Ellen Verboom is a female dutch woman in service of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Royal Navy. She supported Schout bij Nacht Jan Michiel Tasman and joined him as a dissident and later as part of the Rambo Loyalist faction.



Idris locatd her objective, the King of the Netherlands in an attempt to rescue him, April 2820

Ellen Verboom was born within the borders of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. At the age of 16 (2816) she applied for the Royal Dutch Navy and graduated as an lieutenant a year later. Though assigned at the personal attaché to his royal majesty, King Willem she secretly supported the dissident forces under Schout bij Nacht Jan Michiel Tasman.

Upon the dissidents return as members of the Rambo Loyalist faction in 2820 to the Finduila sector, she secretly gave them information. In april of that year, she witnissed the infiltration and liberation of the King by Idris Vanguinar and the pledge of the Netherlands to the Loyalist cause.

By August 2820, she served under Tasman onboard the Eendragt and served on the bridge during the battle of Starbase 25. After the battle, Ellen informed the admiral that Lord Psantik of the Singularim Pact and Lord Ramannis Le Rambo entered the Eendragt to meet with him.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Ellen Verboom is a loyal and cunning Dutch officer. With a keen knowledge in history and covert operations she serves her king and the navy faithfully. On the other hands, she is a bit on her own.



Blue faceI believe I can trust them


Orange faceBlergh!



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