Take heed, Galaxy! By the grace of the Firebrand we have arisen! By the might of the Firebrand we gained our liberty! And by the will of the Firebrand, we shall gain yours! The winds of freedom are sweeping trough the Galaxy, and one can either accept them into their hearts, or be blown away by our fleets which are driven onwards by them!

- Ecclesiarch Castoranas

The Enatyp Citizen Regime are an empire located in the Yang Sector of the Selten Galaxy. The Enatyp had their own state before, but they were conquered by the Adresaas Republic, and the species was nearly wiped out. Only the military clones of the former state would survive to serve their conquerors faithfully for generations. This would change with the coming of a mysterious figure, who reminded them of what they had lost and rekindled the fires within their chests. The Enatyp waged a bloody war of rebellion against the Adresaas, freeing not just themselves from bondage but also many other species which would become clients to the Enatyp. Yet the Enatyp and their allies where ultimately powerless when the full might of the Adresaas turned against them, and so, on the advice of the stranger, they fled. Climatically, the world the stranger led them to was almost identical to the Enatyp's old homeworld, almost as if he had foreseen how the rebellion would go. Under the guidace of the stranger, who revealed himself to be named Krilok, the Enatyp and their clients would build a truly democratic state. Though Krilok would leave soon thereafter, other events demanding his scrutiny, the Enatyp Citizen Regime would remain.



The Enatyp Citizen Republic was formerly located in the Divinity Finest Subsector of Selten's Yang Sector. Spacially, the Enatyp were located exactly opposite of the Erethyst both in latitude and longitude from the galactic core, though the two were formerly connected by a wormhole. With the destruction of the Selten Galaxy, the Enatyp were relocated to the Mirus Galaxy by the League of Patrons and the Purity. They now reside next to their hated Erethyst adversaries in the Tandem Region, something which they resent. On the other hand, they are near the Infernal Republic, a democracy, and are also quite close to their Purity friends.



Enatyp society is mostly dominated by the twin values of liberty and equality. To the Enatyp, these are indistinguishable from one another, and fundamental rights inherent to all forms of life. All branches of government are open to all, and the horrors of war are likewise shared. Military conscription is mandatory, following directly after education is completed. The military camps do not only exist to train the newboot soldiers, but more importantly to fill them with the appropriate propaganda and thus mold them into loyal, nigh-unbreakable soldiers willing to die for the Enatyp cause. After all, the Enatyp are remnants of a clone army, delegating other species to garisson service. It is only after having served that an citizen of the Regime might vote, for only then have they truly given it their all for their great nation, in their minds.

Various levels of patriotism are common, with the education of the Enatyp stressing the great liberty of their people in comparison to their neighbours to prove their point. Citizens commonly see themselves as the most free, most equal and most democratic in the whole galaxy, even if this might not be actually true. Militarism is also quite common, as the Enatyp see it as their duty to spread their freedoms to the other species of the Selten Galaxy, and preferably beyond. That other species might not want this is moot to them; after all, what but ignorance might the learned learn from the ignorant?

As a result of their ideals, the Enatyp Citizen Regime does not hold an aversion to synthetic and cybernetic life so common in other parts of Selten. Sapience also is seen as a right by the Enatyp, and so their synthetics are fully unshackled, capable of functioning just as an organic would, with all their demands and frivolities. Likewise, the Enatyp see to it that any species within their borders which has the potential for sapience will given that gift.

Of course, in a galaxy such as Selten, the Enatyp do not trust others to be as liberty-loving as they themselves are. As a result, they will not simply enlighten already sapient species by merely gifting them advanced technology. That alone is not enough to subvert the autocratic tendencies which might exist in others. As such, the Citizen Regime sees to a swift integration of the species they uplift. This requires the manufactures of concent for the species in question, of course. Hence, the Enatyp have become quite adapt at infiltrating pre-spacefaring civilisations, slowly overtaking their governments to guide them on the path the Citizen Regime desires. As such a complex mission is only worthwile on sufficiently advanced civilisations, the Enatyp usually will leave tribes and kingdoms alone - only beginning the operation if the steam engine has been invented at earliest. Until then, they are content to merely observe, though will continue to send subliminal messages down to the planet, subtly influencing the natives to the Enatyp's way of thinking. That way, the inevitable covert infiltration will run all the smoother.

When it comes to already-sapient species, the Enatyp Citizen Regime prefers not to conquer them. Instead, they wage liberation wars with the goal to turn foe into friend by installing new, democratic forms of government in place of their old. As such, they have much experience working with rebels and the like, since they started off not much different, as well as creating subversive movements to destabilise enemy states. They readily maintain the democracies they newly installed trough force if needed, though remain truly loyal to the so-called "sister Republics" they thus create.

The Regime generally greatly distructs any non-democracies, though are willing to work with them if this further the Regime's goals on a wider scale if the circumstances drive them to it.


The government of the Enatyp Citizen Regime is devided into various branches which are meant to keep each other in balance. The executive branch or Ecclesia is the most important and open to all citizens. Attendance is not mandatory, but those who not not attend are often publicly shamed and even ostracised by their fellow citizens. Though this is not official government policy, the Citizen Republic tolerates and even quietly encourages it. The Boule, which is the legislative branch, is much smaller and drawn by lot. Membership is only for hald a year, after which new lots are drawn, excluding current or past members. This way, fresh blood continuously flows into the veins of the system, and the Citizen Regime ensures that no legislative elite can occur. The Heliaia forms the judicial branch. Jury members are chosen randomly and from all walks of Enatyp life, with strong laws against jury packing in place. There is no presidential figure to speak of, trough a presiding speaker, known as the Eccelesiarch serves as the nominal head of state. He or she does not form a governmental branch on its own, but is instead beholden to the Ecclesia.

Last but not least is the Aerophagus. It is composed of former military leaders, the priesthood of Krilok, and the Ecclesiarch, and in the true body in control of the Enatyp Citizen Regime. Their role is to make certain that the Regime never slides into tyranny, even if, for exemple, the majority would vote for a strongman to represent them. The Aerophagus operates partially in the open, presiding over impeachment for exemple, though the true extent of its power remains hidden. This allows the Citizen Regime to deny the existence of a deep state while being beholden to a shadow council much like the Adresaas.


The economy of the Enatyp Citizen Regime is based on principles which can generally be categorised as deeply liberal. There is little governmental oversight on the economy, as this would limit the freedom of corporations. Indeed, much faith is placed in the ability of the economy to regulate itself, while taxation is almost non-existent outside of a progressive wealth tax. That aside, governmental revenue is generated trough the Synachy's educational system, which instills in upcoming citizens a great to show their patriotism by continuously donating to the local governments, which keeps them running. As a result, the more one donates, the larger one's prestige, with the executives of large corporations often being able to donate the most. Yet, early on in the history of the Regime, the Firebrand himself proposed strong laws against the meddeling of corporations in politics. Such laws are seen as sacrosanct and no Enatyp would ever dream of repealing it. As such, those chosen to sit on the Boule have to sell off their corporate shares if they possess any, and they cannot be hired by any such entities for at least a decade after the end of their term. Likewise, the politics in the Enatyp Citizen Regime are dominated by a deep-rooted populism, which tends to result in the ostracisation of any politician who listens solely to special interests. This almost universally balances out any large individual donations they recieve, and while rogue politicians do exist, they are swiftly removed from office.

The Enatyp Citizen Regime provides a universal basic income to its citizens, and also possesses a universal healthcare system, though with private contractors. Originally, citizens had to choose between both programs, but a wave of protest which swept Enatyp politics in the aftermath of their implementation led to this duality being abolished. Healthcare and related expenses are the main expenditures of the Citizen Regime, after the military.

The Regime readily accepts all those dispossessed by other states and gives them new homes within their borders. Immigration is thus an important factor of their growth. For egalitarian-minded species, not much changes. That said, the Enatyp Citizen Regime does not tolerate dissent towards a more authoritarian form of government. Species which naturally gravitate towards authoritarianism, or pacifism in times of war, are closely watched. Usually nothing happens, but sometimes subversive groups to militant liberty do form. The reaction of the Citizen Regime in such instances is swift: dissidents are rouded up to be nerve-stapled. Proven promotors of authoritarianism can expect to be nerve-stapled for life, whereas proven pacifists are nerve-stapled for the duration of the war they organised against. Such nerve-stapled individuals no longer have the capacity to develop political stances, and as a result, do not show up to vote, even though they in theory possess as much rights as all other citizens. This way, the Citizen Regime prevents movements which it deems to be too subversive from being started.


The military of the Enatyp Citizen Regime has often been linked to a well-oiled machine. The Grand Navy of the Regime is the pride and joy of the Regime, and are quite large compared to its size. Indeed, the ships of the Regime are also rather large in size, Carriers, Cruisers and Dreadnoughts being common, each fleet commonly led by a Titan which serves as the flagship of the fleet. As for armaments, autconannons, kinetic artillery and strike craft hanhgars are common, allowing even the larger ships to take on the smaller ships which would assail them and emerge victorious, while also going toe-to-toe with ships of equal size.

The Grand Army of the Regime is no less impressive, though rather different in outlook. Whereas the navy uses relatively few, but large and elite ships, the army prefers to drown their foes in bodies. Of course, the Enatyp would not prefer to sacrifice their own clients, even if it would be to impose democracy upon other states. Instead, they rely on their own genetically modified past, cloning large cohorts of Enatyp soldiers who from the moment of their birth are indoctrinated to be completely loyal to the Regime. While most most of the clones lack initiative, merely doing what their officers tell them to, there do exist elite commandos trained to think outside the box and operate behind enemy lines. Enatyp clone generals and clone admirals are known to be some of the best in the galaxy, as they go through a rigurous military education beginning with their very development. The self-defense units of the Regime are made up of Enatyp client species however, as they are significantly less likely to see actual combat, and it is here that non-Enatyp conscripts are placed.

Around a quarter of the Regime's budget goes to the military, enabling them to be well funded all around. However, a fierce rivarly exists between the army and the navy, something which the Ecclesia plays off to prevent any of the two from growing too powerful.




  • Koalian Empire - An oligarchy. We'll tolerate them since our goals overlap.
  • Infernal Republic - Behind their fearsome visages is a love of democracy as true as any other.
  • The Purity - We are pure, yes? Certainly our goals are most commendable.



  • Tranquil Erethyst Estates - Rivals. The complete opposite in terms of government and ideals to what we are.
  • Culkhash League - A Workers' Union? And a monarchy? Hypocrites! Certainly we don't share the same flaw!
  • Lacdae Hierarchy - A complete disgrace to all clone armies! Behold, liberty comes!


  • Adresaas Republic - We will forge you into a true republic.
  • Urbinator Empire - An industrial production core, their ecumenopolises would prove most useful once shared.
  • Stomajaw Desolate Unification - Let the liberation wars commence!
  • Unified Realms of Heitec - Such a black and white outlook on life. Of course we are very much different.


  • The Enatyp Citizen Regime originally was to be placed in Tyris Major as a member of the Grand Republic there. However, Eco abandoned the idea after learning about the Grand Seltian War, believing they were better placed there. When the Selten Galaxy was destroyed, they were moved to the Mirus Galaxy instead.
  • As with the Tranquil Erethyst Estates, the Enatyp Citizen Regime was made for Stellaris and adapted to the Sporewiki Fiction Universe.


While we can admire a strong dedication to democracy the Enatyp Citizen Regime takes dedication to the point of zealotry. Not only that but they commit the tech-heresies of both nerve-stapling and cloning. We shall not seek contact nor exchange with such heathens

- Ipsissimus Struki of the United Persan Descendants