Let it be known that we, the Soldarian people, will not be treated as animals. We will not know suffering ever again! This, my people, is a promise from your emperor!
- Emperor Pulporious I

Emperor Pulporious I was the founding ruler of the Soldarian Empire. He established the groundwork for the future of the empire, which can still be seen thousands of years after his passing.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Emperor Varrus Ious Ensparos Pulporious, also known as Emperor Pulporious the First, was born Varrus Pulpor in 3578 BC. His biological parents are unknown, however it is likely that they were among the poor commoner caste of the old Soldarian Republic. Varrus was raised in an orphanage, spending most of his time reading about the great Soldarian army and its conquests throughout the planet.

Military Service Edit

When he turned 17, Varrus enlisted in the Republic's armed forces as an infantryman. He fought in numerous campaigns on the planet in hostile environments. Through this, Varrus learned how to lead, fight, and developed a rather nationalistic zeal for his people's strength as warriors.

In 3554 BC, Varrus was promoted to the rank of Commando, allowing him to lead forces during the military conquest of the southern continent of his homeword Militora. When he returned from the campaign, Varrus was annoyed to find out that the rich and greedy Soldarian upper class were taking all the credit for the campaign, rather than praising the soldiers that returned and mourning the soldiers that did not.

Varrus' displeasure with the way the Soldarian Republic was run would grow as the years passed by. He witnessed starving and suffering civilians during his patrols and the elite youth committing crimes that he was unable to stop. Eventually, Varrus realized that the Republic was too corrupt and flawed to lead the Soldarian people to a brighter future.

Soldarian Civil War Edit

In 3550 BC, Varrus began to speak out against the elites, claiming that he would ensure that all Soldarians would be cared for if he alone ruled over them. With the inspired masses at his side, Varrus waged a massive war against the elites known as the Soldarian Civil War.

After five long years, Varrus managed to overthrow the elites and publicly execute them, thus ending the war. He would then take the name Varrus Pulporious to signify his victory. Varrus later proclaimed himself as the ruler of the Soldarian people, dissolving the corrupt Soldarian Republic. The commoners agreed with this proclamation and shouted his new name to the heavens.

In 3545 BC, the Soldarian Empire was officially founded with the newly crowned Emperor Varrus Pulporious, later known as Emperor Pulporious I, as it's leader.

Reign as Emperor Edit

Emperor Pulporious I spent most of his time as emperor establishing the infrastructure of the new empire, as well as finishing the conquest of Militora. He would take on the name Varrus Ious Pulporious after the conquest of Militora was complete, signifying the unification of the planet under his banner. The new reforms and government established by Pulporious I saw a massive economic and social boom that sparked what some historians would call a mini golden age. Commoners would finally be able to educate themselves and start businesses.

The Soldarian military and science division began to take a more organized and professional shape as well, allowing for a better protected empire and the rapid advancement of technology. At this point, he took the name Varrus Ious Ensparos Pulporious to celebrate the establishment of a stable and capable empire.

After ruling for 467 years, Emperor Varrus Ious Ensparos Pulporious passed away, leaving the empire in the hands of his less capable son, Emperor Pulporious II

Legacy Edit

Emperor Pulprious the First established the Soldarian Empire, one of the galactic powerhouses of Tyris Major. The empire took part in large scale conflicts that decided the fate of multiple galaxies, helped establish powerful multi-galactic alliances, and boasts the largest navy ever seen by modern day Tyris Major.

Emperor Pulporious I also established the Pulporious Dynasty. A family of rulers that have helped shape galactic politics the past five thousand years. His descendants are among the most influential individuals in galactic history.

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Personality Edit

Emperor Pulporious I was said to have been a very strong and loyal man. He cared much for his people and did what he could during his life to ensure their future. He was also said to be a rather ruthless commander on the battlefield, though many Soldarians simply say, "Of course he was ruthless. He was a Soldarian."

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Quotes from Him Edit

History started in 3545 BC. Everything before that was a mistake.

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