We first thought the Murgur to be mindless brutes. Ever since the First Great War, their people have been a thorn to our side. To think I would see them unified and willing to change their ways... if you had told me just a decade ago, I would scoff at you. I just hope they keep their hearts, and their weapons, where they belong.

- King Rebaris of the Zoles Imperium

The Empire of the Murgur, also known as the True Murgur Empire or the Unified Murgur Warband is the first unified space-faring nation of the Murgur and an influential member of the Polar Crystal Alliance, serving as the main power of the Corrupted Sector of the Borealis Galaxy. Formed from the remains of the wartorn Murgur Warbands following the defeat of the Kraknor Warband by the hand of Kraknor Wragrot, the Empire was made for the purpose of shining a new light upon the warmongering and self-destructive Murgur people and their servants and is the first successful attempt to unify their people in their 15,000 years of history.

Based around pacifying the Murgur people and have the galaxy see them in a better light, the Empire is nonetheless one of the strongest factions of the Polar Crystal Alliance, holding one of its deadliest ground armies. While Wragrot hopes for the Murgur to become civilized by galactic standards, he has no intention of completely removing their capacity for war, and the Empire will make sure to retaliate with all of their might should they be provoked. With all of their power and the coming of better education and technology, the Empire is only looking to become stronger.


The Empire of the Murgur was founded at 2797 during the seventh year of the Ice Age. Following a temporary takeover of the Murgur homeworld of Kaos by Tismahgo, leader of the Kraknor Warband, Wragrot and multiple allies went after him and the Murgur Battlemaster killed Tismahgo in a one versus one battle to the death. Tismahgo's death convinced all Murgur to accept Wragrot as their supreme leader, and what remained of the Muganda Warband merged itself with Wragrot's allies, creating the Empire of the Murgur. The Empire immediately pledged itself to the Polar Crystal Alliance, joining its members.




The Empire of the Murgur is an elective monarchy, led by an Emperor who is elected by the most influential governors of the nation's galactic sectors. The Emperor is led by an Advisor, a hand-picked individual who is also given names such as Vice-Emperor and is popularity known as the 'second-in-command', as he holds as much power as the Emperor does while still answering to them. The Empire's laws make no restriction in who can be elected to be the Emperor, meaning background, family, gender or age are considered irrelevant as long it is a Murgur. The highest ranks obtainable for non-Murgur citizens are those of sector governors.

The current emperor of the Empire of the Murgur is:


The old ideals of the Murgur Warbands, which were based around the idea that the strong existed to be served by the weak, have been abandoned in favour of a society built around order and cooperation. Wragrot has turned what remained of the Kraknor Warband's military might into a police force, and now crimes and piracy are strictly forbidden in Murgur space. While it is a sudden and forceful change to the Murgur's ways, Wragrot believes that they will not learn to be orderly unless forced to.

Being members of the Polar Crystal Alliance has allowed the Murgur to be seen in a new light by the rest of the galaxy, and they are under the process of opening diplomatic and economic relations with other empires, though many Murgur still show resistance to see their former enemies as equals. One thing unchanged from their transition from Warbands to Empire is that they prefer to live in desert planets due to the Murgur people's favoring dry, hot environments.


As the old Murgur Warbands were never technologically advanced, the Empire remains a relatively primitive faction compared to the councillor powers of the Polar Crystal Alliances. Because they are still not as advanced as other races, the Murgur tend to live in rather rudimentary cities by the galaxy's standards. The leaders of the Empire hope that technology trading with other empires will allow Murgur cities to grow to be well designed and comfortable for all its member races, not just the Murgur.

The Empire of the Murgur makes up for one of the strongest land armies of the Polar Crystal Alliance, being composed of physically imposing creatures such as the Levarcor, Edulia and the Murgur themselves. Because of this, the Empire is often employed by the Alliance to serve as ground troops for important locations such as Hyperborea. However, the Murgur's lack of technology still makes them not as powerful as empires such as the Niaka or the Zoles.


Emperor Wragrot.png

The Murgur are finally tamed.

  • Name - Kraknor Wragrot
  • Status - Active

Kraknor Wragrot is the founder and first leader of the Empire of the Murgur. He is one of the last living Battlemasters, a subspecies of Murgur of superior size and with the ability to use psychic powers. A former leader of the Kraknor Warband, he was overthrown by Tismahgo and lived as a mercenary until he had his revenge thanks to encouragement from Groanknir and Vekaron. Wragrot is seen by most Murgur as the pinnacle of their race and they follow his every order, with him proving himself to be an efficient leader more than once.


So this is what peace looks like. I enjoy it.

  • Name - Muganda Groanknir
  • Status - Active

Muganda Groanknir is the second-in-command of the Empire of the Murgur and the right-hand man of Wragrot. Formerly leader of the Muganda Warband, Groanknir was the one who convinced the Battlemaster to regain control of the Murgur people after he was overthrown, and because of this, he is now his most trusted advisor. Groanknir had one of his arms lost to Xegriek, which has since been replaced by a prosthetic replacement.


Once again, I have dignity and pride. You can thank our Emperor for that.

  • Name - Kraknor Yatakhan
  • Status - Active

Kraknor Yatakhan is the commander of the Empire of the Murgur's military assets and serves as an assistant to Wragrot. A deformed Battlemaster born in the time of Wragrot's reign over the Kraknor Warband, Yatakhan led a rebellion against the Warmaster Tismahgo after the assassination attempt on Wragrot's life, resulting in his followers being slaughtered and himself falling to Tismahgo in hand to hand combat, living a life of shame and disgrace as the Warmaster's servant after the defeat of his insurrection.

Yatakhan was the first to inform Tismahgo of Wragrot's continued existence, and subsequently organized a "test" that he carried out in secret - he sought to unlock Wragrot's strength and potential so that it was guaranteed he would reclaim the Kraknor Warband. Having fought Wragrot multiple times, Yatakhan saved Wragrot's life during his duel-to-the-death with Warmaster Tismahgo, having endured an onslaught of attacks on Wragrot's behalf, which allowed Wragrot the time he required to recover and at last defeat Tismahgo. Yatakhan was soon granted control over the newly-founded Empire of the Murgur's military forces for allowing Wragrot to discover his true potential and assisting him in defeating Tismahgo directly.

Muganda Estinaw.png

Diplomacy is almost alien to Murgur. Let's all hope I do a good job.

  • Name - Muganda Estinaw
  • Status - Active

Muganda Estinaw is the diplomat representing the Empire of the Murgur in the Polar Crystal Alliance. A former general of the Muganda Warband, she was chosen to be the empire's diplomat in the Polar Crystal Alliance by Advisor Groanknir for her efficiency. Being a Murgur, Estinaw is seen with distrust by other races in the diplomat courts, but she has been doing what she can to prove she is not a threat, including erasing her Clan tattoos. Because of their similarities, she has quickly developed a friendship with Diplomat Gavikrag of the Ransio.



Diplomat Passion.pngWe prosper.


Green face.pngNone shall stand before us.


Blue face.pngDo not be afraid. We only bite when bitten first.

  • N/A


Yellow face.pngDo not provoke us.


Orange face.pngYou are a mouthy one, are you not?

  • N/A


Red face.pngYou have provoked the wrath of the Murgur. Your days are counted.


As primitive as they are, I can predict good outcomes from their part of the galaxy from now on. I just hope the rest of the galactic community is as willing as they are to act on friendly terms.

- Kirlisir


- Venoriel

Holiday vacation spot: number one! Two. Okay, six. Maybe one.

- Agent Nu

These thugs believe they can build an empire? Hehe. We'll see how long it lasts after their emperor expires.

- Valserion Khaxvis


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