Spodeling Constructs are equivalent to mortal creatures' spaceships and buildings; however, they are only similar on outside. They are generally differed on "Mobile" and "Stationary" constructs. However, it doesn't actually makes sense: any stationary construct can unearth and fly to the point of destination. It is believed that Constructs have sentience. Whether it due to artificial intelligence or souls of Spodelings inhabiting it is unknown.


Spodeling Tower[]


Spodeling "towers" are strange constructs which were seen on Spodeling-inhabited worlds (some of them appear on normal worlds as well). Some of them are staying stationary, other simply arise from the ground, literally forming from the dirt. Despite these, all Towers seem to be constructed out of strange, silvery material. Analysis proven that this material is not of molecular, ionic or atomic structure, but from some unknown particles (strangelets?) Despite this, they can be destroyed, but that is hard. It is almost impervious to bullet damage, yet high temperature harms it (slightly). Most effective weapons so far are anti-matter weapons. If harmed, Spodelings' tower simply turns into a gas or dirt, or goes under the ground.

It is theorised that these towers are observing the land, either via some alien technology or essence within it. Most possible idea is that Spodelings gave this tower a sort of intelligence as well as sensors, allowing it to watch area around it.

Spodeling Altar[]


Spodeling "altars" are another type of construct, less common and only present in Spodeling-inhabited worlds. They share material with Towers, but they also have another material in them - Cenaris, crystallised energy. It has a form of purple orbs floating in an altar. They spark and glow, and researchers who tried to touch it were surged with a huge amount of Essence within it, resulting in quick death. Sometimes even close proximity to orb resulted in visitors being burned by lightning.

It is known that Spodelings, in one form or another, often were found around altars. They sometimes performed some actions looking like rituals, giving Altars their names. It is probable that this is a simple act of connection to Manifest rather than a ritual. Neverthless, these constructs are dangerous and visitors trying to attack it were often killed by materialised Spodelings.

Spodeling Turret[]

Turret ruining a Conqrix Walker.

Spodeling Turrets are small constructs which are often found on Spodeling planet. They are shaped like turrets, and act like turrets. They seem to have an intelligence on their own, as well as an ability to telepathy. They seem to differ good-intentioned and bad-intentioned beings, and try to attack the latter. They have ability to form a powerful beam of purple energy, which causes nuclear forces to cease, turning matter into radiation particles.

Turrets often form out of thin air when Spodelings or their constructs are damaged, especially towers. After a threat is gone, these turrets vanish again.

Spodeling Gateway[]


Gateways are uncommon Spodeling constructs found in centers of areas controlled by them. They are known for generating a huge amount of energy, often turning the land around it purple or blue. They look like portals, and some visitors could even pass through them. Most of them never returned, though, and those who returned became insane. They were trying to say something about purple light, a powerful being, and flowing darkness. It is believed that this portal is a gateway to Spodelings' native dimension, the Purgatory. Spodelings are often coming out of this portal, and it is possible that they come from it. Attempting to attack a portal resulted in it sucking the attacker, with obvious effect.

Gateways are usually stationary, yet sometimes they have seen vanishing in a purple light, appearing miles away or even on another planet.

Construct X[]

Construct X.png

Constructs X are strange constructs rarely found on Spodeling worlds. They seem to be more common on worlds closer to mortal systems, and serve the unknown purpose. Nothing is known about them, nor about material they are composed for. Merely coming near one result in them activating a powerful weapon which could erase human or alien mind for seconds, or even destroy them completely. What is known from observing is that they somehow drain energy from the surroundings, and somehow transform ordinary earth in some strange material.

They are also believed to have some military purposes; as they are able to fly, teleport, change material of earth and shoot, they can be some kinda of battle vehicles. Some of them can summon Spodelings as well.


Divine Wing[]

  • Task: Patrol, minor military frigate
  • Weapons: Seemed to emanate some Essence aura with destructive purpose
  • Defences: The same Essence aura was used for defense
  • Propulsion: Turns into a tachyon at its own will, manipulated spacetime
  • Size: Unknown, small/medium

Divine Wings (also called Silvers, Wings and Spodeling Frigates) are most common Spodeling spaceships. They were first seen by DCP discoverers when they fighted raider Lorons. Wings destroyed Loron ships, but then, for unknown reasons, turned on DCP fleet as well. Ships were forced to flee, but Wings did not pursue them, though. Their connection with Eola'Nar was found later. Many more have been seen patrolling Spodeling space, attacking any intruders. While they lack any weapons on their hulls, they are known for generating an Essence beam for defensive purpose. Such a beam can severely harm a spaceship, as it severes nuclear forces and makes matter simply fall apart.


  • Task: Scouting, minor military frigate
  • Weapons: S-material missiles
  • Defences: Essence fields
  • Propulsion: Turns into a tachyon at its own will, manipulated spacetime
  • Size: Unknown, small

Seekers are second common Spodeling ships. They were seen on non-Spodeling space only, seeking new planets, giving Seekers their names. They glow with some kind of blue light, which somehow allows it to deflect missiles. It rarely attacks, but if it did, it generates some strange, bladed missile-like structures from its own hull. They, strangely, did not explode, but they are known for piercing metallic hulls of spaceships, depressurizing them. Some of them landed on some planets, then turning in a gray goo and reforming into a stationary construct - either Construct X or a Gateway. It seems they have scouting and colonizing purpose, but this is not confirmed.


  • Task: Leadership, flagship
  • Weapons: S-material missiles, essence beams, forms spaceships out of its own material
  • Defences: Essence fields
  • Propulsion: Turns into a tachyon at its own will, manipulated spacetime
  • Size: Unknown, large

Flagships are rare spaceships of large size. They have been seen following Seekers or Wings. They are seems to be formed from them; Spodeling spaceships can merge into one flagship, while flagships may once again turn into a group of ships. It is believed that Flagships are controlled directly by souls of Spodelings, or, what is more logical, by a group of souls. (if this is truth, Seekers and Wings are controlled by individual souls, while Flagships are controlled by groups) Flagship can form Seekers and Wings out of its own material, as well as fire an accurate, powerful energy beam which could erase matter from existence. However, this beam requires a lot of energy and has a long recharge cooldown.


  • Task: Unknown (command?)
  • Weapons: Unknown (forms spaceships?)
  • Defences: Essence fields
  • Propulsion: Turns into a tachyon at its own will, manipulated spacetime
  • Size: Two times smaller than Moon

Spodeling Rings are massive space stations composed from circles of S-material. They are rather small compared to Xhodocto superstructures, but they are still powrful. Only one has been seen by visitors, around ruins of Aranexi. This one seemed to construct spaceships out of S-material, yet it may not be its only purpose. Trying to attack this ship resulted in it fleeing at extreme speed, making it impossible to pursue. So far, nothing else is known about them.

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