This is how you repay my love, child? With betrayal? This is not only regicide, but patricide! Would you really commit such a sin for your own glory? Trust me, the irony is not lost on me. I only hope that you will face a similar fate!
- Emperor Pulporious II to Emperor Pulporious III

Emperor Pulporious the Second, also known as Pulporious the Schemer, was the unpopular second emperor of the Soldarian Empire. He is best known for his remarkably sharp cunning.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Emperor Crestus Antelus Pulporious, also known more commonly as Emperor Pulporious the Second, was born in 3145 BC. He was the youngest son of Emperor Pulporious the First and was the middle child among twelve children. He was rather sickly as a child, and could not participate in many of the more physical activities associated with Soldarian youth. Because of this, Emperor Pulporious I appeared to favor his healthier and older sons. Crestus' three older brothers, Varrus II, Tanios, and Justios were his polar opposites. They were always seen by their father's side. During public events or during war, his brothers were right beside their father.

Crestus, knowing that he would never be able to match his brothers' martial prowess, began to study poetry and philosophy from the "old masters". If he could not use his frail body as a weapon, he would use his mind. As the fourth son of the Emperor, he had to prove that he was worthy of succeeding his father.

When he was 16, Crestus began to organize a party of loyalists he would call the Crestian Guard. These men would act as not only bodyguards, but also political agents. Crestus would use them to increase his prestige among the Soldarian people by having them participate in military campaigns and public tournaments.

Eastern Campaign Edit

In 3125 BC, Emperor Pulprious I launched a campaign on the eastern continent of Militora. Crestus insisted on accompanying his father and brothers to the battlefield. The emperor, having noticed the effectiveness of the Crestian Guard, allowed Crestus to accompany him and his other sons into battle. The Crestian Guard proved to be an invaluable asset to the Soldarian Empire during the Eastern Campaign, leading the charge in many battles. Crestus proved himself to be a cunning tactician as well, earning him respect among his family and the Soldarian Empire's armed forces.

Death of Justios and Rising PowerEdit

In 3120 BC, during the final year of the Eastern Campaign, Crestus would begin to show his true nature. Justios, the third son of Emperor Pulporious I, was leading his troops through a mountain pass in order to secure the northern borders of the continent. Crestus knew that he would stand a much better chance at inheriting the empire if his brothers were out of the picture and decided this would be the perfect time to strike.

Crestus sent a detachment of his Crestian guard ahead of his brother's forces. Disguised as the natives of the land, the Crestian Guard set explosive charges along the mountain pass. When Justios decided to charge in with his forces to engage the "natives", the charges went off, burying him and a significant number of his forces under snow and rock. Justios was recovered from the rubble by the Crestian Guard, then in their normal military uniforms, and hurried the horribly injured prince back to Emperor Pulporious I's side.

Justios would later die from his injuries surrounded by his father and brothers, not knowing that his murderer stood at the foot his bed. Crestus proclaimed that he would avenge Justios, and personally led his men to the north. The northern cold made Crestus very ill, however he still pressed on and conquered the north. In the eyes of his brothers and father, Crestus risked his already poor health to to avenge his brother. This brought Crestus praise from his family and from the Soldarian people, which only strengthened the ranks of the Crestian Guard.

Crestus' Treachery Edit

After the end of the Eastern Campaign, Crestus began planning to kill his remaining two brothers. In 3102 BC, Crestus ordered one of his most trusted Crestian Guards to amputate one of his arms and beat him to the brink of death. He was later found by his father's royal guards and was rushed to a hospital. Crestus, bedridden, convinced his family that there was an assassin trying to kill the royal family. Emperor Pulporious I would have an investigation started, though his stubborn sons Varrus II and Tanios would attempt to bring the assassin to justice themselves.

In 3101 BC, Crestus had a mechanical prosthetic arm made to replace the one he lost. He then sent a message to Tanios, claiming that he found information regarding the assassin and that they needed to meet privately. Meanwhile, he convinced Varrus II that Tanios was the assassin and that he would help Varrus II apprehend their traitorous brother. Crestus was playing off of the famous pre-established rivalry that his remaining brothers had, which actually worked. The three brothers met in private, with Varrus II declaring that Tanios was a traitor. He attempted to arrest Tanios, which led to an altercation. The two brothers fought until Tanios killed Varrus II in self defense.

As Varrus II lay lifeless on the floor, Tanios fell to his knees, the grief overtaking him. Crestus then revealed to his brother that he orchestrated the deaths of both Varrus II and Justios. Tanios exploded with rage and attempted to attack Crestus, chasing him throughout the palace. As Crestus reached the throne room, he shouted to the royal guards that he was being attacked. The guards arrested Tanios, and brought him before Emperor Pulporius I

The emperor was skeptical that Tanios was the assassin that Crestus mentioned, but he recalled that Varrus II had previously told him about his suspicions that Tanios was a traitor. Tanios was always Varrus II's rival, and the second in line for the inheritance of the empire. With Varrus II dead by Tanios' hands, and having witnessed him attack Crestus, the emperor decided that Tanios should be imprisoned for his betrayal, disinheriting him for good.

With his brothers finally out of the picture, being well liked among the commoners, soldiers, and politicians, and having become something of a folk hero after his "vengeance" during the Eastern Campaign, Crestus had set himself up to become the next emperor of the Soldarian Empire.

Becoming Emperor Edit

In 3078 BC, Emperor Pulporious I died at the age of 500 years old. Crestus, being the only living son of the late emperor, was crowned Emperor Crestus Pulporious, more commonly known as Emperor Pulporious the Second. His first act as Emperor was to restructure the empire's science division, promoting advancements in space flight and military technologies. Next, he slowly dissolved the Crestian Guard into the senate in order to keep the political and public opinion on his rule positive. He then named himself Crestus Antelus Pulporious to mark his accomplishments.

Failures Edit

Despite having the cunning and wit to outsmart his way onto the throne, Emperor Pulporious II had no interest in actually improving the empire internally. He began attempting to expand the Soldarian Empire outside of the solar system, but failed to understand that there were alien civilizations that he would have to contend with. His first failure as Emperor was seen during raids launched by the marauding Hyperon Grand Khanate. Many resources such as minerals, money, and technology were lost due to the emperor's inexperience in leading the Soldarian Empire's navy. He also did not anticipate the monetary costs of waging war, draining the Soldarian Empire's funds in his constant failures to subjugate other civilizations. Even with his favorable senate, the public opinion of the emperor plummeted to the point where revolts began to break out on Militora.

Grooming an Heir Edit

In 2892 BC, Emperor Pulporious II fathered a son named Kadius Pulporious. When Kadius was ten years old, Pulporious II sent Kadius off to his best generals and admirals to learn the art of war, and would later tutor Kadius himself in the art of cunning and philosophy.

As the boy matured, Kadius proved to be a powerful tool for his father. Pulporious II would often send his son off to lead military campaigns in order to shift the blame of any failures from himself to Kadius. However, Kadius would never fail the tasks Pulporious II gave him. Kadius became popular among military personnel and the Soldarian youth as an inspiring leader and powerful warrior. Kadius, loyal to his father, would attribute his skills to Pulporious II, which granted the emperor praise from the people.

Ambition of a Son Edit

By the year 2868 BC, Kadius had become a well decorated commander and war hero, having braved the likes of the Hyperon Grand Khanate, Biskin Empire, and some encounters with Nebulorian Pirates. By this point, Kadius had stopped attributing his skills to his father, meaning that Pulporious II could no longer take credit for his son's accomplishments. Pulporious II already appeared weak to his people, and needing to use his son as an attack dog made him look even worse. When he confronted Kadius about this, his son claimed that Pulporious II was unfit to rule the Soldarian Empire if he needed to take credit for his son's actions.

Outraged, Pulporious II attempted to slander and even assassinate his own son. Both of which failed, the latter causing Kadius to figure out that his father was scheming against him. Kadius, having been taught by Pulporious II in the art, began to counter-scheme against the emperor.

Assassination Edit

By the year 2862 BC, Emperor Pulporious II was convinced that he was smarter than his brutish son, and attempted to have him killed and replace him with his obedient second son Laccus. Kadius played along with this, and tricked Pulporious II into lowering his guard. One night, Pulporious II invited Kadius to meet him on the balcony of the royal palace. Kadius joined him there, knowing that Pulporious II was planning to kill him that night, and brought proof his of father's plan in the form of digital correspondences between the emperor and his agents. Pulporious II denied the allegations that Kadius accused him of, and attempted to loudly accuse Kadius of treason. Kadius, having heard enough of his father's lies, pushed the emperor off of the balcony. He died on impact with the ground.

Legacy Edit

Emperor Pulporious II was seen as one of the weakest leaders of the Soldarian Empire. However, he was instrumental in forging the beginnings of the Soldarian Empire's now unrivaled navy and starting the Soldarian Empire's expansion into space. Of course one glaring example of his legacy is in the form of his son Emperor Pulporious III, who quite literally became the prime example of what a Soldarian Emperor should be.

Quotes Edit

Quotes from Him Edit

There will never be a Soldarian as cunning as I. Intrigue is beyond the scope of most of our kind, which makes it all that much easier.

The deaths of my brothers, while tragic, where necessary to make my rule possible. I proved my self worthy to rule through intellect and ruthlessness. My brothers were nothing but dumb muscle. That won't do if you are to rule an empire.

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To think that my own father would be such a vile and traitorous bastard. You had it coming.

- Emperor Pulporious III

Father told me about your fascinating mind, grandfather. However, I think you would find it very hard to scheme against me. Hohohoho!

- Emperor Pulporious IV
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