We are the builders of worlds, we came to a ruined wasteland, only to build it up into a massive, clean and safe land for the empires future children!


The Colonies were founded when the French leased them 10 colonies from the now dead Tyranny. The Eldarisian's that volunteered were horrified when they arrived. They came to a world of no life , a red sky and a ghostly mega-city all that was left was teared banners and small rats feasting on the corpses of the dead.

The colonists soon began to clean up areas of the mega-city and cleaned the massive structures. Soon after many months of hard work, the mega-city was cleaned, rebuilt and purged of bodies and wild animals. Soon the colonists moved into the huge structures and began producing Items and such to help clean the world. And then the citizen's began to bring life to the dead planet, bringing animals from the home-land and plants. The world was finally finished and it was named Todena, the capital of the Mirus Colonies. Soon the citizen's went to the other nine leased worlds and started the same process. So began the colonies.....


The culture of the Colonies is very work based and having pride in it. The Colonies are known for their hard-working, highly Religious and very loyal citizen's. The Mirus Colonies are very focused on production and working, but they still learn and do their best for the Empire. The citizen's of the Mirus Colonies are strong supporters of Imperialism and are loyal to the Empire.

The Mirus Colonies are highly Religious and spread Cuth to others.


The Flag of the Colonies is very bland and non colorful. It stands for loyalty to the Empire and production for the Empire. It also hints at support for Imperialism and no crime. The colors do not symbolize anything deep and are used only to show an item like the hammer or the symbol of the Cutheran church.


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