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Only someone with an intellect as great as mine is allowed to lead our people. You will all live as I tell you to, not like some unruly animals.

- Errr

The Robotic Uprising is the name given to a major event in the Ermitant people's history. The power-hungry scientist Errr created an army of robots under the guidance of the Grox Empire to take over his homeworld, and the Ermitant people would have to take up arms to get their freedom back.

Errr's Abduction[]

Planet Puria was a pre-spacefaring world located at the Inner Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy and the homeworld of the Ermitant Nation. The world's unusual appearance was striking, with massive orange continents, a reddened but completely safe water and orange skies. The Ermitants themselves were the only sapient race of the planet, a species of primate-like creatures with distinct long necks, webbed hands, sucker feet and enormous ears. They had not made contact with aliens yet, though they were advanced enough to know that aliens existed all around them, though they had not yet developed means of contacting them. The Nation was led by President Gharrrko, the most recent elected president of the world, who had to rule the Nation for ten years before the next election. Helping Gharrrko lead the race were a number of viziers, all responsible for taking care of various subjects. Among them was the vizier responsible for leading over all things related to science and technology: Errr Krrarrr Lerciannn.

Errr was unlike the other viziers. He was not truly loyal to Gharrrko, and only served him for the position of power as leader of all technology. What he truly wanted, though, was control over all Puria. Errr wished to overthrow Gharrrko and make himself as emperor of the Ermitant people. However, he knew that trying to directly attack Gharrrko would be suicide, as the other viziers and the rest of the Ermitant people would never accept him as their ruler peacefully. After a long meeting in one fateful night, Errr left the presidential building to make way to his own home.

  • Errr - Each day I have to spend listening to these simpletons' whining, I die a little more inside.

As Errr walked, though, a light was visible in the skies. All the population looked up to see a black object above them, an intense red light coming out of it. An unidentified flying object directly above their heads, hovering over the city. The citizens all screamed in fear and began panicking, and Errr himself quickly ran away. Ermitants were not the most adept species when it came to running, so many of them were either slow or fell over from clumsiness. The UFO began following one individual, most specifically Errr, and a intense ray hit the ground, causing the Ermitant scientist to levitated and be taken all the way to the object. directly after, a bright light blasted out of it, blinding all Ermitant in the vicinity and disabling all equipment in the city. When the Ermitants regained their senses, they had forgotten the entire incident already, and the UFO was nowhere to be seen. All machinery which could have recorded it had been destroyed.

Errr woke up to find himself strained on a wall, his limbs trapped and incapable of movement. Still dizzy, he looked around until he noticed the presence of multiple small-sized humanoids who all glared at him intensely. Errr was connected to multiple cables which linked him to a special device which allowed him to breath inside the spaceship, as it would otherwise be toxic to his biology. As he regained his vision more and more, he could see the the humanoids were brown and imp-like in appearance, their limbs replaced with cybernetic implants including bright, blood-red eyepieces. Errr visibly shook in fear as he realized he had been captured by aliens, while one of them held a large syringe on its land, speaking in a language which Errr could not understand.

  • Errr - W-who are you?! What do you want from me?!

As the imps noticed Errr attempting to communicate, a mechanical appendage moved closer to the Ermitant's head and placed a small device close to his ear, piercing his skin with a pointy end which would stop it from falling down. Errr let out a pained grunt before the imps spoke again, and this time, he could understand their every word.

  • ??? - Primitive lifeform. You seek communication with us.
  • Errr - What...now I can understand you. Who are you? What did you put on my head?
  • ??? - Hold your tongue. We are Grox. An universal translator has been placed in your cranial area, and you may now understand the languages of all alien lifeforms.
  • Errr - So you really are aliens...
  • Grox - The Grox will expand its interests to this galactic body. Presence of identified drones has been detected. Your planet will be infested and serve as a base.
  • Errr - W-what?! No!
  • Grox - Your opinions are irrelevant. You will be studied and cataloged, and your species will be eradicated to make room for us.
  • Errr - Agh! No! You must not harm my world! I have not dominated it yet-

An idea suddenly hit Errr's mind as he spoke. His expression changed into a smirk as he looked at the Grox who studied him again. He was about to propose something.

  • Errr - I have a better idea.
  • Grox - Irrelevant. Silence yourself.
  • Errr - No, wait, listen to me! You are advanced aliens, right?
  • Grox - The Grox Meta-Empire is superior to all. Enemies who attempt to fight the Grox are quickly exterminated.
  • Errr - Compare my brain capacity to any other member of my species. I am the most intelligent of all Ermitants! I could be of help to you!

The Grox holding a syringe put it down as they glared at Errr. Their expressions were all static, with them barring their fanged-shaped teeth as they spoke in monotone, deep voices.

  • Grox - You pledge allegiance to the Grox?
  • Errr - I do not belong to this forgotten, primitive world. I could serve as one of your scientists, surely! I am the greatest mind of my race! And instead of eradicating my people, you could use them as servants!
  • Grox - You offer your planet to the Grox for their leisure? Are you the leader of this primitive civilization?
  • Errr - I am one of many, but there is one person above me...help me dispose of this person, and I will grant you the full servitude of my people to yours.
  • Grox - The Grox have no use for lowly primitives. However, the Grox see no disadvantageous outcomes in this scenario. Very well.

Errr was released from his prison, falling on one knee on the ground. The Grox drones turned around and walked through the ship, with Errr following them. They eventually arrived to a room, where they displayed a mechanism to the Ermitant scientist.

  • Grox - This is a quantum replicator. You may create infinite resources, regardless of what they are, through it. The Grox will give this tool to you, and you must use it to bring dominion over the planet. Loss of this equipment will result in extermination.
  • Errr - Infinite...I have designs for cybernetic servants, though the prototypes I've used all died out for multiple reasons...
  • Grox - You will be given the technology. You will conquer this planet in the name of the Grox.
  • Errr - I will. Give me a few days, and the Ermitant will belong to me, and you.
  • Grox - The Grox are always watching.

The Grox spaceship eventually approached Puria again and sent Errr back to the surface, where he took the quantum replicator given to him to his residence. Below his home was a large laboratory he had been using for several decades as his own little world, and now, with this technology, he was finally going to fulfill his dream of ruling over the Ermitant race. The scientist was about to play God, while his alien masters watched from the shadows.

The Coup d'état[]

One week had passed. The damage caused the Grox ship's mind-wiping mechanism had since been repaired and no one remembered a thing, except for Errr himself, who had locked himself on his lab, disappearing from sight. President Gharrrko and the other viziers grew worried as they lost contact with Errr, and the advisory of the Ermitant Nation began believing he had been kidnapped or killed somehow. However, the scientist was just where he wanted, and that was working on the quantum replicator given to him by his new masters. Using the technology given to him, he created things that would serve him. Such was the ego of the scientist that he named these things after himself. He called them Errrbots, terrifying mashups between animal and machine created from the wildlife of Puria.

On the seventh day, they arrived to the capital. Errr prepared series of tunnels from his residence to nearby, less populated regions and from them, these Errrbots marched. The population panicked as the army of monsters arrived, and the Ermitant Nation's military responded as soon as the invaders appeared, firing their weapons at them. However, for every Errrbot destroyed, two more were there to take its place, and the army found itself quickly overwhelmed. The reason was that Errr had turned his laboratory into a huge cloning facility by using the quantum replication, and this facility continuously pumped more and more Errrbots into Puria. The Ermitant forces saw themselves forced to open fire on civilian buildings in an attempt to defeat the horde, but not even that appeared to work. They made a path of destruction through the capital, all the way to the presidential building.

Errr, escorted by Errrbot drones, arrived to the building. He made his way to the office where both Gharrrko and his viziers met, his drones killing any guard who stood on their way, and while many tried to take the Ermitant traitor down, many were also stunned in place by the fact Errr was seen in front of this army of monsters. With his path clear, he threw the doors of the meeting room open, being face-to-face with his former co-workers and president. The Errrbots aimed their weapons at them, forcing them all to raise their hands and surrender.

  • Gharrrko - Errr?...YOU are behind this madness?!
  • Errr - What you refer to as madness, I refer to as evolution. Only someone with an intellect as great as mine is allowed to lead our people. You will all live as I tell you to, not like some unruly animals.
  • Gharrrko - You murdered so many people...destroyed so much...just so you could take over the Nation?!
  • Errr - Yes! And I would do it ten times over!
  • Gharrrko - You're insane! How do you wish to be fit to be a leader when you do this to your own people?!
  • Errr - Hah. Idiot. I don't care for the people. I care for me being in charge. If I must raze this world of every Ermitant but me, I will. I have the power to do so, Gharrrko. I have met real extraterrestrial entities. They have supported me. They know how I deserve to be ruler.
  • Gharrrko - Insanity! All you sport is sheer childish madness! To think you were once thought to be the most intelligent Ermitant alive!

Errr, with a bored expression, made a dismissive gesture toward Gharrrko, who narrowed his eyes and growled at the scientist. The Errrbot drones went over to the president and the other viziers and locked their arms behind their backs with handcuffs before taking them away one by one.

  • Errr - I am not interested in your whining, Gharrrko. My children, take these fools to prison. I would kill them, but I wonder if I could turn at least two of them into jesters...
  • Gharrrko - You won't get away with this, Errr!
  • Errr - And who will stop me? I have the power, the technology to take over the world. Who do you expect to save you and your precious little people now? Just take him away already, before I get angry.

Gharrrko glared at Errr before simply turning down, defeated. Him and the others were taken away to the prison ad the scientist had ordered, and Errr sat on Gharrko's chair, turning it to the window's direction, giving him a full view of the burning Ermitant. He watched the sunset as put his hands up.

  • Errr - Vizier Errr is no more. You may now refer to me as Emperor Errr.

The Resistance[]

Two week had passed. Former president Gharrrko sat down in a seat at his cell, shared with the rest of the former viziers. Trapped in a jail, patrolled by Errrbot drones at all times, with only a small, circle-shaped window with electric bars giving them a view of the orange skies of Puria, being fed the same food usually given to criminals, bandits and maniacs across the Ermitant Nation, or should as it was now called, Lerciannn Empire. Errr's ego had no limits, and he was not content with merely naming his robots after himself, he named his entire new empire after his last surname. He wanted to make sure and make it visible that he was in charge, despite him being a mere pawn of his Grox overseers. Like Errr had promised, the Ermitant race had been surrendered to the Grox in a few days, and the Meta-Empire of cruel cyborgs watched their servant closely. Errr did not know what the Grox were planning, and neither he cared, for he was too busy enjoying his rule as master of all Ermitant.

Or nearly all.

Gunfire was heard at Gharrrko's prison as well as multiple explosions, getting the attention of the former president and his cellmates. Rallies were yelled across the prison, ordering prisoners to fight their oppressors by all means necessary, until the walls next to Gharrrko's cell were blown up by a powerful blast. The Errrbot guards turned to the direction of the explosion and were met with bullets to their bodies, as a group of Ermitant soldiers pushed into the room. They wore the colours of the Ermitant Nation's military, and leading them was a figure that Gharrrko could easily recognize: Marshall Relgalll, supreme leader of the military forces of the Nation. Gharrrko was caught by surprise by his Relgalll's appearance, having believed he was killed in the first Errrbot attack to the capital.

As the Errrbots were killed, the soldiers planted explosives on the cell and blasted it open, releasing the viziers and the president, who walked over to Marshall Relgalll with a smile on his face. The Marshall offered his hand, which Gharrrko shook with a fairly weak grip due to his current imprisoned situation.

  • Relgalll - President. I see they have treated you bad.
  • Gharrrko - I'm just glad to see you alive. What are you doing here?
  • Relgalll - I'm leading the resistance against these damned robots. Errr has slacked off and did not bother to kill all soldiers in the Nation or inspect if there were threats to him. Me and these boys are here to rescue you and every other Ermitant imprisoned in this place, so that they may join us in our movement.
  • Gharrrko - You wish to recruit these criminals?
  • Relgalll - It is better than nothing, I am afraid. I imagine they would rather help us repel these invaders than to be kept as their slaves. I am afraid I will also require you to help me.
  • Gharrrko - Uh...I never used a gun before.
  • Relgalll - You will have targets to train. Lots and lots and lots of targets.

The Marshall handed pistols to Gharrrko and the viziers, who reluctantly took them. They were politicians, not soldiers, and therefore had no experience with weapons. However, their numbers were low, so every man counted. Errrbot reinforcements arrived to the prison to contain the uprising, but Relgalll and his soldiers killed them one by one with their weapons, which ranged from pistols to rifles, from shotguns to grenades, and even rocket launchers. The soldiers all aimed for the foreheads of the Errrbots, exactly the place where their guns were mounted at, so that they could always disarm the robots by destroying their guns. Gharrrko and the viizers helped as they could, though they were all too inexperienced and afraid to be of actual help. Their presence, though, was a good boost for the soldiers' morale.

It would take hours, but the soldiers, the criminals and politicians managed to take over the prison, killing all Errrbots in it. The Ermitant around the complex all roared in victory, pumping their weapons in the air to commemorate, while Gharrrko and Relgalll made their way to the control room of the prison. From it, they had access to maps displaying the capital and nearby cities, which would be used to create their next strategy.

  • Gharrrko - What will we do next?
  • Relgalll - We must leave this place as soon as possible and move to a safer location. Errr will surely learn of this attack and will surely order an army of these damned monsters to burn it to the ground. We need to discover where they are coming from so that we can stop them, and after that, we need to breach the capital and take Errr away from the presidential seat by his damn ears.
  • Gharrrko - Surely we also require more men.
  • Relgalll - Our word will spread. More will join our cause. The population is growing miserable and just need some motivation and guns to fight the robots. We will have our Puria back, mister President. You will see.

Attack on the Laboratory[]

Days had passed. Marshall Relgalll's army had left the prison, which was promptly destroyed by Errrbot forces, and made their way to the capital. They passed through villages and small population centers, fighting Errrbot forces strategically and receiving support from the population. The Marshall had deduced that, while Errr was incredibly intelligent when it came to technology, he was an incompetent strategist and his alleged children could easily be defeated through tactical thinking. Being good at science does not necessarily make you good at war. As another small population of Ermitant came to arms and joined Relgalll's growing freedom movement, the Marshall and the President studied their options.

  • Relgalll - Mister President, any idea of where the monsters are coming from? We must strike there if we want to take the capital on.
  • Gharrrko - Hmm. From what direction did they arrive from when they first attacked?
  • Relgalll - That would be northwest.
  • Gharrrko - I see...Errr's residence is located northwest of the capital...
  • Relgalll - You think the robots are coming from his house? Hm, it kind of makes some sense. Is it located outside of the capital itself?
  • Gharrrko - Yes. Errr has always lived secluded from everyone else.
  • Relgalll - He has always been a bloody weirdo then. Point us the direction, mister President. It is time for some demolition.

Following Gharrrko's directions, Relgalll's army made its way through the valley that separated them from where Errr's residence should be located. At the capital, Errr himself was going on a rampage, ordering his Errrbots to track the army down and kill it. However, his rage was such that his decisions were all summed into "go there and kill them", meaning the Errrbots basically made beelines to the location pointed to them, which the army had already left from a long time ago. Despite all his intellect, Err was in fact an extremely short-tempered and inefficient leader, and Relgalll would make full use of that for his advantage.

Going through the valley, the only thing the army had to worry about was aggressive wildlife, which either ran away from the Ermitant's numbers or were killed by their weapons. It took them three days to get across, and the lack of any activity from the army made Errr relax, believing it had been dealt with and by extension, making a large hole through his defenses. Upon arriving to where Errr's home was located, the army could easily see Errrbot drones patrolling the surroundings. Errr's home itself was a rather large-sized mansion, and as Relgalll inspected it, Ermitant snipers were deployed and fired at lone, separated Errrbots, killing them from a safe distance. Upon clearing the way, the army decided to skip being stealthy and downright charged at the mansion, rocket launchers firing a flurry of rockets at the building, easily tearing it down and exploding many Errrbot drones through collateral fire. Bullets flew through the air once more as the army fought drones who had survived the initial blasts, and as they pushed on and got to the where the mansion stood, they could all see how it in fact led down to a subterranean level. Relgalll made his way down while part of the army stood outside to keep an eye for enemy reinforcements, and upon arriving to Errr's laboratory, him and his army's eyes widened as they found Errr's cloning facility.

  • Relgalll - What in the name of Mindassa...
  • Gharrrko - Look at all this...what has Errr been doing all these years?
  • Relgalll - All I care for is that this place is brought down immediately. Prepare the explosives!

Before anything could be done, pods all over the laboratory opened and Errrbots, freshly cloned to life, left them and attacked the army. Relgalll and his men all showed fear and disgust at the sight, and immediately fired all they had at the robots. As they died, the quantum replicator gifted to Errr by the Grox created more drones, and Relgalll's men began dying around him. Nevertheless, the Ermitant kept pushing into the laboratory, with certain soldiers preparing explosive charges around the cloning pods while their comrades have them supporting fire. Once the explosive charges were prepared, the Ermitant all retreated and ran away from the mansion before detonating them. An explosion launched a blast upwards, destroying the terrain around the mansion's ruins and wrecking the cloning pods. The quantum generator itself, being too advanced to be damaged by such primitive weaponry, was nonetheless buried underground by the crumbling floor.

The army suffered heavy casualties but managed to destroy the source of the Errrbots, and the Ermitant all cheered in victory. Relgalll and Gharrrko now set their eyes to the capital, where they would confront Errr for his crimes once and for all.

Final Battle[]

Three days had passed since the destruction of the laboratory. At the capital, Errr went insane with anger as he realized he could no longer create more Errrbot drones. Meanwhile Gharrrko and Relgalll's resistance only grew, with more and more Ermitant joining their ranks to fight off the usurpers. They had arrived at the walls of the capital city of Planet Puria, where the presidential building was located. The President, the Marshall and the viziers who were not killed in combat all looked over from an elevated point, admiring the view of the capital. Or at least, attempting to, for Errr never bothered cleaning the destruction he caused at the city when he first attacked.

  • Relgalll - It is time, mister President. Are you ready?
  • Gharrrko - Yes...
  • Relgalll - Then let us go. Today, either we or Errr will leave the capital in a coffin, and I will tell you, I do not want to be in a coffin yet.

The Ermitant soldiers let out a battle cry as they charged into the capital. The sound of gunfire dominated the city once more as Errrbots quickly retaliated, and bodies began littering the streets extremely fast. The resistance's organization meant that they had the skill to easily kill lone Errrbot drones, but their small number meant that they were easily overwhelmed and outnumbered. As they pushed into the city, Ermitant citizens took shelter inside their homes in an attempt to protect themselves from fire, though there were some of them who instead remained watching the confront. A single Ermitant citizen, a man who owned a convenience store, let out an angered yell and charged at the nearest Errrbot he could reach, causing it to be thrown into the ground. Other nearby citizens saw the act, and the city was suddenly hit by a wave of citizens who turned against the robots, no matter how unprotected they were. The Ermitant people was desperate and would not take anymore of this. From speakers through the city, Errr's voice could be heard, yelling out at all Ermitant within the city.

  • Errr - Stop! Stop! I'm not joking! Stop this nonsense now!
  • Relgalll - He is losing his cool, it seems.
  • Errr - I will exterminate every man, woman and child in this world if you don't surrender this instant! Stop challenging me this instant, you damned animals!
  • Gharrrko - Yup. Definitely lost his cool a while ago.
  • Errr - All who side with Gharrrko's little resistance will be slaughtered!...Or maybe, I should just slaughter you all anyway! I don't need you! I have the planet, I have my children, I have aliens on my side, what else could I need?! Die! Die, all of you!

With this, the Errrbots' aggression was shifted to not merely just the resistance army, but the entirely of the capital population. The cyborgs attacked the citizens, slaughtering them mercilessly. The resistance made all it could to kill the enemies as fast as possible to save the lives of the innocent, but heavy casualties were felt through the whole city. Relgalll snarled in anger as he turned his eyes to the presidential building, with Gharrrko closing his eyes and putting a hand over his head. He realized that they could not save everyone, and should go for the root of all evil before everyone died.

Arriving to the presidential palace, heavy weapon squads used missile launchers to destroy the entrance so that the army could easily enter. Errrbots stood on their way, but the army quickly disposed of them. Gharrrko and Relgalll were escorted to the president's office, where Errr was currently residing. Killing all the Errrbots on the way, they would finally arrive, where Errr was sitting on Gharrrko's chair and looking down at the city, with his back turned to the Ermitant army. As he heard the door opened, the scientist let out an angered roar before the Marshall took a pistol and fired at Errr's left ear, causing the scientist to let out an agonized scream and fall over. Soldiers secured the room, and it was evident that there were no more Errrbots at sight. With Errr surrendered, Gharrrko and Relgalll both walking over to him and the president repeatedly delivering kicks to Errr's stomach, causing him to cough up loudly.

  • Gharrrko - Maniac! Lunatic! Monster! Fiend!
  • Errr - D-damn you all!
  • Relgalll - Shall we order him executed, mister President.
  • Gharrrko - No better fate for the butcher of our people! The most cruel Ermitant of history!
  • Errr - Gah! W-what you call cruelty, I call-
  • Gharrrko - I don't want to hear your insanity any longer!

Gharrrko delivered another kick to Errr, causing the scientist to cough out some blood from his mouth. At this moment, however, a metallic howl could be heard above the army's head as the population began screaming outside. The floor of the presidential palace was suddenly tore apart by a powerful light, and above their heads, an unidentified flying object loomed in the sky. It was a Grox Spaceship. In front of the team, a pair of robotic creatures materialized with large blades on their arms, which they used to quickly slice through several soldiers, and one of them struck at Marshall Relgalll, severing his left arm. They were Dronox Commanders, supersoldiers in service of the Grox Meta-Empire, and their quick attack made both Gharrrko and Relgalll back away. Errr, still on the ground and holding on his stomach, let out a laugher at the sight of the spaceship.

  • Relgalll - Aaagh!
  • Errr - See?! I told you! I have aliens on my side!
  • Gharrrko - What the hell!?
  • Errr - You beat me today...you killed my children today! But I'll be back! I'll take Puria for myself! And I will kill everyone in it one day! You'll see!!

The Dronox Commanders took a hold of Errr, and all three of them dematerialized, being teleported back to the Grox Spaceship. The vessel immediately departed, causing the entire presidential building to be shaken and causing buildings across the capital to crumble down. Gharrrko looked at the skies for several moments, before turning his direction back to Relgalll, his face showing worry.

  • Gharrrko - Oh dear. Relgalll!
  • Relgalll - Heh...we did it, mister President.
  • Gharrrko - We need to take you to a hospital urgently!
  • Relgalll - Ugh...I admit, it hurts a lot...I will not be able to commemorate the victory with everyone else, I guess.
  • Gharrrko - Getting yourself up to shape is more important right now, my friend. And believe me, we'll have a lot of time to commemorate, and rebuild everything.

Relgalll nodded at Gharrrko with a smile before gasping, taking a hold of the stump which was all that remained from his severed arm. The Ermitant population across Puria all celebrated at the news that Errr had been defeated, and the remaining surviving Errrbots would be eventually all killed. It would take decades to fix all the damage caused by the war, but in the end, the Ermitant would endure. Marshall Relgalll would heal up and get married, having a son by the name of Nondarrrt while Gharrrko would be re-elected several times during his political career, including during the rise of the Ermitant's own spacefaring nation, the Ermitant Empire. Meanwhile, as Errr was taken away, he once again woke up to find himself trapped to a table, with his Grox masters looming over him with glaring eyes. He did not know what to say to them at that point.

  • Errr - G-Grox, I-
  • Grox - Silence.
  • Errr - Please...give me another chan-
  • Grox - We have ordered silence. You have failed the Grox. However, your use to us has not yet been concluded. Your life will persist for the time being.
  • Errr - T-thank you, thank you so much...
  • Grox - However, you will still be punished for your failure. Prepare for experimentation.

Another Grox, clearly one of the ones who had first abducted Errr, showed him a familiar object: the giant syringe, while what looked like a fang-filled grin grew on its face. The Grox all began speaking in a tongue Errr could not understand again, as if they had turned his translator off, and machinery appeared out of the ceiling of the room, showing needles, pods, scissors and pliers. Errr's eyes widened as all of these objects slowly came closer and closer to his face, and all he could do was yell out.

  • Errr - No! NO!! NOOO!!
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