Our coffers are bursting with wealth and our empire is expanding rapidly! Is this not a fine age to live in? Let us build, then! Let us fly, then! Let us conquer! This is the way of the Soldarians!
- Emperor Pulporious the Fourth

Emperor Pulporious the Fourth, also known as Pulporious the Gilded was the Fourth Emperor of the Soldarian Empire. His reign was seen as a Golden Age of technological advancement, imperial expansion, wealth, and military might.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Emperor Tytos Amare Popularis Divi Opulos Pulporious, more commonly known as Emperor Pulporious the Fourth, was born in 2292 BC on the planet Militora. He was one of the many children of Emperor Pulporious the Third. His father, being a martial genius and feared conqueror, was an inspiration to Soldarians everywhere, Tytos' including his older and younger siblings. They would typically fight among each other for their father's favor, as they all wished to inherit the emperor's powerful and wealthy empire. Tytos on the other hand, did not participate in his siblings' squabbles. He studied the art of war and cunning as his father and grandfather before him did.

He was not as gifted of a combatant as his brothers, but he was easily their better when it came to strategy and intrigue.

Early Business and Political Career Edit

By his late teens, Tytos was a new but active member of he Imperial council. There he built up a charismatic personality, becoming loved among the councilmen. With the support of the council, Tytos was able to crack down on the ever growing criminal underground within the empire. After confiscating the funds from the various raids he oversaw, Tyros was able to spend the next twenty years funding public works projects such as building fountains, recreational buildings, schools, orphanages, and homeless shelters.

By the 2270's BC, Tytos was appointed by the council as the Councilor of Public Works. As the Councilor of Public Works, he continued his maintenance of the empire's infrastructure. By this point in time, Tytos was far more interested in improving the quality of living of the Soldarian people from his councilor position rather than ascending to the imperial throne.

Becoming Emperor Edit

In 2254 BC, Emperor Pulporious III passed away at the age of 638 years old. Tytos would succeed him as Emperor Pulporious IV. The years following his ascension to the throne were relatively peaceful, however the young emperor was forced to crush small revolts that were led by a handful of his siblings who were not happy with the fact that he was chosen to rule over them.

After that, Emperor Pulporious IV continued his late father's military campaigns with his loyal siblings as his trusted admirals and generals. Through the various conquests, the empire's number of controlled systems increased from 736 systems to 952 systems. Thanks to his time as a councilor, he was very popular with his subjects and praised as the rightful successor of the empire. He would later name himself Emperor Tytos Amare Popularis Pulporious to reflect this.

Age of Opulence Edit

In 2150 BC, the Soldarian Empire experience a massive economic boom thanks to Emperor Pulporious IV' conquests and imperial stewardship. He began redistributing wealth amongst the Soldarian people and signing off on massive public works projects throughout imperial territory. This began the Age of Opulence.

During this period, citizens of the empire experienced great wealth and abundance. Emperor Pulporious IV also granted more freedoms to his military leaders, allowing them to seek out glory through their own conquests. This helped expand the empire's borders to 1133 systems while making the military leaders very wealthy in return. He named him self Emperor Tytos Amare Popularis Divi Opulos Pulporious to reflect this.

It was impossible for the public to love the emperor any more than they already did. He was considered a caring, but powerful man of the people. However, the emperor was not immune to vices, as he had many mistresses during his marriage to his empress. He also began to eat a massive amount of food each day, causing him to gain a lot of weight in a short period. As his health began to decline, the emperor decided to find a way to extend his life and continue the Age of Opulence.

Dark Dealings Edit

In 1845 BC during the late Age of Opulence, Emperor Pulprious IV was communicating with forces outside of the empire. Through these communications, the emperor discovered the secret to eternal life. After an unknown ritual was preformed, Emperor Pulporious IV was able to extend his life in secret for hundreds of years.

Because of his extended life, Pulporious IV fathered over one hundred children, and had even more grand children. Instead of trying to figure out which one of them would succeed him, or learning what most of their names were, the emperor just decided to extend his life even further.

Emperor Pulporious IV was under the impression that as long as he lived, the Age of Opulence would never end. However, the age had already started to decline during the 1700's BC, no matter what he did.

Death Edit

In 606 AD, Emperor Tytos Amare Popularis Divi Opulos Pulporious died at the age of 2,597 years old. He was killed during another one of his life extending rituals by a jealous son, which caused the empire to erupt into chaos. Since he had over one hundred children and never designated an heir, the Age of Interregnum began along with the Soldarian Succession War.

Legacy Edit

Emperor Pulporious IV began the most prosperous age in the history of the empire, growing its vast wealth and military beyond the scope of his father, Emperor Pulporious III. That wealth still aids in building the infrastructure of the empire today. Another example of his legacy would be in the case of his son Emperor Pulporious V, who won the Soldarian Succession War and ascended the throne as emperor.

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Quotes from Him Edit

The Age of Opulence is upon us my people! Go forth! Buy to you heart's content! Conquer until the entire galaxy becomes is bursting with Soldarian culture! Eat until you are as fat as me! For what greater indicator of abundance is there?

A diet? Nonsense. A fat emperor is a wealthy emperor. And a wealthy emperor can give his people what they want!

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