I do not fear death. There is no point in fearing the inevitable. What I do fear however, is not making a difference before I do.
- Emperor Pulporious III, 2357 BC

Emperor Pulporious the Third, also known as Pulporious the Conqueror, was the third Emperor of the Soldarian Empire. He was considered to be an unrivaled military tactician and warrior who ushered in an age of imperial might that would not be seen again for hundreds of years after his rule. To many Soldarians, Emperor Pulporious III was seen as "the prime example of a true Soldarian".

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Emperor Kadius Victious Dominus Pulporious, more commonly known as Emperor Pulporious III was born in 2892 BC. As the eldest son of Emperor Pulporious II, Kadius was destined to rule the Soldarian Empire. As a child, Kadius was known to be very adventurous. He would spend days hunting creatures in the forests of his homeworld Militora and play fighting the children of the nobles that filled his father's court. Emperor Pulporious II began to groom Kadius to succeed the thrown when he was only ten years old.

Kadius was sent off to learn military strategy from the greatest military minds of the century. He learned how to engage in personal combat, develop battle tactics, and how to lead soldiers. He would later return to his father's side when he was 18 years old to learn the art of cunning and intrigue, both of which the emperor was a master of.

Early Military Career Edit

In 2878 BC, Kadius began leading his own personal fleet into combat. Emperor Pulporious II would frequently send Kadius and his fleet off to deal with pirates and skirmishers. During this point in time, Emperor Pulporious II was not very popular with the people, mainly due to his failures at leading military campaigns. Kadius was meant to take the blame if the Soldarian Empire were to lose in any combat situation. Kadius however proved that he was a skilled tactician and leader by crushing many of the external threats to the empire. He even managed to begin expanding the empire slightly. Kadius, grateful for his father's influence on his education, attributed most of his successes to the emperor. This quelled the public for a time, however many were still unconvinced that Emperor Pulporious II was a capable leader without his son vouching for him.

In 2875 BC, Kadius' fleet was ambushed by Nebulorian Pirates, a band of strangely technologically advanced scavengers. The battle was considered one of the most intense battles of his early military career. His fleet took many losses, but managed to fight off the pirates. He brought back technological marvels and the prestige that came with wiping out a fleet of some of the most dangerous powers in Tyris Major. But their skirmishes with galactic powers was not over. The Biskin Empire, known widely at the time for their cold ruthlessness, sent scouting parties across the galaxy to plan invasions. Kadius saw this and began preparing to defend the Soldarian Empire at all costs. Emperor Pulporious II allowed this, and gave Kadius executive control over the Soldarian Empire's navy.

By the year 2868 BC, Kadius had become a well decorated commander and war hero, having braved the likes of marauders from the Hyperon Grand Khanate, and some more small encounters with Nebulorian Pirates. By this point, Kadius had stopped attributing his skills to his father. Kadius had been doing the heavy lifting of the empire for decades and his admirals and commanders all believed that Kadius should be emperor. This view was shared among the Soldarian commoners and politicians as well. They saw Kadius as a man who had sacrificed a great deal to ensure the safety of the empire, while his father did nothing but take credit for it.

Outraged by his son's disobedience, Pulporious II attempted to slander and even assassinate his own son. Both of which failed, the latter causing Kadius to figure out that his father was scheming against him. Kadius, having been taught by Pulporious II in the art, began to counter-scheme against the emperor.

Patricide Edit

In 2862 BC, Emperor Pulporious II was convinced that he was smarter than Kadius and attempted to have him killed and replace him with his more obedient second son, Laccus. Kadius played along with this, and tricked Pulporious II into lowering his guard. One night, Pulporious II invited Kadius to meet him on the balcony of the royal palace. Kadius joined him there, knowing that Pulporious II was planning to kill him that night, and brought proof his of father's plan in the form of digital correspondences between the emperor and his agents. Pulporious II denied the allegations that Kadius accused him of, and attempted to loudly accuse Kadius of treason. Kadius, having heard enough of his father's lies, pushed the emperor off of the balcony. Emperor Pulporious II died on impact with the ground.

Becoming Emperor Edit

After the death of Emperor Pulporious II, Kadius called a public gathering to confess to the Soldarian people the misdeeds of his father. He explained that Pulporious II had murdered most of his own family to ascend the throne, and even tried to murder him. Kadius then confessed that he murdered Emperor Pulporious II, but claimed he had no choice as the emperor was a threat to the future of the empire. Kadius was willing to give up his claim to the throne and outright disinherit the entire Pulporious bloodline, but the populace refused to let Kadius do that. So in 2862 BC, the people of the Soldarian Empire crowned him Emperor Kadius Pulporious, more commonly known as Emperor Pulporious III.

Building the Pultorian Armada Edit

Emperor Pulporious III, as mentioned before, had been preparing for an eventual conflict with the Biskin Empire since before he ascended the throne. By 2850 BC, the Soldarian Empire's Pultorian Armada was formed. It would be years before it would reach it's full might, but even then it was quite formidable. Emperor Pulporious III knew that in order to gain an advantage in space, a powerful fleet unlike any other would be needed. While he was forming that, he would need resources. Metal, credits, food for personnel, and other resources were needed to truly expand the naval might of the empire.

Age of Conquest Edit

The Age of Conquest was a period of time during the Soldarian Empire's history that took place between the years of 2848 BC and 2538 BC. During this 300 year period, Emperor Pulporious would aggressively expand the borders of the Soldarian Empire in order to show the other civilizations that the Soldarians were not to be messed with. The borders of the empire more than doubled from the 300 systems during his father's reign, to 736 by the end of the age.

During this time, Soldarian culture flourished and evolved into one focused round combat and valor. Emperor Pulporious III's military campaigns were not only beneficial culturally to the Soldarian people, but also economically and politically. The empire's coffers began to fill from their spoils of war, allowing for the empire's citizens to gain a bit more personal wealth. The reputation of the Soldarian Empire and its people began to grow as well. So much so that the Grand Republic of Tyris Major considered taking military action against the rapidly expanding empire.

Emperor Pulporious III's reputation also grew during this time. He was not known to lose any major battles during the Age of Conquest, and thus was somewhat feared and respected among other warlords of the era. At the end of the age, the Soldarian Empire settled into a relative peace for a time. Emperor Pulporious III would never see the Biskin Empire launch a full scale invasion on the Soldarian Empire, and was pleased that their reputation alone was enough to deter most threats. However this would not stop everyone from trying to take a swing at the Soldarians in the future.

For his military accomplishments, he took the name Emperor Kadius Victious Dominus Pulporious, which alone struck awe and fear into the hearts of the galaxy's inhabitants.

Age of Prosperity Edit

The final years of Emperor Pulporious III's reign were said to have been more prosperous than any time before it. Thus, those years were dubbed the Age of Prosperity. Emperor Pulporious III had already fathered many children by this point, however one of his sons, Tytos Pulporious, was easily the most successful of his brood. The emperor noticed that his sons were constantly bickering and fighting over who should succeed their father's "glorious empire", while Tytos was more concerned about the empire's citizens. Tytos owned multiple businesses and typically used his personal wealth to fund education and health programs, as well as pushing for more socialist reforms in the senate.

Succession and Death Edit

Emperor Pulporious III designated Tytos as his heir, which angered his other sons. The emperor dared any of his sons to fight him for the title before he died. Needless to say none of them were brave enough to fight their father for the throne. In the eyes of the people and Emperor Pulporious III, this only proved that his other sons were not worthy to take his place, nor worthy of being remembered by history.

In 2254 BC, Emperor Kadius Victious Dominus Pulporious passed away at the age of 638 years old. His son Tytos Pulporious would succeed him as Emperor Pulporious IV.

Legacy Edit

Emperor Pulporious the Third established what the modern culture and ideals of what Soldarians are. Proud warriors with a strong sense of duty. He was feared by his foes and is still respected by every Soldarian to this day. He established the Soldarian Empire's Pultorian Armada, which is the largest and arguably the most powerful navy in Tyris Major. The armada also serves as the backbone for the United Knights Alliance's naval fleet known as the Grand Armada of Tyris Major. In turn, the Grand Armada of Tyris Major is also a member of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment's powerful multi-galactic navy.

He is also considered to be one of the greatest Soldarian Emperors, rivaled and eventually surpassed only by his grandson Emperor Pulporious V.

Quotes Edit

Quotes from Him Edit

There is no cause nobler than one you fight for your empire and your people. If you aren't willing to stand for that, then what? Yourself? Just know that a warrior who stands alone, dies alone.

If there is an obstacle on your path, destroy it. If it can't be destroyed, then make it part of the path.

War is simply the method, not the goal.

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