Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the First Gigaquadrant lies a small sector often victim to the Harvesters and is a Relocation Point between the Metruia Nebula anomalies and the Endless Space

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The Argoroth Sector, also known as the Outlands of Argoroth is a small sector within the void known as the Endless Space.

Historically, the sector is isolated and often considered the outlands where slavery is tolerated, internal strive is promoted and where all quiver in fear of the Harvesters. The sector is well known for its slavery, lawless nature and fight for survival and its Gorgorian Pleasure Houses.


The longest space faring civilization within the sector include the T'varuuh who explored most of their neighbouring nations. They discovered that the sector is surrounded by at least a four month barrier of "nothingness" that spans the north, east and southern parts. Only the south-west holds a corridor leading to the next sector, though borders the territories of the terrifying Mandabit and their Harvesters.

The Argoroth Sector was the point of relocation for the USS Elgorodaurl in 2802 (04 AQF)after being hit by an anomaly in Metruia Nebula of the Quadrants. More curious, it seems more relocations from the Cyrandia Cluster have occured in the Argoroth Sector in the past, including a fleet led by the Cogsangui Fleetlord N'thavo Xellunaion or in past times an expedition fleet of the Cargura.


The Arogorth Sector provides a diversity of planets and native inhabitants or migrated inhabitants that found themselves in the sector after relocations from the Cyrandia Cluster. Large areas are devoted of life, known to the natives as the Void of Nothingness. EndlessSpaceArgorothMap

Notable Ships


Argoroth Sector:
Voids of Nothingness

  • Homeworld: Point of origin unknown
  • Cultural Characteristics: Hungry - Hostile - Suffocating

The Argotus are massive space entities living in the Voids of Nothingness of the Argoroth Sector and are widely feared for their appearance. Though rare and not often near the borders of the inhabited areas, those that venture into the Voids often encounter schools of these squid like creatures.

Drawn to plasma and electricity to feast upon, those that cannot escape the tentacles will often wound up dead as the creatures devour the ships.

Zaa Ashara V2Large

  • Homeworld: Kirioohsk
  • Cultural Characteristics: Peaceful · Social · Enlighted · Friendly

The Cargura native to the Argoroth were once native to the Cyrannus Galaxy. A cluster of starships of Cargura once sought a way to travel to Elen'Naneth but were relocated to the Endless Space. Finding a new planet to settle upon, they named their new homeworld Kirioohsk and brought for a booming civilization known across the sector for its spiritual and peaceful society. Sadly the Cargura suffered a lot during their time, being ignorant of the dangers of the Argoroth sectors, the Cargura became prey for the harvasting Mandabit and the slavers and raiders of Gorgoroth.

Crockagator Tribes
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Cultural Characteristics: Agressive · Barbaric · Cruel · Cunning Traders

Crockagator are a dangerous, hostile and brutal species found in the Endless Space, their hunger and thirst for power is well known and feared, though they are also cunning traders. Their thick reptillian hides allows them a natural barrier against threats and as such are not in need of wearing armor. Tremendous physical strenght and a dangerous bite makes these reptillians are dangerous adversary, not easily trusting others and often revolting in their attitude, the Crockagator have an actually quite a sophisticated society based on caste systems and ranks.

Within the Argoroth sector they are often seen as nomads, travelling the sector in search of slaves, food and intelligence, refusing to share the location of their homeworld.

Gorgorian of Gorgorthrond

  • Homeworld: Gorgorthrond
  • Cultural Characteristics: Barbaric · Brutal · Slavers

The Gorgorian are an orgre-like species, infamous and feared across the Argoroth sector for their hunting and raiding packs. Male Gorgorian are large brutes with tremendous physical strength and endurance, while female Gorgorian are often more slender and agile yet deadly. Over time, the Gorgorian carved out their own empire of raiders and pirates, attacking and raiding those in vicinity of their planets, doing it for ages they managed to avoid the wrath and harvest of the Mandabits for uknown reasons.

From one of their main planets, Gorgorthrond the Gorgorian raid planets and ships well beyond their borders in search of goods, equipment, food and even slaves. The female slaves are brought back to Gorgorian territories to be trained as pleasure girls, as the name suggests they give pleasure for payment. These pleasure girls can be found in the many pleasure houses found at Gorgorian planets, a feat they often make use of themselves as well. Though often thought as mere brutes and raiders, the Gorgorian are quite cunning, at the expanse of others the Gorgorian thrive and keep expanding.

  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Cultural Characteristics: Charming · Harvesting · Territying · Cannabilism

The Mandabits are a verocious and dangerous insect-like species, dominating the western areas of the Argoroth Sector. At first sight, these revolting insects seem charming and gentle to outsiders, welcoming them onboard their ships and planets. It is all a deceit, as the Mandabit feel themselves superior above all others and absorb technology of others, intergrating it into their own society to advance and be superior within the Argoroth sector. Their empire spans a large area of the western sectors, and all with common sense avoid the borders of the Mandabit. Once in a while an invasion fleet of Manadbit hive ships leave their territories in search of their harvest, plundering planets and enslaving entire civilizations. The slaves are refferred to as drones, and are the lowers within their caste system.

With a natural obsession for punctuality (-similair to the Icolian), the Mandabit most common ship is a pyramid structure, easily measuring over 7.8 km. The Mandabit have different appearances, the most common Mandabit lack any armor and their eyes are visible, slender build and low in the caste system. Compared to the common ground forces, refferred to as Juggernouts are heavily armored Mandabit with spikes, a large bone sword and biomechanical armor.

  • Homeworld: T'varia
  • Cultural Characteristics: matriarchal · slippery

The T'varuuh are an avian species native to the planet T'varia in the Endless Space of the First Gigaquadrant, specifically the Argoroth Sector half way between Gorgorian space and the dreaded hives of the Mandabit. A crafty and cunning species, the T'varuuh are well known as cut-throat business beings desperate to claim as much of the limited resources of Endless Space as they can. A matriarchal society, the T'varuuh rarely leave their home system's immediate colonial sphere for fear of the great dangers that lurk in the Nothingness. Nevertheless, after the arrival of N'thavo Xellunaion's Cognatus fleet after the Intergalactic War, the system played host to the bulk of his forces, with many T'varuuh joining his fleet while the species as a whole remained independent.

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