Our creations are lost in an era of darkness. It is time for us to return...

- Kossi'Valicar

There is only one future...one under our rule.

- Pridar'Valicar

Behold, our creator! All will be assimilated before his might!

- Lord Mortox

Phrase One: The strike of the separatists[]

The Artifact[]

A fleet of Dead Watch, Unitech Citadel and Gigapedus Dominion. Hundreds of them, descending from the skies of a lone, big asteroid. The Unitech ships spat out pods, with crashed on the surface with Unitech Synths crawling out of it. After a while, Dead Watch followed, together with some Gigapedus towering over them. Leading the group were Solid, Lorka, Crimson and Okosus. A Sand Worm buried out the rock, slightly bowing before Solid.

  • Solid - Any targets?
  • Sand Worm - None found. This place seems abandoned. Continue searching?
  • Solid - No.
  • Okosus - No bloodshed? Damn.

The team walked for, then entered what seemed to be a lift. The lift descended undergound into the ruins of a large city, build in a cave, near a seemingly bottomless rift. They stepped upon floating platforms, and crossed the rift. On the other side was an immense structure, shining gold.

  • Lorka - It's these structures they call markers. I know the Grox modified some of them, and these now reanimate nearly dead body into Morphlings. These are build by the Ones, so they don't.
  • Solid - What a giant energy source. You can just sense it's energy.
  • Okosus - Let's beam this thing up, and get our job done instead of admiring a giant pile of glowing rock.
  • Crimson - You got a point there.

Solid's flagship, Technological Transcention , bombed the ceiling of the cave, making it collapse. It then reduced the marker in size, and beamed it up.

  • Solid - We got it. Now let's move out.

The group left the asteroid, taking the other troops with them. Meanwhile, inside the ruin, beings started to move, awakened by the absence of the Marker. They were a group of Enlightened One survivors known as the Proditkar Movement...

Revival of the Biskin[]

Back on the Unitech's home world, the Marker stood in the center of the central room.

  • Solid - Now, let's start with the cloning process.

Solid pressed various buttons, as the Marker started to float into the sky. It shone more brightly than before, and rays of energy went to the cloning machines. And out of these machines came the Biskin. The biggest of them all walked forward. It was king Ziskin.

  • Ziskin - Solid? Are you that? Were are we and *Points at the Marker* what is that?
  • Solid - You're at my homeworld. We, using this marker, have just revived you. I give you the chance to join the Citadel, and reclaim your former glory.
  • Ziskin - Sounds acceptable. We will join.
  • Solid - Good. Now let's introduce you to some allies. I assume you've already met Lorka?
  • Ziskin - Yes. But who are the other two?
  • Crimson - I am Crimson, leader of an Volver rebellion with sadly has been defeated.
  • Ziskin - So I got a Volver as an ally now?
  • Solid - Yes.
  • Ziskin - Then who is that big bug?

Okosus grabs Ziskin by his throat, rising him in the air. Ziskin remains calm.

  • Ziskin - Quite impressive strength. You are a warrior, I see.

Okosus let Ziskin go, while grumbling "If you dared to give the wrong answer...".

  • Ziskin - So, what's the plan?
  • Okosus- Stealing more artifacts to maul the UFG and WAoS with them.
  • Ziskin - I know the Waptoria Alliance of Species, but what's the UFG?
  • Lorka - An alliance between the Ughandalorains, the Goorkiens, the Volver, the Soldarians, the Spikey and various others.
  • Ziskin - So most of the foes I fought during the Nebulorain War united themselves, huh?
  • Lorka - Somewhat like it, yes. Now we must strike them down.
  • Ziskin - You have our support.
  • Crimson - Anything else to discuss?
  • Solid - I guess not.
  • Okosus - Meeting dismissed. Solid, show Zisking his new place.
  • Solid - As you wish...Hey! You can't boss me around! But fine.

The group all went of to their empires, with Crimson and the Biskin setteling themselves with the Unitech citadel. Solid continued down the hallway of the Unitech citadel.

  • Ziskin- So what's the deal with the Volver?
  • Solid- He's a rebel to his empire. I never thought having one on our side would be useful.
  • Ziskin- Don't get used to him. Volver are nothing but inferior beings.
  • Solid- Speaking of which, are you aware that there was a Second Infectant War?
  • Ziskin- What? How is that possible? Viral was killed when I was during the Galactic War.
  • Solid- Apparently Viral was just a decoy. Hive Mind, mother of all Infectants, was the mastermind behind the Infectant Scourge.
  • Ziskin- Yet another one of my allies deceives me.
  • Solid- Also, what is with you and the Volver? I'm from Mirrus so I have little knowledge of the history of the Milky Way, as Ne'yon told me so little.
  • Ziskin- Hmph. To start off with, They were responsible for the death of my grandfather, King Mi'kron. My father, Nano, decided to attack and enslave them. I was a boy at the time, so having a slave was a new concept. They were an easy race to break. But one day my father was killed by a Volver in red armor known as Zirux. I vowed to destroy their race at all costs, so I allied the Antroths and Infectants to gain an elite army. I then waited for when Zirux passed away and manipulated their new king, Gartoom.
  • Solid- You managed to do that?
  • Ziskin- Si'daal disguised me as another species. She had her uses, though I do wish she would have at least considered my marriage proposal. Anyways, with the Volver trusting me, I struck them with my best war machines. I was then defeated by Glynnorious. That bastard continued to foil my plans for the next couple centuries. Eventuslly I was killed. Twice if you recall.
  • Solid- Wow, no wonder you hate him and his kind so much. Which brings me to another point...how powerful was he?
  • Ziskin- Glynnorious? I hate to admit it, but when he wants to be, he is extremely dangerous. He's killed me twice, which is hard to do just once. In fact, he's probably the most powerful of his kind, able to take on battalions of my army by himself without dying.
  • Solid- Interesting...Me and Crimson encountered a rather strong Volver with godly speed and power.
  • Ziskin- ...

The two arrive at Ziskin's room. It suits his everyday needs and comforts. He remains silent about the information about the Dark Volver, thinking about the possible link to Glynnorious. Solid leaves Ziskin and returns to his duties.

The Brotherhood Heretics[]

Maccasin slept bad lately. His dreams were distorted, and in it he could hear wishers. But he didn't dislike it. He knew the whispers were messages. Could it be the spirits of the great messengers of Spode, the Enlightened Ones, were talking to him? He hoped so. The Terniam was walking from his house to the Temple of Spode for his daily prayer. But as he reached the temple, he became dizzy. Falling on his knees, he began hallucinating. He found himself inside an barren asteroid. Before him, he could see 6 beings.

  • Maccasin - Great ones! Messengers! The Enlightened! Spare me, please, or tell mewhy you summoned me!

There wasn't an answer. However, the leader of the six, Pridar'Valicar, made a gesture with his hand, as an Alimibic, Takrix, stepped forward. The Alimibic were known to be the creators of the races in the Brotherhood, so Ghetsin bowed deeply until he lay down on the floor in deep prayer. He then looked up and gazed in Takrix' eye, and the vision vanished. Maccasin stood up, knowing what to do. Just before the mass, he spoke to his personal confessor, the Brotherhood Prophet known as Ghetsin. Maccasin had been raised by the sage from birth, becoming his bodyguard as he grew up. Ghetsin just listened as Maccasin told him of his revelation. When he was finished, the sage simply let out a small smile, and left. Inside the temple, he when it was his turn to preach, Ghetsin let out a speech, fuelled by Takrix's voice in his head that carried over from Maccasin.

  • Ghetsin - Brothers and sisters of the Brotherhood! The Prophets have deceived us all along! The Enlightened Ones were never Spode's messengers! They were never Enlightened, no. They just died out! But the true messengers live! The Proditkar Movement has awakened from their slumber, in order to guide us to victory! Brothers, sisters, join me! Prophets, Tugian, I know you won't change you believes so you will be left behind! Cogneilli, if you want to stay with the prophets, that's fine because you will be exterminated and I hated you anyways! But any who are ready to accept the true faith, follow me! Our time has come!

Most of the church cheered as Ghetsin left. In the following day, many species separated from the Brotherhood and declared Ghetsin their leader. Meanwhile, Hak'gor hurried to the Prophet's palace.

  • Hak'Gor - Heresy! My predecessor, Ghetsin, has formed his own cult of whatever-worshipping scum.
  • Sincerity - I heard so. We must purge them, quickly.
  • Honestly - You're a bit too late then. He has escaped.

Truth rose from his throne.

  • Truth - Call our allies. Something is happening...I feel it.

The Rise of Shadow[]

Dark One waited in his personal palace, ubserving events of the Mirus and Milky Way. It was so fun to watch. But he had matters to atend too. He called to his Tongunda servant.

  • Dark - Ahokuma! Coontact my commanders, I need them ready for war.
  • Ahokuma - A war? Finally?
  • Dark - *Smiles* Yes. Our plans are under threat of a new foe, the Proditkar Movement. They must be removed.

His agents, Sentry and Relic, stepped forward.

  • Sentry - Can we be of assitance?
  • Dark - Relic will manage the GUild in my absence, while Sentry will be one of my commanders.
  • Relic - As you wish Dark.
  • Dark - Also, Contact my Son's empire and the Imperium of War. It's time to see if they are worthy of servitude towards me.

He and Sentry moved towards the communication room, preparing to rally the Brotherhood's hordes of Mutran, Exo-Armored Machines, and Rakar beasts, as well as the One-man armies themselfs, the Darklings.

  • Dark One - Fellow Darklings! The time has come! Prepare your forces, It is time to conquer our potential rivals, and Carve our way to god-hood!!

The Darklings and their servants roared back in pleasure, killing was what they did best, and they had waited far, far too long for it.

Messenger of THEM[]

Meanwhile in an unknown region of space, the two galaxies were visible from a glass sphere that floated in the middle of a dark room. The Dark Knight that aided the UFG stepped forward.

  • Knight- My lord, I have returned.
  • ???- Good. Your mission was successful yes?
  • Knight- Yes. It was nothing. Crimson and his followers were no match for me.
  • ???- Excellent. I expect you to finish Crimson. Then the next step in my plan will be complete.
  • Knight- I will see to it that he is dead. But I fear that the UFG are looking for me.
  • ???- It matters not. If they discover your identity, kill them all.
  • Knight- Yes my lord.
  • ???- I also sense the presence of some other beings. One of which I know defeated my pawn, Ne'yon. They are either a threat, or potential allies.
  • Knight- What if they are a threat?
  • ???- I want you to show them that this galaxy belongs to me and me only. Now, I want you to aid the UFG, for I foresee a war. One they may not win.
  • Knight- Aid them? I will protect my kind, but why the others?
  • ???- Hmph. They are to ensure that my galaxy is untouched by filth from Mirus. Besides, I am interested in what their chosen ones can do.
  • Knight- Are you referring to Barda Clett, Si'daal, and W'tze? I'll make sure they are not killed.
  • ???- Good. You are dismissed.

The knight bows and steps back into the darkness.

Ziskin's Revenge[]

It was nighttime on Ascon. Brygon had just finished his paperwork for the day and planned to meet with his new fiancé, Maari. As he strolled the streets talking to her over the phone, he noticed a tall, bulky figure in the distance. The figure began to move towards him. Brygon told Maari that he'd probably be late to dinner and they'd go another time. He hung up and watched the figure. The figure charged right for him and attacked with a strong punch. Brygon managed to block it just in time and jumped back. The figure was Ziskin, disobeying the orders of the Unitech Citadel.

  • Brygon- What is the meaning of this!? Who are you!?
  • Ziskin- Hm? I guess your father didn't tell you any stories of me. I'm hurt to be honest.
  • Brygon- Ziskin! You're supposed to be Dead!
  • Ziskin- Yeah yeah. Your dad said the same thing when I was first revived. Now to start the downfall of your race!

A squad of Biskin Elites stepped out from the alleys and aimed their weapons at Brygon. Brygon drew his sword ready to fight. Brygon's loyal knights, always close by when he leaves the palace, jumped down from the rooftops, weapons drawn.

  • Brygon- I hope you know, It'll take more than some Biskin to take us down. We Volver have been trained specifically to kill your kind.
  • Ziskin- I'm quite aware of your abilities. That's way I've hired your friendly neighborhood assassin.

Ziskin snapped his fingers and in a flash of feathers, two of Brygon's knights fell to the ground unconscious. Brygon looked to see a bird-humanoid like figure land in front of Ziskin and his troops.

  • Brygon- Averil!?
  • Toss- Nope, ya got the wrong one, chum. I'm Tross.
  • Brygon- What!? The Violaven are allied with the Volver, why are you on Ziskin's side!?
  • Tross- I heard about the money that Averil got from these Bisking. I wanted a piece of that action. Plus, I've always wanted to test my skills against a Volver.
  • Brygon- Bring it, bird.

Tross chuckles and dashes towards brygon at high speed and knocks him into a trashcan. The Knights quickly engage the Biskin. Brygon struggles up and smacks Tross in the face with the trashcan lid. Tross stumbles back and takes a heavy gut punch from Brygon's armored fist. Tross flies up into the air and throws poison daggers at Brygon. Brygon is stabbed with a few but blocks the rest with his shield.

  • Tross- Looks like being a half-breed has it's disadvantages! You were born without wings!
  • Brygon- Yeah, but I did inherit the immunity to poison! And I also got..

Brygon jumps up to Tross and slams him into the ground with his shield. Brygon had also inherited the Volver's amazing jumping ability. Tross struggles up as Brygon descends, ready to deal the final blow. Ziskin jumps I and kicks Brygon in the face. The Knights finally finished off the Biskin and regrouped to defend Brygon. They were highly trained, but were no match for Ziskin's physical strength and Tross' speed. When suddenly, the Dark Knight appeared. He jumped down in front of the knights.

  • Ziskin- So you're the one Solid told me about. I bet it's you in there isn't it Glynnorious?
  • Brygon- What!?
  • Knight- ...
  • Ziskin- What happened to you King of the Volver? You used to be so chatty in combat! Whatever, Tross, let's take him out.

Tross rushes in hopping to overwhelm him with his speed. The Knight simply grabs his fist and chops him in the chest with his bare hands. The blow instantly knocked Tross unconscious. Ziskin stepped in and slashed away at him with his sword. The Knight parried each strike and stabbed Ziskin in the shoulder. Ziskin staggeded as he was kicked in the knee and the punched square in the face. The punched knocked him down. Ziskin looked up in terror as he attempted to crawl away.

  • Ziskin- Y-you're not Glynnorious! He was never this dark and powerful! You're pure evil!
  • Knight- Silence. You will die for what you've done to my kind. I will honor the past and future kings by killing you.

Tross immediately jumps up and saves Ziskin with a smoke bomb. They escape under the cover of the smoke. The Knight looked around for them, but they had escaped.

  • Brygon- WHo are you! How did you become so powerful!? Answer your king!
  • Knight- I respect you my king, but I cannot tell you.

The knight vanishes. Brygon has no choice but to return to his castle.

Strike of the Federation[]

Barda stood before his clone armies, with King Pixel Spike, leader of the Spikey within the Federation at his right, and Prime Lorca of the Zecky Cloning Mirco brand.

  • Lorca - *Smiles* Beautiful, isn't it?
  • Barda - War is many things, but beutifull it is not.
  • Pixel - The army is well made Lorca, how soon can they deploy?
  • Lorca - Now. the Engineers at Ugandal Unitech Corp supplied us with some very interesting ship designs, based on the Enlightened Ones' own.
  • Barda - The training seargants of races I hired did their job. Time to see if it pays off.

A Volver Seargant ran up to Barda, then bowed.

  • Volver - Sir, we have found a Zarbanian base. Their forces are being aided by some Imperium of War troops, and a race that looks simaler to the Dark One.
  • Barda - those must be the Brotherhood of Darklings. Alright, get out troops rounded up, and time to begin the advent of this new force. The planet identifies as Kranua.

The seargant nodded, and ran off.

  • Pixel - How does it feel?
  • Barda - What? How does what feel?
  • Pixel - That there's an army of you down there, all ready to crush resistance to the Federation, and die for it.
  • Barda - ...Disturbing...
  • Pixel - What will happen to them when there are no wars to fight, or when this one ends?
  • Barda - I will let them settle down where they see fit, and live out their lives. THats why Lorca and his White-coats gave them a whole, un-shortened exsistence, Right Lorc-y?
  • Lorca - Of course Barda.

The 2, Ugandalore and King, ran off to the gunships, to prepare for the coming battle.

Kranua was a desert world, of harsh extremes. Extremely cold nights, melting-hot days, and animals that could kill you in thousands of ways. It was only natural for the Pirates to try colonize it. Their machine factilies covered the planet, bumping gases into the air, and creating new weapons of war for their allies and themselfs. Clone pods stood ready, ready to instantly develop combat troops for battle.

Around the huge base, partolled sqaudrons of Rakar and Mutran from the Brotherhood of Darklings, various Zarbanians, an Imperial Legion, and some Gigapedus defensive squadrons.

The Federation ships, part of their new united navy, jumped out of hyperspace, immediatly attacking the Zarbanian Imperial and Gigapedus ships. As that battle began, the Waptoria Alliance, and the Federation, landed with their gunships and attack pods.

  • Barda - We've recieved reports of a new race assisting the Powers and the Imperium. And it's not the Gigapedus. Whatever it is, we have got to shatter this alliance before it can happen. The Powers base their alliances on military success, and if these new comers fail, then they will most certianly break off relations. Now, Federation Clones, to arms!

The Clones ran out of the guns, elimanting any nearby foes. Heavy Assault Walkers stomped over-head, and the other races struggled to keep up with the enhanced Clones. W'tze directed his Seeker Swarms in the direction of the base.

The hostiles were eventually eliminated with the allied navy. King Lavern arrived later with UFG reinforcements. From his battle cruiser, The Volcano, multiple UFG forces dropped down. Enhanced Ugandalorian Clones, Volver Marines, and Lavatuft Elites beamed down to join the allied forces.

  • Lavern - Phew, looks like I missed quite the party!
  • Barda - Trust me, it wasn't much of a fight.
  • W'tze - Yeah, but still...were were attacked as soon as we set foot here. Back at the Galactic and the Second Infectant war, we had to wait for five minutes or so before we met our first enemies. Good times.
  • Pixel - Ah, King Lavern! It's nice to finally meet you! I am King Pixel Spike, king of the Spikey.
  • Lavern - A pleasure to meet you as well! Now Barda, what is our next course of action?
  • Barda- A Volver sergeant told me of a Zabrinian base to the south. It's most likely heavily defended.
  • Pixel - Our armies will be able to handle them, yes?
  • W'tze - Sure they will. We've fought Biskin, Nebulorains, Infectants, Grox, Alpha Grox...There's no way we're gonna lose against some high-tech pirates!
  • Barda - We'll win against the Zarbanians, for sure...but I don't know about the Brotherhood. That's where you come in Lavern.
  • Lavern - Me? What should I do?
  • Barda - We will use your great strength to crush their defenses.
  • Lavern - Heh, you can count on me, Ugandalore!
  • Pixel - And What of us?
  • Barda - We will follow behind Lavern with the navy and marines, then await the Volver to strike the base their space laser.
  • Pixel - Sounds good. Lets get a move on shall we?

The four set up their plan of attack and prepare for combat. The military moves south until the base is within Lavern's sight. There are multiple Imperial Legionnaires and Zarbanian soldiers guarding the place. Lavern Lets out an earth shattering roar and rushes at them head on. The soldiers draw their weapons and open fire. He grabs an Gigapedus and slams him into three Imperial Legionnaires. He then fires a ball of magma at a tank that was ready to fire. The tank explodes killing a whole squad of twenty enemies. Lavern ran towards the wreckage and picked up the tank debris. He then hurled them at turrets that were mounted at the top of the base. The remaining troops try to retreat back into the base by closing the door, but Lavern kicked the door in. He takes out the remaining guards and storms inside to take out any sentries. King Pixel looked in awe as Barda simply grinned.

  • Pixel - That was amazing!
  • Barda - You should see him when he's angry.
  • Pixel - I heard he was a great warrior, but he battles like an unstoppable monster! How did you get him to ally with you?!
  • Barda - Actually, he was an ally of the Volver, but we became good friends over the years. So our races are allied.
  • Pixel - [to a Spikey captain] Go get the alliance forms please.

The allied forces follow Lavern into the base, only to find Lavern holding his ground against a large army below ground. The allied forces rush in, guns blazing, and engage the enemy. Barda runs in alongside Lavern and with a swift blow, kills a few Zarbanians. He pulls out his pistols and starts lighting the poor hostiles up. Lavern laughs as he rushes in to take out the enemies that were out of Barda's range. The hostiles in the area were taken down.

  • Lavern - What was with that dark energy some of them were giving off?
  • W'tze - Well...You just said it. That was Dark Energy. Both the essence and the scientistic stuff.
  • Barda - Those soldiers were of the brotherhood...I've got a bad feeling about this.
  • Pixel - I feel the same.

Darkness Strikes[]

The soldiers finally secure the area. Brygon and his fleet arrive. He beams down to meet with Barda.

  • Brygon - Nice work guys. I guess my assistance wasn't really needed.
  • Barda - No, but I did call you for another reason. Do you recognize these?

Barda pulls a piece of Brotherhood armor out of his pocket. Brygon inspects it, but does not know what it is.

  • Brygon - I can't say I do. I've never seen anything like it.
  • Bio-Ranger - Analyzing... Brygon sir, it's from a faction known as the Brotherhood of Darklings.
  • Brygon- Hm? We've never faced anything like that before.
  • Barda- Interesting. I guess they kept to Mirus and did not come to the Milky Way until now.
  • Larvern - GUYS!

Lavern points to a large patch of darkness on the wall. Barda looks in fear as his eyes widen and sweat drips off of his forehead. The patch moves over to a group of soldiers an drops them into the void. Their screams are short, but the others could hear their pain. Out of the patch rises the Dark One.

  • Barda - No! What are you doing here!?
  • Dark - Barda, I can't just have you killing my men like this. Besides, I wondered what else I could take from you. Say your friend's brat!

Dark fires a beam of dark energy and blasts Brygon. Brygon quickly pulls out his shield and blocks most of it. His shield's absorption unit could not handle so much power and exploded. Brygon was blown back against the wall, injured. Barda looked at his friend, then back to Dark in anger. Lavern's body temperature rises.

  • Barda - You'll pay dearly for that, Dark One.
  • Larvern - I'll incinerate you!
  • Dark One - I highly doubt it.

Dark stepped out, revealing his full form, beside him, Toarckix and Krianus, 2 other Darklings. W'tze 's Bio-Rangers step towards Torackix, guns primed. Torackix, with a roar of rage, immediately destroys them with a blast of pure shadow. She then charges at Lavern, and tackls him. Despite the heat, Torackix latches on, a stinger extends from her lower jaw, and attaches to Larvern. Larvern screamed in wretched pain.

  • Torackix - Not even your little flame can hide your deepest shadows!
  • Larvern - What the blazes are you doing?
  • Torackix - Your moral light. I shall make you as bark as night, and you can be my little pet!
  • W'tze - *Jumps on her back* Not gonna happen!

Torackix trows W'tze off with little effort. He falls on the ground and howls in pain. The Darkling and Larvern then meet head-to-head, fist locked in the sturggle of fire and shadow.

Meanwhile, Krianus is dealing with Pixel, Barda, and the Federation Troopers, keeping them from Brygon and Dark.

  • Krianus - Please, just surrender. I do not want to harm your delicate flesh.
  • Barda - Hit me with your best shot, ghost.
  • Krianus - So it begins...

The Troopers opened fire, but Krianus phase-out, letting the shots pass right through him. After this, he re-materailized and there was an immediate drop in temperature. He turned on a few Bio-Rangers, and sucked out their life energy, letting their husks drop to the floor. He then activated his Battle Claws, and slashed through some charging Federation Marines.

Meanwhile, Lavern and Torackix were locked in a grapple. Lavern, surprised by Torackix's strength, stumbled and was punched in the face. Lavern catches himself and glares at Torackix.

  • Lavern - What the hell!? How can you match MY strength!?
  • Torackix - I drained some of that great strength of yours. So now we are even!
  • Lavern - Foolish woman! I have no equals! Only those who are weaker or stronger than me. And I have yet to meet some one who surpasses me in physical strength!!

Lavern smashes Torackix in the face with his forearm, sending her back. She stands up and rushes for him. Lavern attempts to dodge but is nowhere near fast enough to out speed her. She punches him multiple times. Lavern resorts to spitting lava at her. Some drips onto her arm. While not being hurt seriously, the lava weakens her armor, confusing Torackix. Lavern took this opportunity and kicked her back.

Barda is still locked in combat with Krianus. He avoided Krianus' attacks. Pixel ran to help Brygon out of the base. Barda waited for Krianus to rematerialize and shot him with his pistols. Krianus grunted holding his wounds. He opened his mouth and began to suck out Barda's life energy. Barda tried to him off, but could hardly maintain his strength. He dropped his pistols and attempted to activate his bladed knuckles. Suddenly Dark senses a familiar energy.

  • Dark - Hm? It can't be...Ne'yon? I thought you were smart enough to stay dead.
  • Knight - Hmph. Do not speak of master's pawn.
  • Dark - What? A Volver? You believe you're a match for me!?
  • Knight - I do not wish to fight you, but I will not allow you to kill Barda.

The Knight rushes over to Barda and slams Krianus in the face with his shield. Krianus stumbles back, only to be stabbed by the Knight multiple times. Dark blasts the knight, knocking him back towards Barda.

  • Barda - Thank you Volver... [catching his breath] I owe you one.
  • Knight - Forget it. I will deal with these Darklings. Fall back.
  • Barda - No I will stay and fight with you.
  • Knight - So be it. Try to keep up.
  • Dark- You emanate an aura similar to Ne'yon's...who are you, mortal!?
  • Knight - You need not know who I am. I came to deliver a message. Leave the Milky Way, or suffer the consequences.
  • Dark - I will take no orders from a lowly Volver brute. Krianus! Torackix! Kill him!

The two Darklings circle around the Knight. Barda attempts to jump in, but the Knight waves him away. The two Darklings jump at him. The Knight spins and slashes both of them back. He then pushes off of the ground and dashes for Krianus. Krianus phases-out and the sword passes through him. Torackix latches on to the Knight and attempts to over take him with darkness. He elbows her in the jaw and roundhouses her back. As she hit the ground, he broke her ribs with a drop kick. Krianus roared and tackled the knight. He began to suck out his soul. The Knight grunts in pain, but manages to punch Krianus with his shield. He then slashes him across the chest. As Torackix stood up, she attacked him with a flurry of slashes, punches, and kicks. He could not block them all but countered the last punch, flipping her to the ground again. This time he was going to stab her. Dark jumps in and slams the knight into a wall. The knight punches Dark, but it has no effect. Dark then throws the knight into another wall.

  • Dark - You may be more than a match for my Darklings, but you are no match more me! I am the most powerful being in the galaxy!
  • Knight - You are right. I cannot defeat you at the moment. My master does not supply his pieces with all of his power. Just a mere fraction.
  • Dark - Pieces!? What are you talking about!?
  • Knight - Ne'yon was a pawn. He was given around 1/8th of my master's full power. I am a knight, so I was given about 1/4th. Whomever is his king, has half.
  • Dark - No one is that powerful..
  • Knight - All Volver know of the Master. As well as the Volver's allies. Right Barda?
  • Barda - What? Who are you referring to?
  • Knight - Spevile.
  • Dark - Hmph...the fabled "false god" hm? Prepare to die, scum!

Dark rushes at the Knight....

He swings his blade, trying to take his head. The Knight ducks under Dark's strike, and slashes his chest. A blackish gas begins to flood out.

  • Dark - Krianus! Torackix! To me!

They flank their lord, then he opened several portals areound them, before disppearing in one. Out of them came several Scimat'akar Warriors, Zarbanian Space Pirates, and other other members of the Zarbanian Powers, and hordes of Rakar Demons. They sorrounded the group.

  • Space Pirate Commando - Kill the Hunter! Double rations for he who takes his head!
  • Barda - Who crap, that's me.

As the squadrons of enemies charged at the group, they managed to hold them off with blaster bolts and Barda and Lavern's fire powers, and the Knight was more then a match for them. However, one by one, they tired, as the enemy began to wear them down, through sheer numbers.

Finally, several squadrons of Clone Troopers, Marine, and Demo-Troopers charged in, blasting down the Powers and Dark's Rakar.

  • Pixel - That was dangerously close.
  • Barda - I don't wanna do that again.

Without a word, the Knight disappears into his own self-made portal.

  • W'tze - We really gotta interrogate him.
  • Brygon - If anyone could get near him.

They all nod for a moment, as the Federation Troopers and Waptoria Bio-Rangers move cautiosouly through the caverns.

The leaders run off to lead the troops. They still had a battle to win.

Hunt for the Heretics[]

The Brotherhood heretics had settled on a military outpost on a gas gaint, that had once belonged to the Enlightened Ones. Now, it was re-purposed into protecting the fledgling rebelion. Pridar'Valicar, brother of the famous Kossi'Valicar, watches from his ship.

  • Pridar - Takrix, is your hypnosis still in place.
  • Takrix - Yes Pridar, he's under our thumb. Permantly.
  • Kal'mahar - Let's just be carefull, reports say the Brotherhood and Nations of Spode are after them.
  • Pridar - Let them come. It's just phase 1 in my plans.
  • Kal'mahar - What if the brute is killed?
  • Pridar - Then we shall take direct control of the Heretics. Is Ghetsin inside the station?
  • Takrix - Yes, and with some of our best BattleSuit Troopers.
  • Pridar - Tell them to hold postion intil I give the signal.

With that, they all left to carry out their orders.

Several ships of the Brotherhood of Spode and the Unified Nations, zoomed towards the Station, undetected. Unboard, where several Black Ops Cogneili, Sharqoi, Gardeili, Mizoue, Utuno, Terniam and Terquam. It was a small group, but just perfect for removing the heretics. Speaking to them via radio was leader of the UN of Spode, Lorca'Gadem.

  • Lorca - The Prophets and I have agreed to remove these heretics, but I don't want them all dead. We must try to save as many as possible, and re-educate them. But if you have no choice, you know what to do.
  • Truth - Yes, together, we can end this movement, and prevent the unnessarcy death of our un-believing brothers.
  • Ajaar - By your command, and Spode's, we will march.

The Warriors growled in agreement.

The first platoon of inflitrators landed, led by Ajaar'Magnos. The rest would deploy after the hanagers where opened. A Utuno hacker walked up to the secrutiry lock on the door, as his comrades waited. There where 2 Gardeili, 2 Cogneili, 2 Terniam, and 5 Utuno.

  • Utuno - This door easy to unlock. Heretics not smart at all.
  • Cogneili - Concentrate now. No talk.
  • Utuno - Yes sir.

The Doors opened, and the troops went inside, entering a small Corridor.

  • Ajaar - Engage camoflauge. Reveal yourselfs only when I have struck down the first Heretic.
  • Captain - Aye sir.

A Communications Officier, a Kig'tar, spoke.

  • Communications Officier - Sir, they do not appear to know we are here. Proceed.

They engaged their invisability, and walked into the room. Guarding it where several Bahrok, 3 Heretic Sharquoi, and 2 Heretic Terniam.

  • Cogneili - Bahrok. The holy warriors of the Great Enlightened Messangers. Why do they side with these heretics?
  • Terquam - Shh. They might hear us.

Ajaar went ahead of the group, and pulled out 2 Plasma Rifles. Noticing the glow, 1 Sharquoi approached, blaster ready. Before he could defend himself, Ajaar uncloakced, and fired upon the Sharqoi, killing him, and destroying 2 Bahrok. The other Heretics went to attack the inflitrator, only for the Brother/Nation strike force to appear. The 2 groups clashed, plasma and Bahrok discs flying everywhere. Finally, with only 1 dead Gardeili, the strike force contuined.

  • Ajaar - We have the main doors, however, the Communications officier has told me that the base is on high alert, and aware of our presence. Anti-Aircraft guns are on stand-by to stop transports in, and the leader has moved deeper into the base.
  • Cogneili Warrior - What is our first move?
  • Ajaar - First, free-up the hangar of heretics and Bahrok, then land more troops.

The warriors nodded, and made their way to the hangar. Many Bahrok units where on stand-by, and the Loyalists disappealed them before they could activate.

Finally, the strike squad went in slowly, and saw Ghetsin, Maccasin and 2 Terniam talking.

  • Ghetsin - The Messengers have told me that they shall send help soon enough. These heretics loyal to the Prophets' lies will fall.
  • Maccasin, Intil then, protect Lord Ghetsin, while we hold them off.
  • Terniam - Agreed.

Ghetsin activated a transport hub, and, flanked by 2 Bahrok at his sides and Maccasin covering his rear, marched in and zoomed off.

Ajaar and his team revealed themselfs, and fired on the 2 Terniam.

  • Terniam 1 - Loyalistis to the Prophets' lies!

The second one activated a secruity alarm, as 1 Cogneili fired an essence blast, stunning him, before swiftly finishing him off. The second Cogneili fired another blast, sending the remaining Terniam into the air outside the hangar, to his death.

Bahrok, Karagon and Sharquoi poured in, firing away. The Strike team countered back, attacking the Heretics with all they had. Essence blasts hit targets, as plasma burned flesh. Swords, of metal and energy, slashed and stroke agaisnt eachother and targets.

Finally, they broke through, decapitating or killing the Heretics. The other 2 strike teams sarivied.

  • Communications Officier - Sir, this is getting too messy. Lorca'Gadem wants this done, and the Prophets are equally annonyed. Finish up now!
  • Ajaar - On it!

The Hunt for Ghetsin[]

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Unitech's Next Move[]

Solid and Lorka sat in a medical room where Ziskin was laying in bed, recovering from his injuries.

  • Solid- What happened?
  • Ziskin- I went off to kill Glynnorious, but I ended up running into his brat.
  • Lorka- Ah that's right, he did have a son...that's the one Crimson was after.
  • Crimson- Hmph, foolish Biskin. Don't you know that the Volver have been preparing for your kind's return? The new generation of soldiers were given special training to deal with you and your underlings.
  • Ziskin- Silence Volver! You would not take me so lightly if I wasn't injured so!
  • Crimson- May I remind you who it was who inflicted those wounds? A Volver!
  • Solid- Enough you two! We don't need you two fighting!
  • Lorka- Even though that'd be amusing to watch.
  • Solid-Anyway, Ziskin, I know no mere Volver warrior did this to you, and I know Brygon is no where near skilled enough to take you down. How did you get injured.
  • Ziskin-That Dark Knight... he had the same aura as Ne'yon..He defeated me and Tross without any effort.
  • Crimson- Same goes for me... he wiped out my whole army and defeated me, even though I was using Nebulorian battle armor.
  • Solid- Is he Glynnorious? I remember our recent speculation..
  • Ziskin- No..this guy.. his heart was darker than mine.. Glynnorious was a softie... not a murderer.
  • Lorka- He sounds like a problem.
  • Crimson- Yes. He is one of two targets we need to take down in order to win the ground battles effectively.
  • Ziskin- Who might they be?
  • Lorka- Obviously that "Dark Knight" and King Lavern. Lavern is a huge threat who has turned the tide of the UFG's battles countless times.
  • Solid- Um. that may be a problem considering he's a 9-foot tall lava monster with unmatched strength and durability!
  • Lorka- I know. He was able to fight off the Infectant and Hermicee armies alone, only to be taken down by Beta.
  • Crimson- Ah yes...there is one way to beat Lavern. I served alongside him as a Volver Knight remember. All we have to do is get our hands on a Waternan Mark VI Pistol. It's the only firearm I've seem to do any significant damage to him.
  • Ziskin- What about the Knight?
  • Lorka- From the sound of it, he seems like a formidable opponent. I will see if me and my Death Watchers can end his interference.
  • Solid- Sounds like a plan.

The three leave Ziskin to recover. Crimson walks with Solid down the hallway as Lorka prepares to confront the Knight.

Lorka vs the Knight[]

It was a quiet evening on Farmia. A UFG meeting was being held in Queen Si'daal's war room. As the leaders spoke on battle strategies, the Dark Knight watched from a rooftop across from Si'daal's palace. Suddenly a Death Watcher ship entered the atmosphere undetected. Lorka, along with his stealth ops, the Watcher Wraiths, beamed down and located the knight's position. Lorka and his men jet packed to the rooftop and confronted him.

  • Lorka- So you're the one who's been causing so much trouble.
  • Knight- I'd prefer not to talk to you Ugandalorian. Be gone.
  • Lorka- Too bad. Your interference will no longer be tolerated.
  • Knight- I should say the same for you.
  • Lorka- Prepare yourself men. Lets take him down.
  • Knight- I'd prefer not to fight you. But you are leaving me with no choice.

The Lorka's men charge for the Knight, weapons drawn. The Knight slashes them both down effortlessly. Lorka is stunned by his speed, but is hardly impressed. More of his men surround him. The Knight stands in the middle, surrounded by the Death Watch stealth ops. They all close in at once, hoping to overwhelm him. He ducks a slash and sweeps two to the ground. He then pivots and slams his shield into another's face before stabbing another in the chest. Next, he slits the throats of the two on the ground and slashes down the last one. He sheathes his sword and faces Lorka.

  • Lorka- My men...
  • Knight- You'd be smart to back down. You are a threat to my kind and their allies. I will not hesitate to kill you.
  • Lorka- You think you're so tough. But lets see how you do against me!

Lorka attacks the Knight head on. They both parry and block each other's attacks. Lorka blocks a strong slash and kicks the Knight back. The Knight quickly recovers and dodges Lorka's next swipe. He rams Lorka with his antlers and charges him into the brick wall. Lorka shakes off these multiple stab wounds and punches the knight in the face. The Knight steps back allowing Lorka to counter attack. Lorka stabs him in the chest, causing blood to pour out. The Knight seems to ignore the pain and slashes Lorka's helmet, cracking the forehead material. Lorka roars and pulls out his guns. He opens fire on the knight. The knight puts up his sword and blocks the majority of the bullets. Lorka switches to his plasma based guns and fires. The knight simply stands there and takes each shot, bleeding heavily as his body suffers from plasma burns. Despite this, the knight show no emotion towards the injuries.

  • Knight- I thought you Ugandalorians fought with honor. Yet you resort to pulling out your firearms.
  • Lorka- What...you can't be alive from that...I stabbed you in the chest and filled you with plasma rounds!
  • Knight- Yes, that would kill a normal Volver.

In under a few seconds, the Knight's armor and wounds are repaired and healed. Lorka stood there in confusion, then looks at his own wounds.

  • Knight- I'd advise you to run. You are no match for me at my full strength.
  • Lorka- Grr...mark my words Volver, I WILL have my revenge!
  • Knight- I will remember your empty threats for the next time we meet. Now be gone. Be lucky that I have not alerted the Ascon War Ship of your presence. Your small ship would have been destroyed by now.

Lorka quickly escapes in his ship and manages to leave Farmia before his ship is fired upon. He sat in the command bridge, returning to the Citadel. Lorka reported his defeat to the others, angered that he actually lost to a Volver.

The Dark One's plan[]

Dark One sat back in his planning room, healing his wounds, as the other Darklings did the same. With him was Tibirix, his second in command, and his commanders, Krianus, Gieran, Torackix, Zorax, Blorax, Trotodrake, and Yitrix. His personal Leiutant, Trodaka, placed a hand on his shoulder. The holograms of his Son Gridlock, and his servant, Imperator Augustus, stood on stand-by.

  • Trodaka - Are you alright?
  • Dark - Yes...All part of the plan.
  • Tibirix - Does you plan involve us getting killed?
  • Dark - No...I still need you...for now. Now, I want to focus on the destruction of the 6 ultra commandos. Arkaalin, Tilaos, Uriet, Trogov, Pervartos, and Corhufu. As well as Barda' brat.
  • Krianus - What we do?
  • Dark - They are on their way to a base. Go there, and kill them. I will be there in case things get messy.
  • Gridlock - What of us, father?
  • Dark - Continue to follow your own plans, as long as they do not conflict with my grand plan.
  • Gridlock - *Eyeless Glint* As you wish.

The 2 Holograms diappear, and the Darklings leave, with Tibirix being last to teleport out.

Trodaka stays behind, and exaimnes the gash across Dark's chest.

  • Trodaka - When the Plan is completed, what will happen to teh Cyber Collective.
  • Dark - Their Overseers will become Blorax's science projects, and Their leader will be striped for parts. Their warriors shall become the vanguard of my advance.
  • Trodaka - And of the Pathetic underseers?
  • Dark - I'll let my Darklings do as they like.

They stood in silence for a long time. Dark's emotionless eyes where locked on Trodaka's own. The 2 had a deep respect for eachother, that had grown into something much deeper then before.

  • Dark - When this war is done Trodaka, I'll need someone to help me rule over these mortals. I'd like it to be you.
  • Trodaka - As long as I get to mutate Mortox, then have some...more...fun with him.
  • Dark - *Smiles* Of course. Make sure I get to rip his organic eye out and watch him try to cry without it.

The 2 stood close to eachother, watching the night, the beutifull full moon, the twilking stars and constilations, listening to the screeches of Rakar and Mutran Spiders clashed for a final time with the Federation. The Powers had left, and Dark knew his armies would lose. But that did not trouble him. This was only a small force. And his Plan was not yet complete.

THEIR Plan[]

The Dark Knight appears through a portal to his master's dimension. He kneels before him and bows his head.

  • Knight - My lord, I have returned.
  • ??? - I assume you were successful in protecting the Volver's allies?
  • Knight - Yes my lord. It was of no trouble. However, I did encounter a being known as the Dark One. His power was great.
  • ??? - As my first knight, he should not have been too much for you to handle... correct?
  • Knight - He was stronger than I thought. He managed to trade blows with me, as well as a Ugandalorian by the name of Lorka.
  • ??? - Strange...I thought you would have been more than a match for them...
  • Knight - I held back, my lord. Lorka was of no threat to you. The Dark One however will be tough for me to defeat.
  • ??? - I will deal with the darkling. If push comes to shove that is. In the meantime...I need you to kill Reathee Desaa.
  • Knight - The traitor to my kind? Most certainly my lord. It shall be done.
  • ??? - Good. Now be off. I'd rather not get the others involved in this matter.
  • Knight - No my lord. I can do this alone. Rook and Bishop are not as powerful as I.
  • ??? - So be it.

The Knight fades though his portal, back into the Alpha-Dimension. He takes a ship and heads for the Unitech Citadel.

Preapring for Battle[]

Lorka and his allies stood facing eachother, and came to one conclusion.

  • Lorka - It is time to summon my masters. The Alpha Cyber Collective.
  • Crimson - Is that really necessary? Who's to say they won't assimilate us as well?
  • Lorka - Solid and I are allies of theirs. Our target is Ugandalore. Once it falls, the Dead Watch shall have control over the Ugandal people, and it shall damage the Federation beyond repair.
  • Crimson - What of Clett?
  • Lorka - All the leaders are coördinating the war from there. They do not expect an attack on their capital, but I love surprises.
  • Crimson - While you talk to the Alpha...Cyber...whatever, I'll be using those markers to my advantage.
  • Solid - The Markers? What for?
  • Crimson - I realized why we lost the Civil War...it was because of my men...they were too weak.
  • Solid - Blaming it on your men? That's "good leadership".
  • Crimson - My race has devolved to a weak, ally dependent empire. I plan to revive the original Volver warriors.
  • Lorka - Hmm...sounds like they could be useful...we'll leave you to it. Send some of those warriors to Ugandalore when you're done. We will need the extra support.
  • Crimson - will do.

Crimson leaves the room, sheathing his sword and cranking the gears on his mechanical arm. He walks into the room with the markers and begins to revive the Volver Braves.

Revival of the Braves[]

Crimson steps into the Marker's room. He uses a Volver tribesman bone as a DNA sample and activates the Marker. out of the machines come the Volver Braves. They were much larger and physically stronger than the Knights. Lorka and Solid enter the room and see these hulking warriors.

  • Crimson - Mighty Volver Braves! Welcome to the future!
  • Brave 1 - ᏫᎲᏌᏘ ᏱᏎ ᏘᎲᏱᏎ!?
  • Lorka - What did he say?
  • Crimson - Ah that's right. Our ancestors didn't speak the universal language. He asks What is this!?.
  • Brave 2 - ᎯᎣᏍᏔᎢᎵᎡᏍ!!
  • Crimson - I can assure you that the two aliens are no threat.
  • Solid - Aliens?
  • Crimson - That's what they think of you. Let me give them the translator collars.

Crimson hands each Volver a collar. The figure out how to put them on and begin to speak the universal language.

  • Brave 1 - Where are we puny man!?
  • Crimson - You are in the future. I am Reathee Desaa, of the Desaa Clan of course.
  • Kalaas - Desaa? If you are of said clan and this is the future...you are my descendant.
  • Lorka - Kalaas is it? Nice to meet you. Listen, we are at war with the Unified Federation of Glory. We need the help of you and the Volver Braves to win our next assault.
  • Kalaas - Hm. Why should we help you? The Volver do not form alliances!
  • Crimson - Oh yeah? Tell that to King Brygon, the Half-Breed Volver King. His father and grandfather made multiple alliances to win wars against our previous enemies.
  • Ziskin - Yeah, one of the reasons we lost the Milky Way Galactic War.
  • Kalaas - Braves! To Arms! There is a Biskin present!
  • Crimson - Calm down ancestor. The Biskin are no threat to our kind anymore.
  • Ziskin - Hmph...so you think.
  • Kalaas - Of what clan is this "Brygon"?
  • Crimson - Who else? The Ta'raron Clan.
  • Kalaas - Damn them! We will aid your cause descendant. Only if it means that you will become king and put the Desaa Clan back into the seat of power!
  • Solid - Good. We will meet you all in the hangar. We launch in an hour.
  • Kalaas - So be it.

Phrase Two: The Battle for Ughandalore[]

UFG Meeting[]

Meanwhile, on Ugandalore, the leaders of the UFG are in a meeting.

  • Magmos - Does anyone find it suspicious that there have been no reports of enemy activity?
  • Oskel - It is most suspicious.
  • Barda - If anything, we should prepare for any upcoming battles.
  • Oskel - My men are prepared to do battle at any moment. Just give us a call.
  • Barda - Good to hear Oskel. Magmos, Lavern, how are your troops?
  • Lavern - Fired up and ready to go!
  • Pixel - We may need some time to get some weapons distributed, but we are still battle ready.
  • Brygon - My Knights and other troops are still pretty shaken up from having to kill the rebels. Some of the rebels were friends of my loyal warriors.
  • Barda - Hm, I am sorry to hear that. Hopefully they will still be able to battle effectively.

Si'daal walks in, supporting herself on the walls and wrapped in a blanket. Her eyes and skin were less vivid than before.

  • Si'daal - Oskel...We need you back...at the castle, it's urgent.
  • Oskel - My queen! You should not be out of bed!
  • Si'daal - I'm fine. Just come back to Farmia.

Oskel looks to his fellow councilmen. Barda nods permitting him to leave. Oskel simply nods back and helps Si'daal back to the ship.

  • Barda - Huh...she looks really sick.
  • Lavern - Yeah. I hope she feels better.
  • Barda - Yes. Lets continue. So Pulporious how are your men?

The members look to Pulporious' chair. It is empty, nothing but dust covers it.

  • Pixel - Um...who?
  • Magmos - He's the Soldarian King and one of our military commanders. He hasn't been seen since the Second Infectant War.
  • Barda - Yes he was paralyzed from the waist down. it is a shame such a great warrior fell to such a disability.
  • Brygon - Yeah. Just by looking at the room...we've just lost a few members.
  • Barda - This troubles me. This meeting is over. We will commence when everyone returns.

The men stand and gather their belongings.

Lorka meanwhile contacts Ghorie, an Alpha Marinox Commander.

  • Lorka - Have you and Mortox successfully gained the Overseers' approval of this all out assault?
  • Ghorie - Yes, but you know we are at war with the Phradox Grox. To divide the Collective's forces like this is suicidal.

Another commander of the Cyber Collective forces, Karack appeared beside Ghorie. He was a massive war machine now, based on Darkling designs, and had had his conscious uploaded into the machine. He was slow, but dangerous.

  • Karack - Ghorie, please. You know you want to destroy Barda Clett, the Hunter. You want to stay away, but you also want to rip out his throat, and finally kill him.
  • Ghorie - Hmmph. That inferior deserves nothing of my attention. Why do you call him the Hunter.
  • Karack - This is what the Followers and many other races call him. It almost like a badge of honor. Even his allies call him that.
  • Lorka - As long as both of you are there, me and my allies shall take Ugandalore. First we take the Capital, then, all the Empire!
  • Karack - Of Course.
  • Marinox - Commandant, Zarbanian Fleet movements are also going towards this sector.
  • Ghorie - Let them come! I hunger for battle!
  • Marinox - The Brotherhood and Nations of Spode also seem to be trying to start a battle with The Powers. They are following them. As well as unknown ships moving with some heretics.
  • Ghorie - Well, Lorka, it looks as though everyone's coming to your homeworld. Your allies better pull their wait. I know the Unitech can, but can these Volver?
  • Lorka - Yes, they can, and on that subject, can you Kioronox and a squad of your best Followers and Marinox guard Crimson. I've grown to respect the man.
  • Ghorie - *Sneers* Respect? Other races don't deserve our respect. They deserve our slaughter for being weak!
  • Lorka - Hmmmph. Typical Marinox. Too xenophobic to even look at another Race's shadow.
  • Karack - This Ugandal speaks the truth.
  • Ghorie - I will do as you ask, only because Mortox would order it, because your his "favorite". Don't get too arrogant. Next chance I get, I'll cut you down!
  • Lorka - Bring it, My blade is far darker with blood then yours.

Assault on Ughandalore[]

As the leaders step outside, they notice a large shadow looming over the Ugandalorian Capital. They look up seeing a large fleet. Unitech and the Grox had arrived first, followed by Gigapedus and the Zarbanians. Last came the Imperium of War, with their huge spaceships. Crimson's new ship True Honor was in the lead. While it was typically Volver in design, it was upgraded with various Groxic and salvaged Nebulorain tech. The insides were dark, with, maroon-glowing ancient Volver runes written on the walls. Fountains spewing a blood-like liquid also decorating the walls.

  • Grox follower Officer - Volver, we have entered Ugandalore's atmosphere.
  • Crimson - Good. I can see the filthy non-believers now. Fire at will! I will drop down with the Braves. Ghorie, Ziskin, you're with me.
  • Ghorie - Know this Volver, you do not command me. Your inferior race will be destroyed once this is over.
  • Ziskin - Same goes for me.
  • Crimson - If you chose to betray me, no one is stopping you. Just don't say anything when my blade meets your throats. Lets move.

The three beam down, followed by many Unitech synths, Biskin, Marinox, Morphlings, and Volver Tribesmen. The Dead Watchers jet pack overhead firing down at the leaders with rocket launchers. Lavern and Magmos shoot fire balls to counter the missiles.

  • Pixel - Are those Volver!?
  • Brygon - They wear the garments and armor of my ancestors...they're the Volver Braves. Knights! To Arms!

The Volver Knights quickly surround the leaders and slash down the oncoming enemies. Barda quickly pulls out his pistols and jetpacks upwards. He shoots one Dead Watcher in the face and slams another into the side of a building. He quickly turns and shoots the rest down in rapid succession. On the ground, Crimson watches as his Braves tear the Knights and other forces down. Kalaas is standing next to him. The two then rush into the battle alongside Ghorie and Ziskin. The Ugandal Clone Troops and Ultra Commandos arrive to aid the Knights. Ziskin picks a Knight and a Ultra Commando up by their necks and slams them to the ground. Ghorie charges in smashing his way through the armies. Some Braves make it to the Hall, giving the Knights protecting the leaders trouble. Brygon jumps through his knights ans slashes a brave's throat. He and his knights continue to push the Braves back. The Braves' superior strength and size make their efforts futile.

  • Brygon - How is this even possible!? The Braves are supposed to be dead!
  • Knight Commandant - Sir! I've seen some markings on the Braves! They appear to belong to the original Volver Clans.
  • Brygon - Which ones?
  • Kalaas - Die you Ta'raron scum!

Kalaas and Crimson kill the Knight captain and charge at Brygon. He dodges Crimson's attack and parries Kalaas'. Crimson follows up with a head-butt, knocking Brygon back into a wall. Kalaas attempts to ram Brygon with his antlers, put was mashed in the face by Barda's pistol. Barda helps Brygon to his feet. Kalaas growls savagely and charges right for Brygon. Brygon jumps into the air and kicks him in the chest. Kalaas is unaffected by the blow and punches Brygon in the stomach. Brygon staggers back, trying to recover. Barda is engaged in combat with Crimson and his Braves, getting some aid from Magmos' timely arrival. Magmos ducks and dodges the Braves' attacks and blasts them all with a heavy stream of fire. Barda and Crimson are parrying each other's attacks. Barda shoots Crimson in the chest, wounding him. Crimson works through the pain and manages to slash Barda's helmet, disabling his radar and other systems. Barda attempts to Reactivate some systems but is punched with great force by Ghorie.

  • Ghorie - Hello there!
  • Barda - Marinox scum! How many times must I strike you down!
  • Ghorie - My body is but fragile flesh. My mind is forever.

Ghorie swipes out with his sword, as Barda blocks with his bladed Knuckles. The two counter and strike, ach managing to do little damage to the other. Ghorie leaps back, climbs up a building, and begins firing plasma rounds at Barda, as the Ugandal pulls out his Pistols and begins Counter-attacking. As Ghorie glides over the Battlefield, Barda activates his jump pack and slams into him. The 2 strike each other, and until both slam into the ground. Hard.

Both got up with difficulty, but Ghorie was the first to recover. As he got up, he activated both his swords, and ran at Barda roaring. Before both could react, blasts of fire and Plasma flew out and hit Ghorie. Barda looked to see Lavern, Pixel, and the Spikey Fleet commander standing nearby, weapons ready. Both Spikey fired at the Marinox commandant, as Lavern fired blasts of fire at Ghorie. Barda used his powers of fire to increase the heat of each one, making each blow from Lavern like a miniature sun. The Marinox stood back, then contacted Karack.

  • Ghorie - Commander Karack, this is Ghorie. I need back-up.
  • Karack - On the way.

Suddenly, from a huge pod, came Grand Commander Karack. He smashed his way out. He was a gigantic, hulking machine, with Plasma Canon-like arms, covered in flexable blade-fingers, pure black armor, and 2 Shoulder-mounted Pulse Canons. Charging up his canons, his single red eye locked on. The 2 Purple energy spheres hit the group, and sent them off their feet. Karack slowly stomped toward them, blade-hands ready.

  • Barda - Everyone run. NOW!
  • Lavern - I will not run from a stupid machine.

Karack fired a blast from his eye beam, destroying several Federation assault walkers instantly.

  • Lavern - Change of plans, lets pull back.

Karack and Ghorie attempt to pursue, but are stopped by several Ultra Commandos and the Delta Squad. The group begins to engage the cyborgs.

Meanwhile, Crimson decided to fall back to the ship to recover. Kalaas continued to attack Brygon. He was far stronger and more experienced than he was. Brygon stumbled back into a wall. Kalaas readies his sword an prepared to stab Brygon. Suddenly, Kalaas was grabbed and body slammed into a pillar. Kalaas stood to see who his new opponent was. It was none other that the great Pulporius the Fifth.

  • Kalaas - Who the hell are you!?
  • Pulporius - Someone who made a promise that he intends to keep.
  • Brygon - How...I thought you were...
  • Pulporius - Paralyzed? Hah! You think that would stop me!? I've had far worse happen to me kid.
  • Kalaas- Silence alien! You are no match for a Volver!

Kalaas charges at Pulporius. He slashes and kicks him. Pulporius shrugs off his injuries and punches Kalaas in the face. Kalaas stumbles back as he is swept off the ground by Pulporius' forearm. He is promptly slammed into the ground. Kalaas stands and roars into the sky. More Braves begin to arrive. Brygon stands again and draws his sword.

  • Pulporious - Careful Brygon, the effects of your Alphorium Blade have no effect on the Volver.
  • Brygon - I know. But it still works as a blade.
  • Pulporius - I may be strong, but the Braves are physically stronger than I.
  • Brygon - Then how can we beat them?
  • Dark Knight - Leave that matter to me.

They all look up to see the Dark Knight standing on the door step of the Hall. He draws his sword and quickly dashes for the Braves. In an instant, they were all cut down. Kalaas was startled by the speed of the Knight and stepped back. The knight reappeared in front of Kalaas.

  • Kalaas - Another Volver! You Traitor!
  • Knight - I have betrayed no one Kalaas. You have betrayed our kind by being here. Siding with the Biskin.
  • Kalaas - I planned to betray the fools!
  • Ziskin - [Just makes his way though the battlefield.] What!?
  • Knight - Oh. You're still alive?
  • Ziskin - Kalaas, you may be a traitor to our cause, but you need to watch out for this guy. He's not your average Volver.
  • Kalaas - Neither am I!

Kalaas rushes in and attempts to stab the Knight. The Knight dodges the attack and slashes Kalaas twice and slams his sword's pommel into Kalaas face. Ziskin jumps in and slams the ground with his fists, causing a small shockwave. The Knight holds his ground as Brygon and Pulporius fall over. The Knight quickly slashes Ziskin multiple times before parrying another attack from Kalaas. Ziskin recovers and rams the Knight into another pillar. The Knight kicks Ziskin back.

  • Ziskin - What happened to you Knight!? I thought you were all powerful!
  • Knight - My power is thinning. My lord! Please! Grant me strength!

Suddenly, lightning strikes the Knight. His armor glows with intense power as his sword surges with energy.

  • Kalaas - What!? You actually called again HIM!? HE actually gave you strength!?
  • Ziskin - Who!? What are you talking about!?
  • Knight - Non-believers shall perish!

The knight simply waves his sword. A shock wave of energy bursts throughout the battlefield, knocking everyone to the ground, even Lavern. Barda, Pixel, and Lavern stand to see what was going on back at the temple.

  • Kalaas - Such power! What clan are you from Volver!?
  • Knight - Don't worry about it.

The knight kills Kalaas with on strike and dashes for Ziskin. Ziskin raises his energy shield. The knight stabs right through the shield and right though Ziskin. Ziskin tries to free himself but is killed by the intense power surging through the Knight's blade. He continues to kill every Volver Brave on the battlefield as the leaders watch in awe. As more UFG ships arrive, the enemy fleet begins to fall back. Crimson's ship was identified by the Knight.

  • Knight - Sorry but you will not escape death this time traitor! My lord! He is on that ship!

A portal opens. A large, dark clawed hand reaches out of the portal and grabs Crimson's ship. The ship is then dragged into the portal as it closes. With this the Knight loses his power boost. He turns to find the Volver Knights and Ugandal Ultra Commandos surrounding him. The Knight attempts to open a portal with his teleportation module, but realizes that it was damaged when he was hit by Ziskin.

  • Barda - Sorry about this, but we have to take you in for questioning "Dark Knight".
  • Knight - This is the thanks I receive for aiding you in combat?
  • Brygon - No. But we do have some questions for you. So just come along quietly.
  • Knight - What makes you think that I can't strike you all down now?
  • Lavern - *Growls* Try me.
  • Knight - hmph. Very well.

The Volver Knights cuff the Knight with Suppressant Handcuffs, used to suppress the powers of those with mystical abilities. They all walk into the Hall.

Meanwhile, Crimson's ship lays in the darkness of another dimension. Lorka was aboard with Crimson. The two step outside to find nothing but darkness all around them.

  • Lorka - Don't tell me we are in the Dark One's domain!
  • Crimson - No...we aren't.
  • Lorka - Then where have we ended up? I suppose you know?
  • Crimson - I'm not sure. Though something about this place feels familiar.
  • ??? - That is because this is your home, Crimson.
  • Crimson - Who is there!? Show yourself!
  • Lorka - If you plan to fight, Bring it!
  • ??? - No no no. I only wanted Crimson to be here. I didn't realize there was a Mirus being on the ship.
  • Lorka - What's that supposed to mean?
  • ??? - Filth from Mirus have invaded my precious Milky Way. I will not have them invade my sanctuary.
  • Crimson - Your Milky Way? Wait...are you...Spevile?
  • ??? - Ah, yes I forgot about my little nickname the Nebulorians gave me. In a sense, yes I am. Though that is not my name.
  • Crimson - My creator...you have summoned me here? Why?
  • ??? - You've become a threat to my plans. I was to remain anonymous, but you and Ne'yon have really made others aware of my role in the universe.
  • Crimson - You plan to hold me here?
  • ??? - No. I plan to kill you here.

Suddenly, a Green-Black energy sphere is fired from the darkness. Crimson is killed almost instantly. His body disintegrates soon after. Lorka looked around in the darkness in fear, hoping to get a glimpse of Crimson's killer. He draws his blade.

  • Lorka - Show yourself coward!
  • ??? - Hmph. I won't waste my strength on you Mirus filth. Rook, Bishop. Kill him.

The voice disappears as two more Volver step forward. Rook was clad in cerulean, bulky battle armor, wore a large shield in a lighter, cyan-like color, and a bladed spear. Bishop wore regal robes, but was also wearing silver battle armor underneath. As weapon, he had a battlestaff, with looked like a mix between crystal mace and a staff. The two looked to each other, then to Lorka.

  • Rook - So he is our opponent?
  • Bishop - It appears so Rook. Prepare your weapon.
  • Lorka - I warn you, I am no pushover!

As the 2 charge, Lorka taps into his Meeno Grox Powers. He sends blasts of Lava-like energy at them both, sending them flying back. Before Bishop can recover, Lorka jumps, and lands on-top of him, stabing his blade into him several times. Rook gets up and shoulder-slams Lorka, sending him into a wall. Lorka gets up, and his back still turned, allows Bishop and Rook to advance from behind. He activaties his jet pack, and send a blast of superheated plasma at both. While it doesn't do much, he does gain altitude and flys offer them, firing fire blasts at both.

Rook flies up and swings his into Lorka's chest, sending him into a wall, and destroying his jet pack. He gets up with difficulty, as Bishop kicks Lorka into the face and body several times.

  • Bishop - Pushover? No. Your an insect.
  • Lorka - *Gets up and cleaves into his arm with his sword* This insect will crush you!

He sends more waves of heat at both, then extends his arms up.

  • Lorka - Hordes of the Dead, rise! Hear the call of your master!

Suddenly, hordes of Bio-Morphlings pour in, of various races, and charge at the 2. They begin to hack and cut their way through, as Lorka charges in as well, cutting them both when they are most distracted by his Morphling servants.

  • Rook - Coward! You hide behind the dead to fight your wars!
  • Lorka - You hide behind your master's powers. Now you will die, for My brother, My comrade. My friend.
  • Bishop - How sweet, your making me feel warm and fuzzy inside. *Strikes down a Bio-Morphling Drone*.

The 2 Volver stand back, as Lorka and his remaining Morphlings do the same. The 2 groupds go flying at eachother. But mid-charge, the 2 Volver stop.

  • Bishop - Rook! Knight has been captured!
  • Rook - Then we must be off.

The 2 teleport out of there, and Lorka stands over the remains of Crimson's armor, a tear in his eye. Solid runs in.

  • Solid - What in the Fallen's name was that? And where is *Looks down at Crimson's ashes* Oh crap!
  • Lorka - I want him to have a proper Volver funeral.
  • Solid - Lorka, we need to do other things first.
  • Lorka - NO! First, he gets a warrior's funeral. Then we finish what he started, we remake the Volver in his image.
  • Solid - Alright, I'll be off commanding the Unitech on the Ground.

Lorka looked down at Crimson's armor and sighed.

  • Lorka - I will do as you have. The Volver will be warriors again.

This time, the dead did not answer Lorka. He began to think, maybe, his People had also gone astray from their original path...

A time of Treason[]

Space Pirates and Scimat'akar ordered their Zarbanians into battle.

  • Space Pirate - Go! Forward, for the Dark Lord and the Scorner!

The Zarbanians again charged at the Federation fortifications, as Federation Clone and Non-Clones shot them down. Finally, a Behemoth-Class Battle walker approached. The Four-legged, somewhat insectiod design sent various Blaster Canon and machine gun rounds at them, while shooting off Clones of various Zarbania Powers Races, such as Sra Conqrix and Grux warriors.

  • Clone Commander - Hold the line! Hold the line!

His troops obeyed, even as Sra and Grux troops swept down and attacked. Imperial Legionnaires joined the battle too, as Gigapedus Hounds tracked down those who dared to escape the battle. The Gigapedus themselves served a shock troops, firing their miniguns at the UFG Clones. The genetically enhanced Gigapedus known as Gigapedus Giants towered over everyone else, even the Dragowar. They battered their foes to death as their tick hide took all fire. Gigapedus Ogres, though somewhat smaller than Gigapedus Giants and far slower, advanced slowly on the enemy lines like sumo wrestlers, as Imperial Berserkers charged past them.

Gridlock, the dragon-like leader of the Powers, watched from afar. Finally, his father, Dark One contacted him.

  • Gridlock - Father, what is thy bidding.
  • Dark - Trodaka is on her way with Guild and Brotherhood troops. You are to assist the her and infiltrating and capturing the Black Knight.
  • Gridlock - Don't our temporary allies of Cyber Collective want him as a servant?
  • Dark - Yes. I'll use my mind-bending powers, and your own, to make him bow before us.
  • Gridlock - Yes father.

He put away his communications device and flew over the battlefield. He watched his troops, with 3 Behemoth-class walker, marched down upon his foes. Imperial Legionnaires and Zarbanians ripped through their enemies, as the Gigapedus kept giving fire support. On another battlefield, he saw Cyber Collective drones exterminating everything in their way. It was such a beautiful sight.

He saw a transport land, and several Shadow Hunter troops, Rakar beasts, and Mutran Spiders march out, as Trodaka makes her way out.

  • Trodaka - Are you ready?
  • Gridlock - Yes. Let's get this over with.

Several Space Pirate Troopers and Scimat'akar Warriors join his group as they make their way to the capital. They cut down several Federation, Waptoria, NOVA, and the combined UNOS and Brotherhood of Spode troops. Finally, as they near the capital palace, Lord Mortox and Overseer Terrox appear before them.

  • Trodaka - Terrox! Mortox! What are you 2 doing here?
  • Terrox - To stop your plan. Did you really think we'd be so blind?
  • Mortox - Now you will burn scum!

Several Dronox, of Alpha, Meta, and Meeno breed, charge at them, as the Brotherhood troops counter-attack. The 2 groups attacked, Space Pirates and Scimat'akar cutting them down, Mutran firing Spinner-Blasts at the Conqrix, and Rakar using their powers of Laser Vision, Chain Lightning and other Darkling-inherited powers.

Trodaka sliced her way through Conqrix, as Gridlock stomped and fired Plasma Blasts from his mouth, following her closely. As Trodaka got up to Terrox, she fired several Shadow Bullets at him. Mortox attempted to attack, but was grabbed in Gridlock's hand, and thrown to a wall. Gridlock flew off to back sure he didn't intervene in Trodaka's battle with Terrox.

Terrox blocked blow after Blow from the Lambda Grox queen, intil she reached back to stab him in the chest, to which he grabbed her by the throat. He lifted her up, and slammed her into the ground, again and again.

As she lay in the ground, weakened and battered, several Dronox aimed their weapons at her.

  • Terrox - Your service to the Alpha has ended. Prepare for extermination.

Before anyone could re-act, energy bolts of pure shadow struck the Dronox, killing each one. Dark rushed into battle, smashing his way past both Cyber Collective and Powers troops.

He held up Trodaka, and tried to feel for her life. She was alive. Barely. His eyes glowed a light, sad shade of blue. Then turned the darkest shade of red anyone had every seen.

  • Dark - For this treachery! This insolent attack on my love! The Collective, and the Powers and all races under my command, are now AT WAR!

He fired 2 Laser beams from his eyes, disintegrating Terrox's wings. Before Terrox could react, Dark flew up, and slammed his foot into the Grox Overseer's face, which would've broken anyone else's neck. Both Terrox and Mortox retreated into their ships, as more Cyber Collective drones bared down on them. Dark One turned his back, as Gridlock dealt with them. He looked down at his love, as rain began to pour down. He disappeared in a portal of shadow.

From orbit, Okosus saw the Cyber collective turn on the Zarbanians and the Imperium of War. He growled. Wars would never be easy. The Seperatists had to choose now between aiding Lorka's masters the Cyber Collective or Okosus' allies the Imperium of War. He turned away from the window and entered the main room of the ship, where Solid and Lorka were trying to clone back Ziskin. As they heard Okosus enter, they turned to him.

  • Okosus - Heard the latest new? Well, I bet you didn't. Grox turned on the Zarbania Powers.
  • Lorka - We know. And it it our plight to aid the Grox.
  • Okosus - *Grabs his quadro-barreded Grenade Launcher* No it isn't!
  • Lorka - *Growls* Why not, then?
  • Okosus - The Imperium are my allies. They are also allied with the Powers. Don't you see it, you groxic thrall?!
  • Lorka - Don't call me like that, fool!

At this; Dead watch Wraiths enter the room, weapons ready. Okosus' Blood Guards also enter, aiming their miniguns and attaching their bayonets to them. Suddenly, Unitech synths jump in between the two.

  • Solid - I respect your decision, general. You are free to go.
  • Lorka - What?
  • Solid - He. Is. Free. To. Go.

Okosus chuckles, and walks over to Solid, head butting him slightly as a sign of respect, Then, he leaves, taking his guards with him, but not before glaring at Lorka and grumbling "Next time we meet..."

  • Lorka - *Waits until Okosus has left* Next time we meet, Okosus, I will cut you down!

Solid didn't say a world, and simply went back to cloning Ziskin. Okosus, in his opinion, didn't deserve to be branded as a traitor. He was just someone who, deep inside, below layers of sarcasm, cared for his allied and his ideals of never-ending conquest...

As Barda watched a Psionics Ultra Commando interagate the Dark knight with her Mind Powers, a Delta Squad Member gave him a report.

  • Delta member - Sir! The Powers and Shadow Hunters have turned on the Cyber Collective. That caused the Gigapedus to solely help the Imperium from now on. It's free for all!
  • Barda - What of our allies?
  • Commander - The Waptoria and NOVA Alliance are here, and W'tze is on his way to our location. The 2 Spode theocracies have also arrived.
  • Barda - *Smiles* Then it's time to win this battle!

He goes off to lead his troops.

Return of the Precursors[]

In an ancient structure of the Enlightened Ones on Ugandalore, a squad of Dead Watch troops investigated the ruins. Some Troops looked at the ruins in wonder, but are more interested in raiding the tombs and crypts. They see one strange, miniature pyramid-like structure in the middle of the room. One curious Trooper stepped forward and pressed down on the top of the pyramid.

The top connected to the rest, and an electromagnetic signal pulsed outward. It temporally disabled weapons, communications, and the Conqrix. When everything was back on line, the troops looked out at the ocean.

  • Marinox Commander - Overseer Terrox, something is rising out of the sea.
  • Terrox - What is that?

Barda and Brygon looked to see something rising from the oceans.

  • Brygon - Barda! What is that!
  • Barda - I...I don't know.

Meanwhile, aboard the Alpha Star Destroyer, Ghorie watched, having been forced to retreat from injuries.

  • Ghorie - Commander, what is that thing?
  • Marinox Commander - Analyzing...It appears to be...The Enlightened Ones?! Their Mothership rises from the Sea!
  • Terrox - Enlightened Ones? That name has not been uttered in 10,000 years.
  • Ghorie - They are said to be extinct!
  • Grox Follower - Life readings detected, they are defiantly alive.
  • Terrox - Impossible! Our ancestors, and the Bachyeon rose against the Gods and struck them down and won our freedom. No Enlightened One escaped. Those who did where turned into Kashriiinox.
  • Ghorie - It appears these ones did, and they are not Kashriinox.
  • Mortox - Then do what you have to do! Fire everything we have at that ship!
  • Terrox - Let us finish what our ancestors started!

All available Alpha ships rained down fire upon the City-Ship. But nothing they did could breach it's shields.

  • Marinox - We have depleted all orbital weaponry, but the ship's shields are the only thing damaged.
  • Terrox - The False Messengers of Spode do not die easy then! Karack, ready the Devastor-class Star Destroyer!
  • Karack - The crew is under attack by Zarbanians, sir. We cannot save all of them.
  • Mortox - They will embrace the glory of death. Lorka, ready your men, Ghorie and Kioronox will join. Strike down any who reside in that ship!
  • Lorka - By your command.
  • Kioronox - Objective accepted.
  • Ghorie - As you wish.

Pridar'Valicar watched in shock as the Mothership stood in the ocean proudly, nothing able to pierce it's hide.

  • Pridar - Send our best Troops of both heretic and Movement and kill any you encounter. I think the Dead Watch and Unitech are there too. I will go in and...persuade them to leave.
  • Kalmar - As ordered. For the Movement!

The Brotherhood Heretics and Proditkar soldiers roared in agreement, as the Chassinra and Locrin'noth readied their combat suites.

  • Pridar - I do regret having to kill them, but they might intervene. The Plan must no be stopped.
  • Kalmar - The do not understand our creations need our...guidance.
  • Pridar - Our creations are also needed if we are to attack that arrogant...Thing the Dark Knight serves.
  • Kalmar - What of the Volver. They are not our creation.
  • Pridar - They too are destined to help destroy that thing. I can feel it.
  • Kalmar - I hope you are correct.

The Federation and their allies overlooked the huge ship.

  • Ajaar'Magnos - That is the ship of the Holy ones!
  • Holy Prophet of Truth - The Gods do live....
  • Barda - Ajaar, prepare your troops, my men and yours will go and try to establish contact with our creators.
  • W'tze - I will send my troops to assist you. It looks like the Alpha are going in too.
  • Barda - Hopefully they who came before us do not kill their creations.

Brygon watched from the UFG Hall in awe. Oskel had finally returned, learning of the previous battle.

  • Brygon - Barda what is that thing?
  • Ajaar - It's an ship of our gods, the Enlightened Ones.
  • W'tze - We are attempting to make contact with them. I...I can barely believe we are really doing it.
  • Lavern - Your "Gods" huh? This'll be interesting.
  • Brygon - Lavern, Oskel, I need you two back in the interrogation room.
  • Lavern - What for?!
  • Barda - Just in case that knight manages to get free. We'll need you to handle him.
  • Lavern - Ugh. Alright. Tell me how things go Barda.
  • Barda - Will do.

Lavern and Oskel walk back to the interrogation room to get answers from the knight. The knight is sitting in a chair, handcuffed to the table.

  • Oskel - What do you know of the structure outside?
  • Knight - That one? I know nothing of it.
  • Lavern - You'd better not be lying.
  • Knight - I'd recommend that you aid your allies, my brothers. I sense great power aboard that ship. I'd prefer to keep my king and Barda alive.
  • Oskel - That's another thing, why are they so important to you? How can you still be affiliated with the Volver Empire and the UFG? You obviously have some other organization that you belong to.
  • Knight - In time, you will know.
  • Lavern - I've had it with your secrets Volver!
  • Oskel - Cool it Lavern! Look, we just want answers!
  • Knight - I've told you all I can Antroth. Be lucky that the Volver have allied with you. For I have not forgotten your sins against my kind.
  • Oskel - Nor have I forgotten the sins your kind have committed against mine.
  • Lavern - Obviously this is going nowhere! I think that we should aid Barda and the others.
  • Oskel - We shall wait. They will call if we are needed.
  • Lavern - Fine...

Not so Extinct[]

Kossi'Valicar awoke from his hibernation. When the Alpha had risen up against their creators, he and thousands of others had retreated into their motherships and sank into the oceans of their creations, like those of the Federation and the Waptoria Alliance of Species, and once the signal was sent on 1 planet, it would spread. The others would rise and they could join their creations, guide them, and watch them grow. And, as was their original objective, destroy or pacify the Alpha Grox and Meeno plague.

But Kossi knew a battle was going on. He activated his combat suit, telepathically, and checked the Power on his arm blaster. His Chassinra and Locrin-Noth warriors did the same, as Alimibics readied their essence powers. The Chassinra readied their Plasma weapons, as the Locrin-Noth activated their Light/Dark Matter weapons.

He and his warriors marched out of the containment pods, and made their way into the main Mothership's city center, and spotted a group of Ugandalorians. They where vastly mutated and much different then when the Enlightened Ones had made them. Something had happened to them.

Kossi also saw some Waptoria with armor fused to their skin. He hoped his creations where ok. He and his troops marched up to them, trying not to look to aggressive or bellicose.

Suddenly they turned and shouted something. All Kossi heard was "Alpha". They opened fire upon them. Even with their Blasters, it did little to damage their suits. The Chassinra fired Plasma, disintegrating several of them, while the Locrin'noth fired Light and Dark matter energy blasts, which struck the targets, and began to slowly burn through them, or, in dark matter's case, drain their life. As the hostiles fell, Kossi saw some other Ugandals not mutated, and 6 Multi-colored soldiers leading them. One of his comrades spotted a squad of Alpha Dronox.

Their attempts to survive and strike back against the Alpha had become much more difficult.

The Ultra Commando Squad lead by Arkaalin marched through the City. It was amazingly beautiful, full of artificial lakes and waterfalls, and other impressive landscapes.

  • Uriet - Who's to say they won't be hostile towards us?
  • Trogov - They created us, why would they be hostile?
  • Uriet - Because I see dead Dead Watch and Unitech troops.

They then saw The Enlightened Ones' Power Suited Troops leap down from the ceiling and aimed their combat Arm Canons. The Federation Clone Troopers took up defensive positions and aimed their own weapons. Uriet stepped between both groups, arms raised.

  • Uriet - Wait! Let's talk!
  • Kossi - *Armor recalibrates* Why, so you can kill us for the Alpha Grox!
  • Uriet - The Ones you encountered are rebels in service to the Alpha, but we are loyal to the idea of destroying them.

Kossi deactivated his armor and stood over Uriet. Even without armor, he was still a fearsome foe to look upon. The left side of his face had nasty scars.

  • Kossi - You are...Mucka...The one who started your evolution is onboard here. After this is all over, you can meet him.
  • Corhufu - Good, no one got killed, except those Grox servants. Goody.
  • Kossi - Do I detect Vovler with you?
  • Arkaalin - Yes, they joined our Federation, to help kill the Alpha.
  • Kossi - Ahh, we watched them grow into a species. Truly astounding really.
  • Tilaos - You'll meet them...after we go kill the Alpha Cyber Collective troops.

The Enlightened Ones where now in full force. All across the Mirus and Milky Way, they rose from the oceans of their and other worlds, and joined the Federation against the Powers, Imperium, and Cyber Collective.

Terrox Watched as the Enlightened One began to repel his soldiers.

  • Terrox - This war is getting very difficult.
  • Mortox - Call our allies?
  • Terrox - Yes, The Bachyeon and Bio-morphlings.
  • Mortox - Of Course.

They began to contact their allies. It was time to destroy the sins of the past.

Lorka Gredyc and his troops moved through the ship. He had a squadron of Blood Guard, the finest Dead Watch troops. Suddenly, a Chassinra landed in front of him, and pointed it's palm at him.

Before he could re-act, a blast of essence ebbed out and hit, destroying all traces of the Meeno within him, and freeing him of their enslavement.

  • Pridar - I free you from your enslavement to death, and ask only of service to me.
  • Lorka - *Gets up* I....I accept.
  • Pridar - Call your allies, your troops and they are leaving this place.

The Dead Watch and Unitech accepted, leaving the planet to a point in space, where a certain meteor-ship waited...

Pridar stood before his fellow Warlords, overlooking the Dead Watch, Unitech, Gigapedus and Heretic forces. Solid, surprisingly, was eager to serve, as he knew the Movement could quickly advance Unitech. Ziskin had been dragged into service only for the promise of killing Brygon.

Pridar and his small band could probably face the Federation, but they'd need more soldiers and weapons. But the mood was ecstatic.

  • Pridar - Tonight, we begin anew! We shall shed these mortal sacks, become ascended, and rule both Mirus and Milky Way as it was meant to be!

The others did not respond with cries of vengeance against those that had sinned against them or other battle cries. They had grown used to not words, but action.

  • Pridar - Once we destroy the Federation, this will lure that Black Knight out. We shall capture him, drain him of Power, and ascend into True God-hood!

The air smelled of ozone, and Kalmar looked over at Ele-nos, who had been silent for a long time since their awakening.

  • Ele-nos - How do we know you won't just take the power and leave us here to die?
  • Pridar - What? I am insulted by such accusations...!

Suddenly, Ele-nos released a full blast of electrical energy at Pridar, causing him to fall down and spasm without control for several minutes. When Pridar got up, he stood glaring at Ele-nos for a minute, then charged in a blood rage. Mantex and Car-pex grabbed his arms and held him back.

  • Kalmar - Enough! You squabble like ocean scavengers for a morsel. We will defeat The Knight together, then charge Lorka, Solid, and the others with guarding him against anyone draining him before we're all ready.
  • Pridar - *Snarls* Fine. Dismissed. Oh and Ele-nos, we won't be doing that again, will we? Least we lose another arm. And this time, I won't be nice with stem cells...
  • Ele-nos - Fine.

Ele-nos' brutish lieutenant, Noctrosh, a warrior from a Race that had been exiled long ago after, it's rumored, he broke an island in a fit of rage, walked out with his master, while the rest went their separate ways. Takrix and Mantex where the last to leave.

  • Takrix - We will ascend, if there's anything left of this team by time we're done.

Meanwhile, Rook and Bishop appear on Ugandalore. They stand at the Hall, looking at the large Pyramid structure.

  • Rook - The hell is that thing?
  • Bishop - I believe it's the Enlightened One's city ship. Interesting.
  • Rook - The Enlightened Ones? Aren't they supposed to be dead?
  • Bishop - Apparently they survived. Master will not be pleased to hear of this.

The two look up and notice Gridlock and his Darklings storming their way into the Hall out of the confusion. The two nod to each other and disappear into their portals.

Gridlock dashes into the hall and cuts down many Volver Knights guarding the interrogation room. A Darkling kicks the door in. Oskel and Lavern turn to see Gridlock and his Darkling, weapons ready. Before Oskel could draw his blade, Gridlock slammed him into the wall. Oskel quickly kicked him back. This time Oskel managed to draw his swords. Lavern stares down at the Darklings surrounding him, giving off a feeling of intimidation. With one swipe from his claw, he knocks them all back. Gridlock and Oskel parry each other's swords. Oskel's Exo-Blade extends like a whip and grabs Gridlock's ankle. Gridlock stumbles before getting a solid hit to the face from Oskel's battle-axe.

Gridlock growls and blast Oskel with shadow, draining his life energy. Lavern sees this and quickly slashes Gridlock. Gridlock jumps back and summons more Darklings from the shadows. The Darklings eventually overwhelm Oskel with their sheer numbers. Lavern charges through them attempting to slam Gridlock. Lavern misses the tackle and is promptly knocked out by a hard hit to the back of his head.

  • Gridlock - Darklings. Take these two outside. Perhaps my father could have a use for them.
  • Knight - That was quite the show.
  • Gridlock - You've caused us some trouble Volver. You will serve us from now on.
  • Knight - Says who?
  • Gridlock - My Father. You will become our knight.
  • Knight - Hmph. I'd advise you not to release me. You are a threat to my people and their allies.
  • Gridlock - I won't have to.

Gridlock opens a portal and shoves the Knight and the table inside. He follows after them as the portal closes.

Gridlock appears in the Dark One's world along with the Knight, still handcuffed to the table. Dark smiles at his new prize.

  • Knight - I should have known it was you.
  • Dark- Good work Gridlock. Now. It is time that you kneel before us.
  • Knight - What makes you think that I would kneel before you, Dark One?
  • Dark - This.

The Dark One destroys the table. The Knight leaps up from his chair and takes his combat stance. Gridlock and Dark use their mind-melding powers to force the Knight to kneel. He resists at first, but could not stand any longer.

  • Knight - This...magic!
  • Dark - Fool! This is our natural ability! You will serve us from now on. Understood?
  • Knight - Do not make me destroy you.
  • Gridlock - Still have enough strength to resist hm? We'll fix that.

They intensify their power, forcing the Knight on his hands and knees. He struggles to push himself up, but falls to the ground.

  • Dark - Hmph. He's no match for us.
  • Gridlock - Right father.
  • Rook - Huh, looks like you've been captured Knight.
  • Dark - What?

Dark and Gridlock look to see that Bishop and Rook have entered the Dark One's domain with their personal portals.

  • Dark - How is this possible?! My world is only accessible by the Guild and Darklings!
  • Bishop - Ha! He obviously is unaware that our master is capable of many things.
  • Rook - Hey, ignorance is bliss. Leave the man alone.
  • Gridlock - How dare you insult my father like that! Prepare to die you brute!
  • Rook - Brute?
  • Bishop - Now that was just racist!

The two charge for Gridlock. Dark jumps in and blasts the two back with a wave of shadow. Knight stands and regroups with his comrades. The three raise their weapons and cast a bright light trough out the realm. Dark and Gridlock shield their eyes as the three warriors escape through their portals.

The Volver War Fleet[]

Meanwhile, The Volver War Fleet closes in on Ugandalore. First to make finish the jump from light-speed is the Amphibian, a large heavy bomber accompanied by smaller fighters called the Frogs and Toads. Following the Amphibian is the Leviathan, the largest ship transporter in the fleet, and the Salamander, a frigate that carries supplies and soldiers. Third, the Chariot, a fighter that carries the Volver Knights into battle, follows the others. Finally, the Ascon Warship, the most powerful ship in Volver history, appears and leads the fleet to Ugandalore. Kabaa Sa'laota, a Volver Knight Commander, contacts Brygon from the bridge of the Ascon Warship.

  • Kabaa - My king, The fleet has arrived. All weapons are ready.
  • Brygon - Good to hear. Standby Captain Kabaa.
  • Barda - You called your war fleet?
  • Brygon - Yes. If we're to beat our enemies, I have to take drastic measures.
  • Magmos - Where was this "fleet" during the past wars we had?
  • Brygon - The ships were damaged during the Spear of Apocalypse's self-destruction.
  • Barda - They are retreating. Leave them be.
  • Brygon - What of these "Enlightened Ones"?
  • Barda - What do you mean "What of them"?
  • Brygon - How do you know if we can trust them?
  • Magmos - I know I don't.
  • W'tze - What? How could I not!? They are our creators.
  • Brygon - Sorry W'tze, but I think our religions are conflicting at this moment. I will have the fleet stand by. But one act of violence towards my fleet or the Federation, I will command them to open fire.
  • Barda - That's not wise Brygon! They are technically a god race! Your fleet can't handle them!
  • Brygon - It's never stopped them before! That is final.

Brygon storms off continuing his conversation with Kabaa. Magmos and Barda look to each other with worry. Magmos leaves the room to find his father and Oskel. Barda turns and looks out to the ocean, staring at the pyramid.

Karack stomped through the ruins of a Ugandalorian City, his artificial eye observing the damage done by his fellow Cyber Collective troops. He saw survivors trying to get out, as Commandant Ghorie cut them down. Such waste of life.

  • Ghorie - Karack! Have you exterminated the inferiors?
  • Karack - Yes, our foes lie dead.
  • Ghorie - There are no "foes", only target practice and weaklings who have yet to be absorbed! Like you Karack. We took your race and made them perfect, you became one of our best, yet now you show cynical attitude towards our cause.
  • Karack - I live only to serve the Collective with honor.
  • Ghorie - Then perhaps our Overseers will remember you without disgust when the time comes.

Ghorie walked off, to prepare his troops, as 4 Dronox Troopers marched by, their Commander stopping to discuss with Karack.

  • Commander - Sir! What are our orders?
  • Karack - Assimilate any you find, then ready Devastor walkers. Work quickly. They are our best hope against the Enlightened Ones and the Federation.
  • Commander - As you wish.

Karack looked over the graveyard of the City, young and old, male and female of all species now dead. Some where still alive, as much as you can be when your identity is taken forcibly. Both living and dead awaited cybernetics to be added their flesh, so they could be "perfect".

  • Karack - And so another world becomes our trophy...

Pridar marshaled his army for conquest. Nothing was better then watching armies of indoctrinated, marauders, mercenaries, and others marching under his command. Suddenly, Takrix appeared before him.

  • Takrix - Pridar, tensions are becoming strained between our "friends" in the Federation, and the True "Enlightened".
  • Pridar - Explain.
  • Takrix - I took over a Volver's mind, and overheard the conversation. The Volver don't trust the Enlightened Ones. They think they'll attack them.
  • Pridar - Hmmm. My brother is here. Perhaps I will go and "visit" his new friends, then give this Brygon a Class Gift.

He held up a Class knife. An ancient, forbidden Enlightened Ones' weapon, it could pierce any armor, then break off into their gut. It never showed up on weapons scans.

  • Takrix - Ahhh, good luck to you.
  • Pridar - Thank you Takrix.

Pridar walked away, his cloak billowing behind him. Takrix waited until he was gone, then called Car-pex.

  • Car-pex - What is it?
  • Takrix - Pridar's doing a Shi'Athoicamal. Class knife into Brygon's stomach.
  • Car-pex - So?
  • Takrix - Barda Clett will want him captured. But you still have the Changeling merc we contacted right?
  • Car-pex - Yeah.
  • Takrix - Have him kill Pridar when no one is looking. As you well know, profits are further divided among 5.
  • Car-pex - I don't know. I don't like how this smells.
  • Takrix - That smell would be you, comes from eating blood snails all the time.

Car-pex grunted in agitation, but stomped off, to fulfill his task. The 2 never liked each other, but Takrix needed brawn, and Car-pex was often tranced against his will. Not that he minded, battle was the best release for stress. And Takrix had a lot of enemies to fight.

So one more death, and the Proditkar Movement would rule 2 galaxies.

Brygon beamed up to the Ascon Warship. Kabaa was waiting in the command bridge. Brygon made his way to the bridge and sat in his ship captain's chair, looking down upon the pyramid, then on the Federation Hall. Kabaa then walked to his side.

  • Kabaa - My king, why the sudden call to arms? We never use the entire war fleet in combat unless we are truly at war.
  • Brygon - It must be my Soldarian instincts taking over then. I just have a bad feeling about these Enlightened Ones, and this "Proditar Movement". We never faced these threats back in the Milky Way. I'm starting to miss our home Captain.
  • Kabaa - Ah, I miss home too my king. Speaking of home, I was concerned about our current status.
  • Brygon - Concerned? What for?
  • Kabaa - Well, if our fleet is destroyed, then Ascon will be vulnerable. If Ascon falls, our colonies around the Milky Way and Mirus will fall. Without us occupying the Milky Way...the Prodictar Movement have a chance to take over the Milky Way.
  • Brygon - I see. But I did prepare for this. I have another fleet surrounding our territories in the Milky Way.
  • Kabaa - I still fear these two threats.
  • Brygon - Didn't you take the Knight's Oath when joining the Volver Knights Kabaa?
  • Kabaa - Well...yes.
  • Brygon - "Volver show no fear in the face of our enemies." I would think you of all people would follow that oath.
  • Kabaa - Sorry my king. I will do so.
  • Brygon - Good see that you do.

Kabaa walked over to his battle station. Brygon continued to look at the planet of Ugandalore.

The Ultra Commando's Mission[]

The 6 Ultra Commandos awoke in a dark room. It was blank, very little covered the walls. Suddenly, a section broke off, and 2 figures walked in, both Ultra Commandos as well, though 2 the Team had never seen before.

The female, a Ugandalorian, a Water controller, with armor and weapons the team had never seen before, covered in scars, and looking extremely frail. The Other, was a male Goorkien, with sliver armor, and a war staff.

Tilaos stood up and got between the 2 and his team.

  • Tilaos - What is your purpose in capturing us?
  • Ugandalorian - You needn't react so hostile. We serve the same master.
  • Arkaalin - The Federation, if so how come we have never met you.
  • Ugandalorian - My name Melyrx, my friend here is Kranui. We are sent here by Zaraturai to introduce to your old home. There is much to explain.

Quickly, she explained how the Ugandalorians and those on their planet where destined to discover their own type of Elemental power. This team had been pre-destined, right down to armor and weapons, to be the finest of the Commando Units, and face down the Darkness of the Dark One.

  • Kranui - While we where happy with how you turned out, we had to erase your memories of our order, so you could not be a "Free radical".
  • Melyrx - We have built up our force for one engagement, against the Brotherhood. Once the Order of Zaraturai is engaged with Dark's forces, you will go and deal with him.
  • Trogov - And what if we fail?
  • Melyrx - While I do believe in Destiny, if you do fail...Prepare yourselves for a long, un-ending reign of Shadow.

The Order reveals itself[]

Terikalinra and his Darklings watched as his Hordes marched across Ugandalore. With his Extra-dimensional tech, he was almost impossible to beat. He watched as his noble sons ripped through the standard enemies, and Volver Knights even proved no threat. He laughed, as his commanders ripped through the foes.

Suddenly, a light plashed in the distance. The Ultra Commandos of the Federation had appeared to hold back the Darkness. He growled. Six where needed to defeat him. Six elements combined. But better to just kill them all. He ordered his forces to charge forward with a vengeance. Suddenly, a bright flash of light appeared. Millions of warriors, of races he knew nothing of, and ships he had seen...those that belonged to his sister...Now stood to fight alongside the Ultra Commandos.

With a roar, he ordered his troops to destroy all who opposed.

The Mission[]

Dark was smart. That's what the Ultra Commandos hated most about him. His best troops, Krianus, Tibirix, Yitirix, and Gieran had been stationed at his base to guard him, in case any Ultra Commandos snuck through to try and pull their little friendship blast on him.

Pervartos and Tilaos looked over at the Fortress Dark had eructed from pure darkness.

  • Pervartos - I don't like going in their, but we don't have much of a choice.
  • Tilaos - This place makes me feel...insecure. Like it's trying our hold on reality.
  • Corhufu - Warrior of Ice, always the one to spread happiness and cheer!
  • Arkaalin - This is serious Corhufu, we're dealing with our strongest possible foe.

They all nodded and made their way to the fortress, cutting down Rakar Beasts as they went. The sons of the Darklings offered little resistance. It seemed like they where letting them in...

They entered the fortress, seeing glowing runes, in a language they did not know. It seemed like there where faint voices, calling them, echoing across the corridors.

  • Uriet - This place, feels...off.
  • Tilaos - I know the feeling, it feels like Dark is perying at our very sanity.
  • Arkaalin - Let him try! It will not work!
  • ??? - But will a blade?

They looked to see 3 Darklings step out of the Shadows, 1 Red, Blue, and Black in armor coloration. They where followed by several Rakar Beasts.

The 6 readied their weapons, striking combat stances.

The battle against The Darklings[]

The Rakar charged, their various powers flying. The 6 easily dealt with them, striking them down, before charging at the 4. Tibirix ordered his comrades to the field.

  • Gieran - Are you crazy, Tibirix, we could easily crush them now!
  • Tibirix - I don't care. I want a challenge, and these softies will provide it. Go to the field, where you are needed.
  • Gieran - The Master will have our hides for this!
  • Tibirix - Follow your orders! NOW!

Without waiting, he telepathically teleported them to the field.

  • Arkaalin - That was a foolish move Darkling.
  • Uriet - You are a strong warrior, can't you also be wise? Can't you see we could overwhelm you?
  • Tibirix - Silence Fools! I will crush you all!

He rushed at them, slashing and cutting. Dark may have been a stronger player of emotions and a juggernaut in combat, but Tibirix was more skilled in swordsplay and close-range melee combat. He struck them down, struggling here and there, but overall, for all their elemental powers, or swords skill, they where nothing to a warrior millennia years old. Uriet swung her axes at him, trying to him down, only for him to block the attack, and send her into the wall with a powerful kick.

Arkaalin and Corhufu rushed in, slashing at him with their blades. His armor shrugged off most of the abuse, as he launched a sonic blast, sending them off their feet, and stunning Pervartos, who's eyesight and hearing where a little more sensitive then the others.

Zilla, nao or I will eat you.

The Showdown with Shadow[]

The heroes made it into the chamber, shaken, not from the battles, from which they had recovered, but from the Emotions and truths revealed to them by the Darklings. Still, they had a job to do, and they would see it to completion.

They marched into the Dark One's chambers, seeing various pieces of armor, weapons, and Mutated experiments hanging in stasis everywhere. They saw a form of pure shadow rise from the very corners of the room, and stand in from of them, from a distance, with 2 dark, red malevolent eyes glaring down at them.

  • Arkaalin - Dark One, we have come for you!
  • Dark - So you have.
  • Tilaos - Now Arkaalin! Destroy him!
  • Dark - Destroy me? You could no more destroy me then you could the Air, or sea...or the Void.
  • Uriet - You claim to be like the sea?! The sea brings life, it bore most of us!
  • Dark - It was me who bore you. For it was from Nothingness you came, and nothingness you shall return.

They stood back in shock, and readied their weapons, but Dark was not done. He changed into a form similar to their Goddess and Teacher, Zaraturai.

  • Dark - I am the one you swore to protect, I stand side-by-side with my Sister, she of Light and Day, I of Darkness and Night. You can look into the hearts of any of these creatures, Volver, Enlightened Ones' Creations, or Zaraturai's Togunda, who you swore to protect, and you will see in their hearts the ability to create, but you also see a rage to destroy. I am that rage...I am the will to destroy. And I shall destroy you!
  • Tilaos - Destroy us? You are nothing more then a puff of shadow, who stays back and growls, and looks intimidating. You are like an ancient overlord I read about. All bark, not a tooth to bite with.
  • Dark - You expected something more? *Shifts back into Shadow form*. Fine then, my creations.

His body morphed into a gigantic, 20 ft. tall beast, like a Darkling, but one that seemed to have extra power within him.

  • Dark - Does this form suit you? Return to the void from which you came now!

He summoned tentacles of shadow, striking Arkaalin first. Arkaalin slashed at the first few, but was knocked against the wall by more. Before he could get up, more grabbed him, wrapping around his waist and ankles, and pulling him off the wall, before throwing him into the ceiling. Tilaos ran to Dark's side, firing energy blasts from his pistols. Dark growled in annoyance, and summoned more shadow tentacles, hitting Tilaos, and sending the warrior of ice off his feet and into the darkest corners of the room.

Dark then turned his wrath on Pervartos. As his tendrils shot at Pervartos, he summoned a wall of earth, that cut several apart. Dark smashed through it with a shattering force, then struck him, sending him into Trogov.

Next, his Dark tentacles extended towards Corhufu. The Marinox easily evaded his moves, striking with his Katana blades and firing plasma blasts. Finally, Dark sent a blast of chain lightning at the Marinox, striking him, and almost frying his inner wiring. He then sent his tendrils at Uriet. The Mucka also proved flexible, easily avoiding his strikes. Dark, growing agitated, fired a blast of fear. The distorted yellow rings shifted and warped like rings of smoke, and then they struck Uriet, covering her in a film of yellow, bringing her to a complete stop.

For what she saw was not Dark One's citadel or his personal room. What she saw was, as Dark wanted, her greatest fear. Her friends dead, Zaraturai destroyed, Ugandalore in ruins, and Dark standing before her, clutching her by the throat.

  • Dark - Uriet....Fear me....Fear me!

In real life, Arkaalin called to his comrade, trying to draw to her attention Dark slowly approaching, one hand covered in Dark Energy. Arkaalin cursed under his breath. Finally, summoning a telepathic shield, he covered Uriet in a ball of Energy, just as Dark was about to reach towards her neck. The shield covered her, and cut off Dark's 3 fingers. She was suddenly back in real time, and could see Dark roaring in pain.

He regrew his fingers, and clenched his fists.

  • Dark - You shall be the first one into the void, warrior of fire!

From his chest extended a Claw of Pure shadow, and quickly tried to grab Arkaalin. Arkaalin jumped from the air, as Dark latched onto a Rock, and, as his Shadow Claw normally did, pulled it towards himself. He swung his fist, crushing it with ease.

  • Arkaalin - Our only chance of victory is if we work together! Brothers, sister, we must combine our powers!

Arkaalin first triggered his control of fire and heat. His sword at first blazed with heat, then, with focus, channeled it into pure elemental energy. He pointed it at Dark, and let the red beam of energy struck him to the right, destroying his wing. Tilaos then raised his right Power claw, and channeled his own Essence powers at Dark, as Uriet channeled her Water powers into a tsunami. As Tialos's blast him square in the chest, the blue energy hit him from behind. Corhufu, tired and out of breath, summoned a whirlwind which hit Dark to the left, and shredded his other wing.

Pervartos then focused his energy into his fists, and slammed them into the ground. It ruptured and traveled in a line towards Dark. Trogov jumped into the air, and with a yell, slammed his foot into the ground, also rupturing it. The 2 energy waves traveled through the ground, came below Dark, and erupted to service to strike him.

Faced with all six elements combined, Dark roared in pure rage and pain. His skin cracked, as a white-hot material flowed out, then began to solidify.

  • Dark - *Looks down at his cracking skin* NO! NOOOO!!

He formed a psychic shield around himself, trying to block the power of the elements from destroying his body, and possibly, his internal Darkling essence. However, his psychic shield did little, and the elements simply formed around it, forming into crystal, and forming into a tear-drop shape. As the heroes stopped to admire their work, Dark glared down at them all.

  • Dark - You *Growl* cannot destroy me...for I...am...nothing...

The seal finally finished, Dark remained trapped within, partially a prison of his own making. While he could not free his essence, his intelligence and mind could still reach out. He began to try and call out, when suddenly, they all saw a bright light appear. It was his sister. Had he been able to move, he would've gnashed his teeth in anger. No, in rage.

  • Dark - Ahhh, sister, hiding behind your "students", as usual?
  • Zaraturai - No brother, I had to fight through several of your Darklings. I'd we're even.
  • Dark - Yes, I get trapped in crystal like one of Phase-Hunter's little cartoon villains, and you get off free. Truly, more of your kind of justice, sister.
  • Zaraturai - Don't try your double standard, you murdered several of your own kind, and others, and Don't try to call on Trodaka to save you. Or any servants. Contact your son telepathically, or however your speaking right, and send all your servants off.
  • Dark - Fine.
  • Zaraturai - And don't forget, I can read minds. Don't try anything sneaky.
  • Dark - Bitch....

He contacted Gridlock.

  • Gridlock - Father? Did you destroy the Six? If any are alive, may I be allowed to torture them?
  • Dark - No Gridlock, I have been imprisoned, and I'm talking to you via telepathy. Gather my forces and be off. Retreat at once.
  • Gridlock - Should I try and rescue you?
  • Dark - No, don't get yourself hurt over my weakness. You and Trodaka share leadership of the Brotherhood. Also on the subject, are you...and her...ok?
  • Gridlock - I have a few burns, But I will heal. Trodaka is healing unnaturally well.
  • Dark - Good, I am out. Good bye son.

Gridlock broke off contact and began to call a retreat. The Powers, the Shadow Hunters, and The Brotherhood of Darklings retreated, leaving only the Federation, their allies, and the Cyber Collective, and the Movement.

  • Zaraturai - Wow, the "Personification of all evil in the universe" actually cares about someone other then his grand plan.
  • Dark - Shut up...

Zaraturai activated her powers and fired at the ground beneath Dark's seal, sending it into space, and into the unknown.

  • Arkaalin - That's nice, glad to finally meet who we're supposed to protect.
  • Trogov - Yes, and let's hope we don't get our minds erased again. I don't really enjoy that.
  • Zaraturai - It is good to meet you too. But your brothers need you on the service. We must hurry. That Proditkar Movement is beginning it's move on the planet.
  • Corhufu - Get rid of one, and several takes it's place.

Darkling Brotherhood; still alive[]

As the massive combined Darkling-Shadow Hunter-Powers-IoW-Gigapedus fleet feld the system, the various races had broken into argument. Tibirix, with damaged armor, stood towering over Sentry, roaring at him and the highest ranking shadow hunters.

  • Tibirix - This is your fault, you un-organized scum! Now we're on the run from Both Collective and Federation Fleets!
  • Sentry - None of this is our fault. Your the one who didn't compile with the master's plan!
  • Tibirix - And what would you know about being a warrior! Your just another Merc. who Dark hired, and would back-stab him if you didn't have enough money!
  • Sentry - ...HOW DARE YOU!!!

Every Darkling, Rakar Beast, Mutran Spider, Changeling, Zarbanian and various other servant races turned to see the commotion. Auriela stepped forward, ready to break the 2 up. As Hive queen, she often had to bust some heads to stop some squabbling drones from doing to much damage.

  • Sentry - You know nothing of my Friendship, my care, my legitimate respect for Dark! YOU WANT TO BETRAY HIM FOR MORE POWER! YOU HYPOCRITICAL SCUM!!!
  • Auriela - Alright, knock it, don't make start smashing skulls!
  • Tibirix - I will slice your throat, Bounty Hunter. Don't stand before a darkling, I know your not that stupid.
  • Sentry - I will break you, imbecile. Don't even try thinking your better then me.
  • ??? - Enough!

Gridlock stood on the bridge, flanked by 2 Changeling Drones. He glared down at both.

  • Gridlock - My father has placed me and Trodaka in command of the Brotherhood in his absence, and you will follow my orders. Auriela, Trodaka requires your help.
  • Auriela - Yes?
  • Gridlock - You and your finest Changeling warriors to assist her in finding Dark's current resting place.
  • Auriela - Shall I follow her commands on this?
  • Gridlock - It's best you do. She seems to have become some sort of "Prophetess" of Dark, being able to hear him.

Spidrax stomped into the bridge, his massive form almost unable to get through the door. The Darkling was the creator of the Changeling race, and was revered as a God by them. All the Drones bowed before their maker, hissing softly to him. He petted the head of one, with hands usually used to tear enemies' heads and spines out.

  • Spidrax - I would like to come along.
  • Tibirix - *Sneers* Why would they want you, he who's name is another word for failure.
  • Spidrax - At least my creations don't die 2 seconds after creation.
  • Tibirix - Hmmm.
  • Gridlock - Ask Trodaka, I'll be busy with other matters.

The Darkling Lord nodded, and stomped off. Auriela and some of her drones followed. The crew went about to carry out their functions on the ship.

Okosus and his fleet had already left the rest of their allies' fleets. He was to rejoin the rest of his people in their never ending conflict with their Centapedus brethren. At least this war had been a good distraction. But now duty called, and that was butchering Centapedus. Okosus looked at the fleets of his allies one last time, and then had his own jump into hyperspace. He had not even said goodbye.

The Meteor[]

The transport neared an ancient meteor. Something had blown out part of it, and it's fragments flew through space. The Transport avoided the debris field, and landed on the large meteor.

  • Pilot - Alright, we're here. Let's get this over with, I've got a bad feeling about this.
  • Trodaka - Right.

Trodaka, Auriela, and Spidrax walked out, followed by Mutran Spiders and Changeling Drones. They followed a low, red light, through various caverns, to...

The crystal Dark was trapped in. The Shard had been sent into space, and landed inside a meteor.

Trodaka approached without fear, and placed a hand on the seal, feeling the energies of the six elements. Auriela and some of her drones began to approach, but kept their distance. they where especially sensitive to the elements.

  • Terikalinra - Perfect! Yes, exactly what I need.
  • Trodaka - The Plan shall succeed, my love, and we will rule all...!
  • Terikalinra - Time to leave this place. Let us depart.
  • Trodaka - *Points to the Changelings and Mutran Spiders.* You, get this prison off this rock, and into the palace and Dakastral.
  • Auriela - How nice, what did this accomplish though?
  • Trodaka - Everything my dear friend, everything.

The Brotherhood may have been out of the war, but it defiantly wasn't dead yet.

New Plan[]

Meanwhile, in an unknown dimension, The "Pieces" had returned to their Master.

  • ??? - Ah, my Knight. I trust you are alright?
  • Knight - I am fine my lord, but the Dark One is more powerful than I previously thought. He attempted A mind bending power on me.
  • ??? - Worry not. I am in the process of making new pieces for battle.
  • Rook - Huh? New pieces? What's wrong with us?
  • ??? - Nothing. Its just that if we are to put the plan into action, I will need more pieces for combat.
  • Bishop - What piece then master?
  • ??? - The King.

The three warriors look to each other, then to the darkness where their master stood.

  • Knight - The King? But that would be your strongest piece correct?
  • ??? - Yes. If we are to win against the Dark One and these "Enlightened Ones", I need have my best piece.
  • Rook - Hey! We can take those guys!
  • ??? - Knight may be able to. But you all have no idea what you're dealing with.
  • Knight - I do know this: Ugandalore is under attack from the Prodictar Movement.
  • Rook - Yeah, and who knows when Dark One will attack again.
  • ??? - Hm. Fine. Perhaps I should revive them. My Pawns.
  • Knight - What!?
  • Bishop - Master, no disrespect, but whose to say the Pawns won't destroy the Federation?
  • ??? - Do not worry. The Pawns will be used at a later date. Knight, If they step out of line destroy them. You will be in their flagship's command bridge.
  • Knight - Yes my lord.
  • Bishop - My lord, why do you see these beings as a threat? I thought you were among the most powerful of beings in the universe.
  • ??? - I am. But back during my days as a mortal, the Enlightened Ones were the reason I lost my territory in Mirus. Even if they do not know it. I had little interaction with Dark One, but judging from how he was a match for Ne'yon, he is one powerful foe. Perhaps a potential ally.
  • Rook - Dark One will destroy the Federation at all costs. Are you sure that's a good idea?
  • ??? - He can do as he pleases with the rest of the Mirus scum. As long as he doesn't interfere with my main plan.
  • Rook - Which is?
  • Bishop - You've forgotten already? You idiot.
  • ??? - The plan is to take back the Milky Way. In my absence, new races have popped up, proving to be very powerful. Including my creations, the Volver.
  • Knight - We could not help it my Lord. We had to become powerful, it was our only means of survival in the galactic community.
  • ??? - I understand. The plan will go into action after this war.
  • Knight - Should we perhaps give assistance to the Federation?
  • ??? - Not unless it is truly necessary. I'd prefer not to waste any power.

The three warriors nodded and took their portals back to Ugandalore. The stood in the shadows, watching the battle unfold. The three look up to see the Volver War fleet orbiting Ugandalore.

  • Rook - Huh! I haven't seen that thing in years!
  • Bishop - None of us have.
  • Knight - What is Brygon doing?
  • Bishop - According to the Volver Knights, he plans to defend the planet from the Proditkar Movement.
  • Knight - We cant risk losing the fleet to this war. I suggest we stop him at once.
  • Rook - Stop him? How? Like tell him to "Stop"?
  • Knight - No. I mean end him. He's going to end up leading our race to extinction if he continues to act out of line.
  • Rook - What? But Knight! Brygon is our-
  • Knight - I'm well aware of his relationship with us. You need not tell me of it. I will either kill him, or convert him.
  • Bishop - Well I think it's wrong to kill a Volver of royal blood. And conversion would require his consent...
  • Knight - Do you both intend to stop me?

Rook and Bishop look to each other with worry, aware of the Knight's strength.

  • Bishop - Fine. Do as you wish Knight. But we will take no part in this.

Knight nods to them and teleports away.

Battle Aboard the Ascon Warship[]

Brygon continues the defense of Ugandalore, firing upon Heretic frigates that attempted to enter the atmosphere. He sat in his captain's chair, ordering the auto-turrets online. Suddenly, a Prodictar fighter lands in the hangar. Pridar hops out and slaughters the Volver in the docking bay. He makes his way to the command bridge. Brygon and Kabaa stand, guns ready as Pridar walks through the door.

  • Brygon - You'll pay for those lives, scum.
  • Pridar - Ha. So you're "Brygon" huh? I hear that you think the Enlightened Ones will attack you.
  • Brygon - I don't know much about them, so anything could happen.
  • Pridar - Ah, I see. It appears that I'm going to have to kill you Brygon. Can't have your kind interfering with the Movement.
  • Kabaa - What should we do my king?
  • Brygon - ᏎᏟᏌᎻ ᎲᏱᎷ ᏈᏬᏏ ᏫᏣᏌᏪᏬᎻᏎ [(Scah-ah Mal na off-eno) Asconian for scan him for weapons]

Kabba activates his scanners and scans Pridar up and down for weapons. None appear on his scanners.

  • Kabaa - Strange. He carries no weapons.
  • Pridar - That's what you think!

Pridar reveals his Class Knife and lunges at Brygon. Brygon dodges the knife just barely and allows Kabaa to counterattack. Pridar blocks Kabaa's attack and kicks him back. Brygon opens fire on Pridar. He simply deploys shields built into his armor and absorbs the rounds. Kabaa charges at Pridar. His slices one of Kabaa's antlers in two and slashes off his steel shoulder pad. Brygon looks at Kabaa in confusion, never seeing a blade strong enough to slice through a Volver's antlers. Kabaa roars with rage and slashes at Pridar. Pridar then cuts Kabaa's blade in two before getting kicked back by Brygon.

  • Kabaa - What kind of weapon is that!?
  • Brygon - I don't know. My scanners won't pick up any information on it!!
  • Pridar - If you value your life Kabaa, I suggest you step aside and let me kill your king.
  • Kabaa - Never!
  • Pridar - Then die!

Pridar moves in with blinding speed and slices through Kabaa's armor and skin. Kabaa stagers back, badly wounded. Brygon shoots Pridar in the back to get his attention. Pridar turns to him and slashes at Brygon. Brygon tries to block the knife with his shield, but it cuts straight through, injuring his arm. Brygon lunges at Pridar with his sword, but the Class Knife cuts through that as well. Kabaa attempts to slash Pridar with his claws, only to be stabbed in the chest by the Class Knife. Kabaa falls to the floor dead. Brygon growls in intense anger. He draws his Alphorium SBlade and discards his shield. Pridar chuckles and clashes swords with Brygon. To his surprise, the Class Knife did not cut through the Alphorium Blade. Pridar jumps back, avoiding a horizontal slash from Brygon. He looks at his Class Knife with weary eyes and then to Brygon.

  • Pridar - What!? How is your blade able to slash with the Class Knife?
  • Brygon - It's made of pure Alphorium, a metal found on my homeworld. It can't be broken. Also, you should beware of it's deadly side effect.
  • Pridar - Alphorium...what side effect?!
  • Brygon - If a creature comes into physical contact with pure Alphorium, it slowly drains their life energy, eventually killing them.
  • Pridar - The why use it? It should kill you as well!
  • Brygon - It has no effect on Volver. My kind adapted to resist the draining effects of the metal. Instead we gain whatever energy the metal absorbs.
  • Pridar - It matters not what the blade is made of! I will have your head Volver!
  • Brygon - Bring it.

The two clash blades. Pridar, being far more experienced than Brygon, knocks him to the floor. Though it drained his life, he was able to last through the effects of the Alphorium. Brygon hopped to his feet, realizing that he was indeed outmatched.

  • Pridar - I will give you two choices Volver. Accept us as your creators, or continue to fight me. The later of the two will end with your death.
  • Brygon- The Volver accept Spode as our creator! You are no more than a creature!
  • Pridar - Grr...Fine! Then you have chosen to die!
  • Knight - Not happening.

The Dark Knight steps in and kicks Pridar back. Pridar looks up at the knight and gives him a malicious grin.

  • Pridar - At last! You appear! That power of yours will soon belong to the Movement!
  • Knight - Do not get ahead of yourselves. I did not come to fight you. I actually came to talk to Brygon.
  • Brygon - What for?
  • Knight - Call off the fleet. You are endangering our race. Do not involve us in this Mirus conflict.
  • Brygon - What? But you're the main one who's been aiding us in this war!
  • Knight - Only by masters command. You need to stay alive. Considering you have no children or a worthy heir to take the throne.
  • Brygon - Know your place knight! I am your king and you will not order me around!
  • Knight - I would watch my tongue if I were you, child. You know nothing of being a king.
  • Brygon - And how would you know that!?
  • Knight - Without revealing too much information, I was the king once. Many kings before you that is.
  • Brygon - What?! Impossible!
  • Pridar - Enough! Knight! Who do you serve!? Who dares to think they are powerful enough to stand up to the Movement and Enlightened Ones!?
  • Knight - It doesn't concern you. But if you stay out of my master's way, then he will not destroy you.
  • Pridar - Ha! Such a statement! From what I can tell, your master is nothing more than a fictional god.
  • Brygon - I've only heard stories, but no proof of his existence.
  • Knight - Note that I could kill the both of you. Master just has not permitted me to do so.
  • Pridar - Then this should be easy!

Pridar lunges at the Knight. Knight dodges the blade and bunches Pridar in the face. Pridar roundhouses the Knight in the ribs, breaking two of them. The Knight then rams his antlers through Pridar's armor and pushes him back. Pridar shakes of the injuries and draws his Class Knife once more. The Knight had never seen the blade before either. The Class Knife stabs straight through his armor and into his gut. The Knight grunts in terrible pain as Pridar twists the blade, slicing his organs. The Knight headbuts Pridar and breaks his arm using his elbow. Pridar jumps back, dislodging the knife from Knight's gut. Pridar knowing, it would be difficult to fight Knight and Brygon with one arm would be difficult, flees into the hangar and takes off. The fight in the command bridge left the weapons system temporarily offline, allowing Pridar to escape. The Knight turns to Brygon with a deep wound in his gut. The wound heals slowly, leaving a small scar, only to be covered up by his self-repairing armor. Brygon readies his blade. The Knight looked at him in disbelief.

Brygon charged for the Knight, catching him off guard, and slashes his helmet. A small bottom portion of the helmet chips off, revealing a small part of the Knight's jaw. The Knight growls and slams his shield into Brygon's face. Brygon staggers, but catches himself. He charges ones more, only to be completely countered by the Knight's blade. He slashed Brygon numerous times before striking him down with his powerful tail. He attempts to deal the final blow when his sword is stopped by another.

Barda had arrived on the ship, along with some of his Clone Troopers. He kicked the Knight back against the wall. The Knight was weary from battle. His regenerative powers were diminishing. Barda and his Commandos open fire, filling the Knight with plasma and bullet rounds. The Knight raises his sword, trying to block the fire with it. Suddenly, a domed shield appears around the Knight, blocking all gunfire. Barda commanded the Commandos to cease fire.

The Knight looks up to see another Volver clad in bright white armor with green accents. It was the King. He lowered his shield and quickly took down the Clones, but only knocked them out. Barda and the Volver Knights attempted to aprehend him, but they were no match for his speed. He avoided Barda throughout the fight, yousing hand-to-hand combat to knock out the Volver Knights. King grabbed Knight and opened a portal. He then looked to Barda and Brygon, giving off a feeling of regret. He then vanished through the portal.

  • Brygon - Thank you Barda. I cannot thank you enough.
  • Barda - No problem. Thankfully that one in white armor didn't kill anyone. He seemed to regret doing it...unlike the Dark Knight...
  • Brygon- Agh...I lost so many men...including Kabaa.
  • Barda - What happened?
  • Brygon - Some guy named Pridar entered the ship and attacked me. Kabaa gave his life trying to save me.
  • Barda - I am sorry for your losses. It appears the Movement weren't very fond of your reaction to them or the Enlightened Ones.
  • Brygon - I see. I'll call off the fleet, only the Chariot will stay. I will return to Ugandalore with you.
  • Barda - Alright.

The fleet then leaves Ugandalore, leaving behind the Chariot. Brygon returns to the Hall with Barda to prepare for the next battle.

Titans Clash[]

Back at the Hall, Lavern regains consciousness. He looks over to his right to see that Oskel managed to take care of the Darklings. He sprang up and began to leave the Hall. Oskel quickly jumpt in his way.

  • Lavern - Outta my way Oskel!
  • Oskel - What are you planning on doing? We must stay at the Hall until further orders are given!
  • Lavern - I don't know if you've noticed General, but we are AT WAR. We've no time to wait around!
  • Oskel - Where are you going?
  • Lavern - I'm going out on the battlefield! You can stay here with the others if you want, but I'm taking the fight to them!
  • Oskel - Lavern I suggest you-

Lavern shoves Oskel out of his way, storming out of the Hall. Oskel watches him leave and decides to tell the others of Lavern's behavior.

Lavern makes his way through the streets. He notices a family of Ugandalorians, slaughtered on the sidewalk. His expression went from angry to furious. Lavern began to growl with intense hatred for someone cold hearted enough to kill civilians, let alone children. He continued down the road to see more dead people of all races, damaged buildings, and soldiers of all factions dead. Lavern was truly alone out there in the wasteland. The Clone Troopers were no match for the Cyber Collective soldiers. Lavern made his way through a burning building, unharmed by the flames. As he exited, Cyber Collective Soldiers attacked him. He roared with rage as they opened fire. He charged them, knocking them all to the ground before crushing them with his forearms. More troops arrived to take Lavern down, but he was too much for basic soldiers to handle. Ghorie arrived and fired misses at him. Lavern gets knocked back into the building before blasting fire at Ghorie's chest.

  • Lavern - You! You're responsible for this!
  • Ghorie - Me? No. That was another superior being like me.
  • Lavern - You'll pay for what you did to those people. To think the Marinox were that low.
  • Ghorie - Silence inferior! Since you've shown great power on the battlefield, Mortox wants you assimilated!
  • Lavern - Me? join you? I used to admire the Grox when I was younger...but after seeing what they really can do, I was sorely mistaken.
  • Ghorie - Fine. I'll just have to kill you then.
  • Lavern - Not if I kill you first.

Ghorie raises his arm and shoots plasma from his chain gun. Lavern manages to take the blasts and rams Ghorie into another building. Ghorie punches Lavern in the face before kicking him back. Lavern slashes Ghorie's chest, revealing his complex circuitry. Ghorie arms his missles again and shoots them point-blank at Lavern. He is sent through four more buildings before catching himself. Lavern stands and roars into the sky. Ghorie smashes through the buildings to land a follow up attack on Lavern.

Lavern picks up a stone column and swings it into Ghorie's torso, damaging his hip socket and metallic ribcage. Ghorie stands as sparks fly from his chest and wires hand out from his wounds. Lavern breathes intense flames at Ghorie, hoping to melt some of Ghorie's outer shell. It melts lightly before Ghorie punches Lavern into a wall. Lavern bounces off the wall and delivers a heavy lariat to Ghorie's neck. Ghorie struggles up as Lavern kicks him back down. He holds him by the neck and covers his and in fire.

  • Lavern - This is for those people, you Marinox scum!

Lavern punches trough Ghorie's chest, burning and melting his inner workings. Before Lavern could do any more serious damage, he is kicked away from Ghorie by Karack.

  • Lavern- Who in the blazes are you!?
  • Karack - Another superior. Inferiors must be exterminated you know.

Karack fires a laser from his artificial eye, piercing Lavern's shoulder. Karack helps Ghorie to his feet. Lavern clutches his shoulder in pain as he observes his two foes.

  • Karack - I see why Mortox believes you're a strong race. Ghorie, should we make some soldiers out of his kind as well?
  • Ghorie - Let's start with this one. You could use a new arm Lavern.
  • Lavern - I'll die before I let you augment me or my people!

Ghorie raises his working arm and prepares his cannons. Karack raises his weapons as well. Lavern struggles to stand after taking so many hits from Ghorie and a wound from Karack. Lavern thinks of his people and son, then his friends. He finds the strength to stand once more to face the two head on.

Lavern cracks his fists, and glares at Karack.

  • Lavern - I'm taking you down first, but hunk of bolts.
  • Karack - I use to be like you Lavern. Before the Collective took my identity, my family, before they made me "perfect". Now I serve without question. Surrender to the Collective as I have, and suffer no more.
  • Lavern - If suffering means destroying you scum, so be it!

He fired a blast of fire from his hand, as Karack Fired radioactive plasma from his shoulder canon, and Ghorie fired his own Plasma Canons. Lavern dodged most of the Plasma Rounds, as his Fire balls hit Karack in the chest several times. The gigantic machine stomped forward as quickly as his massive form would allow, and swung his blade-like fingers at Lavern. The warrior-king ducked, then grabbed his arm with both hands, and channeled heat into the limb, weakling it's support gyros. Karack pulled away, then kicked Lavern. The kick had little form or smoothness to it, but was strong enough to send him into a building.

  • Karack - You merely adopted the Warrior spirit. I was born in it, molded by it.
  • ??? - You stole that line from the Dark Knight Rises Bitch!

Suddenly, a Human in Ugandal armor came out of no where and slammed an Axe blade into karack's head. The behemoth of metal staggered, then fell on his back, as The Human jammed 2 swords into his body. Ghorie was caught off guard, leaving Lavern enough time to slam a punch into Ghorie, causing him to drop one of his blades. Ghorie rushed at Lavern with his blade, giving a metallic battle cry, before Lavern quickly picked up the blade, and slammed it into Ghorie's chest. The Marinox coughed up circulation fluid.

  • Ghorie - I...I cannot...die...I am Immortal..I am immortal to...in..inferiors...

He feel to the ground, as Lavern walked over to Karack's form. The gigantic beast tried to move, but was too badly damaged.

  • Lavern - Normally I'd kill you, but that would be a mercy wouldn't it?
  • Karack - That it would. But we are both doomed. Maybe that's the one thing we have in common.

Lavern walked away, making his way back to the palace, As Karack shut down to spare himself the pain of the damage. Already, the Alpha Cyber Collective could feel the loss of their 2 commanders. Their military was beginning to degenerate, even with the Overseers.

Phase-Hunter ripped his axe out of Karack's skull, and skipped away to follow Lavern. He hoped Barda didn't mind him coming back. He wasn't really welcomed here, back on earth, or anywhere. But, hey, there where warm bodies, and that meant blood to be spilled.

Meanwhile, the 2 commanders were beamed up into an Alpha Grox ship, while the Grox fleet retreated.

Return of Phase-Hunter[]

Lavern and Phase-Hunter walk down the street leading to the Hall. Phase-Hunter follows along cheerfully, talking about his crazy sex life. Lavern quickly becomes irritated with him.

  • Phase - Then there was this one girl...whoo! She was amazing, and her sisters too!
  • Lavern - Silence worm! I am not in the mood for your talk of meaningless copulation!
  • Phase - Hey c'mon! Lighten up!
  • Lavern - I'm mostly lava and fire! I can do nothing but "lighten up".
  • Phase - Geez, I wonder why I even saved ya.
  • Lavern - Whatever. What the hell are you anyways? Some kind of ape?
  • Phase - Hey! I'll have you know that I'm a human!
  • Lavern - Human? Ha! So you're one of those! I thought your kind was long extinct!
  • Phase - You're wrong about that.
  • Lavern - I think you should actually drop by Earth after this is over kid.
  • Phase - I'm actually banned from the Human Republic's territory.

The two enter the Hall, catching the attention of the guards and leaders. Si'daal had returned during Lavern's battle with Ghorie, feeling better since Oskel's visit to Farmia. The leaders greet Phase and Lavern.

  • W'tze - Phase! That's a long time no see!
  • Barda - Lavern, how did did the battle go?
  • Lavern - Whad'dya mean "how did the battle go?"!? I'm Lavern! Lord of flames and heat! No machine can defeat me!
  • Phase - I helped him out.
  • Brygon - Ah, I see.
  • Lavern - Quit ruining my spotlight kid!
  • Si'daal - Give it a rest hot-head! We knew you'd come back! Just don't risk you life like that again, we need as many people as we can get.
  • Phase - Hey, who's the babe? I'd like to get a piece of THAT!

Si'daal glares at Phase and pounces on him. She holds him against a pillar and bears her fangs while hissing. The other leaders look to her in surprise. Oskel simply folds his arms and chuckles.

  • Si'daal - It's been soooo long since I've seen a human. I almost don't remember what they taste like! Sort of tangy flavor if I recall.
  • Oskel - If you don't mind my queen, save an arm for me.
  • Phase- Y'know I'm terrified and aroused at the same time.
  • Lavern - Si'daal, the human is our ally. I think Barda wants him alive.
  • Si'daal - Hmph, oh well. I'll just have to wait 'till later.

Si'daal releases him, leaving claw marks in his armor. She walks out of the room. The others look to Oskel in confusion. He simply shrugs.

  • Oskel- What? You all act like you've never tasted human before.
  • W'tze - I was human once! Oskel, you can't be serious!
  • Brygon - Considering my kind are pretty similar to them, no...I haven't.
  • Lavern - My kind can't even eat biological tissue.
  • Barda - No one is eating Phase, no matter how annoying he is. Phase, just don't kill any one and I won't help cook you for their diner.
  • Phase - It's cool, I took my medication. I think...
  • Brygon - anyways, I've got to do a little research into my kind's history. I need to find out more about this "master" the Dark Knight speaks of.
  • Phase - Batman!?
  • Lavern - (face palms) Sorry, I can't be around this guy any longer.
  • Brygon - Call me when you plan on going into battle.
  • Lavern - Same goes for me.

Lavern and Brygon leave the room. Oskel stays behind, waiting for Si'daal to return. Barda then sees Jallas walking in.

  • Barda - Jallas! Has everything gone well?
  • Jallas - Yes, but your son ran off again.
  • Barda - Blast it all, that boy's always running off somewhere.
  • Jallas - I can search for him if you want.
  • Barda - No, you worry for him enough, you'll have grey hair by time your 20.
  • ??? - If he lives that long.

The 2 turned, to see Ghorie, scared, bruised, and one arm almost burned off, with a bleeding wound in his chest. The Marinox smiled.

  • Ghorie - Prepare for death!
  • Barda - Foul machine. Come to fight? Then how about just you and me?

His Power Claws extended, and took a ready stance. Ghorie flicked out his 2 swords, one covered in his blood.

  • W'tze - Barda, I think we should handle this. There's too much at stake if you die. Who would be Ugandalore?
  • Barda - I won't lose then.
  • Ghorie - Enough talk mortal! Face me!

Ghorie charged, slamming his swords into Barda's Knuckles. He tried to over-power the Ugandalorian, but his strength had been reduced thanks to his fight with Lavern. Finally, he kicked Barda into a wall, and leapt forward, intent on stabbing his head. Barda rolled away, as Ghorie's sword stabbed through a wall. Barda Swung his blades, cleaving off more skin, and causing the Marinox to release a Metallic roar of agony.

Ghorie wretched his blade out, and swung wildly at Barda. As Ghorie grew angrier and angrier, his attacks increased in speed. Barda leapt, dodged, and blocked every blow. Finally, Ghorie's eyes began to dim, as he was losing power. He swung a strike at Barda, only for him to side-steppe him, and slash his burnt arm off. Ghorie roared, and stabbed Barda in the chest, before kicking him away. He staggered towards the Ugandalorian.

  • Ghorie - Fool! I will...burn you...down.
  • Barda - Yes, I will.

Barda raised his hand and launched a stream of fire at the Commandant. Ghorie tried to activate his Anti-Gravity Harness, but found it had no energy. The flames where hotter then normal ones, and He roared in agony as his body was consumed. All that remained was ash. Ghorie was dead.

Dying Hopes[]

The Alpha forces where fighting hard, but the Federation, two Spode Empires, Waptoria and NOVA Alliance, now with the Enlightened Ones, where easily destroying them. It was mostly the Enlightened Ones, with their advanced technology. The Alpha Collective could only hold out so long. Despite all their advancement, they could only keep the battle a stalemate.

Finally, some Dead Watch loyalists with Bio-Morphling Hive-ships, arrived. Ajaar'Magnos and Barda Looked up into the skies.

  • Ajaar - Bah! The Loathsome Parasite has arrived. More heads to rip off.
  • Barda - Let's be careful, buddy. We might get overwhelmed by sheer numbers.
  • Ajaar - *Readies his energy Swords and Blaster Rifle* I came to dance, and if their willing, then I'll cut as many of them down. Come Hunter, let us destroy them.

The Bio-Morphling Pods, and Dead Watch drop ships, began going towards the planet.

  • W'tze - Easier said than done, comrade...
  • Barda - Ahh, Fresh hell. There won't be a planet left at this rate.
  • Ajaar - Not on my watch.

As the Dead watch and Morphling troops pushed forward, the 3 began opening fire, cutting the invading troops, as a gigantic warrior marched forward, Firing blasts from his arm canon. One or 2 blasts, and most of the enemy's forces went down.

  • Barda - Kossi, I really would like to have a weapon like that.
  • Ajaar - The Unified Nations of Spode salvage the weapons made by your kind, Ancient Warrior. Wearing them into battle is one of the highest honors possible in my nation.
  • Kossi - Sorry, youngling, this weapon is for my kind only.
  • Ajaar - The Gods never cease to amaze.
  • Kossi - *Blasts an incoming Morphling* Gods...?
  • Ajaar - Before UNoS and the later Cult of Atzerry became separated, our capitol was a Sacred City, build by the Creators...your empire. We learned they created us, and we learned that various races in the Sacred Empire believed in Spode. What could we do but accept this religion if the Creators followed it?
  • Kossi - Our creations worship us...we never expected that.
  • Ajaar - You didn't?
  • Kossi - We knew that we once would be gone. So we planned the creation of four empires...one of Honor, one of Nature, one of War and one of Loyalty...but the Empire of War became corrupt, and the Empire of Loyalty is divided into three...one of with turned to our enemies...
  • W'tze - The Cult of Atzerry.
  • Ajaar - Sacred warrior, are you...disappointed of what we became?
  • Kossi - No, you turned out well. You are still loyal to our cause...just not the way we expected.
  • Ajaar - *Blasts away a Morphling Drone* Thank you, Sacred One.
  • W'tze - *Shrugs off a Morphling Infector and rips out it's tongue* Dammit, that one nearly infected me!

Suddenly, the ground shook, and distorted roars cloud be heard. Bio-Morphling epics appeared, with Morphling swarmers, cockroach-like creatures made from the flesh of the fallen, in between them.

  • W'tze - Gonna be rough. But Waptoria Laser rifles are engineered on Lockrin-Noth matter-disintegrating-laser-tech.
  • Kossi - Is that so? Anyways, let them come then.

Kossi fired a powerful blast in the air, with shocked an assaulting Epic to death. Barda and Ajaar focussed, and fired a combined Fire/essence blast, with destroyed another one. W'tze summoned vines with made the third epic trip and fall. He then aimed his Laser at it, and disintegrated it, before disintegrating half of the swarmlings. Meanwhile, Kossi had his suit stomp on the other half, crushing them to death.

  • Mortox - What? How is that possible? They survived my Morphlings?
  • Terrox - We need to escape, or we are doomed. But how? The Enlightened Ones Mothership is in space above our position. We are trapped! Error!
  • Mortox - A distraction is needed. Send in more Morphlings? Negative, I need them. Bachyeon? Negative, by the time they arrive, we have already lost this fleet. Cult of Atzerry? Positive! They are willing to sacrifice themselves to get us out! I'm sure their High Commanders want a payback on the Ultra Commandos since their defeat at their hands during the Second Infectant War.
  • Terrox - Call them then.

Ending the Battle[]

And Mortox did. Immediately after hearing the call, the Grox Followers dispatched a fleet to aid their perishing Lords. The Cult fleet descended into the atmosphere and surrounded the mothership. The Grox had finally stripped it off it's shielding, so the fleet could damage the hull at will. And they did.

Aboard the mothership, supreme fleetmaster Lockrin-Ti monitored the ship's status. He saw that two Grox Follower ships were nearly done tearing themselves though the hull. Locrin-Ti was a Locrin-Noth with full power over Air , but had power over Gravity,too. He hoped it was enough. He focussed, and let two ships crash into each other. He then summoned various tornados with caught the surrounding Cult ships. Then, the tornados merged into a powerful typhoon, with stripped the ships off their shielding. Finally, Locrin-Ti used his Gravity powers to implode the Typhoon into a black hole, with sucked the ships before disappearing. Locrin-Ti then moved the ship out of the danger zone. The path for the Grox to flee was clear now.

As more and more Grox ships jumped into Hyperspace, all High Commanders landed on Ughandalore. The Cult in general were going to make sure all their Lords could escape, while the High commanders were off to settle an old score...

The Ultra Commandos and Barda's Delta squad saw the Grox retreat. Suddenly, the High Commanders appeared before them, seemingly out of nowhere. As the two groups locked eyes, and the Ultras and Deltas let out a battle cry. The High commanders remained silent. They had learned only victory counted. Both groups readied their weapons. A titan's clash had begun.

Wrath rushed forward, slamming one of his beefy hands into Arkaalin's chest. Even with armor, the world spun. However, he concentrated, and slashed Wrath's abdomen with his sword, just enough to distract him, before Arkaalin kicked him. Wrath swung both Energy Claws, meeting Arkaalin's Sword. While he had the advantage of speed, Wrath had far greater psychical power over him. Finally, Arkaalin fired a spark into Wrath's face, before firing a series of Plasma Blasts at him. Wrath returned fire with 2 Heat-seeking missiles. Arkaalin fired 2 bolts of fire into the skies, allowing the missiles to explode harmlessly in the air. Arkaalin then leapt forward with his jet pack, slamming into Wrath, and knocking the air out of him, before kicking him into a wall. The Grox Follower slumped over, beaten, as Arkaalin twirled his sword and sheathed it.

Pride fired plasma Blast after blast, hitting Tilaos. The Spikey finally raised a shield of ice, blocking most of Pride's blasts, as he twirled, then fired blasts of his own, aiming at weak points in his armor. Pride roared, and activated his blades, then charged at Tilaos. The ice warrior made a sheet of slippery ice, and activated his own Power claws. As Pride slipped across the ice, and tried to regain his balance, Tilaos slide gracefully, and skidded right into Pride, stabbing his knuckles into his body. Pride swung, slashing Tilaos twice, before he leapt gracefully over him, and blasted him several times. Pride roared in pain, and summoned up several crystal towers to protect him, which reflected the bolts back at Tilaos. Tilaos landed painfully on his feet, as Pride lifted up his crystal towers telepathically, and sent them at Tilaos like spears. Tilaos flash froze them, and then shattered them before they could come near. Pride roared, and charged forward, swords ready. Tilaos ducked and dodged each blow, before flash freezing Pride's body in a block of ice.

Directly after locking eyes with Sev, Sloth backed down into cover. Sev approached to look, as a swarm of clones spawned at the apposite direction of Sloth and Sev and started to attack Sev at long range. Sev jumped into cover, but exposed hiself to Sloth. He looked around to see a pinpointing laser targeting his head, and jumped over cover just in time to evade Sloth's headshot. However, he was now exposed to the bullet rain of Sloth's clones. Sev deployed at decoy of himself to distract the clones. It worked. He then shot poisoned blades at the clones, killing them all. As sloth created a second wave of clones, Sev "healed" his decoy, with continued to distract the clones. He continued this over and over until Sloth was exhausted, and could not create more clones. Both Sev and Sloth left cover, and locked eyes once more. The Sniper readied his rifle, and the Assassin seemed to prepare a poison blade for launch. However, the second before Sloth was going to fire, Sev suddenly charged forward. Sloth was surprised and missed. Sev headbutted Sloth and stabbed a poisoned Wrist Dagger into Sloth's abdomen. Sloth groaned from the effect of the poison for some seconds, and fainted from it's effects.

Ficam fired his shotgun at Envy. Envy activated his Tech Armor, and the blast bounced off him. He them summoned a Combat Droid, a floating ball-shaped android that floats about, and is able to fire a stinging laser at foes. He also summoned a Defense Droid to protect himself. As Ficam charged at the Combat Droid, it started to rapidly fire at Ficam, who became annoyed, and overloaded it in order to destroy it. However, Envy just deployed another one. Ficam decided to say away from it. Envy saw Ficam was faster than him, so he put a package on the ground, with deployed itself into a defense turret. The Turret flushed Ficam out of cover. Now, he really had enough. He quickly sabotaged the turret, and then shot at Envy's Combat Droid. Before Envy could deploy another one, Ficam had overloaded his Defense Droid, destroying it. He then fully charged up his shotgun and fired a powerful blast at Envy, with shattered his Tech Armor into bits. Finally, he drained Envy's shielding, and plummeted him with his gun. Envy was down.

Genocide beated his chest and jumped towards Scorg. Scorg evaded just in time, and threw a Flashbang Grenade at the beast. The grenade exploded, blinding Genocide for some seconds, allowing Scorg to escape. Scorg then fired regular Grenades from his Grenade launcher, but retreated back into cover as Genocide charged up his Shoulder cannons. Normal Hxterminatoin fired Radiation blasts from their shoulder cannons, with was worse enough, but those of Genocide were upgraded to fire antimatter. Scorg knew that one blast would be fatal. Happily for him, genocide's guns needed to charge up and cool down after use, however he was accurate and faster than anyone would expect from a 10 meter-high being thanks to his implants. As Genocide's blast hit Scorg's cover, the latter could feel the world around him shake. He threw various Frag Grenades at Genocide, but it didn't seemed to hurt the beast. Suddenly, Scorg got an idea. He jetpacked over the battlefield and dropped various Chain Mines in his wake. Then, he flew at a barricade and started to taunt Genocide. Genocide beated his chest once more, and in ager, charged at Scorg, right trough the minefield. He stepped on one, with exploded and caused the others to explode, too. the series of explosions was too much for Genocide who fell down and swept his arm over the ground one last time in an failing attempt to grab and crush Scorg.

Eventually, all the High commanders were down. The Delta squad moved forward to kill them off. With a last move, Envy grabbed on of Ficam's Flashbang Grenades and grew it at the group before fainting. The Grenade went off, blinding the group. When they regained sight, Apathy had picked up the other High Commanders and the Grox forces had fully left Ughandalore, their Followers close behind.

Phrase Three: Wrath of the Grox[]

Enter the Kashriinox[]

After the battle of Ughandalore, the planet was badly damaged. Barda, Brygon, Lavern and Si'daal, as such, desided to move their base of operations to Raptoranea. Once the group arrived in the meeting room, W'tze greeted them.

As the leaders enter the meeting room to plan their next move, W'tze gets an incoming transmission. Oji'b appeared on the screen, clearly panicking. The message is badly distorted.

  • W'tze - Oji'b, What's happening?
  • Oji'b - These things beamed down...Grox-like...not the Ones...need assistance...*screen turns static*
  • Brygon - That looks serious.
  • Lavern - If it is then why are we not blasting off to save this colony?
  • W'tze - All right. Meeting discontinued. We've got to save a planet first.

The group quickly rally their fleets and leave for the attacked planet. Upon entering the system, they scanned for Grox ships, but found none.

  • Barda - This is strange...

The fleet enters the planet's atmosphere. It is polluted by clouds of Grox-Egineered nanomachines. In the center of the cloud is a huge ship of Enlightened One design, but build with Grox metals. The hardened mud-like organic parts of the ship, with were typical for Enlightened One ships were reduced in size, oily black in color and riddled with glowing cybernetics.

  • W'tze - This is even weirder...Anyone ever seen a ship like this?
  • Lavern - Nope.
  • Barda - I did not know this was even possible...Enlightened One tech was created in such a way it could not be fused with Grox tech under normal circumstances.
  • W'tze - That means the "mud" is synthetic in origin...almost like synthetic flesh. Disgusting. Simply disgusting.

The fleet engages the ship, however it created an shield around itself with just neglect all projectiles.

  • Lavern - That thing works like an Infection Pod. The only way to destroy by attacking it on foot.
  • Barda - We'll have it to do that way then.
  • W'tze - Gonna be hard...but all right.

The fleet lands, and W'tze, Lavern and Barda jump out. They move carefully, hoping not to alert the enemy. As they reach building, five of what seemed to be modified Bio-Rangers jump down from the rooftop. The team shoots at them. As the creatures are killed, they dissolve into acid.

  • W'tze - Those aren't real Bio-Rangers. They are killed too easy and besides, biotroopers cannot be assimilated.
  • Barda - All nice and fair but if they aren't Bio-Rangers, what are they?
  • W'tze - 'Bout to check that.

W'tze walks over to an acid pool, and scans it.

  • W'tze - This husk seems to be made from an Euchada.
  • Barda - The second one was originally an Mardvae.
  • Lavern - I don't have a scanning device but this pool smells like plant. Probably Liev.
  • W'tze - So they are using regular Waptoria species to create these...anyways, let's move.
  • Lavern - Don't think so. They've got reinforcements.

More Husks appear, together with Volver. Those Volver had their right hand chopped off, with only their fifth finger remained. In the place of a hand was a Grox-egineered SMG. These are Kashriinox Grunts. Lavern trows a fireball at two, burning them down. W'tze shoots another in the head. Barda managed to kill the third Grunt by implaling it on his sword.

  • W'tze - All clear. I believe we can move on this time.
  • Lavern - Aye.

The team continues their way forward. They do not meet any resistance until they arrive at a empty docking bay, were they are once more assaulted by Husks and Grunts. This time, there were also two Spikron with them, their right arms elongated and mutated into a sac filled with an highly flammable and explosive gas. The group is lead by a Soldarian, clad in an Soldarian battle harness. It's skin was stripped off, clearly showing cybernetics grafted into the Soldarian's flesh. It is an Kashriinox Murmillo. Barda shoots at the Murmillo, with no effect.

  • Barda - That Soldarian-thing has shielding!
  • W'tze - Heard you.

W'tze draws out his Laser Rifle and shoots at the Murmillo, while Barda and Lavern deal with the Husks and Grunts. W'tze is able to down the Murmillo's shielding. Lavern trows a fireball ate the Murmillo, melting his armor while frying him inside. A Spikron jumps on W'tze back, and slams it's arm on him. The Spikron explodes, and sends W'tze flying.

  • W'tze - I call that thing an exploder.
  • Barda - Sounds reasonable.
  • Lavern - So they explode huh?

Lavern unleashes a fireblast at the remaining exploder, killing him and causing him to selfdestruct. The explosion, coupled with Lavern's fireblast, obliterates the remaining Husks and Grunts.

  • W'tze - We've nearly reached the ship!

Barda, W'tze and Lavern move trough the docking bay, into what appeared to be a huge depot. Once more, Husks, Grunts and Exploders appear, lead by two Murmillos.

  • Lavern - I got enough of these guys already!

Lavern charges up, and then unleashes a huge firewall, with destroys all enemies but the Murmillos, who find themselves stripped of their shielding. Barda and W'tze destroy their armor, with contains their life generator, thus causing them to die. Then, three creatures exit the bunker on the other side of the depot. They bodies were that of Goorkiens, but their heads and spine was that of an Ughandalorian. Their first pair of arms sport power claws, while they wield a Grox-egineered shotgun with a stun rod attached to it in the hands of the second pair of arms.

  • W'tze - They look like Ughandalorian Avengers and seems to be quite a force so Ravengers?
  • Lavern - I don't care how these are called as long as we can kill them!
  • Barda - W'tze, you snipe the one the most distant from us position. Laver, you take the one who tries to flank us. I'll take the other two.

W'tze and Lavern do as asked and finish the Ravengers off. However W'tze gets badly wounded during the fight.

  • W'tze - Urk...If there's more coming, I won't be able to hold it. But do you guys see that turret atop of that tower? I might be able to activate it and use it agains the ship...
  • Barda - Do that. Good luck.

W'tze flies up to the tower, and activates the turret, with start to shoot at the ship. Suddenly, the door were the Ravengers came from is blown apart. From the dust emerges a huge, assimilated Dragowar Berserker with his right hand changed into an oversized claw. The Berserker roars at Lavern, and then charges at his, punching him with his claw. Lavern is staggered back, but fires a fireball at the Berserker, stunning him for a brief period. The beast then looks at Barda, beats his chest and leaps at him, before he picks the Ughandalorain off the ground and trows him against a container. Barda's skin begins to glow with energy. He unleashes a wave of superheated particles at the Berserker, who roars in pain. Lavern follows up with a firewall. The berserker is badly hurt, his armor nearly destroyed, with exposes the creatures life generator. Barda aims, and shoots. The Berserker lets out one final roar and falls dead. Meanwhile the turret keeps damaging the ship. Suddenly, it unleashes a cloud of nanobots with lock the turret down. The ship uses this to take off. It leaves the planet's orbit and jumps into hyperspace. W'tze descends from the tower and joins Barda and Lavern.

  • W'tze - The Ravengers and that Berserker...were they guarding something?
  • Lavern- We're about to find out.

The group enter the bunker. The room is filled by swarm of nanomachines. Lavern burns them to ash. When he had finished, they were not hindered anymore by those purple clouds hindering their sight. Barda peeks behind a crate.

  • Barda - You've got to see this! Bodies everywhere.
  • W'tze - One of them is Oji'b!

Oji'b coughs and gets up.

  • Oji'b - Anyone said my name? 'Ey, boss! I knew ya came to save us! And the fire-spitters are with you, too!
  • W'tze - Oji'b, what happened?
  • Oji'b - Dunno. I saw this ship entering the atmosphere. It released those purple clouds of nanomachines with paralyzed us all. They stored us here. Last thing I remember is that they selected some dudes, and took them aboard the ship. Wonder what they did to them.
  • Barda - Possibly the Grox turned them into more of these things. Anyways, this place is safe now.
  • Lavern - Nothing more we can do. Time to go back.
  • Oji'b - Aye. But I'm coming with you, pals.
  • W'tze - Got that. We can't wish for a better sharpshooter.

The fleet picks the team up, with then leaves the planet and goes back to Raptoranea.

Rise of the Bachyeon[]

In the deep space of the milky Way, a massive fleet, invisible for the time being, sits and waits for their masters' bidding. Thousands of races, some assimilated, some Alpha Cyber Collective Military Attaches, and other genetically engineered from various ancient and powerful races.

Finally, their Bachyeon Master, straights his segmented body, and extends his long neck, turning it around. The signal had been given. The Enlightened Ones had returned, and their allies and they would die. He pointed a Insectiod finger and without a word, ordered his fleet forward. Towards a Volver/Federation Colony.

Meanwhile, Brygon remained at the Federation Hall, in temporary command of the UFG. Chariot loomed in the atmosphere. Si'daal and Oskel meet up with Brygon to find him searching through the history books of his people.

  • Brygon - Damn!
  • Si'daal - What's wrong?
  • Brygon - The history of my kind doesn't go back any further than the era of Chief Jorim. It still doesn't explain who their master is.
  • Oskel - He didn't tell me any information when me and Lavern interrogated the Knight.
  • Brygon - I'll figure this out later. So it's nice to see you're alright Si'daal. We were worried about you.
  • Si'daal - yes, I'm fine. Better than I was in fact.
  • Brygon - Oh? How so?
  • Oskel - Apparently she wasn't ill at all. The body of a female Antroth is strange.
  • Brygon - Then...what was wrong?
  • Si'daal - I plan to tell you when the others return.
  • Brygon - Alright?

Brygon takes a second look at his book and notices a passage he overlooked. He leaves the room to read into it more.

The realm was dark. The pieces had gathered once more. King returns through the portal with Knight.

  • ???- Good work King. You preformed perfectly.
  • King- It was nothing. I had no intention of harming Barda or Brygon.
  • Rook- Nice save mate!
  • Bishop- Yes. Quite the warrior.
  • Knight- I could have done that myself. I did not need your aid.
  • King- You have far to much pride to admit your defeat. That is a trait I did not inherit.
  • Knight- You won't take my place. You didn't then and you won't now.
  • ???- Silence Knight, King is out of your caliber. You are of no match for him.
  • Knight- Master, I am the greatest Volver Knight that ever lived!
  • ???- So was King. You just didn't live to see it.
  • Rook- Yeah. I mean you failed to defeat Ne'yon. King-
  • ???- Enough. I do have a job for you King. I sense a great disturbance. Protect the UFG.
  • King- It will be done. I will defend it with my life and Knight?
  • Knight- What?
  • King- Don't ever challenge our current king, or I will kill you. Relative or not.
  • Knight- So be it.

The Bachyeons approached. The planet had suffered a small skirmish with some Imperium and Powers Troops, but was recovering. Federation clone troops and Soldarian soldier where stationed to help. Suddenly, the Bachyeon fleet appeared, repeating it's message to the naval and land forces there.

Perfection has arrived. Prepare for doom.

The Bachyeon begin sending ships down to face the enemy. Thousands of various Synthetic and Bio-engineered warriors march forward. Despite heavy resistance, they continue towards the capital, ignoring any enemies that are not directly in front of them. Hierarch-class Drones blow through enemies with their shotgun blasters, as Covenant-class Drones rend through their foes with blade-like hands. A Gardeili Commander watches from afar.

  • Soldarian - We need to pull back, and let them attack our more defended posts.
  • Volver - Right. We'll get to that.

The Volver commander begins ordering troops to set up defensive stations along the city, where the Bachyeon where coming in. The Drones where surprised by the resistance they meet, but continued on. The city had to fall.

  • Volver - Hold your ground men! Do not allow them to enter!

The soldiers roared in confidence as the Bachyeon approached. The Volver Knights had already fallen back to protect Brygon, leaving only the basic Volver military forces on the front lines. The Drones rushed the soldiers followed by the rest of the Bachyeon forces. The resistance was no match for them, having been worn from previous battles. The Bachyeon continued onward, wreaking havoc on the city. Brygon watches from the window as Antroth Warriors flood the streets. Oskel soon enters the fray, taking down multiple enemies. Brygon couldn't just stand there, so he jumped through the windo and down to the battlefield.

  • Brygon - What the hell are these things?
  • Oskel - They're Bachyeon soldiers. The Infectants spoke highly of them when referring to the ancient races of our galaxy.
  • Brygon - They're tougher than they look that's for sure.
  • Volver - Sir! We are out numbered! We can't deal with them at the moment! Our supplies are currently exhausted!
  • Brygon - Ugh. How troublesome! Alright! Call in for an evacuation. Innocents need not die today.
  • Oskel - What of us?
  • Brygon - We'll have to fight it out here until the Ascon Warship arrives.
  • Oskel - Alright. I will inform the queen of your plan.
  • Brygon - Alright hurry. I'm not sure how many of these guys I can take down..

Oskel runs back into the tower as Brygon heads into battle. He pulls out his Volver-Class Assault Rifle and takes out a few enemies. He eventually runs out of ammo and resorts to sword and shield combat. Luckily, Oskel had returned. The two held their ground for as long as they could. Si'daal managed to create a protective barrier around the two as she exited the tower. A Drone attempted to attack her. She smacked it in the face with her scepter before killing it with a fire spell.

Eventually the Ascon Warship arrived and fired away at ground troops. It then beamed the three leaders and the remaining allied forces up and took off. Brygon looked out back at the planet as more Bachyeon ships arrived. He took off his helmet, eyes full of sorrow. The colony was lost. As they flew outside of Federation territory, a Ascon Starfighter named Hydra followed close behind the Ascon Warship.

The Bachyeon Master, with the same floating, segmented body of his brothers and sisters, but attached to a robotic throne by thousands of wires and tubes, contacted his friend, the Alpha Grox Evermind.

  • Controller - Old friend, I am happy to report a Federation colony has fallen, what is the status of your forces on Ugandalore.
  • Evermind - They were...defeated.
  • Controller - Do not worry, my Hive-mind shall avenge them.
  • Evermind - Thank you. Our former "Masters" will not get away with what they did to our creator.
  • Bachyeon - The Master-Creator will be avenged. Which reminds, how goes the Kasshinox Collective's Program?
  • Evermind - Perfect, with the help of the Meeno and Alpha, they are going ahead of schedule.
  • Controller - I shall contact you when my forces arrive. Then, we shall bring perfection.
  • Evermind - Yes, thank you, and good luck.

The Controller nodded as best he could, and was off to monitor his forces.

Preparing the Ascon Warship[]

The Ascon Warship descended into Ugandalore's atmosphere. Then, it unloaded the many survivors from the Bachyeon and Grox Follower attacks. Brygon and his squad set out to take down any enemies that were left behind. Barda greeted them.

  • Barda - It nice to se you all made it back in one piece.
  • Brygon - Yes. It is. We almost didn't escape. If it wasn't for the warship we wouldn't have made it.
  • Barda - It's a good thing you did. We are preparing for the final battle.
  • Brygon - Ah, I see. What are the others doing for preparations?
  • Barda - Lavern is currently refueling himself. The others are most likely getting their weapons ready.
  • Brygon - Alright. Well I'll just do a system check on the warship. It's probably our best shot keeping their mother ship at bay.
  • Barda - Good. I'll see you shortly then.

Barda leaves to talk to his soldiers as Brygon beams up. He enters his captain's quarters and begins running a systems check. All systems were online and charging. They would be ready for the battle to come. He sat down in relief. After a while, he left and greeted the other leaders with were discussing the next steps.

  • W'tze - Well, destroying the Bachyeons is going to be be difficult, since they live on massive, galaxy-shaped worldships with can just jump in and out Hyperspace in the blink of and Eye. It's easier to destroy the Kashriinox Colletive.
  • Pulporious - The Bachyeons and the Grox Followers are the least advanced. Besides, we don't know exactly were the Kashriinox homestation is located! How could we destroy them without destroying it? They would just clone their numbers back up, and continue their attacks!

Suddenly, Oji'b runs in the room.

  • Oji'b - Boss! We just took down a Kashriinox Dreadnought outside UFG Space!
  • W'tze - Is it intact?
  • Oji'b - Yes, we simply disabled it's drive core and I believe we managed to disable it's life support systems. I wanted to infiltrate it but my squad was too scared to go in.
  • Brygon - All right, we know the Kashriinox homestation is likely located in the galactic core. This is the perfect opportunity to find out where!
  • Barda - I'll call Lavern, then we can get moving. Brygon, you're temporally in command now.

Entering the Ship[]

The ship was, like Oji'b said, at the edge of UFG space. There was no sign of life within, but that was normal regarding Grox. Using a Waptoria Drop Pod, W'tze, Barda and Lavern land in a hatch in the ship's hull.

  • Barda - This ship seems to be the same one as the one with attacked the Waptoria colony.
  • Lavern - Good. Let's pick up were we left, and destroy it!
  • W'tze - Sounds like a plan. Hey...the inside of this ship looks like a murky dark cavern...creepy.

The team carefully enters the ship's interior. The place is completely abandoned. They move on, W'tze salvaging Grox tech from time to time. Around a corner, the ship interior changed from that of a cavern to that of a regular Grox ship. Tubes, wires and canisters containing Nanomachines and the Mechovirus lay shattered around. There was a pile of corpses at the entrance. Some of them showed horrible mutations.

  • W'tze - Those poor Waptorians were experimented unpon.
  • Lavern - They're dead. Nothing we can do now.

At the exit, there was a dead Euchada lying in a open pod. He was in process of being turned into a Kashriinox Husk when the ship lost power, with halted the progress. Lavern burned him to a crisp in order so the process couldn't be completed. As they exited the chamber, the interior appearance changed back to that of a slightly cybernetic cave. They walked through an hallway, jumped over a small rift and found themselves into a large chamber, the walls filled with pods.

  • Barda - How many are full?
  • W'tze - Too many. But they're all dead.

Azs they continued on, they soon realized the chamber lead to the central hallway. It was truly massive in side, almost a kilometer wide and high and several kilometers in length.

  • Barda - This hallway seems to connect the main weapon, a huge Particle Beam, with the Drive core...and by the Ones, it is immense! I don't want to fall down there!
  • W'tze - They have to abduct a whole sector to fill this place...They were going to target Ughandalore or Raptoranea! Thanks Oji'b stopped them!
  • Lavern - We need to destroy them fast or they will still target those places.

The trio continued their way across the ledge until they reach a large, hexagonal platform. As Lavern stepped on it, the door behind them closes, and the platform rises in the air. W'tze and Barda fly up to the platform. Suddenly, they see various similar platforms hovering to their position.

  • W'tze - It's a trap!
  • Lavern - Company! Oh, it are those Assimilated. Husks, Grunts, Exploders, Murmillo's and Ravengers! I'm gonna like this!

The platforms attach themselves to Lavern's platform, and the Assimilated flood through. W'tze, Barda and Lavern do their best to hold the line, but this wasn't easy. Eventually, the assimilated were all killed. Lavern de-attached his platform from the others, and navigated it towards a opening in the wall. As they exited, they found themselves attacked once more by Assimilated. They were the same types as before, but this time, there was an assimilated Berserker with them, with made the fight harder. Nonetheless, after Lavern destroyed the Berserker, the battle ended fairly quickly in the destruction of the Assimilated.

  • Barda - Whew. I hope that was it for a while.

Barda turned out to be right, as the team did not meet any resistance in a while. After crossing some hallways, they, to the teams surprise, found themselves in the Grox-style chamber. This time, however, there were beings in it. They looked like Chassinras, Locrin-Noth and Alimbinics, however, they were genetically changed and riddled with cybernetics. They are Chassinrox, Locrinox and Alimbinox, of both the Drone and the Commander variation. W'tze also noticed a computer with the team hadn't noticed before.

  • W'tze - You take on those guys. I will rush at that computer and see if I find something useful.

Barda and Lavern nodded and started to fire at the Drones and Commanders. W'tze tried to hack the computer, but the security system, being Groxic, was too strong and self-aware. As soon as it realized some non-Grox follower tried to access it, it released a cloud of the mechovirus.

  • W'tze - Lavern! I need help!

Lavers looked at the cloud, and tried to incarnate it. It didn't work, so he remembered an old tactic to defeat Meeno Grox. He pulled out his Waterrifle, and fires a stream of water at the cloud, with dissipated. Then, he continued his fight with a Commander. W'tze summoned vines with broke through the computer and sabotaged the security system. W'tze quickly browsed the terminal until he found the location of and info about the Kashriinox homestation.

  • W'tze - I got it!
  • Barda - All right!

Lavern and Barda unleash a wave of fire and superheated plasma, with knocked back and killed the assaulting Kashriinox. The team left the chamber and rushed to their shuttle, while being fired upon by the assimilated EO's. Barda and W'tze were the fastest and entered the Drop Pod first, covering the slower Lavern with gunfire until he too made to the Drop Pod. It was beamed up into W'tze 's ship, just as the ship charges up it's front Particle Beam, and fires. W'tze 's ship dodges, attacks with it's Laser, and fires it's own Particle Beams into the recharging main gun of the Kashriinox Dreadnought. The ship starts to break apart, until the Drive Core explodes and fully destroys the ship. W'tze 's ship then heads back.

Ending the Kashriinox Collective[]

Preparing for the final battle[]

As the ship returns to Ughandalore, Barda notices Brygon had rallied a massive fleet consisting of UFG, Waptoria, NOVA, and Spodist ships, lead by the ships of the Enlightened Ones. They land and are greeted by Kossi'Valicar, Locrin-Ti, the Spodist leaders, Oskel and Si'daal, Pulporious, Brygon and NOVA Admiral Coscerto.

  • Barda - Wow, Brygon, that's a massive fleet. You really took your duties well.
  • Brygon - It's mainly Pulporious and the ancient warriors here who did most of the work. Pulporious is good in organizing military stuff, and the ancients really know how to connivence someone.
  • W'tze - Probably I can once again convince the Centapedus to aid us. Dunno if they help, with Gigapedus hitting them hard and them constantly doing successful counterattacks at the Gigapedus and all that. At least our Milky way expedition fleet has allied an empire with is more than ready to aid their allies, and the allies of their allies. They are wanderers of space, they are radioactive, and they are called the Vanara.
  • Pulporious - And they sound usefull. Anyways, have you found what we needed?
  • Lavern - Yes. And we destroyed the ship, too.
  • Coscerto - Even one ship makes a difference, especially it's a big and powerful one.
  • Lavern - It was big and powerful.

Meanwhile, Si'daal is analyzing the data W'tze salvaged.

  • Si'daal - ...The base is located a nebula 2 parsecs the Galactic Core itself. As it orbits a neutron star, our radars will possibly be jammed by its gravitational field. Visibility is also decreased to some degree by the nebula. Hmm...the Grox have tech to counter those disadvantages but in our fleet, only the EO's have it. Well, if they transfer that tech to our ships it will be all right.
  • Oskel - My queen, there is something you haven't took notice off. It's stated here that the Kashriinox Base is also an important research station of the Cyber Collective...they are developing something in there. Possibly something dangerous.
  • Lavern - Then we will strike it down.
  • W'tze - *laughs* And with such a fleet, it can't be difficult, right?

Suddenly, a ship contacted them. An old, beat up one.

  • Barda - Phase-Hunter?
  • Phase - Yeah baby! You didn't think you could get rid of me that easy? I'm here to help.
  • Kossi - Are you sure that ship can go head-to-head with the Alpha?
  • Phase - The Betty White still has a few tricks up her sleeve. And with those upgrades, I'll do even better.
  • Zaraturai - Bring him along, I could use a laugh.
  • Phase - Finally! Someone who accepts me! I feel loved at last.

The being saw the events unfold. Rook, Bishop, Knight and King stood by.

  • ??? - At least, the Volver will be free of danger. But...I want revenge on the Enlightened Ones.
  • Knight - Shall I go in and kill them?
  • ??? - No. I have a better idea.
  • Rook - With is?
  • ??? - Bishop will tell the Proditkar Movement of the UFG's plan. I'm sure Lorka already told them of the base, and I'm sure they will grasp the opportunity to destroy both the Kashriinox and the Enlightened Ones. Go now, the Allied fleet can leave every moment.
  • Bishop - I will do as you ask, my Lord.

Bishop creates a portal and vanishes through it.

The Proditkar highlords were discussing their next move. Ghetsin, Maccasin, Lorka, Ziskin and Solid listened, the latter four giving some remarks at times. Suddenly, Bishop appeared before Pridar, and explained the plan of the Enlightened Ones to destroy the Kashriinox and possibly the Cyber Collective. After this, he vanished without a trace.

  • Pridar - We will do as he ask. But our servants must not participate.
  • Maccasin - But...Why not? We are you chosen warriors, you handpicked us from these heretical...

Before Maccasin could finish his sentence, Takrix stepped forward and gazed at him, who became silent.

  • Ghetsin - This serves you well. Know not to offend the Messengers, Maccasin. Learn this, and do not repeat this mistake, nor answer.

Pridar and his Movement prepared their fleets and then left the station.

The final battle was about to begin...

Showdown with the Proditkar Movement[]

The Fleet began to move, when Kossi picked up a familiar signal, coming from the nearby sector. He called in the leaders.

  • Kossi - Something weird is happening. I know that signal, but I just don't know from where.
  • Barda - Should we prepare for battle?
  • Kossi - No, I'll try and make contact. Their ships seem to surround a truly massive vessel, bigger then anything I've ever seen.

He tried to establish contact, but after awhile, it got him nothing. At first, he thought of giving up, then, he heard a voice.

  • ??? - Ahhh. Life must be serving you well, Valicar.
  • Kossi - Who is this?
  • ??? - Pridar. Last time you stood among the victors, but this time, your farewell will be forever, my "Brother".
  • Kossi - You lost the right to call me brother long ago!
  • Pridar - Then let us meet face to face.

He and his 5 comrades teleported onboard the ship.

  • Pridar - How about this, we defeat you, and we lead the fleets to the Cyber Collective. You defeat us, and we shall order our fleets to help you.
  • Kossi - Neither of those would work.
  • Ajaar - Yeah, what's to stop either fleet from betraying the other.
  • Kalmar - Then let us battle, and see where that goes.
  • Barda - Fine by me.
  • W'tze - Am I really the only one who does not constantly thinks of combat? But Barda is right, a battle might be the easiest way to deal with you guys.

The 2 sides squared off, ready for battle.

Pridar was the first to attack, firing plasma blasts from his Suit's "Mouth", while running at Kossi. His combat suit was larger, and more insectiod in design, but was bulkier. Kossi activated his shields, blocking each blast, until his brother got right up on him. Pridar's suit was equipped with pincer-like claws, and he slashed and snipped at Kossi, who nimbly dodged each attack. He knew one strike from Pridar could be his last breath, as those claws could shred space ship armor. He fired several blasts at Pridar's chest and face, before leaping backward.

Pridar swung one of his robotic legs, and pined Kossi against a wall, before charging an energy blast from his "mouth". Kossi groaned as the Leg punctured his armor, and stabbed into his ribs. He lifted up his Arm canon, and fired a blast at Pridar's Armor's face, overloading the energy blast, and damaging the suit. It would take awhile to re-pair itself, and shut down. Pridar fell to his knees, defeated.

Kalmar fired several blasts at Brygon, who barely dodged the Anti-Matter blasts. The ship could repair the damage, but he did not like having Anti-matter flown at him. Suddenly, Kalmar activated an energy whip, wrapped it around Brygon, and drew him in quick. Brygon was flown right into Kalmar's elbow, before he kicked him away. The Volver warrior loaded his rifle, and fired several blasts at Kalmar. His armor was advanced, and took the rounds with little damage. Brygon cursed in annoyance. He got out his sword and shield, reflecting a blast at Kalmar, who nimbly dodged, before firing several missiles at the Volver King. He leapt forward, kneed Kalmar in the face, and then swung his blade, slashing through Kalmar's armor. The Warlord swung another Energy whip, wrapping it around Brygon's waist, and flinging him into a wall.

The King got up, and waited for the Chassinra to advance on him, then got up, and slashed his arm canon. With his main weapon gone, the suit's power grid stopped working, and shut down. Kalmar lifted up his hands, surrendering.

The Locrin-Noth released another blast of energy at the Barda. He jumped away, barely. Ele-nos, like most Locrin-Noth had control over light and dark matter. Ele-nos preferred Light. He was controlled, and his strikes where heavy and powerful. His suit could also project Lighting bolts at his foes, or super-charge his Light-Matter blasts. Barda fired both pistols at the Locrin, hitting his combat suit. Ele-nos simply aimed, and fired a blast of light. It latched onto Barda, burning into his body. Barda shot more blasts at his foe, with very little effect still. Ele-nos mercilessly released more bolts, electrocuting Barda again and again. The Ugandal could feel his armor systems failing, and his pistols had been knocked away. He got up, and activated his Bladed Knuckles, then channeled his powers of fire at Ele-nos.

Ele-nos roared in rage, as he felt flames lick across his armor. Normally his armor was flame retardant, but this fire was different, it was elemental. Barda charged up, striking at him again and again, as his foe blocked his blows. However, Barda flipped over his foe, and slashed his back. The Armor sparked, then flashed, disappearing, and his foe fell to his knees, and was knocked out.

Lavern and Car-pex slammed into each other once again. Both had equal strength, but Car-pex had been holding back. He was waiting for Lavern to "burn" out. The Warrior swung his fists at the Locrin-Noth over and over, but he just dodged each blow, and fired Dark-Matter blasts at his foe. The Shots burned into Lavern's flesh, acting like poison as they latched on. Lavern ignored the dizziness, and kept smashing Car's face and body. The Locrin kicked his foe in the chest, as Lavern fired 3 fireballs at Car-pex.

The Warrior's armor was blackened, but still functional. He slammed an elbow strike into Lavern's head, before firing more Dark-matter shots, causing Lavern to almost fall to his knees. However, Lavern found strength to get up, and grab Car-pex's head. The Locrin-noth roared in anger and surprise, and felt an intense heat, so bad, that his armor began to melt. It shut down to avoid further damage, and he feel on his back, breathing hard.

Takrix blocked blow after blow from Ajaar, as the Gardeili swung his Energy Swords at his foe. Takrix's Sharp, Saw-like blades blocked every blow, as he fired essence blasts and cut at his foe. Ajaar growled in frustration, then kicked Takrix into the wall. The Alimbics where strong, and durable, but could not take as much damage as the other 2 races, and their armor was more form fitting, and less protective, to allow better movement. Takrix snarled in rage, the locked eyes with Ajaar. Ajaar's arms went to his side rigidly, as Takrix laughed, his face contorted into a "smile". Ajaar felt his arms move against his will, as he brought up one sword, ready to stab himself in the chest.

He resisted, thinking of his family, his friends, Barda, and supreme lord Lorca'Gadem. He pulled away his gaze, then swung his blade, striking Takrix in the chest, watching as blood poured out. Takrix stabbed him in the leg once, before the Gardeili grabbed him by the throat, and tossed him away.

W'tze flew up, firing his particle Beam rifle at Mantex, but the Alimbic summoned a barrier with could take the beam like it was nothing. Mantex was far stronger and more durable then a standard Alimbic, and could only get stronger when he sucked out life energy from his foes on contact. W'tze would have to keep his distance, or once touch from Mantex could end everything. As he Alimbic fired essence blasts at the Waptorian, he erected a Seeker Swarm with acted as a living shield, which proved difficult, considering the blast's power. W'tze advanced slowly, as Mantex tried to flip to one side, but W'tze kept his swarm up on each side Mantex teleported to. Finally, the Alimbic rushed in, and struck the swarm, dispersing it. However, since Seeker swarms could disable their foes' abilities on contact, Mantex found himself unable to use essence. Thus, he began striking at W'tze with his blades. W'tze blocked each one, countering only when nessasrly. Even this limited contact with Mentex was draining him.

Mantex finally began to tire, and backed away, preparing one massive energy blast. W'tze's eyes widened. The essence amount was incredible! As Mantex released the blast, W'zte closed his eyes...

And the blast hit where he was at. Mantex "smiled". There was nothing left. Until he looked behind, to see W'zte uncloacked behind him, having cloaked and flew there the second before the blast hit. W'tze then slammed a powerful, essence enhanced punch into Mantex' face, knocking him out.

Several agents of the Order of Lightlings came in surrounding the 6. A Ugandalorian, in much different armor then any had ever seen, came in, looking over the defeated warlords. Her strange, almost tribal armor was blue, and very ancient, and pitted with scars, her voice was soft, yet ancient and proud.

  • Barda - Who are you?
  • Melyrxx - Melyrxx, the First Ugandalorian, first one to control her element, and Leader of the Order of Zaraturai. I act as her arbitrator.
  • W'tze - What do we do with them?
  • Melyrxx - Are you aware of a Prison planet, once used by the Enlightened Ones, but abandoned after the Grox Wars?
  • Kossi - The Pit?
  • Melyrxx - My agent, Kotar, can get there with ease.
  • Kossi - But the moment he steppes in, he'll start to mutate. And who will keep these troublemakers in line?
  • Melyrxx - I have an agent who can watch them. He, and his War-machine, are already on station there. Kotar is too fast to even let water touch him. He teleports.
  • Kossi - Let's dump them there, and then go, *To Pridar* and tell your fleet to buzz of.

Pridar did as he was asked, and told his fleets to pull back. They did so. Kotar, a large, ape-like beast, with savage claws, stepped near them, and disappeared in a flash. A second later, he was back.

Melyrxx nodded, and everyone went back to the monitoring the fleet.

Trough the wormhole[]

The fleet continued further, then stopped. They were at the edge of the galactic core. If they continued any further, the Cyber Collective would attack them. They could try to tear right through, but they knew they would lose many ships in the progress. Ships they needed. By the time they would've reached the inner core, not much of their fleet would remain. So Kossi's ship emitted a pulse. The pulse widened, gathering energy, then suddenly imploded, forming a temporally wormhole as it did. One by one, the ships flooded through the wormhole, arriving on the other side.

  • Si'daal - Antroth fleet reporting. UFG fleets reporting. Waptorian fleet reporting. Vanara fleet reporting. NOVA fleet reporting. Spodist fleets reporting. Centapedus fleet reporting. Lavantuft fleet reporting. Seems like all ships made it trough. Close the wormhole!

At the other side of the wormhole was the destined nebula. It was quite small, but very dense, sometimes disrupting the fleet's vision of what lied ahead. In the middle of the nebula, the sensors picked up a massive energy source: the neutron star. The Kashriinox Base would be next to it, but they could not yet see it due to the nebula's density. It didn't matter, they just had to head to the neutron star.

Suddenly, the nebula decreased in density greatly. The fleets could now see the neutron star and the Kashriinox base. But there was a Grox/Bachyeon/Cult fleet defending it. The enemy ships closed it, and opened fire. The Meeno Grox ships fired missiles first, with ripped the allied ships off their shielding, then melted them with their flametrowers. The Alpla Grox fired their own missiles at the allied fleet, spewing dark matter and dark energy all across. The Bachyeon ships rapidly fired tachyeon bolts, while the Grox Follower ships fired normal weaponry.

The allied fleets took losses, but this was expected, and then fired back. The Waptoria and NOVA fired biomass weaponry, the Spodists fired electrical beams with disabled enemy ships and made them crash, the Antroth and UFG fired their plasma weaponry, and the Lavantufts fired the same, but weaker weapons as the Meeno.

Suddenly, from the base came Kashriinox ships, ranging from Frigates and Cruisers to Dreadnoughts. The ships fired their Particle Beams, with cut trough the allied ships like they were made from butter. The Alpha also started to fire shells with imploded and formed a miniature black hole on contact, with sucked allied ships inside. As they easily destroyed the weaker allied ships, the tide was turning in favor of the Kashriinox, even if the whole Cult fleet and most of the Bachyeon/Cyber Collective fleet was already destroyed. Eventually, only some allied ships, the full EO fleet and the Kashriinox ships ships remained. As the Kashriinox fired again, the non-EO ships took evasive maneuvers, escaping the Kashriinox' deadly Particle Beams while closing in, while the EO fleet got up close without evading, and fired everything they got, being it Cassinra Plasma pulses and Electrical beams, Alimbic Biomass pulses or Locrin-Noth Dark/Light matter plus their own Lasers and Particle Beams, all right at the Kashriinox ships. The Kashriinox ships were destroyed, and exploded. Since the allied fleet got in close proximity to the Kashriinox ships in order to do full damage, the blast fully depleted their shielding and, in some cases, tore through their hulls. The ships, now adrift, were fulled into the gravigational pull of the Kashriinox Base, and crashed into it.

Infiltrating the base[]

Some time after the crash, the teams exited their now useless ships, bruised and charred, but alive none the less. Some were wounded, others dazed, while others were nearly knocked out. Kossi'Valicar and Locrin-Ti, in their respectively humanoid and insectoid suits, were the first to exit, followed by W'tze, Si'daal, Oskel and Conscerto. The rest followed soon afterwards.

  • W'tze - *looks around* Well, this is disastrous.
  • Kossi - We'll need some men to repair the ships. Without them, we can't leave, and we will most likely die.
  • Coscerto - I volunteer to stay behind.
  • Kossi - No, you are needed here, with W'tze, Barda, Oskel and the rest of the group. Those who will stay behind are the regular captains and soldiers.
  • Locrin-Ti - I scanned the base before we all crashed into it. There is a large, twisted hallway with leads to the depots of the base. From there, we can get to the central chamber and destroy this thing.
  • Oskel - Let me guess...things aren't as easy.
  • Locrin-Ti - Indeed. The door is blocked, and can only be opened from the inside. But there is a pipeline with leads to this depot. The pipeline can be blocked, too, but across the main pathway there are various with we can holographic terminals with we can use to re-open it.
  • Coscerto - I again volunteer. I'm small and good with tech, and would I need that, essence. Let me enter the pipeline.
  • Locrin-Ti - Accepted. But once in the depot, there is a little problem, too. The hallway to the central chamber is filled with the Mechovirus.
  • Si'daal - A barrier of essence could hold them at bay. I'm not a warrior, but I can provide you one.
  • Kossi - Good. Everyone knows what to do. Let's move inside one of the hearts of the Collective.

As Coscerto entered the pipeline, the rest of the team entered a tunnel with would lead them to the storage. As the tunnel moved to the left, it's appearance changed. No longer it was that of a cybernetic cave. Now, it was made from a smooth, gleaming black metal. Bars of the same metal lied shattered across the ground as cover for the Kashriinox should the base come under attack. Suddenly, the team heard wingbeats, and saw a group of purestrain Kashriinox landing in front of them, behind the bars. Kossi and Locrin-Ti signaled the group to wait, and charged at the Kashriinox, weapons blazing. It didn't took long until the Kashriinox were all defeated, and the team could move on. The tunnel moved to the right again, and cybernetic stone once more covered the walls. It semmed to be the end of the tunnel. Out of a hole came the pipeline, however it was blocked by a closed valve. Coscerto noticed the group.

  • Coscerto - Guys, deactivate that terminal over there! That should open the valve!
  • Barda - On it!

Barda rushed to the terminal, and deactivated it. The valve opened, and Coscerto could continue. Oskel then noticed a large opening in the left side of the tunnel, with lead to a room build out of the black metal. As they entered it, they could once more see the pipeline, with was blocked again. They could also see another terminal near the pipeline, and various metal barricades. As proceed forward, Atzerry Cultists jumped over the barricades, and attacked. Kashriinox flew in, guns blazing. W'tze sniped a Kashriinox Commander before he could land. Oskel grew his tomahawks at the Kashriinox, and slashed away at them with his power axes if they came too close. Pulpurious fired an hand cannon at the Cultists, destroying several of them at once. When the enemies were all down, W'tze opened the valve, allowing Conscerto to continue trough it.

The team left the chamber, and entered another rock-like tunnel, with slowly rose upwards. There was a terminal, with Barda deactivated. As the group reached the tunnel's end, the walls became metallic again, and there were various metal bars for cover. Grox Followers, Tarniquam Cannibals and Sholtanar Eternals from rose behind them. Kossi and Locrin-Ti attack, while Pulporious blasts various of them with his hand cannon. The cultists were quickly defeated. As the team exited the tunnel, they found themselves in a huge room. At one side of the room was a rift, the pipeline in it. There were two terminals, one at the chamber's entrance and one at the exit. As W'tze deactivated the first terminal, a door near the second opened, and released a horde of Cultists and purestrain Kashriinox, lead by a couple of Covenant and Hierarch Drones, before closing. Ajaar, Pulporious and Brygon fired at various cultists, destroying them, while W'tze, Barda and Lavern took on the Kashriinox. Finally, Oskel and the EO's attacked the Hierarch and Covenant Drones. Eventually, the enemies were down, but more Kashriinox were moving in.

  • Coscerto - Open that last valve! Please, I'm being cooked alive!

W'tze rushed at the last terminal, deactivating it. Coscerto jumped out of the pipeline, and opened the door from the other side. The team rushed in, while being fired at. Once they were all in, Coscerto closed and sealed the door. The team could see two other doors, one leading to the Mechovirus path, while the other was leading in the same direction, but was smaller and crawling with Bachyeon drones.

  • Kossi - Locrin-Ti and I take the smaller tunnel. We'll have to force ourselves through, but we'll succeed. You take the mechovirus path.
  • Coscerto - I'm in no shape to fight. Let me go back, I can help repairing the ships.
  • Kossi - All right. There is a teleporter over there, with should teleport you back to the ship.

Coscerto teleported away, as Kossi and Locrin-To opened the door to the Bachyeon-filled tunnel. They sealed it behind them. W'tze looked at the last door, took a deep breath while Si'daal created a barrier around the team, and opened it.

Purple clouds. Everywhere around them. The team found themselves on a catwalk. Below them was a deep chasm, the bottom filled with magma. Falling in there meant an instant death. The group walked slowly, preparing to fight anything that came up close. Suddenly, from the clouds came a group of Kashriinox. Si'daal took cover, Oskel near her. W'tze sniped a Kashriinox Drone. Pulporious wrestled with another Drone, breaking it's neck, and then killed the 2 Kashriinox Commanders, while Brygon finished off the remaining Drones.

  • W'tze - Fighting cyborgs while staying inside a barrier is kinda difficult...

Si'daal moves on, not meeting any resistance for a while. Suddenly, the team heard some metallic noises.

  • Oskel - My queen, hide!

Si'daal did, just as a flying platform, carrying Dronox, appeared before the team, and attached itself to the catwalk. The Dronox commander looked at the group. Suddenly, lava-filled cracks appeared on his skin, and his eyes started to glow. With a flash, fire appeared around the commander and his skin turned charred-black.

  • Mortox - Assuming direct control.

The controlled Dronox commander charges at Lavern, unleashing fireball after fireball. Meanwhile, the other Dronox are all efeated.

  • Lavern - Hah! This heat only makes me stronger.
  • Mortox - Your energy is not infinite. Fire powers you, just like electricity powers Synthetics. However, give a Synthetic too much electric energy, and it will result in it's death. You are no different. I have chosen you to be the first member of the perfect Lavantufts. Were Dead Watch failed, you shall succeed. Like Dead Watch, you will become a drone, but with memories of his past and with his personality intact. Unlike them, you will become totally loyal to our cause. The assimilation process is perfected. And it was achieved in this base.
  • Lavern - I will not give in! Never!

Lavern charges at the controlled commander, fires his water rifle at full power. The controlled commander is soon defeated, and burns down into ash. After the Dronox was down, some Kashriinox flew to the position occupied by the Dronox some second ago. However, they were killed easily. Si'daal started to walk forward, the team close behind her to make sure they stayed inside the barrier. They did not come far, or Husks, Cyberzombies, two Epuptors and one Infector crawled over the edge of the catwalk. Si'daal his behind a metal pillar, while W'tze sniped the Eruptors, causing them to explode before they reached the group. Oskel and Brygon shoot at the Cyberzombies, while Barda and Pulporious keep the Husks at bay. Lavern waits for the Infector to enter the barrier, then charges at it. However, the Infector knocks lavern on the ground with little effort, lifted him into the air and forced it's tentacles into Lavern's mouth, ripping his "skull" from his lower jaw. It drops Lavern on the ground, who degenerates into a blob of lava.

  • W'tze - No! Lavern! You Grox monster! DIE!

W'tze charges at the Infector in pure bloodlust, kicking and slashing him whenever he got the chance, ignoring the Infector's mechovirus aura. W'tze finally destroys the Infector in a blast of essence. The blob of lava starts to move, and Lavern rises from it.

  • Lavern - HAH! That thing can't defeat me! For I am Lavern, the Molten Master!
  • W'tze - Lavern! You're alive!
  • Si'daal - C'mon, let's move. The exit must be close.

After the teams steps around a corner, they could see the exit. Light shone from it, penetrating the darkness of the Mechovirus. However, two Dronox, hidden behind a metal bar, reveal themselves. One of them was already controlled by Mortox.

  • Mortox - *To the other Dronox* Stop them! They are coming too close!
  • Si'daal - *To the rest of the team* This barrier is draining my energy...the only thing what I can do from now is to move forward! Finish that thing!

Oskel jumped forward, trowing a tomahawk at the non-controlled Dronox, before slashing it with his power axes, killing it. Lavern and Barda, with united forces, manage to bring the controlled Dronox down.

  • Si'daal - The exit...I must reach...The exit...

Si'daal stumbles forward, as a Covenant-class Drone crawls over the edge of the catwalk, being immediately blown off it again by Pulporious. Some steps later, a Hierarch-class Drone crawls upon the catwalk. Pulporious tries to blast it off, but it is too strong. Ajaar strikes it with his blade, then dodges aside as Pulporious blast it another time. The Hierarch-class Drone stumbles back, and falls into the deep. The group jumps down a small ramp. The exit was really close now. Si'daal runs towards it, as a squad of Dronox and Dronox commanders, lead by Mortox' controlled commander charge in behind them. Si'daal turns around, and has her barrier turn into a shockwave, with blasts away the Dronox and disperses the Mechovirus cloud. Only the controlled commander survives the shockwave, but is killed by an headshot from W'tze as the team has exited the hallway, and is closing the door behind them. Just before the commanders body turns into ash, it mutters some last words.

  • Mortox - This body is but a vessel. Come now to your deaths...

Not that Dead[]

As the door closed the team could see another door opening, as Kossi and Locrin-Ti, chased by Kashriinox, run through it. Locrin-Ti quickly closes the door.

  • Kossi - Ah. The younglings made it.
  • Ajaar - We made it.
  • Pulporious - Were are we? This is not the command center...
  • Locrin-Ti - You see those platforms? They will carry us across that rift, then will hover upwards toward the next floor, to be more precise, the command center.
  • Lavern - What are we waiting for then?

Lavern jumps upon a platform. As he does, a barrier appears between him and the team.

  • Bachyeon AI - Non-Enlightened creation detected. Only Grox, Enlightened Ones and their creations can pass.

Suddenly, Oskel notices the door were the EO's and the team came from are deforming. At the other side was a huge force of Kashriinox, Grox, Bachyeon and Grox Followers. They were near breaking through.

  • Pulporious - *To the EO and the EO creations of the team* Go! We will keep them busy!
  • Barda - I appreciate your gesture, my friend, but...
  • Pulporious - *Sees an Insectrox clawing though* Go! NOW!

W'tze grabs Barda's arm, and drags him upon the platform. Lavern, Kossi, Locrin-Ti and Ajaar are already waiting for them. The platforms take off, to the command center.

As the platforms land, The 5 rush to the door leading to the command center. Before they reached it, they encounter 2 Dronox Centurions, leading 3 Alpha Goorkiens.

  • Barda - Ahh hell!

W'zte begins firing his Laser Rifle at one of the Goorkien beasts, as Barda and Ajaar take on the Centurions. The Centurions where quite skilled, and where the most powerful Conqrix the Cyber Collective could offer. Barda blocked an overhead strike, with both Bladed Knuckles, as Ajaar swung his Energy Swords, slashing at the Centurion.

  • Kossi - What are these savage beasts?!
  • Barda - Alpha Goorkiens. The most fearsome of the Cyber Collective's forces.
  • Kossi - They have grown strong...

He flipped over the head of a charging Goorkien, while blasting it's skull open with a missile, ripping open it's armor and flesh, and revealing it's brain. He then fired several plasma blasts into it's skull. The second one charged, as W'tze fired a beam, slicing right through it's head.

Barda blocked several more blows from the Centurion, before getting an idea. He flipped over it's head, and fired a coupling from his wrist gauntlet. The suction cup attached to the Dronox's head, and began feeding electricity into his body. At first, the Centurion simply laughed, but soon, it's body was overloading. As it roared in anger, it's head exploded.

  • W'tze - Heh, that was fun to watch!

The other one looked over at it's dead comrade, as Ajaar swung his sword at it's neck.

  • Ajaar - As The Hunter/human would say, there can only be one.

All 5 shot down the Goorkien that was left.

The door opened, and the team jumped off the ledge that was right behind it. They found themselves in a small, but wide hallway. The floor of the hallway was covered in hot liquid. There were various cloning pods attached to the walls. Inside the pods were rotten, hideous corpses.

  • Barda - What are those dead things?
  • Kossi - Chassinras, but most odd-looking.
  • Locrin-ti - It appears they where trying to clone something...

The hallway suddenly widens into a large room. The command center. Due to the fact that the floor of the command center was a centimeter higher than the floor of the hallway, no liquid covered it's floor. But the center itself was differently than the heroes expected. It looked much like the insides of an Enlightened One ship, since there were trees and grasses at the sides of the room, with hid the rifts at the far sides of the room from view. Those rifts were docking bays for flying platforms, though the heroes dod not knew this...yet. Of course, the scenery was not exactly like that in Enlightened One ships. The trees and grasses were aflame, and the natural fountain in the middle of the room spewed lava. At the far end of the room, a large stairway lead up to a platform. From the platform, a bridge of solid, purple plasma lead to a cylindrical room in the wall of the main room. In the middle of the smaller room stood a pillar. Both the pillar and the walls were filled with holo-interfaces. This small room was the real command center. Then that meant the larger room was a throne room of some sort...

The heroes cross the room, and climb the stairs.

  • W'tze - Guys, heads up!

They all looked, to see all Alpha Grox Overseers gathered upon the platform.

  • Terrox - So you have arrived.
  • Kossi - What are you doing, Grox?
  • Scardien - Bringing back the only one of your kind worthy of life.
  • Horrox - Prepare yourselves inferiors!

A large pod lowered, and opened, as liquid and gas spilled out, and out of it came...

An Enlightened One. All the Overseers, except Mortox, bowed deeply to him. Mortox only nodded slightly.

  • Kossi - Kashii'rishas!
  • Kashii - You destroyed me, Kossi. My children almost died in your inferno, but they survived, as did I, damaged, but alive!
  • Kossi - But, you where killed!
  • Kashii - My DNA survived, but was damaged. They need the memories of mine to bring me back, so I could advance them further, and bring order to this galaxy. The Kashriinox were all experiments, modified and enhanced over time, so my children could find out how to resurrect me.
  • Kossi - Brother, this isn't you...
  • Kashii - You can save yourself, join me, stand at my side, you could lead the Cyber Collective and Bachyeon legions to glory!
  • Kossi - Brother, I desire one, noble destiny, more then any power the Evermind could offer me!
  • Locrin-Ti - *Whispers* How do you know the Evermind's controlling him?
  • Kossi - He was like a second brother to me. I know he wouldn't support this.
  • Kashii - Soon, we will create a perfect universe! You can have so much power, swear your allegiance to me!
  • Kossi - Kashii, my allegiance is to democracy! I lead only those who chose to follow!
  • Kashii - Then you will be slaughtered with the rest of this cattle!

The Overseers step backward, into the command center. The bridge of plasma disappears, but a impenetrable barrier of the same plasma appears, and separates the Overseers from the heroes. Kossi jumps backwards, into the newly formed rift. Then, he reappears from it, on a large, and personal flying platform, as an armored combat suit wraps around his body, much more stream-lined and powerful looking then Kossi and others' suits.

Loud noises are heard, and various flying platforms enter the room from the roof. They attach themselves to the docking bays, and the purestrain Kashriinox they carried charge at the heroes, as Kashii fires at the heroes with his heavy chakram launcher. As the disks Kashii's gun fires hit an object, they stuck to it for some second, then imploded, dealing massive damage. The Heroes had to avoid being hit at all most. The Kashriinox were troublesome, too. As one wave was defeated, another wave appeared on their flying platforms. And this went on. And on.

  • Kossi - Those Kashriinox sem to be telepathically connected to Kashii! Hold them off, I'll deal with the source of the problem!

Kossi activated his jetpack, and rocketed towards Kashii's platform. When Kossi was in reach, Kashii suddenly grabbed Kossi's arm, and threw him away. Kossi extended his wings, and this time successfully landed on Kashii's Flying platform. Kashii swung both fists in powerful punches, denting Kossi's armor. Kossi dodged, trying to only damage the suit, but not his friend. This meant his methods where doing very little. Kossi slammed a punch into his former brother's face, then his stomach, then his chest. Kashii fell, grabbing Kossi. Both slammed on the ground. Hard. It stripped Kossi off his shields, while Kashii's armor deactivated to repair. Kashii's platform fell into the rift between the throne room and the command center. Kossi looked into Kashii's eyes.

  • Kossi - Brother, please, fight the Evermind. Your own son has corrupted you.
  • Kashii - No, he has shown me strength...power!
  • Kossi - We have a job to do...a Duty!
  • Kashii - *Eyes of his armor turn from red to blue* The Creations...
  • Kossi - It's our job to protect them, our duty, and our destiny.

Kashii backed away, as the barrier was deactivated, the bridge reappeared, and the overseers gathered around him.

  • Kossi - I know if the real Kashii is in there, he'd know what to do.
  • Kashii - I...do...Kossi.

Kossi looked into his friend's eyes one last time.

  • Kashii - This is the only thing that will stop them. I'm sorry, brother. Forgive me...
  • Kossi - Kashii, wait, no! We can find another way!

But he was to late, Kashii raised his fist into the sky, an Enlightened One salute, and overloaded his suit's armor, exploding in a brilliant fire-ball. The Overseers where evaporated by the blast, though they would be cloned back to life moments later on Alpha Atzerry.

  • Kossi - Kashii...
  • Locrin-Ti - He sacrificed himself to save us. C'mon, let's finish this and blow this place to hell. I'm sure the command center has a self-destruct option somewhere.

The leaders walk across the bridge to the command center. Locrin-Ti presses some holo-inyterfaces.

  • Locrin-Ti - If I overwrite some more codes, then we're done here.
  • W'tze - Wait.

Locrin-Ti paused.

  • W'tze - Why destroy this place? Pridar was right about technology. We might as well preserve this base, so we have can gain the technology to counter assimilation.
  • Ajaar - We must destroy it, and put the souls those who died in here to rest.
  • Barda - No. W'tze is right. If we preserve this place, we will have a better chance at fighting the Grox.
  • Locrin-Ti - All right. But how do you want to do it?
  • W'tze - Watch and learn.

W'tze presses some holo-interfaces located against the pillar in the center of the room. All but one interfaces disappeared, and so did the outer layer of the pillar. In the middle of the pillar was a large tube. Inside was a staff-like object, like the Spear of Apocalypse. Unlike the spear, it did not radiate an aura of destruction, but one of life.

  • Barda - Is that..?
  • W'tze - Yes. It's a Staff of Life.
  • Locrin-Ti - But...how did you knew it was here?
  • W'tze - I'm an ecologist, pal. I can sense life in a place of death.

W'tze pressed the last interface, with disappeared too. The Staff started to glow in a green light.

  • W'tze - All right we got 15 minutes to get to our ships. While this blast will only kill all Grox and their minion on the station, we might get hurt as well if we stick too close to the staff when it unleashes it's energy.
  • Kossi - Got it. Also, somebody check if Kashii is really dead.
  • Barda - Will do.

Barda jumped into the rift, and shot Kashii's corpse in the head.

  • Barda - He's dead.

Suddenly, Kashii's body started to twitch, and cracks appeared on his armor. From it, magma flew. The cracks also glowed in a bright red light, with soon covered his entire body. It struggled as it rose to it's fleet, while the magma burnt off it's armor, and reduced it's skin, muscles and organs to ash. Finally, it unleashed the red energy in a wave of fire, with knocked Barda back, and made the other heroes fall into the rift too. As the heroes got up, they watched Kashii's cybernetic skeleton, now clearly visible. A crimson fire burnt in it's skull, visible trough it's empty eye sockets, while the same fire also burnt behind it's ribcage. Mortox' voice was heard, as he spoke through Kashii's cybernetic skeleton.

  • Mortox - I am Mortox, and I am assuming control of this body!
  • Kossi - What to you plan to achieve with that? My brother destroyed himself, all traces of his DNA are gone!
  • Mortox - Negative. Some DNA still remains, inside this skeleton. I will use this body to destroy you, and then, we will use it to resurrect the master-creator once more. Now, prepare for death, inferiors.

The skeleton hunchbacked, it's arms close to the ground, and suddenly jumped away. The heroes opened fire on the skeleton, but it was too fast, and evaded all shots with ease, jumping from wall to wall with nearly the speed of sound. Finally, it attached itself to the rooftop, and started to breath out explosive fireballs.

  • W'tze - Ahhh! Watch out everyone!
  • Kossi - It's done breathing fire! This is out chance!

The heroes opened fire, but once again, the skeleton was too fast. It jumped to the wall at the for side of the room, and then, jumped again, landing directly on Ajaar. He struggled to get the abomination off him, and finally succeed. Before the creature could jump away, Ajaar blasted him with a shockwave of Essence, before trowing an lift grenade at it. The grenade exploded, and the skeleton was lifted helplessly into the air.

  • Ajaar - Everyone attack that abomination now!

And they did. The skeleton fell down, and it's bones started to glow red, while it's body was completely aflame. This time, the fire seemed to slowly consume the skeleton. The red glow it emitted became brighter, however, and it started to emit invisible radiation.

  • Locrin-Ti - Watch out! Thing's going to explode!

The team rushed to Kashii's flying platform and boarded it. Just as it rose up in the air, the skeleton self-destructed in a blinding red flash, followed by an explosion not unlike that of an miniature nuke. The heroes and the platform were rocketed away at high speed, and everything went black before their eyes.

Kossi and Locrin-Ti were the first to regain conciseness. They looked around. The flying platform had tunneled itself trough the base, all the way to were the allied ships had crashed, were it finally broke down into pieces. Kossi saw the other heroes, each almost completely buried under a pile of rubble. As he and Locrin-Ti removed the rubble, the other heroes regained their senses. They too looked around. Suddenly, clouds of nanomachines appeared behind the group. They expanded. The heroes did the only this they could do: they ran. As Kashriiinox, Groxic drones, Bachyeon forces, Grox Followers and Atzerry Cultists emerged from the dark reaches of the base and began to shoot at the heroes, they heard the Evermind screaming in rage, as if he was about to go insane. The heroes, chased by by the groxic pawns, kept running for their lives, and eventually reached the dead end were the allied ships had crashed. But they were no longer crashed. They appeared from the rifts around the dead end, and opened fire, while the part of the base they were in was breaking apart. As debris fell around them, the heroes jumped into an open hatch in the EO Mothership. The hatch closed, and the ships departed, while being fired upon.

Mere seconds after they left the base, the Staff of Life unleashed it's energy. Rays of green light shone out of cracks in the station's hull. Then, the base was engulfed in this magnificent green light. As the fleet entered the artifactual wormhole, they saw the light disappear again. The station was no longer made of an hardened, black, synthetic-organic mud-like substance, no, now it was made out of real, nearly unbreakable, hardened mud, with mosses of all kinds growing on it.

  • Locrin-Ti - We did it, right?
  • Kossi - *smiles* We did it.



After the victory, all the allies showed up to celebrate. Leading the ceremony where the leaders of all sides. W'zte spoke first.

  • W'zte - Friends, you remember my idea, of the Unified Legacy of Enlightenment. It is time to put this into action. We shall create a united government, in both Mirus, and Milky Way, and beyond. With everyone's assistance, we can do this, and create a better future, for everyone.
  • Barda - *Rises* Yes, how do you others feel about this? We where hopeing everyone could pitch in.
  • Lorca'Gadem - We would happily do it, I'm sure our friends in the Brotherhood agree.
  • Holy Prophet of Truth - Yes, we have deliberated, and not only are we joining to form with the UNOS to form the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode, but we shall aid the Novia Liguadia.
  • Brygon - Since we are part of the Federation, I can't see why not.
  • Pulporious - We shall fight for you when we must.
  • Lavern - I will...think about it.
  • Barda - Take all the time you need, friend.
  • Brygon - What of the Enlightened Ones? Where do they fit into this new government?
  • Barda - They shall join us too. We did not anticipate Precursors surviving into modern day times.
  • W'zte - We move forward, into a brighter future, and a better tomorrow. But now, we must honor the dead, for it was their sacrifice that enabled this better tomorrow.

After the ceremony, the allied forces return to Ugandalore for an after party. There was plenty of food to go around, music, and smiles all around. The leaders were sitting at a long table at the front of the ball room.

  • Barda - A toast, to our strong alliance!
  • Everyone - Here here!
  • Lavern - Man, I'm getting to old for this stuff ya'know.
  • Pulporious - As am I. I'm not as nimble as I used to be.
  • W'tze - What's this? The mighty Pulporious feeling old? That's a good one!
  • Barda - Well what are you planning to do then?
  • Pulporious - Hm. I suppose I could just be the Federation's military commander.
  • Barda - Ah yes. You are good in that field.
  • Si'daal- Well since you're all here, I have an announcement to make.
  • Brygon - Wait where's Oskel? Shouldn't he hear the news as well?
  • Si'daal - He'll arrive soon. He's just getting fitted for his robes and crown.
  • W'tze - His what?!
  • Si'daal - After the Second Ascon Civil War, we got engaged. He's going to be King of the Antroths from now on. Plus, we're expecting.
  • Barda - Wow congratulations!
  • Brygon - Good to hear!
  • Lavern - [laughs] I never thought you were the type to get married!
  • W'tze - ABOUT TIME!

The group enjoyed each other's company until nightfall. Soon the allies went their separate ways, back to their homes.


On Ugandalore, a team of Enlightened Ones and Togunda where repairing the horribly damaged planet. Barda watched from afar, as he counted what remained of the Ultra Commandos. Many had been killed during the fighting. They had started with nearly 200,000,000, and now, those numbers had dropped significantly, to about 400,000. Barda and Arkaalin looked at eachother.

  • Arkaalin - The Ultra Commandos are the Federation's best defence against the Collective, as they cannot be assimilated. How will we be able to defend the Federation, when these wars keep dropping our numbers?
  • Barda - Now that the Order is with us, we can have better fire power, and more forces, as well as the Enlightened Ones' help.
  • Arkaalin - And I worry for Zaraturai. We are all her students, she taught all of us, in some form or another, control over our elements, you being an exception. I'm worried this might weaken her.
  • Barda - Don't worry. We might have new Ultra Commandos coming in. I have a good feeling about the team that I and Zara have chosen.
  • Arkaalin - And?
  • barda - I'll let you take a look. We want your team to train em.

He handed him the folder, and walked towards his house. Arkaalin took a look inside, and his eyes widen.

  • Arkaalin - Jallas...?

Pixel returned, with his brother, back to their home. There, new Federation Clone Troopers awaited them. They went to their private quarters, enjoying a rare feeling in their hectic lives; peace.

The Spikey would march forward, the engineering moguls of the Federation as they always had, and where prepared to stand with their comrades in this "new" future. They where worried. It had not been long ago the Spikron had risen in freedom against tyrannical rulers. What worried them, was if this new Novia Liguida would end up the same as the others, in Cyrannus and the like.

Pixel shook his head, and rejoined his family, dark thoughts did not belong in a day of celebration.

On Raptoranea, W'tze and the rest of the council were preparing the formation of the Unified Legacy of Enlightenment. They would not allow it to give it the flaws of other multi-empire alliances. No councilor would have more power than another. The leader of the council would be Kossi'Valicar. However the only extra task he would have was solving conflicts. Of course, if he tried to abuse his position, he would be impeached. W'tze smiled. That way, no galactic dictatorship could form. As the Councilors of Life left, W'tze went to one of the planet's massive mangroves. He sat down, meditating. Finally, there was peace.

Admiral Coscerto returned to NOVA space, exhausted. As he exited the spaceport, he mat with an horde of cheering Globlings. Coscerto smiled, and walked to the park. He got himself a drink, and sat down, relaxing. The sun shone brightly. It was such a beautiful day...

Milky Way[]

Oskel and Si'daal returned home, king and queen at last. A large ceremony took place as Oskel was officially crowned king. Weeks later, their daughter was born.

On Volcanis, the battle scarred Lavern and his recovering son Magmos arrived with the Lavatuft army. Lavern sat in his chambers as he watched his son become a better king than he was. Magmos led with a heart of gold rather than an iron fist. He began noticing that Lavern did indeed suffer from his injuries from all of his amazing battles. His arm still has a large gash across the bicep, his jaw and ribcage covered in calluses, and a large bullet wound scar on his chest (left by Beta). Magmos knew that his father has been around for so long, and his time might be running out.

On Militora, Pulporius V managed to build an even bigger military force, having around 30 fleets consisting of over 100 ships. Those containing a vast number of soldiers. His son, Pulporious VI (also known as Six), would soon rule the empire. He began training more elite soldiers to honor probably the greatest Soldarian warrior who ever lived, Bengo Flett.

On Ascon, Brygon and his army returned as heroes. Though he appreciated his people's praise, Brygon was not in the mood for their gratitude. He stepped into his office, closing the door behind him. His childhood friend and advisor, Kyaan was with him.

  • Kyaan - Congratulations on your victory sir!
  • Brygon - Thank you, but I merely supported my allies. Plus we had to take down Reathee.
  • Kyaan - True. What's that book in your hand? Is that traditional Asconian?
  • Brygon - Yes. It's our empire's history. I'm trying to figure out what this "creator" is. No books have any information on him.
  • Kyaan - Hm. No one seems to know about that sir. Perhaps it is too far back in Volver history?
  • Brygon - No that can't be the reason. I've even interrogated the rebels and they seem to have no idea what the creator really is.
  • Kyaan - I'm at a loss sir.

Brygon's attention strays out of the window. His eyes go from serious to sorrowful. Kyaan followed his gaze and noticed that he was looking at the statue of his father.

  • Kyaan - You miss him don't you?
  • Brygon - More than anything. I wish that he didn't have to die like that. Maybe all of this wouldn't be happening. The rebellion, the Infectants returning, the Biskin being revived, even this whole "Chess Piece Volver" thing. He could have handled this.
  • Kyaan - How so?! I mean you've seen what those guys can do right!? They are more than a match for just about all of you guys!
  • Brygon - He could have dealt with them. There's a lot of things I didn't know about him. And one thing was how good of a swordsman he was. He knew how to use this damned blade. Something I've only done once.
  • Kyaan - Maybe you're right sir. Maybe we can find the identities of the pieces? Watch the playback.

Brygon and Kyaan watch the video playback from the Ascon Warship and cameras around the Federation Hall.

  • Brygon - The stances they all take in combat...the swordsmanship style... their reflexes and agility. Wait a minute...They must all be from the same clan. The chosen clan...
  • Kyaan - ᏔᎯᎡᎢᏛ ᎩᎢᎦᎯᏔᎡᏛᏍ (ta-deh-off-en-co / Asconian for THEIR Fighters). Which clan? They seem to have their clan symbols carved into their armor. As is tradition of course.
  • Brygon - No...this can't be. They are Ta'raron.
  • Kyaan - Your clan!? But...the original four great clans hardly even exist anymore! I thought your clan only had a few members left at best, and they were all on the battlefield alongside you!
  • Brygon - I don't know how to explain it...but this troubles me.

The two look to each other with worry, then Brygon continues his research.