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The Eovinjai Sovereignty is a member of The Progeny

The Sovereignty Palatinate of the Eovinjai, otherwise known as the Eovinjai Sovereignty, is an ever-expanding noocratic monarchy native to the Trident region of the Mirus Galaxy. Formed from worlds colonized, conquered, or otherwise assimilated by the Eovinjai, it has reigned for over a millennia as a relatively isolated civilization, though with the advent of the Teyan Subjugation War, it has become much more open to diplomacy and interaction with states beyond its immediate neighbors. It is known for its simultaneously authoritarian and egalitarian aspects, and its fostering of heavily personal spirituality despite having a logic-based culture and state-operated economic system.

As the mightiest of the Progenic civilizations outside of the Tuuros Galaxy, the Sovereignty has begun to take an increasingly altruistic and steward-like attitude toward interaction with the fellow children of the Symmetry. The early-middle years of the Pheras Conflicts were a notable example of this, as the Sovereignty made a legendary push against the Blood Combine when it bared its teeth at the peaceful Infinite Meditation of Zeuld, as is the ongoing war with The Grand Teyan Empire, which the Sovereignty begun mobilizing for shortly after the conquest of several of its very small number of allies.

History Edit

Rise Edit

The Sovereignty is vast and ancient, and can trace its origins back thousands of years to an event known as the Sovereign Coup. Following the collapse of the Symmetry, the Eovinjai were ruled by the plutocratic Commune of Eovinj, which had become hedonistic and tyrannical over millennia of absolute control. The armies of the Eovinjai were sent to plunder and subjugate numerous worlds to feed the abyssal lust of the Commune's leadership. At the head of this hungry military machine was Praetox Prime Osell Re Kelossi, an experienced tactician known across Eovinjai space for crushing numerous Ceone slave rebellions before her promotion to the highest military rank in the Commune.

Re Kelossi would eventually grow increasingly dissatisfied with the Commune's hedonism, particularly after witnessing the extent of it upon invitation to spectate one of their meetings, an "honor" often reserved for individuals of great importance to the Commune. While the truth of what she and several other guests observed was distorted by eventual floods of propaganda, her dislike of the quality of the individuals ruling her people, particularly with regards to their intelligence, would become very obvious. It is known that she began to regularly meet with other prominent Eovinjai who shared in her disgust, among them the retired diplomat Exchel Ka Miros and politics-minded writer Ao'ett Wei Shubir.

The trio and their allies would eventually coordinate a series of events that would bring down the Commune—Ka Miros traveled to the Dynastic Systems of Sal'ir in late 4998 CE to request military assistance, which they were sure to need, while Wei Shubir prepared a tsunami of information guaranteed to ignite public fury at the Commune. Re Kelossi, in the meantime, would gather likeminded army and naval commanders to her and discuss their plans to overthrow the commune. When the day finally came in 4996 CE, Re Kelossi and her forces occupied Eovinj and stormed the Communal Palace, holding the Commune hostage. Wei Shubir's information flood did its exact job of igniting a public outcry, and across Eovinjai worlds statues and monuments to the Commune government were ripped apart by enraged mobs. In the subsequent weeks, covert aid from the Dynastic Systems proved effective in helping to quell various bands of Commune loyalists.

Declaring that no Eovinjai should live under the heel of an unwise and unchecked regime, the trio and their allies declared the birth of the noocratic Sovereignty Palatinate. Re Kelossi asserted herself as the first Sovereign, her power over the military ensuring the rest of the new government would cooperate. However, she became rapidly bored with the position, finding the checks on her administrative and military power once the Sovereignty was fully functional to be unbearable. A prominent example of this was her desire to keep the Ceone a subjugated species, while the majority of the new Directive Convocation voted to integrate them as a mostly equal species to the Eovinjai. Aging and unwilling to start another armed conflict, Re Kelossi resigned after four years and left the throne to her young but much more complacent and compromising son, Osell Ai K'haxx.

Encountering the Zeuldai Edit

Around the year 155 CE, the Sovereignty begun picking up transmissions from a corner of Mirus surprisingly close to it, which had yet to be explored at all. To the surprise of the Sovereignty's leadership, this region had long hidden a significantly developed and extremely peaceful civilization: the Infinite Meditation of Zeuld, the premier spacefaring society of the Zeuldai. With absolutely no military forces and a xenophilic leadership, the Zeuldai could have easily been absorbed by the Sovereignty. However, the discovery that they were another Progeny species evoked great respect and a sense of kinship from then-Sovereign Osell Xi Vekael. Seeing that the focus of the Zeuldai on medical and therapeutic technology far outmatched that of the Eovinjai, Xi Vekael proposed a pact between the two states, in which the Sovereignty would provide the Infinite Meditation with protection in exchange for medical aid to their military during wars. This pact would evolve into an even deeper partnership over the centuries, with Zeuldai medical infrastructure eventually being invited to expand within the Sovereignty, followed shortly by a total opening of borders between the two and a resultant blending of their cultures, though each state remained unique both culturally and politically.

Attero Dominatus Edit

By the century's dusk, the Sovereignty had climbed to a point of significant military power and general size, sitting atop pillars of, to the Eovinjai, unmatched authoritarian and martial might. However, beginning in 2792, it encountered the attention of a behemoth that showed them what the extremes of such pillars looked like.

While the Tyranny fought in other galaxies using their advanced Mark 2 battle fleets, which had been designed and created to fight powers such as the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth and the Delpha Coalition of Planets, it had repurposed its Mark 1s for expansion in Mirus and in service of the Archaeological Expedition, which search far and wide for Precursor relics. One such expedition had found an area of interest in Eovinjai space, and as such a flotilla of such Mark 2s had been dispatched to retrieve it.

The Dominatus believed that the Eovinjai, to be conquered later due to their relatively distant position in Mirus served no great threat and moved inexorably to the sector which was purported to hold such relics. The Eovinjai learned of this when their long-range alarms displayed an oncoming alien armada, and when attempts at contact with these aliens failed, they prepared for the worst.

The cataclysmic first contact saw border fleets, which were given hand-me down equipment from other more important battle-fleets annihilated by this new foe. The Mark 1s were not nearly omnipotent, but the unprepared border fleets were soon swept aside as the advance continued. Their foe advanced inexorably, their mining vessels harvesting supplies from worlds while long-range factory ships churned out spare parts.

Worlds in the way of this expedition often were either brutally shaken or razed completely while the Eovinjai scrambled their battle fleets. Their foe broke into odd search patterns, not looking directly for war, but not avoiding it either. It then occurred to the leadership of the Sovereignty that these foes were looking for something, and once the Eovinjai narrowed the list of worlds down, they prepared an ambush.

On the world which held the relics, the Tyranny quickly began its excavation and for the first time, the Eovinjai observed the race that had sent this fleet. A massive colossus emerged from a shuttle to oversee excavation while hordes of robots poured out. The Eovinjai waited for the Tyranny’s forces to enter a lull over the world before attacking. With the full power of their battle fleets, the Eovinjai eventually defeated the outnumbered Dominatus Mark 1s, destroying the world from above with orbital bombardment. There would be no more relics, and there would be no Dominatus.

Exactly one year later, another fleet arrived—the Eovinjai were puzzled, knowing that there were no more relics. These ships bore the familiar black and gold of the previous ones, but seemed much more advanced and much more sinister. There were less of them and they had not brought along specific excavation ships. It was a small flotilla of Mark 2s under the command of the Dominatus navy, sent not for relics, but to exact vengeance.

These ships, rotated from the Milky Way during a time when the Tyranny was still winning against the DCP, bulldozed their way through Eovinjai territory, leaving nothing but ash and ruin in their wake. The single month in which these Mark 2s lay in Eovinjai territory was counted amongst the most traumatic in the Sovereignty's history as worlds were razed and populations exterminated by an enemy that did not even entertain communication with them. Attempts at combat failed and the Eovinjai could do little but stem the tide and wait for the fury of their enemies to be sated. Finally, at the end of this month, the Mark 2s were recalled, having left a substantial amount of systems either destroyed or beyond repair.

Pheras Conflicts Edit

In 2780, the Sovereignty found its rebellious frontier world of Pheras, located in the Algia colonial province, under regular raiding from the Saviki Metafleet, predominantly the Blood Combine. When defenses on the planet were increased, the Saviki spread out to raid other border worlds, proving to be an exceptionally difficult pirate force to counteract due to their highly mobile nature and unknown leadership at the time. As Saviki crews operating in the general vicinity of the Algia province increased in number, the Sovereignty found itself devoting more and more of it military to guarding civilian and trading convoys between destinations. Eventually, the Saviki seemed to fall back slightly, though they soon returned in a series of attacks on the Infinite Meditation, forcing the hand of the Sovereignty.

Recited far beyond the regions impacted by the Pheras Conflicts, the defense the Sovereignty built around the Infinite Meditation is nothing short of legend; N'kaello-class installations, many of which had hung above Eovinjai worlds in protective watch for decades, were transported almost overnight to the edges of Zeuldai space, accompanied by fleets of battle-ready vessels of all classes. After being initially driven off by the initial Sovereignty fleets, the Saviki returned, and across several parsecs, this scene was repeated: standard Saviki raiding flotillas expecting no resistance dropped out of hyperspace, only to be cloven to pieces by hurricanes of Eovinjai antimatter cannon and mass driver fire, often before their shapes had fully entered three-dimensional space.

However, with the rise of Orsik Corvosa to the throne of the Blood Chrill, the constant raids and attacks of Saviki corsairs refused to abate, and the Sovereignty soon organized OPERATION: Lobotomy to track down and slay the Blood Combine's leadership. While they succeeded in locating the arkship from which Orsik commanded his Combine, the team of elite Eovinjai Shadows dispatched to kill him were met with brutal deaths at the hands of the mighty Saviki. The Pheras Conflicts would eventually close following this, as Orsik began pulling his forces out of Mirus in order to relocate them to Tuuros. By 2809, all Saviki raids in Sovereignty or Infinite Meditation territory had ceased completely, and the short recovery process began.

Teyan Subjugation War Edit

By the early 2820s, the Sovereignty had begun extending its diplomatic and cooperative tentacles out to numerous other nations across the Gigaquadrant, such as the Ankoran Empire, Yphreli Glaciation, and Ulter Empire. The Yphreli, it found, were already sewing a formidable scientific and economic alliance with the Romanian Commonwealth and Belphrim Republic, as were the Ankoran with the Mithadorn Republic and Teyan Imperium of Andromeda.

The most notable cooperative act between the Sovereignty and the Xonexi-based Progenic powers was the formation of the Carina Foundation, a military technology development program that included the Sovereignty, Glaciation, Belphrim Republic, and Romania. However, the research conducted by the Foundation was cut short by the Teyan Blitz, bringing down many nations with stakes in the Carina Nebula and Segmentum Exterioris.

The Grand Teyan Empire's invasion of these states was initially responded to with a welcoming of refugees from conquered states, and the Sovereignty cooperated with the Infinite Meditation to evacuate billions of civilians to safe territory. While its displaced allies regrouped in Andromeda under the banner of the Muaran Resistance, the Sovereignty kept its eyes on the Empire's fleets in the Endless Space, while preparing its own navy for a strike against the Mirus invasion force, which was being redirected to reinforce the Empire's positions in Exterioris.

Technology Edit

Sovereignty technology is considered to be some of the most advanced among the Progeny developed largely independently of reverse-engineered Symmetric technology, second only to that developed by the Yphreli Glaciation. However, collaboration between the two civilizations prior to the Teyan Subjugation War yielded a number of exceptionally formidable inventions and innovations.

Government and Politics Edit

The Sovereignty is defined as a noocratic constitutional monarchy, in which political power is based on knowledge and intelligence. The rights and opportunities an individual is legally allowed to pursue are often determined by these factors, leading to a heavily structured sociopolitical hierarchy within the Sovereignty. While members of different intelligence levels are allowed to reproduce, this is generally rare, with more recent generations being even more inclined to breed with individuals of similar intelligence.

The intelligence of an individual is determined through in-depth testing that occurs in every fifth year of their life. While most children are unable to vote until they reach adequate maturity and intelligence, those with exceptional minds are granted political power early in their lives. The process of judging political power based on intelligence is also not restricted to the Eovinjai, and species such as the Ceone and Zeuldai living in the Sovereignty are allowed to move along the spectrum of power with almost equal ease. However, as the Ceone exist as an unfavorable majority species, the political power of each individual is noticeably lower than that of an Eovinjai of equal intelligence.

The Sovereignty is, of course, ruled by a Sovereign, or Saevykyne in Progenic Lexicon. This title is hereditary and passed to a Destined (always the most intelligent offspring of the Sovereign) upon the Sovereign’s death, with the Osell family having ruled since the Sovereignty began. However actual governance has thrice been handed to a trusted Regent-Palatine while the Destined is too young to rule or otherwise incapacitated. Such is the case currently, with the former Sovereign’s most recent Consort, Axech Sel Shisari, reigning as the Regent-Palatiness while her stepson awaits the day he reaches sexual maturity, and thus the right to the Sovereign Throne.

Court of Eo Edit

The Court of Eo is the body of advisors and officials surrounding and appointed by the Sovereign, including both set and Sovereign-specific roles. The Praetox Prime serves as the supreme commander of the Sovereignty military, the Occulex Prime serves as the chief scientific authority in the Sovereignty, and the Magisteros Prime serves as the head overseer of the justice system. All members of the Court may be dismissed at the will of the Sovereign, or be discharged by a strong majority vote of the Directive Convocation.

The current Court is made up entirely of members appointed by the previous Sovereign, as the Regent-Palatiness is incapable of appointing any new ones unless one in a set role becomes empty.

Directive Convocation Edit

The Directive Convocation is the legislative body of the Sovereignty, made up of five-hundred Convocants elected from districts of equal population across the Sovereignty, colonial provinces included. Every vote’s influence is determined by the corresponding voter’s intelligence, and the eligibility of an Eovinjai to become a Convocant requires them to be at a designated level of intelligence above that of the average population. Convocant candidates are directly elected, with official political parties and factions being outlawed. Elections are held every five years.

While non-Eovinjai species are allowed to vote and hold various government positions, they are restricted from applying to be Convocant candidates.

Provincial Administration Edit

Being a unitary system, all regional authorities in the Sovereignty derive their power from the Sovereign, who is responsible for appointing them with Convocation approval. The six heartland provinces are ruled over by Governors, while the colonial provinces are controlled by more independent Viceroys, who can exercise similar military authority to the Sovereign in order to defend systems too distant for the direct command of the Praetox Prime.

The Sovereignty maintains four colonial provinces: Eo-Algia, Eo-Eron, Eo-Katar, and Eo-Carina.

Bureaucracy Edit

The Sovereignty maintains a sprawling bureaucracy based, like most of its sociopolitical system, on intelligence—positions within the bureaucracy are generally given to individuals of above average intellect, particularly administrative and oversight roles.

Individual Rights Edit

While the Sovereignty may seem a rather authoritarian state, it's framework includes numerous provisions for rights and freedoms owed to the general population. Among these are the freedom to openly criticize the government and the Sovereign, so long as it is done in a manner that is not meant to attack, offend, or incite rebellion, the freedom to do what one desires with one's own body, freedom of worship, so long as it does not encourage disobedience, and freedom from physical or psychological torture as punishment—though the Sovereignty's military has no qualms about using this on non-citizens to obtain information.

Privacy rights, meanwhile, are rather strange in the Sovereignty; citizens are protected from the seizing of their personal belongings or unnecessary searches of their homes, but their minds are unprotected when evidence is needed in any kind of investigation, and memory editing is a heavily regulated and surveilled practice to ensure criminals do not attempt to erase the memories of their crimes. Unlicensed used of memory editing is often severely punished.

Economy Edit

The Sovereignty relies on an AI-planned economy controlled by the government; due to the post-scarcity nature of Sovereignty economics, this is mostly to do with the distribution of resources to citizens proportional to their intelligence scoring, ensuring the wisest are also the richest while guaranteeing an acceptable level of comfort for all in the Sovereignty.

The Sovereignty is a heavy exporter of andasium, large-scale planetary mining equipment, antimatter-based weaponry, and antimatter in general. It is also known to loan researchers and engineers to other civilizations as part of trade deals—one such deal with the Ankoran Empire resulted in the birth of the prototype Apostasy-Class Star Destroyer. It is also a heavy importer of medical technology, which it is almost entirely dependent on the Infinite Meditation for.

Military Edit

Marines of Eo Edit


The emblem of the Starfleet of Eo.

Starfleet of Eo Edit

The Starfleet of Eo is an imposing force capable of being projected across large regions of space, predominantly several outer sections of the Mirus Galaxy and colonized regions of the Milky Way. However, it has also been shown to operate quite effectively in the void between galaxies, using the emptiness to hide fleets at long distances from targets.

The Starfleet tends to act on a common doctrine of targeting enemy subdivision or deputy command ships, forcing adversaries into confusion as the chain of command is disrupted and either a fleet's leader is overburdened with managing the fleet, or control becomes so decentralized that it has trouble acting as a single unit.

  • Classification - T'Chai-class Corvette
  • Length - 700 m
  • CO - Junior Captain

Built for speed and hard-hitting, T'Chai-class Corvettes are a common sight within the Starfleet of Eo, the quick and painful daggers tearing through armor between the clashes of this age's swords and shields. These vessels sacrifice armor and mass for speed, and boast four prominent arrays of deadly antilithium torpedoes. However, the clear view of these weapons distracts many from the T'Chai's more cleverly hidden Intruder torpedoes, which are directed through curved tunnels and out of less noticeable points along the corvette's hull, delivering numerous packages of mobile antimatter warheads each. These warheads will attempt to spread out to as many points throughout a target as possible after release, disregarding vulnerability or importance but remaining incredibly dangerous nonetheless.

  • Classification - V'Tesh-class Support Ship
  • Length - 670 m
  • CO - Junior Captain

Bearing a significant likeness to the T'Chai-class, the V'Tesh-class Support Ship lends a more indirect hand on the field of battle, preferring to stay behind larger or more heavily armed vessels and perform its intended function of passive support. The V'Tesh-class is outfitted with numerous docking stations and repair hangars for smaller craft such as fighters, bombers, and transport, and it is not uncommon to see docked X'Gala-class Sarfighters bristling like feathers from some sections of a V'Tesh's hull. Slightly more aggressive is the T'Chai's two Dilation Cannons, which are capable of creating and maintaining distorted fields of spacetime in order to slow incoming hostile fire.

  • Classification - J'Jamach-class Destroyer
  • Length - 3.8 km
  • CO - Captain

Society and Culture Edit

Mirroring the political system, society in the Sovereignty is semi-rigidly classified based on government-administered intelligence scores. However, while the government seems more than willing to keep non-Eovinjai species subjugated, the population of the Sovereignty are much more accepting and tend to recognize race as even less of a defining factor than cognitive capabilities.

Logic and proper usage of it are incredibly prominent aspects of Eovinjai culture, which has translated to their prevalence in the melting pot culture of the Sovereignty as a whole. Adherence to certain mannerisms is also heavily reinforced by social pressures, more for Eovinjai than other resident species, and ironically more strongly in lower-class families and social circles. Properly controlling one's cognitive functions and not wasting attention on non-necessities are also commonly stressed, especially in the military.

Resident Species Edit

  • Eovinjai
  • Ceone
  • Zeuldai

Spirituality Edit

Most in the Sovereignty adhere to Xeidism, a modernized, agnostic form of traditional Eovinjai polytheism. As opposed to revering the old Eovinjai gods as real entities, Xeidites emphasize the respect and reverence of various virtues and natural forces, lending an almost pantheistic quality to it. The canonical pantheon is referred to as the Xeid.

Furthermore, some, mostly Zeuldai, follow the Infinite Meditation's philosophy of psy-kathenotheism, holding a particular goal, principle, or concept of great importance in a state of spiritual attention. While most follow a heavily personal form of this practice, a number of largely localized groups enjoy practicing it collectively. A minority within the Sovereignty will also practice a hybrid of Zeuldai spiritualism and Xeidism, revering one of the Xeid at a time.

Thanks to the heavy level of interaction between the Sovereignty and the Infinite Meditation, a highly personal spiritual awareness is common even among those who reject religious reverence of gods or higher virtues. There are very few in the Sovereignty, especially among higher classes, who do not practice some form of meditation or spiritual introspection.

Sustenance Edit

Due to the advanced technology of the Eovinjai, all forms of necessary sustenance are directly injected into an individual's body via biology-mimicking augmentations, mostly without their conscious awareness. Other forms of cuisine are consumed solely for novelty, and barely processed once swallowed.

As residents of Sovereignty worlds often have very different biochemistries, various receptacles for novelty cuisine often carry multiple iterations of the same dish catered to different species' biological requirements.

Foreign Relations Edit

Key Relationships Edit

Binding alliance

Infinite Meditation of Zeuld

Alliance since 2239 CE · Defensive pact since 1962 CE · Deeply trust · Fellow Progenic state · Key regional partner · Economic ties since 1959 CE



Muaran Resistance

Wartime ally since 2825 · Numerous inherited relationships · Fellow Progenic state


Positive Edit

Closely Associated

Green faceYour continued existence is deeply valued.


Blue faceYou have proven your respectability.

Neutral Edit


Yellow faceSpeak, otherling.


Yellow faceThere is much that is moving, yet is not spoken to.

Negative Edit


Orange faceYour presence is antagonizing.


Crossed SwordsThreats to the Sovereignty Palatinate may only expect hellfire.

Quotes Edit

While our methods of governing may differ, we see eye to eye on the value of knowledge. A mutually beneficial relationship is sure to arise.

- Emperor Henrici, The Grand Rothanian Empire

We greatly appreciate their scientific purposes, as we greatly appreciate our partnership with them.

- President Xajit Sal of the Ulter Empire

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