Not to be confused with the Civ Universe's Republic of Halloway (RoH).

The Empire of Halloway, also known as EoH, is an independent space-faring empire in the Milky Way, home to a faction of Humanity as well as other species who made the Empire their home along the years. This Empire has not yet made a mark in universal affairs, though it has rejected two offers to join the Human Republic and one to join the Civilization, due to its nationalistic pride.

The EoH is a stable and expanding empire, known for dividing its territory into small autonomous groups known as Mega-States, of which there are currently 17. The states are further divided into Planetary States. The most prominent Mega-State is Zkitek, often confused for its actual capital, Mantoville, which is divided into North and South halves due to Astral Acronis claiming the North Half; Halloway, on the other hand, claims the South Half.

The EoH is close to Astral Acronis, which also originated in Mantoville, though its territory is slightly smaller than Halloway's. Both were at war with each other in the 2550's, (and are theoretically still at war) with Vonvzap being the main battlefield. They have also had a struggle with the DCP.

History Edit

Halloway split up from a communist totalitarian dictatorship in 1998, becoming a fledgeling nation of poor people, however, a foreign company called ARCOTEK started improving Halloway's quality of life for profit, to the point where in 2011, they were considered a major Mantovillian power. Halloway eventually didn't need ARCOTEK by 2021 and began developing more by themselves, reaching new lengths in technology that other nations didn't. During the 21st century, more and more nations allied with Halloway for their technology, eventually becoming part of the Nation as soon as Hateg declared war on Halloway and all its allies in 2060. It was a long and bloody war, but it ended in victory in 2071.

By 2079, a colonization project was launched by Halloway, after Acronis had launched one 1 year earlier. It was initially expected to flop, but it was more successful than expected, as the planet had enhough oxygen for the colonists to breathe in. By 2087, it became its own state within the now denominated "Empire of Halloway", or EoH. By 2090, a Drakonian invasion almost meant the end for Mantoville, if it wasn't for Acronis and Halloway convincing the Drakonians that Hateg was the true evil in Mantoville. Thus the first Hategan colony in space was destroyed. 14 years later, rogue Drakonians decided to live as part of the EoH, becoming its 2nd race. At first they were discriminated, but after 2 years they became equal to humans.

In 2157, many ships were seen heading for Marinagraxia, a colony of the EoH. It was the Vrynox, a species who had their homeworld in chaos due to ecological disasters. The pure state of Vomo caused some Hallowanians to have a diffrent view on the environment, though the majority still today consider themselves "above nature". The Vrynox thus became the 3rd race of the EoH, and were welcomed with open arms.

Over the course of the 3rd millenium, Halloway, Acronis and Hateg had rough times, waging war against each other, building stronger and stronger weapons. Hateg was the first to fall in 2477 due to Acronian invasion. In the 2550's, Halloway and Acronis fought each other for a planet, though Acronis won that decade's war, only to lose another colony in 2569. Theoretically, both nations are still at war as of today.

During the 27th century, the Hallowanians rejected 2 offers to join the Human Republic, citing pride for their Nationality as their reason. They also rejected an offer to join the Civilization in 2778. As of today, Halloway is a prosperous civlization, with 40 colonies spread across 17 Mega-states.

First massacre Edit

Shortly after the Annihilation, the nearby Delpha Coalition of Planets was presumed destroyed, and part of the DCP's defensive networks, the "maelstrom", preventing most forms of FTL travel was glitchy. The empire was willing to expand after the devastation, and found a planet with a suitable biosphere which they named "Actaktikon", and began to build settlements. The DCP however, was not destroyed, and when they returned, they had found this planet had been colonised, however, the DCP, instead of their usual territorial aggression sent a message, even offering a gift. President of Orged of the Drakonian replied, believing the DCP to merely be pranksters despite it being the DCP's subspace window. The DCP took this as an act of aggression...

Commander Vortuk was put in command, the DCP did not wish to waste physical effort. There were only a few tens of colonies, each the DCP was very familiar, each city had been mapped. The DCP launched Hyperspace missiles to destroy every major city of the Empire of Halloway. Each hyperspace missile contained payloads of 250 megatonnes, they were neutron bombs, basic, but affective. Launched from military bunkers and starships, the missiles entered hyperspace immediatly, each programmed to drop into realspace right above each capital city. Each detonated in the atmosphere, in a blinding flash as hot as the surface of many stars, despite its detonation in the air, mushrum clouds still were drawn up, enveloping entire cities, and shockwaves destroyed all buildings at a speed faster than sound. Being a neutron-weapon, most outer structures survived, but all biological life within the vicinity melted. There were survivors on each world, as only the captials had been hit. Those not within the vicinities of the weapon had not been irradiated like that of a hydrogen bomb, but the death count was in the billions. It was a "shock and awe" tactic. The DCP was back, and it meant business. Soon after, the Hallowanian Council surrendered towards the DCP and let them keep Actaktikon.

Currently the EoH is recovering from the largest attack since the early Acronis-Halloway attacks. Re-construction should be finished by Late 2785.

Data Edit

Culture Edit

EoH Culture is similar to how it was over 700 years ago, except space politics now take over the lives of the people of the Empire. STL ships compose the Majority of Hallowanian trips to other planets, however, FTL Ships are only used by Hallowanian Governors and the Hallowanian Military.

The EoH has a highly elevated civil rights record, as people are free to speak out anything they like, and have a wide degree of freedoms across the 40 planets of the EoH. Protests are listened to, and if the protests are viable and concise, the president usually changes things to the people's favor.

Memes aren't as popular as they used to be in the 21st century, but small sects in planets still follow cultural memes often. Football and a new and popular sport, robot battles, are highly popular in Halloway.

Hallowanians are usually homeschooled from age 3 to 13, and after that, they enter High Schools until age 16, which is the Majority Age in the EoH. The reason for the early homeschooling is to prevent bullying in younger children until they are old enhough and knowledgeful enhough to act civil towards others. University remains as an optional choice after High School. It is known that Knowledge transfer is currently being studied.

Like 760 years ago, the Military is a voluntary service where pay checks are very elevated and are a choice for the ones who either don't have enhough knowledge for a normal job or for the ones who are looking for a temporary job. It is still called "a poor man's job".

Hallowanian Television is free, being composed of 2309 Channels being broadcasted through sattelite or long range Tachyon space waves. However, Acronian television is paid.

Hallowanians spend most of their time on the Internet, and the Hallowanian web is known for being "the most random place of all time" by Acronians. However, Vrynox websites are less random and more to the point.

Hallowanians enjoy a wide variety of music, from pop to rock, from techno to the more alien music enjoyed by Drakonians, Vrynox and the Hallowanian Grox.

EoH "prison" is more of a mental correction facility, usually done by a machine who eases the thoughts of the criminal showing images to the liking of the criminal, and then micro-laser surgery corrects the ideals of the criminal to more civil ideals, while retaining most of his original personality.

Religion Edit

Halloway is Apatheist, but was formerly Atheist until Halloway basically forgot they had faith to begin with. Thus, common universal wars such as the War of Ages may sound like Mythology for a EoH Citizen.

Since Religion is absent from the EoH, Hallowanians usually celebrate Football, HalloVision or Robot Battles as "Alternate Religions". As these sports are popular, citizens usually root for either their Mega-State, Planetary State, or Race.

Territory Edit


Hallowanian Territory is characterized by having 17 Mega-States, which are divisions of the Empire of Halloway with self-governance. There are currently 17 Mega-States in the Empire of Halloway, each with at least 1 colony and 4 at most. Colonization happens often, usually when enhough resources are gathered, however, Halloway isn't much aware of its neighbours, thus some of their future colony plans lie within other empires's territories, while Halloway is pratically unaware of the borders.

Halloway's Neighbours are Astral Acronis, the DCP, the Ar-Kilth Republic, and the Wentals.

Species Edit

Human Edit

I'm a human. We may not be as badass as a Drakonian, as smart as a Vrynox, and as hax as a Grox, but we founded this Hax nation.

- EoH Human

Mantovillian Humanity originated in planet Mantoville, and evolved over the course of 5 Million years from their earliest sapient ancestors to their modern state. They have gone through various political turmoils, but currently they are the leaders of this prosperous Empire, alongside the other 3 Races of the Empire, which are treated equally and fairly.

Mantovillian Humans are known for their double colored eyes and their long fingers, but aside of that, they are indistiguishable from regular humans. Being creative and innovative, they are the main power of the EoH.

Drakonian Edit

The Hallowanians didn't lie. They aren't evil, they're just completely nuts. Because they think we're "awesome". Yet we're with them because we prefer that to being DCP slaves.

- EoH Drakonian

Originally intending to destroy Mantoville in 2090 due to its inhabitants's "evil nature", Halloway and Acronis have successfully convinced them to leave their homeplanet alone, claiming Hateg was a greater evil. An Hategan Space Colony was destroyed instead. However, 14 years later, in 2104, a Drakonian Mothership came to a Hallowanian Colony and estabilished themselves as part of the EoH, stating rebellion from the original Drakonian Empire. (Which would be enslaved by the DCP later on)

EoH Drakonians are yellow, slim, bulky wing-less dragon-like creatures who posess a liking for the more war-related part of EoH culture. 90% of the EoH's Military is consisted of Drakonians, however, the Drakonians who don't go to the Military live lives similar to EoH Humans. They are known for disliking Vrynoxes.

Vrynox Edit

Why do we bother with this nation? Because at least they feed us.

- EoH Vrynox

Vrynox are a 4 legged dark green armless race who use tentacles to do their daily needs. They arrived at the EoH in 2156 after an ecological disaster left their homeworld of Vomo in chaos. The selected Vrynox people arrived at the EoH to "start over, this time with help".

Vrynox have a serious culture. They usually multitask, and have incredible concentration, and are shown to have a high Sentience Quotient. Vrynox think the Humans are "an itch we can live with", due to their culture's common randomness. Vrynox may not participate a lot in the Hallowanian Community, but are valuable critics, and are idea forgers. Vrynox think the Drakonians are "needlessly racist" to Vrynox. Vrynox cities are usually underground, usually beneath Human cities.

Hallowanian Grox Edit

We are rogues. We will help this nation.

- EoH Grox

A rogue Grox Group was formed in 2709 in the far reaches of the Grox Milky Way Empire by an unknown alien species, and were genetically altered by them to support oxygen and fewer implants, which angered the Grox Meta-Emperor. A war was fought between the Rogue Grox and the Meta-Empire, but before an attack took place, they vanished out of trace. The next moment, it could not be told whether they were part of a random empire or the rogue Grox group.

In 2710, they decided to live in the EoH, providing technological advancement. Their numbers are very few, rounding 3 Million. However, they are essential to the EoH's technological studies, being part of every lab around the EoH. These Grox are Black and Yellow, and are almost similar to KGGC Grox in both personality and implants.

Cylone Edit

Cylones provide more diversity to Hallowanian culture. Their cold bloodedness and their sunlight weakness may hinder them, but their great culture and our help will make them prosper.

- EoH Vrynox

By MasterMachine


The Cylone are an amphibious species of nocturnal predators. They often live underground in the cave systems of planets, or make their own caves, as too much sun can hurt their fragile skin. They cannot survive in dry environment, and are cold blooded, meaning that they can't survive in cold environments either. Since most of the universe is cold and dry, they don't have much expansion space.

The Cylone joined the EoH in 2783, as a way of getting free planets to spread to. They aren't the strongest member species, but their reproductive abilities make them a massive population boost to the EoH. Their population is almost 4 billion all by itself, and can double in mere weeks after a mating season (which are rare). They specialize in digging and mining tech, making them excellent miners of resources.

Technology Edit

EoH Technology is on a similar scale as Kraw Empire technology. Unlike Astral Acronis, which focus more on war technology, the EoH focus more on telecomunication, life improving and resource technology. Hallowanians enjoy various techologies such as TVs and their more advanced counterpart, Holovisions, mobile watches, flying vehicles and jetpacks, and they also enjoy the beautiful scenery of a well built city.

Hallowanians almost never starve, as food cloning technology is extensive in the EoH. Forcefields aren't a rarity either, as well as certain assorted weaponry such as plasma lasers, disintegrators and waveshot lasers. Hallowanian cities are usually huge, and a common thing that all colonies have is a nature reserve, which is "as far away from what is to become city", which is usually a large island, either natural or created. These natural reserves are used often for tourism or movie filming.

Relations Edit

Nember Species of the EoH
Wental Empire
Human Republic
Grox Meta-Empire
Astral Acronis

Quotes Edit

*massive disturbances*...Empire of Man?...[+++UNKNOWN+++]...impossible, impossible...

- ???

Trivia Edit

  • This is basically Deisna's Republic of Halloway 770+ years in the future.
  • Every species that joined the EoH after 2780 were made by other users. Cylones were made by MasterMachine.
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