I was born a bastard to a greedy ruler and a consort. I grew up on a farm, raised by simple people with simple dreams. I was a trader, providing relief aid to our war torn and shattered empire. I was a usurper, fighting against bickering heirs who couldn't see what their conflict was doing to the empire our ancestors built. Now, I am fifth emperor of the mighty Soldarian Empire. I've fought in conflicts across multiple galaxies, stopped threats that would have wiped us all out, and I even helped defeat a god with my own sword.

Many of us have humble, or even unfavorable beginnings. But you hold the pen that writes your story. You can decide how it ends.

- Emperor Pulporious V, 2800 AD

Emperor Pulporious the Fifth is the fifth ruler of the Soldarian Empire. He is known for his brilliant military mind and legendary involvement in the galactic history of both the Tyris Major and Mirus galaxies.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Emperor Rexus Pitulo Soldar'Ra Dominus Pulporious was born in 600 AD on planet Militora. He was born Rexus, a bastard child of Emperor Pulporious the Fourth and Ortiva, one of the emperor's many mistresses.

Being among the youngest of the children of the emperor, and a bastard at that, Rexus had no chance of inheriting the throne once his father died. Ortiva never managed to convince Emperor Pulporious IV to legitimize Rexus as his son, but some members of his court were aware of Rexus' existence and his lineage.

In 606 AD, Emperor Pulporious IV was murdered by his son Prince Katorious Pulporious. While the prince would have become the emperor of the Soldarian Empire, his many brothers and sisters, who were accomplished war veterans and politicians, denounced him for the murder of their father. Despite his best efforts to stop his siblings from overthrowing him, Katorious was dethroned and executed. However, the death of Katorious did not solve the issue of inheritance. The remaining children of the late Emperor Pulporious IV began to fight among each other for the throne, leading to the Age of Interregnum and the Soldarian Succession War.

Ortiva, fearing for the life of the six-year-old Rexus, fled to Alesso, one of the empire's farming colonies. Rexus would be raised among farmers and educated in the ways of his Soldarian ancestors by his mother. During his childhood and teenage years, Rexus toiled away as a farmhand, unaware that he was the sibling of the warlords that fought in the ongoing Succession War.

Early Political Career and Campaign for Unity Edit

By 636 AD, Rexus had purchased his own farm of 400 acres. He employed citizens of the empire who lost their homes to the Soldarian Succession War or simply wished to avoid the war altogether. The farm would eventually produce high quality crops thanks to Rexus' influx of workers and credits. By 642 AD, Rexus was the wealthiest man on Alesso, even when compared to the colony's governor, Pitulo Jirdonus.

Governor Pitulo and Rexus were longtime friends, and often discussed their shared distaste for the Succession War and the divided empire. Pitulo was a retired war hero who fought during the early 100's in the empire's Age of Opulence, and believed strongly in a united Soldarian Empire. He was also a mentor to the young Rexus, teaching him in the Soldarian way of martial tactics, which he used to protect his crops from raiders. In 637 AD, Pitulo and Rexus began donating their surplus of supplies to wartorn colonies as a gesture of "Soldarian compassion and unity". They believed that if the people of the empire actively opposed the war and saw the benefits of a united empire, then the warring princes and princesses would have no choice but to listen to reason and end their conflict. They call this their "Campaign for Unity".

Rexus, being a rather modest man, allowed the governor to be in the spotlight of this campaign. Rexus was mentioned by name occasionally, but had no aspirations to become a famous public figure. His life as a farmer suited him just fine. Though this would abruptly change for him.

Beginning of a Legend Edit

In 640 AD During a party to celebrate a successful year of campaigning and bringing many colonies into their growing trade network, word reached governor Pitulo that one of the colonies was seized by Prince Gullus Pulporious, one of the warlords of the Soldarian Succession War. Angered by this, the former general called his legions to arms and gathered a small fleet to try to negotiate with the warlord. Rexus accompanied him as a trusted adviser and friend.

Upon arriving at the colony, Governor Pitulo opened communications with Prince Gullus. The prince openly insulted the governor, claiming that the Campaign for Unity was treasonous and that his sentence was death. Prince Gullus opened fire on Governor Pitulo's fleet, killing hundreds of Soldarian veterans and destroying many of the fleet's ships. Pitulo was severely injured in the fight and Rexus, despite not being a military man, gained control of the fleet and ordered a full retreat.

During their return to Alesso, Governor Pitulo looked to Rexus and told him that he was dying and would not see the empire unified. However he believed that Rexus, descendant of House Pulporious could unify their people once more. Rexus was shocked at this revelation, but it was overshadowed by the grief he felt as his friend died in his arms.

With a new fire in his heart, Rexus knew that the path to unity could no longer be paved through peaceful means. Rexus took the name Rexus Pitulo in honor of his fallen friend and mentor, and declared war on Prince Gullus.

Rexus-Gullus Conflict Edit

The Rexus-Gullus Conflict was a small-scale conflict that occured during the Soldarian Succession War, and would prove to be one of the most important conflicts of the war. Rexus, who was considered a upstart and a nobody by most of the warring Soldarian royalty, was challenging the fourth son of Emperor Pulporious IV, Prince Gullus Pulporious. Rexus rallied the forces of his trade network, gaining an impressive fleet and infantry force full of Pitulo's veterans. Prince Gullus scoffed at Rexus' fleet and believed that he could crush the upstart with minimal effort. This was proven to be false however, as Rexus was the student of Pitulo, who in turn learned many of his tactics from Emperor Pulporious III's own legions.

Rexus whittled down the larger forces of Gallus, who was in turn already fighting off his other siblings. With a powerful strike during the Battle of Ronas, Rexus delivered a crushing defeat to Gallus' own personal fleet. This embarrassment reached the ears of his siblings, making him the laughing stock of the Pulporious Dynasty. Enraged, Gallus challenged Rexus to personal combat to regain his honor. Rexus, while wary of Gallus' notable prowess as warrior, accepted the challenge.

The two met on Militora, a planet untouched by the war due to its cultural significance to all Soldarians. Some of Gallus' siblings attended the duel as a show of respect for the tradition. Rexus and Gallus were set to fight in the Colossus Militoris, an arena where the most legendary of Soldarian warriors emerged. The duel commenced and the crowed cheered as the two men faced off against each other. Rexus managed to dodge an overhead swing that surely would have killed him otherwise, and retaliated by beheading the prince. Rexus held Gallus' head by its plumage and yelled to the crowd with one of the most famous quotes heard in the galaxy to date.

Here I stand with the head of my own brother in my hands! This is the fate of those who champion discord over order! Division over unity! Dishonor over honor! Forget not the virtues of our god Soldar! Betray not what it means to be a Soldarian!

- Rexus Pitulo, 642 AD

Rexus' words reached the heart of the Soldarian public, causing many warriors and political figures to prop him up as a candidate for the throne. Despite revealing his hieritage to the public, Rexus refused to take the name "Pulporious", stating that he would only take the name if he took the throne. This statement caused the other princes and princesses to view him as a threat, thrusting him into the Soldarian Succession War.

Soldarian Succession War Edit

The Soldarian Succession War had been raging for almost four decades since its start in 606 AD. With Rexus' proclamation that he was a son of Emperor Pulporious IV and the support he gained from soldiers and politicians alike, he joined the war in 646 AD.

Rexus spent the first two years of his war efforts raising legions and ships for battle. Thanks to his trade networks and personal wealth that did not rely on the drained imperial coffers, Rexus found himself with a massive fleet of 30,000 battleships and 1,600 legions. The exhausted forces of his half-siblings were no match for his fleet, and with each victory over them their forces began to defect to Rexus' banner.

In 652 AD, one of the warring siblings, Princess Palah Pulporious, joined Rexus' campaign due to their shared interests in simply reunifying the empire. With their combined forces, Rexus crushed the remaining princes and princesses by 655 AD. This brought an end to the Soldarian Succession War and the Age of Interregnum.

Ascension to the Throne Edit

With his siblings either executed or imprisoned for dividing the empire and Princess Palah content with just governing a few sectors of the empire, Rexus was now the undisputed heir to the Soldarian Empire. While he still had a few political opponents that still backed his now disinherited siblings, Rexus ascended the throne as Emperor Rexus Pitulo Pulporious, also known as Emperor Pulporious V.

His first goal as emperor was to gain control of the newly reunified empire. Pulporious V reorganized the empire into sectors, allowing him to assign his trusted allies as governors. This allowed the emperor to establish a chain of authority within the empire, but also keep the support of those who helped him become emperor.

For the next two centuries, Emperor Pulporious V would rule the empire in peace, bringing forth a new age of prosperity and imperial might to the Soldarian Empire.

Hostilities with the Biskin Edit

Soldarian-Hyperon War Edit

War of Tyris MajorEdit

A few years later, Pulporious V got word that a super weapon invented by Dr. Zard was stolen by notorious criminal, Averil Daxur, and it was capable of destroying life in an entire arm of a galaxy. Pulporious was outraged that such technology existed and vowed to destroy it. Though he could not do it alone. He called in SEP survivor Bengo Flett to lead the Soldarian Army into the battlefield. Pulporious V later learned that efforts made by the Volver Empire were successful and aided them in combat. This alliance gave the Soldarians new weapons and information about the enemy. During the battle for the super weapon, the Soldarians helped free imprisoned species and fought off the Antroths and Biskins. When the super weapon was destroyed by General Chainbarr's sacrificial explosion, the Soldarians were told to fall back to Militora by Bengo in order to prevent becoming infected by the Infectants on planet Floo. After that battle, the war was over.

Nebulorian-Alpha WarEdit

Pulporious V was contacted by King Glynn of the Volver Empire to aid them in combat against the Nebulorians. Pulporious agreed to help and sent massive fleets to Ascon to protect the Volver. During this, Pulporious hired Averil Daxur to help win the war.

Pulporious V had assigned Bengo with the task of defending Militora while he was on Ascon. Suddenly the Nebulorians as well as their allies the Dead Watch and Unitech Citadel of Sentients attacked Militora. A hard battle was fought, but the Soldarians were losing. The Antroths appeared just In the nick of time and wiped out the opposing armies. But then, Lord Ne'yon, leader of the Nebulorians, stepped out of the Nebulorian Mothership. Ne'yon singlehandedly defeated both armies and killed Bengo. The remaining allied forces were forced to retreat back to Ascon. Militora was lost.

During the final stages of the war, Pulporious V and W'tze the Waptoria Alliance of Species led their troops through the west side of Ne'yon's hideout. King Glynn managed to defeat Lord Ne'yon and destroyed the Nebulorian super weapon, the Spear of Apocalypse.

In the aftermath, the Soldarians attended the soldiers' memorial service, giving a 21 gun salute. Militora was quickly taken back and restored to it's former glory.

After this, Pulporious and his empire joined the newly formed Unified Federation of Glory (UFG).

Second Infectant WarEdit

The Soldarians were ruthlessly attacked by their old enemies the Infectant Scourge. Omega, now in command of the Infectant army, led the assault. Pulporious V and his two Super Elites, Wes and Nora, confronted Omega while the Soldarian Army held back the Infectants. Omega managed to defeat Wes and Nora and fatally wound Pulporius V after a long battle. Pulporius V was then captured by Omega and taken hostage by the Infectants. The Infectants then left Militora after revenging it a bit more.

Averil Daxur, hired by W'tze who had also aided in the Nebulorian-Alpha War, saved Pulporius V from the clutches of Hive Mind, the true Infectant leader and mother of all Infectants.

The Soldarians fought the Infectants alongside their allies in the Unified Federation of Glory, while Pulporious was recovering in the hospital. The Soldarians later found out that the Dead Watch, Alpha Cyber Collective and Bio-Morphling Horde were aiding the Infectants in battle. Despite this, the Infectants were still defeated, along with their allies. Pulporious V could rest easy.

Second Ascon Civil WarEdit

A few years after the Second Infectant War, Pulporious heard that his allies were locked into conflict with a Volver rebel named Crimson and his band of followers. Pulporious chose not to get involved with such a war, as it did not concern the Soldarians. He believed that the Volver Empire should be able to solve their own rebellion. Aside from his injuries from fighting against Omega, Pulporious was adamant about his decision not to lend aid.

He later heard that his allies defeated Crimson. Pulporious was glad to hear it, though he was more concerned with his own recovering empire.

Enlightenment WarEdit

Pulporious got word that a powerful organization known as the Proditkar Movement was threatening the UFG and its allies. Pulporious got his army ready and headed off into battle. He and his fleet arrived during the Battle of Ugandalore, where Crimson and his forces alongside other enemy forces had his friends cornered. Pulporious rushed into battle with his troops, hacking, slashing, and blasting them away. He aided King Brygon in his fight against Kalaas Desaa, an ancient Volver revived to aid Crimson. During the fight, a mysterious Volver called the Knight appeared and destroyed Kalaas, the other revived Volver, and banished Crimson into the void.

Pulporious later accompanied the UFG leaders in their efforts to end the Kashriinox Collective. They fought hard, killing many enemies in their path. They also managed to infiltrate the Proditkar's base, dealing a sever blow to their organization.

With that, the war was over. With he arrival of the Enlightened Ones, the Unified Federation of Glory, along with the Waptoria Alliance of Species, formed the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment (UAE).

Return of THEMEdit

Some years after the Enlightenment war, the Soldarians, along with many other empires, received a message from a galactic overlord known as Xizothano Ada, ordering all subjects of a portion of the milky way to surrender to his might. Pulporious consulted with his allies within the UAE. The UAE did not want to give in to Ada's demands. Ada saw this as an act of war.

Ada, however, had revived the UAE's past foes, such as Crimson, Omega, and The Infectant Hivemind. With this, Lord Ne'yon had been revived as well the man responsible for Bengo Flett's death. The Infectants and the Nebulorians, Lord Ne'yon's race, were revived as well. The UAE forces were severely unprepared to handle this many threats and were forced to work alongside King Ziskin of the Biskin Empire, sworn enemies of the Volver Empire, and the Unitech Citadel of Sentients, enemies of the Waptoria Alliance.

During Ada's attack on the UAE, Emperor Pulporious and his son, Pulporious VI (also called "Six"), defended the alliance with their massive fleet. Pure Infectant Gamma was ordered by the Hive Mind to infiltrate Pulporious' flagship. Gamma, with a squad of Omega Grox, lands on Pulporious' ship soon after launch. They massacre all the soldiers in the landing bay. Though his Omega Grox are gunned down, Gamma makes his way to the bridge and spots Pulporius and Six. After a tough fight, Pulporious and his son are aided by Blitz Vaas, leader of the Hyperon Mercenaries that the Soldarians fought decades ago. Pulporious did not trust Blitz at all, though he thanked him for his aid.

Almost all empires within the UAE had teamed up with their former enemies to fight Ada and his army. This powerful but temporary alliance allowed the UAE to storm their way to Ada's domain, the Abyss.

Once in the Abyss, Pulporious and Blitz teamed up to fight the Knight while the other members of the UAE went on to fight Ada's other minions. Pulporious and Blitz managed to defeat the Knight and moved onward to help their allies face Ada.

Pulporious and his allies fought against Ada, only barely wounding him. Ada later achieved what he called his God Form. He had gained unrivaled power and almost killed Pulporious and his allies. Luckily, Dr. Que, a leading Volver scientist, had developed a weapon called the Deity Pulse. The weapon was mounted on the Ascon Warship, protected by the UAE's allied fleet that had just arrived in Ada's dimension. The pulse was fired, stunning Ada, allowing the fleet to open fire. Ada was defeated, though he was later absorbed by The Dark One, allowing Ada to avoid death. The Dark One expelled the UAE and it's allies from the dimension, sparing their lives.

The war was over, and Pulporious retreated back to Militora with his son to rest.

Weapons and SkillsEdit


  • Soldarian Great-Sword - The Soldarian Great-Sword is a powerful blade, capable of slicing even armored enemies in two. Soldarians make the best use of this weapon because it requires great strength to use, which all Soldarians have. The blade was forged using titanium. Pulporious V's variant of the blade contains a few traces of Asconium, making it four times more durable and able to block the effects of Alphorium.
  • Double Barreled Plasma Rifle - The double barreled plasma rifle is a Plasma Rifle variant that can hold twice the ammo of a normal one. The increased firing rate causes this weapon's handling to be a bit difficult to control. Races with good strength are capable of using this weapon to it's fullest.
Pulporious Flak Cannon

Pulporious and his Flak Cannon.

  • Soldarian Flak Cannon - The Soldarian Flak Cannon is a weapon that is widely used by Soldarian Shock Troopers and other heavy infantry. The weapon can fire rockets in a semi-automatic fashion with a five second delay between each launch. The rocket launcher is capable of dealing immense amounts of damage to large vehicles and can kill enemy soldier quite easily.


  • Soldarian Elite Armor - This armor is issued to all Soldarian elites. It is extremely durable and can withstand gunfire and even hold up against armor piercing sniper rounds. It is very flexible, though it's weight could hinder a non-Soldraian.
  • Soldarian Emperor Armor - This armor is used only by Soldarian Emperors. It is far more durable than any Soldarian Armor variant and can even protect the wearer from explosions. It is even said that the armor can protect against tank shells. Like all Soldarian armor, its weight can hinder non-Soldarians.


Emperor Pulporious V is rarely seen in combat, only commanding his men from a flagship. He is probably the best military strategist in Tyris Major. He is a genius when it comes to creating maneuvers and battle plans for his military. This, along with his enormous fleet, has allowed Pulporious to remain one of the most powerful men Tyris Major or even the Milky Way.

Pulporious Gun and sword

Pulporious wielding his Great-Sword and Double Barreled Plasma Rifle.

The Emperor is no slouch when it comes down to fighting. He is actually the strongest and most skilled Soldarian in the empire, which is why he is the Emperor in the first place. His fighting style when unarmed involves obliterating the opponent with strong blows. He usually breaks his opponent's bones, leaving them unable to fight back. Pulporious is also an excellent Swordsman. He disarmed King Ziskin's Lightning Striker during the War of Tyris Major. Pulporious even defeated Ada's Knight, a swordsman with godly powers, using his Soldarian Great-Sword during the Return of THEM. Pulporious' marksmanship is quite impressive as well, as he was able to successfully kill many Infectants using various guns during the War of Tyris Major.

Pulporious also has many abilities that come with simply being Soldarian. After generations of living in the mountains, Soldarians are used to cold weather, harsh terrain, and low oxygen levels. They have a large lung capacity and are able to use their muscle fibers efficiently even in environments with little to no oxygen. In oxygen rich environments, such as Earth, Soldarians are even stronger than they would be on their homeworld. The increased oxygen levels would allow their muscles to use far more energy. Soldarians are already very strong on their homeworld, but on Earth they could toss trucks with almost no problem. They are known to have a bite force that is capable of shattering concrete. Their physique is built for combat and taking blows. Soldarians are covered in hard scales, allowing them to withstand damage from blades and some forms of projectiles. This does not make them invincible however, as Soldarians can be harmed by gunfire if they are not wearing armor. Soldarians have a strong bone structure as well, meaning that fractures and breaks are quite rare.

Pulporious is a dangerous opponent on the battlefield, and a valuable ally.

Personal InformationEdit


Emperor Pulporious V is known to be a very harsh and serious man. During his conquest through Tyris Major, he was feared by many empires. After the war with the Hyperon, Pulporious became a bit more calm and accepting of other races. Pulporious takes after his father, being a bit kind, yet will defend his and his people's honor. Pulporious rules with an iron fist, and is respected by all Soldarians. However, Pulporious is known to be very arrogant, prideful, and a bit greedy. He built a massive fleet to exert his Empire's dominance in his sector of Tyris Major and believes his Empire is the most powerful in the cluster.

Despite his arrogance and claims of strength, Pulporious is known to be a brilliant strategist and is considered to be a valuable ally to the UAE and its allies.



  • King Brygon - He has grown into a great man. Though...I wish he would uphold his Soldarian heritage
  • W'tze - I'm not a big fan of those Eco-nuts. But W'tze and his people are an exception. I've fought alongside them for years.
  • Pulporious VI - My son is a prodigy. He will make a fine Emperor someday.
  • King Lavern - This man was probably the only person who actually sent chills up my spine when I saw him in battle.
  • Oskel Leton- Oskel is far more dangerous than he leads on. I fought him once. And for one moment, I could swear that I was fighting a devil.
  • Queen Si'daal - Normally women in Tyris Major do not hold such high political roles...but the Queen has shown us all that you can be a great leader regardless of your appearance.
  • Empress Besta - She's actually got a lot in common with me. Perhaps we should spar one day. I hear Vanara are quite strong.
  • Averil Daxur - Once, this man was my enemy. But...over time he has proven to be a valuable ally. He saved my hide back then, and I owe him for that.


  • King Glynn - You sacrificed yourself to save us. However, that stunt you pulled during the Return was unexpected. Be lucky that I didn't get to face you in combat.
  • Dione Ardal - She's a strong young woman. She takes after her mother and grandfather.
  • Solid - Aside from the fact that he and his people are enemies of my allies, I will commend him for his skill as a warrior.
  • Blitz Vaas - I can't forgive your kind for what they've done, but I can thank you for helping us during the Return.
  • Lorka Gredyc - I had little interaction with him. My opinions are solely based on his fighting ability, which is quite impressive.
  • Knight - You were a formidable opponent.
  • Gridlock - I don't like types like you very much. Let us hope your blade is as sharp as your tounge.


  • Imperator Caligustus - You seem hell bent on starting wars...If you really want a war so badly, then I'll give you one, Caligustus. But for your sake, I hope your fighting skill mirrors your rage. Let me test what you actually can do.
  • Infectant Hive Mind - You started that foul plague and caused so much death. I'm glad we could finally put down such a monstrosity
  • Lord Ne'yon - I will rip your neck open if I ever see you again! You killed my best warrior, and I will never forgive you for that!!
  • Omega - Hmph, that was merely a scratch boy!
  • Beta - Why won't you DIE!?
  • Anthil Agna - I will not allow you to live while I'm still alive! You will pay for your crimes against us and I will help avenge Lavern!!


Quotes from HimEdit

War does not determine who is right - only who is left

You'd best pray to your gods, because I will be the one to send you to them!

Quotes from OthersEdit

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Uncle Pulporious is one of the strongest men that I know. I respect him for him helping me during hard times.

- King Brygon

He's brash, violent, arrogant, and downright short tempered. But I suppose we need a guy like him around to fight with us in battle.

- Queen Si'daal

Ah, Emperor Pulporious is a fine warrior. He's actually a bit better than I am, though I think he prefers not to fight.

- Oskel Leton

Do you honestly believe that you can stop me? Such foolishness.

- Anthil Agna

You're right mate...Ya do owe me. I'll collect on that promise one o' these days...

- Averil Daxur


- W'tze

Hmmm, most of myu kind have not had very much contact with Soldarians, but if it is a friendly sparing match you want I would be happy to oblige.

- Empress Besta

Pulporious and his people are loyal and fierce. Their ways correspond perfectly with our own. In these trying times, such allies will always been needed, and such friends must always be at one's side.

- Ugandalore the Untouchable

Ah, the Soldarian Lord. Such a powerful foe will make a worthy adversary.

- Lorka Gredyc
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