The Empire of the Kralgons was a powerful empire dominated by the militant but technologically advanced Kralgon. Nationalistc and very imperialistic, the Empire were feared conquerers and Kralgon supremists who were notorious for committing genocide and destroying star systems. Tied with the Federal Government of Ottzello for most powerful empire in the galaxy, the Empire was notable for its incredibly strong military and technology that was the most advanced of any Ottzello civilisation until the Unified Nation of Ottzello centuries after its fall. Defeated by the combined forces of the Federal Government, the Blyro'Tralzica and the Blyro'Tralzorca, the Empire was a ruthless organisation which fell due to its own overconfidence,


Space stage[]

Once the Kralgon reached a spacefaring state, they were surprised at how many creatures had also reached this level, due to their own pride. Having contacted a few surrounding empires, they decided collectively that none should be able to compare to the Kralgon. Using their AI Weapons - unmanned fleets - the Kralgon managed to eventually destroy any surrounding spacefaring empires by taking them by surprise. The response led to uproar as many surrounding civilisations declared retribution, only for their worlds to fall to Kralgon.

Within only a few weeks, and after dropping Pods on worlds, the Kralgon were seen as invincible, and it was advised that any surrounders avoid them at all cost.

The Expansion era[]

The expansion era is the time when the Kralgons furthered their control beyond their sector. They took sentient beings of worlds they conquered, enslaved them, and forced them to mine resources and build buildings for them, before the Kralgon would then commit genocide and kill them once the robots within their colonies had replaced them. Using this, the Kralgons borders grow to the point where they met other empires with similar sizes, such as the Ottzelloan Grox and the Federal Government of Ottzello. These empires notably did not like the Kralgon's attitude, and the Grox had a distaste to them, though they mutually agreed that a war was not beneficial.

This era soon moved into days of a cold war. The Kralgon simply continued to take worlds out of notice of the Federal Government on the outskirts of the galaxy, and their aggressive conquering of worlds would earn them a dark reputation.

Great Blyro War[]

The Great Blyro War was noted as the turning point and the peak at which the Empire could no longer expand further, where its reliance on AI and on nationalism proved to be its downfall as it overstretched itself. Thyros XII, emperor at the time, went to war with the Federal Government of Ottzello, allying with the Blyro'Tralzorca for a mutually beneficial peaec between them. This treaty lasted for years, until Roshisiz, who pushed The System, grew the Kralgons to a level they had not reached before.

However, their overconfidence once The System had empowered their troops led to their destruction at the hands of the Federal Government, and once the Blyro'Tralzorca turned on them, many Kralgon went almost extinct, with a few being banished to other realms and others sent in hiding. The Empire's former glory would not be matched until the Kralgon Invasion Force would take the galaxy once more.



In the days of the Empire, the Kralgon were notoriously weak, but made up for this in intelligence. The Kralgon would not send soldiers to war for a long while until The System enhaned them and cloned them more rapidly, preferring to employ the use of AI Weapons to their advantage. Many historians speculate that the reason for the Kralgons' supremist movement and militancy was their feeling of physiological weakness, and historians have joked that they are "compensating for something" and "just boosting their low self esteem".


Governed by the Emperor and several AIs, the Empire was incredibly strict. Through nationalist and racist propaganda, the Kralgons always sided with the Empire and very few challenged its views, with those who challenged it often being executed for crime. The Empire's government had a simple structure, with AIs often acting as the Emperor's advisors and in turn carrying out his orders across various sectors, as the AIs would also command the robotic police force.


The technology and the military were highly advanced, beyond what any Ottzelloan of their time was capable of. Ran mostly by AIs and highly advanced nanotechnology, with many of their weapons consisting of turbolasers and plasma cannons, the Empire was unmatched. Powered mostly using zero point generators among other sources and ran by AI dictatorship, the Kralgon had a highly complex structure.


Kralgon society was luxurious. With a very socialist economy, wealth distribution was often praised as the only true sign of social justice in the Empire, as most Kralgon workers were rich. However, the Empire was far from perfect, and even in their rich lifestyle, propaganda was everywhere, and the Kralgons were often fed information through the AIs about how superior the Kralgons were, and how much stronger than the rest of the galaxy they were.

The Kralgon will conquer all.