- My God, it shatters the very laws of physics!
- And not only it. It is realm not controlled by your mortal laws.

- Dialogue between some random mortal and Eola'Nar.

Part of purgatory controlled by Eola'Nar.

Purgatory (Eola'Nar:Laran'Naeo - Land of mind) is an unseen dimension controlled by Eola'Nar. It is a realm of thoughts and emotions; every kind of thought changes the realm and makes it different.


Purgatory is realm not controlled by laws of physics. You can even fly here - but since the space is different here, you don't really fly, just change your position in omni-changing dimension. In this realm, you may shape things as you want - you may create any constructs - and as such, this realm is a paradise for architects and artists. You may also create sentient beings here - ones that will serve you with unwavering loyalty. As such, this realm is a paradise for leaders as well. Unfortunately, being changed by thoughts, Purgatory is in constant chaos. However, in all this chaos, an island of order stands.

Realm of Law[]

Uncontrolled part.

Realm of Law is part of Purgatory controlled by Eola'Nar. It is in contrast with ever-changing chaotic uncontrolled Purgatory, for it is a strict organised land of purple light. Something close to concepts of building and towers are here, made of the same purple light. Two Sanktanaars are leaders of this place; nothing is changed without their permission.


There are several links between normal universe and the Purgatory. Eola'Nar, despite with cost of their psychic energy, can travel between dimensions - and so can their minions. When arrived, they tear the spacetime which can be used for travelling into the Purgatory.

One with major elemental powers can tear spacetime to open a gate here - which is hard, but possible. Neverthless, many scholars and cultists seek a way to the Purgatory, seeking the ascension.


  • Purgatory is based on Twisting Nether from Warcraft universe and Warp from Warhammer universe.
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