Eldra Yunnorykan is a gentle, cunning and resourceful individual with a scarred history. None the less she has a joyful and naive personality marked with insecurity and boldness. She is a gifted pilot who entered service of the Curagae Squadron.


Early Youth

Eldra was born in 2805 (07 AQF) on Anamalia, the Alavar homeworld in the Cyrannus Galaxy. At the age of four, Eldra was taken from her homeworld by slavers and eventually sold to a individual on Ozdudrahk where she lived in the slums, forced to work as a cupbearer and housemaid for her slave master. By the age of 12 (2817/19 AQF) she managed to escape her master and found refuge in a secret hide out with a Knight of the Aldárae Order who trained her unofficially in the path of becoming a knight. Honing her physical and spiritual body through meditation, study and constant exercise she proved a promising student until her master was killed by agents of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Evading capture, she eventually was found by doctor Bob Chioaik when he and the Curagae Squadron arrived to deliver medical supplies to the planet. Dehydrated and underfed, Bob took her onboard and allowed her to remain with the Squadron.

Pilot of the Curagae

Curagae at Ramrevera, August 2820

By the start of 2820 (22 AQF), Eldra became a SC-130-class pilot at the age of 15 through use of her skills as an official Tirolenros. Eldra assumed command of the Curagae. In August 2820, Eldra teamed up with Hisharo Kyōrisibo as her co-pilot and rendesvouzed with the damaged Curagae within an asteroid belt. Transporting Lord Ramannis Le Rambo to Ramrevera, Eldra was present when Santa Company officially pledged their support to the Rambo Loyalist. Shortly after, she was dispatched to the Metruia Nebula where Ramannis rendesvouzed with a group of Sinleri.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Eldra Yunnorykan is a gentle, cunning and resourceful individual with a scarred history. Her time as a slave left her prone to distrust others though strengthened her resourcefulness and creativty to escape those who dare to do her harm. Yet she also retained a joyful though naive personality with a natural curiousity for unknown matters. She is physical and mentally fit due to her training as a Tirolenros and turns out to be a gifted pilot and healer.


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