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Rise to Power Edit

Besta was born to Empress Kuti and trained from birth to be the next Empress. Though initially they carried out a rather positive, if distant, mother daughter role the Vanara war with a race known as the Demonica was soon to change that. As Kuti repeatedly made tactical error after tactical error and let oppertunity after oppertunity to give the Demonica a crippiling blow in her constant attempts to sue for peace against an enemy that would have none of it Besta began an insurrection against her mother. Having proven herself more then capable on the battle field and very successful against the Demonica with her hit and run tactics, Besta was able to gain the Vanara group minds loyalty and over throw her mother. After words Besta successfully turned the war around mercilessly plowing over Demonica world after world eventually leading her people to victory.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

On the outside Besta seems cold, aloof, and distant hiding a fairly warm and friendly person. She cares deeply about her subjects and hates to see the suffer which is why she prefers to avoid conflict, but is not afraid to go to war if need be. When conflict arises Besta becomes incredibility sadistic, completely with out mercy she will crush anything that threatens her people in a homicidal rage. Besta hates it when the leaders of other factions try to interfere or get involved in some unwanted way and will demand that the foreign presence be removed and if it is not forcefully remove it. She also is very protective of Vanara Psychokinetics seeing them as the next evolutionary step for her species and can become violent when measures are purposed to control them as opposed to helping and educating them.

Appearance Edit

Empress Besta is a rather short black furred , pink eyed first stage she Vanara. She is covered is scars and old wounds, but her shocking is that the lips on the left side of her face have been tornen away leaving her with a permanent snarl.

Reputation Edit

Empress Besta in extremely popular amongst the Vanara people, both for her success and hands on leadership. She knows many of even the common people by name and when has nothing better to due can often be seen helping out with some the hard labor they do.

Weapons Edit

Empress Besta's main weapon is a nano swarm that joins together to create ulfberht style sword that dissembles at a molecular level whatever it strikes. Also Besta's left eye contains a device that can make weak willed or unsuspecting individuals preform any act she wishes(except for killing themselves as the survival instinct is to strong), but requires direct eye contact and only works once per individual.

Relationships Edit

Family, Friends, and Servents Edit

Green face You serve me well.

  • The Vanara Six - The most powerful of us all.
    • Zuki - Lead well when I'm gone daughter.
    • Jicor - Yes well... it didn't work out.
    • Seerkar - He could be a great leader one day.
    • Akanri - Quite possibly the strongest of them all.
    • Surathi - Very good.
    • Terku - Less impulsiveness and you will go far.
  • Kirji - One of the greatest commanders ever known.
  • Krel - My oldest friend.
  • Niyra - May even surpass her mother as the most powerful of us all.

Allies Edit

Blue face We can achieve much.

  • Barda Clett - A most capable man.
  • W'tze - Ah yes, you were crazy enough to think allying us was a good idea, thank you.
  • Brygon - You are young, but you will do well.
  • Kossi'Valicar - Ancient, wise, and powerful.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face Fine.

Hostile Edit

Orange face Do not test me.

Enemies Edit

Red face I WILL CRUSH YOU!!!

  • Gridlock - Your vengeance will bring about your demise.
  • Template:Catian - Imperator? Bah, you're not even fit to lead a bunch of total bollocks to their doom. Oh wait, you actually do.

Quotes from her Edit

  • I need neither fame nor glory, my races survival is more than enough.
  • Absolute security is absolute slavery, freedom is uncertainty.
  • Revenge is like an unending labyrinth, the more you seek it, the more lost you become, and by the time you have got it, you'll never get out.
  • I will kill thousands, wade through an ocean of blood, turn cities dust, rip empires apart, blast planets into oblivion, even purge the galaxy itself, just to hear the cry of a new born baby and know that my people are safe.
  • War can be a lot like sex, both parties gear up and then screw each other.
  • Knowledge is power, but power corrupts and ignorance is bliss.
  • The only way to know something for sure is to do it.

Quotes from Others Edit

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Well, everone needs to be a bit crazy at times. Without crazy there would be no fun. Glad you act like a cracy old lay, such an attitude is really needed sometimes.

- W'tze

Do not act as though this is your universe. You are but minor players, in a game where I challenge the mightiest.

- Gridlock
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