This is a largely one-character fiction by Wormulon. The concept is based on Erasing David (a true story), about the facistic surveillance government of the Delpha Coalition of Planets, addressing the issues of Big Brother societies and paranoia, as Rag'Hirae erases himself from society to escape. But will his actions go unnoticed?

Prologue Edit

"There is no where to run. No where to hide". The voice pulsed through Vorbeski's mind. But Vorbeski kept running... He was Flixaxial, and had been a well respected member of the local government on Antriom in charge of education, however, he alone had stood against its local government too many times. First, they wiped his identity, none of his Genetic ID worked for weeks, he couldn't even get his breakfast. But he took it one step too far when he confronted the Governor. One of his collegues tried to stab him through his heart, but the Grimbolsaurian didn't realize he had several. After that, he fled the scene, wound slowly healing, but he was losing his breath. The DCP, the very thing he devoted his life to was now is own enemy. Everywhere he ran, every alley, vehicle and litter on the floor reported his location. Then he realized the very clothes he was wearing was monitoring his biological statistics, temperature, blood pressure and even brainwaves. He almost removed his them, but remembered it was pointless, the genetic ID was a live beacon.

"There is no where to run. No where to hide". They had found him soon enough, and the police forces were beaming the message into his brain, over and over. He ran faster and faster, but he knew every movement off his was being tracked. He stopped and accepted defeat. Charged on the grounds of standing up to high authority he was executed on the scene.

But the hunt wasn't over, that night, his 5 students were arrested. Rag'Hirae was one of them...

Day One to Two Edit

Rag'Hirae was sitting down to his meal. It had been a normal day, nothing much, no major news other than the current wartime, in which the DCP choked propagander down, and unfortunatly many were easily manipulated. Of course, crap happens all the time, the DCP was brutal to its criminals and rebels, but they were hardly mensioned. He had no idea of the Swat forces heading to his home. Suddenly, his 3D Holonet screen began to buzz, and then there was bright blue flashes right beside him. Swat appeared. Rag'Hirae dropped his dinner in shock. They grabbed him and took him into a Hover pod which took him to a nearby prison.

He woke up in a bright cell, the light on the opaque walls bright and penetrating. They began to throb, and after continued pulsating, he passed out. Waking up again, he was in an interrogtation room, and some of his friends were there too, tied to the cold bare floor. Rag'Hirae was asked multiple questions throughout the night, to be followed by rigorous mind scanning. However, for some reason the interogators left the room. Everyone was silent, no one really knew why they were there. Whhen the guards returned, they began to torture Rurroj with pain rays (his ability to close off pain was blocked) to the point of near death. In sudden, histerical strength Rurroj fought back, only to be killed.

However, this had only widened the Police suspicions of the group. Eventually, with no evidence for or against, the remaining group was let free.

Day Three Edit

Rag'Hirae found himself floating up to the door of his home. It had been a shocking night. Perhaps he should have that part of his memory erased. But all through that night, he remembered the call to escape. He still felt it now. But it was over, time to get on with life he thought. He went back to his college. It would be a shame without his lecturer. But as he travelled, he was now aware of the millions of files of him being maticulously recorded. But even worse, he was sure he was being followed, in fact, he was not far from the truth. His new lecturer was very strange too, he kept taking notes on everything Rag'Hirae said, and tried to dig info on what he would do later very subtly. Everytime the new guy looked at him, he could feel his cold presence piercing his mind.

Day Four Edit

That night Rag'Hirae dreamed of living outside such an oppressive nation. It was enough for him to scived his class the next day. To Inferno Realm with the lot of them, he thought. Instead he travelled to a Library, careful not to use infomation technology, although he was sure even the books were reading him more than he was reading them. He booked a flight outside the DCP, where he will make his escape, later that day.

But when he arrived at SpacePort Antriom Alpha, the receptionist told him he had never booked such flight. He looked around, he was sure some people were watching him, in fact, there was digital recording device pointed directly at him. He stepped back slowly. The woman behind the desk looked at him oddly.

It was then that Rag'Hirae will have to smuggle his own way out, a very dangerous journey to take...

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