy is considered to have dominion over “flesh”, manifesting in the mutations of users of the Essence ranging from different manifestations from simple smells to a grotesque mass of tentacles and eyes. Aberric Energy is often associated with the cold, and places heavy with Aberric Energy often feel cold - Marrow is known to range from a few negative degrees Fahrenheit to being true absolute zero, freezing anything that it touches. Aberric Energy is dominated by the entity known as Khi’voranix, the personification of the Essence’s all-consuming nature and the Essential God of the Essence. The godforms acting as the Essentials of Aberric Energy are the Chaos Monsters known as the Khi'anriax, immensely powerful, almost angelic (within the hierarchy of the Ozax) beings that were born from the radiating energies exuded by Khi'voranix. Aberric Energy is generally known to originate from the Chaos Plane of Marrow, which is constructed from the Essence and known to "convert" matter not of Marrow into Aberric Energy.



The origins of Aberric Energy lies in the creation of the Chaos plane of Marrow. Aberric Energy was first formed by an unknown creator - often considered to be the Xhodocto Angazhar because of its nature as a malevolent Chaotic Essence - Aberric Energy soon began to grow exponentially, resulting in Marrow coming into existence as the Essence grew more and more powerful and widespread. As a result, the entity Khi’voranix soon came into being as further Aberric Energy formed and coalesced, eventually forming a sapient being not unlike how Essence-based beings are formed, though on a far, far greater scale. Aberric Energy began to spread throughout several planes of existence not unlike a disease, and usually took over said planes and dragged them into Marrow, either passively as per the nature of the Essence, or through the machinations of Khi’voranix himself. As Marrow grew in size, the tortured souls of Aberric Energy eventually gave rise to the vast race of demons known as the Ozax, souls so tortured and consumed by the Essence that they became one with the Essence and became a demon of Marrow. Aberric Energy has since been associated with being a purely malevolent Essence, focused solely on the consuming of entire planes of existence and rendering everything into more and more Aberric Energy.

The first instances of Aberric Energy having contact with the First Gigaquadrant was approximately 1 billion years ago. The Valkar, a race of especially prevalent Ultraterrestrials originating from another dimension, eventually managed to open a portal to Marrow from their outpost of Eupherion. The Valkar previously held a great fear of Khi’voranix and Aberric Energy, and so the reasons for the breach were unknown, oftentimes blame has been pinned on more radical elements of Valkar society from disgruntled scientists, Valkar cultists, or even a malfunction of a Valkar interdimensional gate. Regardless, Aberric Energy soon spilled out into the Eupherion Galaxy in excessively copious amounts, and it was this action that directed Khi’voranix’s attention to Eupherion. Following the Ozax invasion of the Valkar, and then the ultimate destruction of the Valkar by the hands of the Heirax and shortly after Khi’voranix as the Maw, Aberric Energy stayed highly prevalent within Eupherion. Aberric Energy was carried to the wider Gigaquadrant through intergalactic interactions, whether it’d be wittingly or unwittingly by intergalactic travellers, or the Essence leaking into wormholes connecting Eupherion to other galaxies. Aberric Energy usage in the wider First Gigaquadrant has been rare but not unheard of, with beings such as Orsik Corvosa utilizing the Essence in modern times.



As a malevolent-aligned essence, Aberric Energy is damaging and corrupting to the physiology of any being that uses. Aberric Energy is capable of being passed from a user to a non-user by use of either forced Descension using the Energy, or by the passive aura of a user. Beings “infected” by Aberric Energy in this matter often find themselves suffering under symptoms that include chills, headaches, and vomiting. When these symptoms pass, considered to be the “tipping point”, Aberric Energy melds fully with the entity and thus allows the entity to utilize the power of Aberric Energy, at the cost of a steadily decreasing sanity and physical constitution - something that can be avoided by skilled users of other essences. Aberric Energy often causes mutations in those incapable of utilizing, or incapable of unlocking the full power of Aberric, such as a graying, steadily decaying skin, tentacles sprouting from the back, and the growth of various eyes where the Aberric Energy pools and collects. More extreme mutations lead to skin being encrusted in a thick layer of frost, or the blood turning to freezing green water or sometimes even frozen sludge. Aberric Energy’s dangerous mutations, which often kill those associated with the Essence, is often and usually tamed by those that are powerful enough to suppress the corrupting and damaging nature of the Essence, thus being capable of utilizing the power of the essence without the drawbacks of the often deadly mutations.

Oftentimes the sheer corruption of Aberric Energy on the being results in a hideous difference

Those that reach the power to suppress the Energy’s self-destructive aspects find themselves dealing with consequences much lighter than what would’ve happened with the mutated form. Madness still becomes a problem, but the mind degrades more slowly the more Aberric Energy is used for destruction and mayhem. Aberric Energy’s powers begin to manifest more fully at this stage in the usage of the essence. Aberric Energy is notable for its reality-warping capabilities, and often the most skilled Aberric Energy users bend reality to their will to accomplish their goals. The most basic powers Aberric Energy offers are capable of manipulating gravity, inducing or reverting states of insanity, causing the environment to rot and freeze, and ultimately allowing the shattering of the wall between Marrow and the First Gigaquadrant - Aberric Energy users of particular respute have the ability to command lesser Ozax to do their bidding. In the end, Aberric Energy users can do whatever the mind is capable of, making Aberric Energy a highly dangerous essence. Aberric Energy users that have allowed the essence to penetrate and meld entirely with their being have the noticeable ability to alter their state of being at will - with the forms being appropriately called the Demon Form because of the qualities of the form, which are quite similar to the descension and demon forms of other demonic energies. Entering the Aberric Demon Form requires a degree of control over the essence that allows manipulation of the barriers between Marrow and Axiom; to do so, it requires the opening of invisible tears into Marrow to allow the energy to be directly absorbed into the user - granting a boost of power that lasts so long as the body can handle the energy. If the user in question cannot handle the energy, they are either forced to expel the energy back into Marrow or risk forcefully expelling the energy into the environment at an extremely dangerous and lethal risk to their own bodies.

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The Khaûr Strain - the Divine Strain - is the most "pure" of the Aberric energy strains and the rarest of them all. The Khaûr strain is generally regarded as the oldest strain and the most powerful strain; the Khaûr strain is the original strain that was formed from the first creation of Aberric energy by Angazhar at the moment Angazhar had birthed Aberric energy the moment Marrow was created. The Khaûr strain is a perfected hybridization of Chaos Energy and Aberric; the strain being the original manifestation of Khaûr energy, and as such, thse that utilize the Khaûr strain are practically god-like in their powers and suitably disconnected from the usual nature of Aberric due to the unique composition of the Khaûr strain.

Physically, the Khaûr strain presents itself as an extremely violent and lashing presence that not only presents a clear and present danger to individuals in its immediate vicinity, but also is an outright hazard to mental and spiritual health if the strain isn't intentionally contained by the ones that possess the energy. Unlike the three splinter strains of Aberric (all three of which descend from Khaûr in varying degrees of ancestry) Khaûr is not only incapable of being used by Axiom entities, but by Ozax entities as well; due to the Chaos Energy that comprises it, the Khaûr strain is indescribably incompatible with entities that are not able to handle Chaos Energy by their usual nature. Ozax that are given the strain are immediately destroyed, and mundane Axiom entities that come into contact with the energy are either destroyed upon contact, or immediately turned into Ozax (generally into Forsaken, though transformation into a Denizen is not uncommon and transformation into higher forms of demon are rare but known) as the Khaûr strain devolves into Hkasrûs upon infusion. The only known beings to have directly bypassed this restriction are those who are chosen by Khi'voranix to become Aberric Lords themselves.

The only known natural utilizers of the Khaûr strain are the Aberric Lords, Fiction:Heirax, and on a far lesser though still notable scale, the Concierges that




The Hkasrûs Strain - the Birth Strain - is the native strain that's innate to all forms of Ozax throughout Marrow. THe Hkasrûs is the most common strain of Aberric Energy by virtue of being present in the widest variety of lifeforms, though is not the most common within Axiom by any means. The Hkasrûs Strain presents itself as a more chaotic, yet "pure" (if by virtue of being the native Ozax Aberric strain) variation of the Khronûr strain, of which derives from the Hkasrûs strain itself. The Hkasrûs Strain is, of the three strains compatible with entities that are from Axiom, the most detrimental to the body; the Hkasrûs strain is directly credited to the most common forms of the Forsaken - commonly, Axiom beings are not compatible with the introduction of the Hkasrûs Strain into their beings, which devolves them into a form that is compatible,

A victim of the Hkasrûs Strain

leaving to the destruction of their identities, their bodies, and their minds into a form considered simple enough to handle the energy. In the rare case that the Hkasrûs Strain does not immediately convert its victims into Forsaken, the Hkasrûs Strain is "devolved" instead to form the Khronûr Strain that ends up being much more compatible with its victims and turning them into potential Aberric users.

In terms of power, Hkasrûs is often considered the middling of the 3 strains capable of being utilized by Axiom entities. Hkasrûs is an extremely wild energy that is mirrored by the wild and chaotic denizens that possess the strain innately. Hkasrûs is inherently unstable - usage of Hkasrûs in Axiom-inhabiting beings always ends up extremely unstable and highly volatile, and produces extreme mutations in the victims that it infects. A key element of corruption by Hkasrûs is the forced metamorphosis of its victims into extremely twisted versions of themselves, though Hkasrûs (unlike Khronûr) does not lead to the creation of functional and nonfunctional eyes like its counterpart does. Those that possess the power of the Hkasrûs Strain end up looking extremely similar to the Ozax demons that possess the energy, and end up with their minds suitably morphed to the mindset of the demons they resemble.



In parallel with stable/unstable forms of the related Demonic Energy, the "base form" (IE the original state of being that the Aberric user was in when they were first exposed to a source of Aberric Energy) of an Aberric user varies with the stability/instability of their "aura". As Aberric energy is antithesis to life (and daresay, the very physical laws of) of Axiom, it ends up extremely damaging and disfiguring to the psychology and physiology of any being - Aberric Energy is generally seen as an almost "viral" energy that "infects" others, and causes severe disfigurations and mutations that can lead to death. Victims of Aberric that obtain the energy this way are shunned and outcasted in society and find life to be considerably harder with the mutations and subsequent madness that accompanies Aberric Energy possession. Likewise with its related Essences, this is regarded as an "unstable" manifestation and is referred to as "instability".

Instability is an extremely common factor in new Aberric users, with stability being something that is accumulated over time. Depending on the strain of Aberric Energy that someone possesses, stability may be something that is accumulated the instant Aberric Energy is obtained, or something that is gathered over consistent use over several years. The stability of Aberric, when set against the self-destructive instability of Aberric, entails far more benign side effects and consequences than unstable manifestations. Stable manifestations in a user experience far less physiological damage and some end up looking almost identical to their original selves. Mental effects of stable manifestations are far less pronounced; while obvious comparatively minor changes (antipathy in particular) are present, the far more extreme mental consequences from mania and dementia to the complete death of higher functions do not present themselves.

When considering the status of any of the various demon forms that experienced (or inexperienced, depending on the sitaution) Aberric users can take, the "stability vs instability" axis is generally applied to the power of a form, it's sustainability, the appearance, and the physical detriments that result from using Aberric Energy in that capacity. As the process of descension from a "normal" state of being to assuming an Aberration Form requires directly drawing energies from Marrow, the stability of an Aberric Energy user is integral to the end product of the form. Stability in the axis refers to the sum value that is combined from a variety of qualities inherent to the user - willpower, Aberric strain, time spent Descended, past usages of the Aberric Form, etc etc, all experiences and qualities that are all valuable to the stability of the Aberric user in question. A minimum stability "requirement" is necessary to undergo a successful process of Descension to assume a demon form.






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The Vanished[]


The Rot is an umbrella term pertaining to the general corrupting nature of Aberric Energy. The Rot usually refers to how the essence corrupts the general environment into a far more wicked version of itself, but it also can refer to the mutations and degradation Aberric Energy users often go through when using the powers of the essence. The Rot used as it usually is refers to the anomaly that occurs when Aberric Energy finds a hold in a planetary biosphere and begins to corrupt it from within, a result of the aura that Aberric Energy uses to transfer into different bodies in all living things. The Rot corrupts and mutates innocent fauna into twisted, rotting, versions of themselves hell-bent on attacking and turning individuals, be it animal, plant, fungi, or sapient, into Aberric Energy-corrupted counterparts, which also work to spread the essence faster. The larger the Rot grows, the more anchored it becomes with its environment, and the deeper the corruption spreads - oftentimes even rocks will crack and mutate into rotting bone under the influence of Aberric Energy. The physical walls between Marrow and the First Gigaquadrant weakens considerably due to the heavy presence of Aberric Energy, and thus the illusion that the skies are turning into those of Marrow becomes fairly common, and the temperature begins to plummet considerably.





  • Aberric Energy takes inspiration from traditional Essences in SporeWiki as well as other concepts such as the Force and too many differing magic systems to count.
  • Galaxy Colonisation - Closed
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 100,000
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 2/Kardashev Scale II