History Edit

The empire was formed about 2,500,000 BTC in the Cyranai Galaxy when the Fosha became a sentient they made the EF. They were generally a peaceful empire until they joined the War of Arbitration. More coming soon....

Culture Edit

The culture of the EF was Fosha. Currency was Cics named after their home planet Cicuran. The line of emperors of the EF was the Nel dynasty. Notable individuals is founder Kuran-Nel,The emperor during the War of Arbitration Halfen-Nel,and the last emperor Suraf-Nel.

Astrology Edit

Located in the Cyranai Galaxy. The home planet of the EF is Cicuran. The moon of Cicuran is Nel. Cicuran is in orbit of the star Kuran with three other planets being Kinul,Jiras,and the gas giant Mila.

Military Edit

Fosha Eliete soldier

A Fosha commander

The military of the EF is very large. It contains thousands and thousands of navy spaceships,land vehicles, and foot soldiers. There is also a small amount of ocean vehicles.
Fosha Soldier

A normal Fosha soldier

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