"Mortals, rulers, gods and demons... Merely pawns for our plan."

We seek the order. The control. The concept of what things we control is... just incomprehensible to you.

- Sanktanaar Divin-Ra

Eola'Nar (High Tongue:/-|<'^<\ - Supreme Balance), better known as Spodelings are ancient beings ascended from the mortals. Seeking control of the universe, the protection of it, and other, incomprehensible goals, these manipulative beings treat mortals as tools only. However, they can't really be called evil - for their goals and ideas are simply beyond comprehension.

Eola'Nar serve the unknown purpose, something beyond mortal minds. They are independent from sides of The Game, and often act on two sides in this war - it is likely that they wish to weaken both. Their domain is called Purgatory - the unseen part of the Universe which is an universe of thoughts.

Eola'Nar are split now, part joining the Legion of the Deathmarch and part joining the Omnipotent Four.


Eola'Nar are nothing like other species of the universe - nor mortals nor the Omnipotent Four, as they are mortals who ascended to the other plane of existence and became aware of the all knowledge of the universe. Due to this, they have awe-inspiring powers - they can warp reality with ease. However, they are still not all-powerful; they are weaker or at equal power with Omnipotent Four. Much like them, they cannot be destroyed completely - while their bodies can be destroyed, their souls cannot. Probably the only way to destroy them is to destroy the omniverse itself.


Eola'Nar are generally unknown to the universe; to the many, they are simply a legend. Those few who are aware of them are ancient empires who were once visited by Eola'Nar, highly advanced civilizations, and Omnipotent Four itself. To some species such as Radeon, they are seen as angels and messengers of Spode, while to others, they are seen as a nightmarish destroyers. However, the truth is that they are both.

Over times, some mortals have seeked ancient knowledge about becoming a Spodeling - and some succeeded, and became immortal. This is hard though, a path that needs extreme intelligence and discipline. Spodelings can also ascend mortals they find interesting - like they did with Telfar.

Their connection with other divine races remained unclear. They seemed to be neutral with all of them, acting as some kind of balancing force. They had grudges with Vyro'Narza though, since they once fought with them. They were indifferent towards battle of Xhodocto and Obvia'Atra, and often fighted on both sides. Their relations with Vi'Navitum were unknown.

Eola'Nar Suprematist

Common forms[]

Eola'Nar Aelanius

Eola'Nar and their minions generally prefer forms corresponding to their place in Eola'Nar hierarchy. For example, Aelanii use form of 3 meter long serpents, with large wings; while Suprematists prefer to take form of rogue-sized quadrapedal centauri arachnids. Exceptions to this rule are high ranked Eola'Nar - for they have their own unique look.


Spodelings' history is mostly unknown to the universe, and most of it is known by ancient Radeon myths. Even Omnipotent Four knows little about them.

Originally, Spodelings were cultists that searched for the ancient power. Eventually they found it - an Elemental energy, a power of equilibrium. They ascended via it and became Spodelings, beings of balance.

For this time, Spodelings maintained balance by fighting both light and darkness. However, they were found as a danger by Taldar. They sealed them in time, rendering them extremely weakened. Spodelings remained so until recently. A death of many Radeons unleashed an elemental feedback allowing Spodelings to free. They returned once again with full power, and now are ready to fulfill their purpose. Their presence is seen all over the universe, and their current target seems to be The Nightmare...


Spodelings are creatures of pure thought, and their powers come from strange power called "cosmic force". This force is believed to be an aspect of Elemental energy, though it also gives Spodelings limited control of life, death, light and time. They are able to defy laws of physics at will, using their minds to reshape matter into various forms such as spaceships, buildings or physical bodies. And while physical body can be destroyed, a Spodeling itself can't.

Their other powers include moving in time, warping and destroying spacetime, and mind control abilities. In the latter, they are adept, as they masterminded the creations of entire religions and nations - and their destructions via it.

Their powers are often seen as magical, but their true origin is far more obscure.


Spodelings culture is strange due to their alien, spiriutal nature. Spodeling society is a group mind; they have innate telepathy and they use it to communicate.

Quite surprisingly, Eola'Nar are non-religious. While they admire powerful deities such as Kamik'Shi, Volzara and Verezuon, they think that "no power is limitless".

The Manifest[]

The Manifest is unity of Spodelings' souls and minds, acting like a single entity. It can be compared with multicellular organism; each Spodeling is a cell. They lack anything like a brain though; each Spodeling has its own personality and mind; and their connection forms a mind of the Manifest. Lesser 'Nar are also part of the Manifest.

Due to this, Spodelings act with strange organization. They act without communicating like a single mind, and that scared many mortals that have seen them.


Spodeling language is called Ala'Aar Vae'Nalor,or simply Vae'Nalor, which means High Tongue. It is rather easy to understand, unlike similar languages like Dark Tongue, but still, it is almost impossible for mortals to understand it completely. It was learned though by Zealot and Shaman species as a "holy language" often.

It is unknown why Spodelings need a language, as they use telepathy to communicate. It is probably derived from ancient language used by first mortals who became Spodelings, and then started to be used by all of them.

What is known about the language itself is that it has a strict order of words in it, and that it has strict rules of grammar. In written form, Spodeling language is composed of strict linear and triangular shapes.


Spodelings' telepathy allow then to form a group mind, but they retain their own personalities and wills. Eola'Nar with weaker wills though can forget their own lives from the voices of the Manifest. Such Eola'Nar are the most common, and are called Aelanii.

Eola'Nar maintain rigid hierarchy within their ranks, in which both Eola'Nar, their minions and their followers are involved. Supreme leaders are two Sanktanaars - Divin-Ra and Felaanith.

Constructs and 'technology'[]

Spodelings do not have true technology as they do not need to; however, their psychic powers can be used to reshape any sort of matter into constructs they need. Artisan caste can use their constructive powers better than others. They will also reshape matter to form blades, weapons (which fire their own essence) and constructs. When needed, Spodelings may destroy this matter once more and turn it into dust and air again.

Quotes from other empires[]

A myth turned alive, our former brothers and sisters returned... Spodelings are great ones, but they are dangerous.

- Spiritmaster Tadjeleon

We can destroy them.

- Emperor Toragh 9 with an Arrogant tone


- Zr'Ahgloth

Deluded things... Balance won't exist once I am done with this universe.

- Shu'rimrodir

I second that, Shu'rimrodir.

- Khazurhal Angazhar

As long as their "balance" doesn't interfere with our fight against evil...

- Hierarch Kroc

A mysterious race of Spodelings, though we have only heard about them through rumors and studying ancient artifacts, we fear their intentions. As we have no clue of them whatsoever. On the other hand, records indicate that they have shonw themselves to be of great magnitude and a culture to be respected. We hope one day to meet with them in person, and to be on friendly terms with them.

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation

They remind us of the Lovecraftian mythos in our works of fiction. They are probably not a godrace, but something so alien, could easily be just as dangerous.

- Human Republic


  • Spodelings absorbed concepts of Imperix, another Imperios' omnipotent race concept.
  • That's how Spodelings' voice sounds like.
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