When we left Cyloia we knew of the grand abyss that awaited us among the stars, the aliens we would find, the pain, sweat, war, love and respect we would produce and we also knew of the lands we would find and colonize in the name of Cuth and Eldarisia. This is one of those lands, the Milky way galaxy which we hold so dear to our hearts and shall never let go lest we forget the beauty and happiness we have created for our people and many more. - Jarold Finnagin, Explorer of Eldarisia and the Eldarisian MW Colonies


The colonies were founded in 2795. They were founded by a group of Eldarisian's who were sent to start the milky way colonies for the Eldarisian Empire. They had to undergo training in survival because even though they had rations, they had only a limited amount of resources for building. The colony group landed on a planet in the Carina-Sagittarius Arm called Skuloi in a secluded part of the arm in the southern portion for privacy.

When they landed on Skuloi they made it their capital for the colonies. They then began terraformation procedures and coloinization of the planet with a heavy focus on agriculture. Working as a blueprint for the rest of the colonies in the Milky way, Skuloi was eventually finished and colony ships dispersed to the nearby planets to repeat the process. So began the colonies...


When the Great Xonexian Schism was leading to the forced retreat of the allies, the Milky way colonies were left to fend for themselves and did so. It ended in their defeat and were left to fix their ruined worlds as the DCP killed off populations on entire planets as punishment for fighting back. This brutal occupation continued for another two months, until the High King made a deal with one of their allies: The Algolurn Popular Republic. The deal was simple, the APR would take over occupation of the colonies and in return the Empire would make all created supplies in the Milky way be directed to the APR and owned by them. This lead to a mass reconstruction of the cities and lands, the kindness of the APR was welcomed and made the citizens happy. But soon they found that all of their supplies were being taken by the APR, causing some to finally be pushed over the point and rebel. These rebellions lead to three rebel wars in the colonies that were going on simultaneously, they all ended in defeat for the Eldarisian's. Since then, the colonies have had a hatred for those who betrayed them in the schism and have no pity for them whatsoever.


Following the years of the Schism, the Milky way colonies underwent a mass reconstruction effort to restore it to it's former glory. While successful on some worlds, others had completely been stripped of Eldarisian prides and had to be built up from the bottom up. This reconstruction lead to a decrease in expansion efforts significantly for the next ten years as the colonies reinforced and built itself up once more for the coming years.



Eldarisian Propaganda Ehre


A poster showing Skuloi as the Capital.

The culture of the Eldarisian's in the colonies is a little different from the Eldarisian's from the capital lands. The only huge difference is that the Eldarisian's in the colonies are very based in agriculture.

The colonies believe only in Cuth, the religion is very strong here just like anywhere owned by the Eldarisian's.

They love putting up posters and propaganda for loyalty strengthening purposes. One of their most famous poster in propaganda is the Ehre poster which shows to give honor, to be independent and make crops for the colonies. Eldarisian's in the milky way colonies are determined to fulfill their goal, spread Cuth to others and expand the Eldarisian Empire. After the schism, the citizens of these colonies began to support Imperialism and have become more wary towards the outside universe, but still retaining their friendly attitude.


The flag is very different from the capital lands flag. This flag has banner like symbols on the flag.

The Colors on the Flag

  • Purple: Purple is the main color of the flag and it stands for the first true colony group.
  • Red: Red is for honor and justice.
  • Gold: Gold is the all seeing and knowing god, Cuth.
  • Green: Green is a reference to the capital lands and their loyalty to it.

The Left Symbol

  • This symbol stands for hope and to look to the future for some answers but not all. It also stands for faith or science, for only the one looking at it can decide.

The Middle Symbol

  • This symbol is the colonies symbol. It stands for the colonies truth and loyalty to the capital land. It also is a symbol or badge worn by the founders whenever they want to show they founded these lands.

The Right Symbol

  • This symbol stands for the capital lands as it shows that they still are with the Eldarisian Empire and it's high king.


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