Thus shall it come to pass; a union of virtue shall venture forth and finally reveal unto the world the shadow that looms ever watching, awaiting its moment to strike.
- Aranhilwen, Lady of the Doredhelwen

There's something out there in the Northern Regions of the World, a juggernaut of evil gathering its strength to crush those who stand in the path of darkness. In the north of Koldenwelt, rumours have been circuling for years about the dark energies that emanate from the ancient fortress of Gul'Sharkû, a once beautiful bastion of light now turned a decaying ruin of darkness and death. Though many have ventured to the fortress in the hopes of putting an end to the darkness that spreads, none have returned. Troubled by this rise of sorcery, the Elven Queen Aranhilwen, Lady of the Doredhelwen sends two of her most trusted messengers to the north to investigate this growing threat. Joined by friends of old and new and faced with threats unseen since days of antediluvian, these emissaries of Aranhilwen face their greatest threat.


The StoryEdit

Part One - A Growing HorrorEdit

In the crowded and stuffy Rusty Bear Tavern in the northern town of Heriad, adventurers from across Koldenwelt responded to a call for help from a noted Elven wanderer. Her red hair gleaming in the glow of the tavern's fire, Lindariel watched as her new companions entered the tavern's doors. Stepping in from the cold, wrapped in a heavy woolen cloak of southern origin and with a bow slung over his back, a slender birdlike creature walked in, shivering from the cold. The infamous Headhunter Kanna, a Lagosi mercenary, walked through the doors and sat himself down at a nearby table, placing his legs upon it while he leaned back in his seat. He looked towards the bird creature and smirked to himself.

  • Kanna - You think that's cold?
  • Leth'Ran'Par - I am from the jungles south of here. For me. This is cold.

Stepping in appeared a Merovar in dragon-made armor. He entered with a blade in one hand and shining magic on the other.

  • Earath - Huh. I come from the Sea of Sand. If I couldn't heal myself I'd have died on the way here.

Coming dowon the stairs, a slender and young female elf approached, she seemed an Urindaleë from the North, clad in revealing armor in red and yellow. She smilled to the others and crossed her arms behind her back.

  • Finduliaë: "Hello all, I am Finduliaë and wish to join your adventure!"

Lindariel and her companion, Pelogias watched as their companions entered the tavern, bowing gracefully to each.

  • Lindariel: You are welcome to join our guest, Elven kin.

Kanna made an amused chuckle and sat himself up, placing his feet to the floor. His amused expression soon turned to stoic as he looked at the group, filing his nails with a dagger. Leth'Ran shook himself, showing off his vivid red feathers. After warming up he pulled down his hood to reveal a flat plumage that extended backwards and sat near to the fireplace.

  • Kanna - You gathered a large team. Is it really necessary?
  • Earath - Travelling with companions is always enjoyable.

Finduliaë smiled and sat next to Leth'Ran and Erath.

  • Finduliaë: "Uh-oh! Let's go on an adventure!"

Suddenly, the door shuddered as a huge, orcish figure appeared from the forest, clad in red armour and carrying a massive axe.

  • Yar - I heard you wanted to fight orcs. Call me in.

Finduliaë raised on eyebrow in surprise. The orc stared at Lindariel.

  • Yar - The name's Yarognev, or Yar.
  • Finduliaë: "Shhhh, let her speak!"
  • Yar - I listen.
  • Finduliaë'" You better be big guy!"

Finduliaë raised her shoulders and stuck her tongue out!

Lindariel stood up and placed her hands on her hips. She looked at the company with a small smile.

  • Lindariel: Greetings friends of old and new. I have called you all today for a quest of great importance.
  • Earath - So, the reason we're here. What was it?
  • Lindariel: I am pleased you asked. Our destination is the ruined fortress of Gul'Sharkû about fifty kilometres to the north. Very near to the pole. A dark energy emanates from there and it is our duty to discover what that dark threat is.
  • Yar - Are there any orcs in there?
  • Earath: Dark threat, hm? I'm glad I'm here then.
  • Kanna: I'm sorry but shouldn't we be staying away from that?
  • Lindariel: We do not know what threat we face. Only that it is of great danger to the world. We must ascertain the threat before we are caught off guard.
  • Yar - Good enough for me.
  • Kanna: We're walking into a bloodbath, great. How much are we getting paid?
  • Leth'Ran: Currency does not interest me, only balance.
  • ??? - Am I interrupting anything?

Lindariel looked at the new arrival.

  • Lindariel: What is your name, traveler?

A shadowed silhouette entered the room, donned in black clothing and armour, moving between the guests staring at them with a mixture of contempt and curiosity. It was a human.

  • 'Javina - Javina.
  • Yar - Human.
  • Kanna: Who invited the dirt patch?

Earath's eyes rolled at the sight of Javina.

  • Javina: Nobody. I have my own sources.

Javina took a deep breath.

  • Earath: So we got a dark power and now a fascist.
  • Kanna: You'd better be paying a lot if you expect me to work with pigs.
  • Lindariel: If you intend to cause mischief human, you can leave quite promptly.
  • Leth'Ran: I do not enjoy working alongside a...human
  • Javina - Do not ask me who I am or who I am working for. The Empire is... interested in the events on the north. We shall aid you for as long as it suits humanity's goal.
  • Kanna: Expect to be backstabbed as soon as we leave this place.
  • Javina: Backstabbed? No. Inquisitors do not break their oaths.
  • Kanna: No, they break nonhuman bones instead the first chance they get.

Earath let out a chuckle.

  • Finduliaë: "It seems many take a sudden interest in the North these a days?"
  • Leth'Ran: I am a ranger of the southern canopies. I am not so easily fooled.
  • Javina: Hmph. If you seek battle, then so shall it be.

Javina raised her scimitar. A bolt of magic shot from Lindariel's hand, knocking the scimitar from Javina's hand. Smiling warmly, Lindariel asked everyone to sit down.

  • Kanna: ...Sit down. I don't fight scum for free. I expect at least a reward.
  • Yar: I do not like her already.

Javina took her blade back and sat down. Leth'Ran nodded and moved to a chair by hopping onto a banister and jumping back down onto a stool where he perched.

  • Lindariel - Be well rested. Tomorrow morning, we begin our hike to Gul'Sharkú.
  • Kanna: You didn't answer my question. How much are we getting paid?
  • Lindariel: Money is no problem. You will have the blessing of the High Elves, should we succeed. Thus, you will have much riches.
  • Earath: I wouldn't mind that, even though I'll be concentrating on destroying the dark power.
  • Javina: I concur.
  • Kanna: Their blessing had better be worth this. If I die I want to know I'd have died for something worth spending.
  • Lindariel: Good. Sleep well, comrades. We leave at first light in the morning.

Leth'Ran nodded and stood up fro mhis chair, pacing gracefully towards the stairs with his short cloak flowing behind him.

  • Kanna: I'll sleep when I'm dead. See you all in the morning.

Part Two - On the Road Edit

Part Three - The SorcererEdit


  • Eminence of Sorcery is Cyrannian's first collaborative Fantasyverse story.

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