Come in, buy something! Don't just stand there!

- Ermitant slogan

The Ermitant Empire was a small Trader empire of primate-like creatures native of the Inner Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy. They, like almost all Traders, were very friendly toward anyone, expecially those who payed the most.



Robotic Uprising

Ermitants being attacked by Errrbots

The Ermitants evolved from small, omnivirous creatures. But due to the fact they aren't strong or fast, they had a hard time before adquiring intelligence. Since wild times, the Ermitants already collected valuable metals, and in tribal times, these metals were considered sacred.

In civilizated times, they had a strong and large economy. They soon turned their eyes to the starts, thinking about the variety of life and money they could find there.

During space, the president's vizier, Errr Krrarrr Lerciannn, tried to conquer the homeworld by using an army of cyborgs known as Errrbots. However, his plans were foiled, and the Ermitants founded their space faring empire. They expanded for years in relative peace.

Dark TimesEdit

President Gharrrko's Last Day

Gharrrko is killed by Meketanor

Peace would end in the Ermitant race during the the first year of the Dark Times. President Gharrrko he was murdered by the Mornûnendurn acolyte Meketanor, who shapeshifted into him and took his place as the leader of the Empire. Meketanor then started to convince the Ermitant people that they should join the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in order to keep their own lifes safe.

Ermitant Split

Meketanor announces the merging

While many Ermitant started to agree, not all of them did. This caused the Ermitant Empire to become divided, and dangerously unprotected.

All this division would later result in the Ermitant being merged into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. While most of the species' population agreed with the merging, several remained rebel, seeing it as a betrayl to all the Ermitant once strived for. These Ermitant, led by Nondarrrt, fled the empire to the Cyranai Galaxy, where they founded their own faction known as New Ermitant Republic.

It was the end of the Ermitant Empire, but hope still remained...

Notable IndividualsEdit

President Gharrrko

I want my people to be rich. Is that asking too much?

  • Name - Gharrrko Jhankel
  • Position - President

President Gharrrko was the leader of the Ermitant Empire.

Gharrrko was one of the most influent figures of the Ermitants's past, being the responsable for the uniom of all nations of the planet. He was then appointed by the people of Planet Puria as their leader. He chose a number of advisors, being the most important of them a scientist called Errr Krrarrr Lerciannn. Eventually, Errr contacted The Grox and planned to take over Planet Puria. He stormed the royal palace with his Errrbots and murdered the President. After Errr was defeated, the surviving advisors cloned Gharrrrko back to life.

Gharrrko was the first president of the Ermitants, rulling for 50 years before being replaced. But due to popular vote, he had recently returned to presidency, and would rule for 30 more years. This lasted until he was murdered by Meketanor.

Captain Nondarrrt

For the Ermitant!

  • Name - Nondarrrt Relgalll
  • Position - Fleet Commander

Nondarrrt was the main fleet captain of the Ermitant Empire.

Nondarrrt was a skilled soldier before he was appointed to be captain of the Ermitant Empire. After gaining the position, Nondarrrt started an expansionist campaign which expanded the empire to what was before the Dark Times began. Nondarrrt was one of the leading Ermitant who rebelled against the Empire's merging with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. He and the rest of the rebels escaped their original colonies and moved to the Cyranai Galaxy, where they formed the New Ermitant Republic.

Nondarrrt and the rest of the rebel leaders would then choose the young Ermitant senator called Milinitt to be their new president, with their people's support. Nondarrrt currently acts as Milinitt's advisor, bodyguard and most trusted captain.


All of Puria will be mine!

  • Name - Errr Krrarrr Lerciannn
  • Position - Presidential Vizier

Errr is arguably the most known Ermitant of all, being the creator of the Marinox and later the host body of the demon Shu'rimrodir.

Errr was the most important scientist of the Ermitant civilization, as well as being Gharrrko's vizier. However, Errr had his own ambitions. He wanted to rule the world, and started to create biomechanical minions in secret. These minions were known as Errrbots.

Errr would align himself with the Grox Empire and create the Marinox for them, and strive as a powerful leader until he was killed by Captain Drakley during the Battle for Planet Kaizox. Or so it seemed.


The Ermitant Empire's military, while modest compared to most other empires, was still one of the strongest of Cyrannus's minor empires. The Ermitants were capable of holding their own against space pirates and other small empires, but fell when facing bigger enemies such as the Marinox.


The Ermitant are found in the region next to Planet Puria, their homeworld, in the Inner Rim of Cyrannus. They also own colonies in other galaxies, such as the Milky Way and Borealis. Their colonies are concentrated and well guarded against invaders who may try to attack them.



Green faceThese guys are awesome! They have discount in our products all the time!


Yellow faceWanna buy something, stranger?


Red faceNo sale. Have some death instead.



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Despite being Errr's race, we have no grudges against them at all. They are a friendly species who indeed deserves respect.

- Captain Jerkon of the Indoctrinate Collective

These things look ridiculous. If they ever get into my way, I'll exterminate them all.

- Mar-Júun

A friendly nation indeed, with great trading capabilities. Their hospitality is also known across the galaxy.

- Apollo


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