Through blood and fire, all infidels will suffer for insulting the name of Lud'nev. Let the galaxy tremble before the might of true devotion. We will make you see the light even if your corpse must be hung above our temples.

- Unknown Ernai Emperor

The Ernai were a vicious species of zealots hailing from Naldos, a temperate planet of the Milky Way Galaxy. A race of bloodthirsty zealots following the god they called Lud'nev, they are known across their space for having enslaved multiple young civilizations until they were finally brought down and defeated by the Spinkers, which led to the extinction of the Ernai.

Extremely xenophobic, hostile and cruel, the Ernai are still deemed one of the Norma-Outer Arm's most vile civilizations, and many races across it consider their extinction as a very positive thing for galactic stability as a whole. The Ernai's devotion and hubris was eventually their downfall, and today, most of their former colonies are now under the control of the Spinker people, who they ironically attempted to enslave.


Early History[]

The Ernai were a species native of the temperate world of Naldos, at the Norma-Outer Arm of the Milky Way. Since their early civilization days, the Ernai's culture was affected by alien artifacts present on their homeworld, which all linked to the deity known as Spode. The creatures themselves referred to the deity as Lud'nev in their native tongue, and misinterpreted the artifacts' purpose as being weapons of a wrathful god who destroyed its non-believers and rewarded its faithful. Since then, the culture of the Ernai was marked with religious violence and intolerance. They achieved space-flight at around 3,200 BC, and began an aggressive expansion campaign around their homeworld, getting the attention of older powers such as the Dracogonarious Empire and the Bonio Republic who chose to ignore them for the time being.

Golden Age and Downfall[]

As centuries passed, the Ernai grew more and more advanced and powerful, and made full use of their power to rule over their territory unopposed. Through military might, they enslaved multiple sapients close to their space, and began moving toward the territories of the Dracogonarious and Bonio, who threatened war if the Ernai zealots progressed any further. Time would pass and the Ernai would remain as the leaders of their region, until the Spinker Empire, creations of the Dracogonarious, became known across their space. The Spinkers, being born inside the Ernai's borders, were quickly attacked by the zealots to be enslaved, which resulted in the Dracogonarious Empire declaring full war on the Ernai Empire, soon followed by their Bonio allies.

Unlike their other enslaved races, the Spinkers proved to be far more powerful and valiant than the Ernai expected, causing them to fail in enslaving the entirely of their race. The Spinkers' feat became well-known across their space, encouraging other enslaved species to rebel against their Ernai masters. Being attacked from the inside by their slaves and from the outside by the Dracogonarious and allies, the Ernai were eventually wiped out, with their capital being destroyed by the Spinker captain Koluap. Naldos became a Spinker colony since then, but to this date, the origin and purpose of the Spode artifacts still present on the Ernai homeworld remain unknown.



The Ernai were large, formidable-looking reptilian creatures with distinct black and yellow scales. They were very large in height, with the largest Ernai achieving over 4 meters in size, not counting their massive horns. They possessed four pairs of legs, with powerful feet possessing large talons. Ernai also had two pairs of feathered wings, but they were too heavy to fly with them. The Ernai's wings were most likely vestigial organs.


The Ernai were aggressive, xenophobic, stubborn and hot-blooded creatures. Their devotion to their god Lud'nev made them intolerant to the cultures of other species, believing their empire was superior to all others and that all who did not follow them were to be exterminated. The Ernai race's racism is legendary, and to this day, the Spinker race considers being compared to an Ernai as one of the worst possible insults.


The Ernai were very strong creatures physically, with an Ernai's punch being roughly ten times stronger than a human's. Their bulky bodies allowed them to endure hits and sustain significant damage before falling, but in contrast, they were slow-moving creatures who had difficult turning around fast enough to respond to attacks coming from any direction but their fronts. The Ernai often wore outfits with characteristic masks, designed to intimidate their enemies and lower their morale.



Green face.pngThe light of Lud'nev shines upon you.

  • N/A


Yellow face.pngWho dares stand in our way?

  • N/A


Red face.pngLud'nev does not forgive heretics. And neither shall we.


Absolutely disgusting.

- Iovera IX




  • This page was based on a real saved game, where the Ernai almost destroyed OluapPlayer's game.
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