Elgrin Quaelem Drealus is an elderly and wise Draconis Aedan noble of the House Drealus. Yet he is also cunning and dangerous for those he sees as his enemies, whether they are enemies of the Imperium or political ones. Because of his advanced age he requieres a walking stick. A keen politician and with a love of space crafts, he holds a considerable and influential position within the Utopis Fleet Concern, the biggest provider of ships for the Imperial Talon Navy. As most nobles desire to one day hold a position as Viceroy or Patricaes, Elgrin is happy with his Aedan title and feels that it is all he needs at his old age and as such mostly stays out of political intrigues, and in fact he can be seen as one of the more stern and reliable Aedan.


Early History[]

Elgrin Quaelum Drealus was born at Acromus Prime at an unspecified date. Born in a wealthy and influential family Elgrin was born a member of House Drealus, of the family line Quaelum who specialised in the crafting and construction of space ships. Ever since he was born he got all what he wanted from his parents, though it made him arrogant it also made him polite and well aware that not all were born a noble status.

During his youth he served in the Talon Marine Corps and was present at many combat battles for the glory of the Imperium. After quiting the Corps, he used his experience and knowledge in helping designing weapons for the Imperial Talon Navy and studied at a prestige Academy. After graduating his parents died of old age and illness, and Elgrin became head of the Quaelum family line, giving him a position as Aedan.

Head of the Quaelum Line[]

As Aedan he gained a new position of influance and status. As Aedan and holding an influantial position within the Utopis Fleet Concern, Elgrin developed a personal interest in the art of crafting armor. It is rumored that he created his imposing helmet himself, to impress his allies and enemies. Other rumors around Elgrin would be that his family line, in times long past in secret provided weapons to House Khaxvis and continued to do it to present days. Elgrin and his family line dismiss these claims as they claim others tell these dark things for undermining their nobility and well respected name.

When the Draconid Imperium joined the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, he feared that the joined organisation threatened the Draconid culture and way of living. Though not openly spoken about this public, it is known that he is one of the more critic people about the Commonwealth. When Aurestor Beldrin Savenium exploited his interessts in the Quadrant Galaxies, and the following allowance to let Draconid ships patrol the Rambo borders by Rambo Nation's leader, Empress Ramashe he gained a personal interesst in the events of the Quadrants.

Personality and Traits[]

Elgrin Quaelum Drealus is an elderly and wise Draconis, due to his advanced age he gained a lot of experience and knowledge. Having studied weaponry and holding a influantial position within the Utopis Fleet Concern, Elgrin developed a personal interesst in crafting armor and designing weapons. Though known to be arrogant, he is still polite to all and his use of a walking stick often gives him the appearance of a friendly elderly. None the less he is still cunning, physical in top condition and strong in his beliefs.

He is fiercly loyal to the current Paragon, Uriel Ultanos, many believe he would only be loyal to those who sits at the throne, at the moment a new Paragon claims power he would swear his alligiance towards the new Paragon.

Elgrin doesn't feel much for the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, believing it to be a possible threat to the Draconid culture and way of living.



Green face.pngYou have the loyalty of Drealus!


Yellow face.pngHmpf, let see what they bring?


Red face.pngThe Hammer of the Paragon will fall upon thee!


Can I pursway him to support my claim for Viceroy?

- Aurestor

I have heard stories of this man from other praetors. Perhaps I should one day display my gratitude for his services.

- Uriel Ultanos

Interesting. Perhaps he could impart some of his knowledge to the royal armourors.

- Dragon Captain Davius



  • Dino made Elgrin Quaelum Drealus for Monet47.


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