We were created to defend Cuth and the Empire, all believers in Cuth know us and those who do not believe will never know us.



Elka Cloden created the Inquisition in 2802. It started off as a organization that was devoted to keeping other religions out of the Eldarisian Empire. It grew in numbers as many more zealous and devoted Cuth followers joined the Inquisition. It's goals soon changed as the organization grew. The inquisition began to become more aggressive, the headquarters was moved to it's own world which is now known as Vanlia. The inquisition began to become involved with the Eldarisian military by helping soldiers in battle, healing and blessing the armies they helped. The Inquisition now helps the Eldarisian military with war while spreading Cuth and defending Cuth from the other religions with it's personal army.


As Eldarisia grew, so did the Inquisition and it's influence within the universe. While originally only within Eldarisia, the powerful organization began moving outward as they established a base within the French Bunsen Colonies. This large expansion was actually controversial within Eldarisia has people questioned the Inquisition's loyalty to it. This came about since the Inquisition was created to protect only Eldarisia and Cuth's influence, but this controversy was soon gone after the Inquisition explained it's plan to the public. The base was established to concrete Eldarisia and Cuth's influence in the French colonies and was also created to observe it's progression there and protect followers from injustice.

This was the true reason behind their expansion and it soon was not only the French that would see the Inquisition's presence and power. The Algolurn Popular Republic's small population of Cuth followers would also see the creation of a base within their homeland. It was welcomed, but non-followers questioned if it was simply created to force the religion upon those who did not believe.

This trend would continue with every faction that allowed Eldarisian missionaries within their lands. It would also eventually lead to recruiting followers of Cuth who were citizens of a enemy as spies. These spies were created to betray their homeland and give Eldarisia information on their enemies, they were spared and were relocated to protected lands for the remainder of the conflict in return for their service. Any spies who wished to betray Eldarisia would be tracked down and executed.

Defense of Eldarisia's cultureEdit

As time went on, Eldarisia soon began spreading it's assimilating culture to other factions. This resulted in praise and hatred from the outsiders. Some even went to burning precious art and killing artists just to remove such a culture they found disgusting. The others began embracing it and losing their identity as a citizen of their original faction. This gave artists in even greater urge to create art and expand, this resulted in a wave of Eldarisian artists influencing outsiders and spreading Cuth alongside Eldarisia's culture.

It was wildly successful and so the praised Inquisition was given funding to start a branch dedicated to the defense of Eldarisia's culture. This idea was accepted and soon a small branch was formed for escorting artists if requested and for guarding art while it was present in the outsiders lands. While a small advancement, this was one of the many marking stones that showed that the Inquisition was strong and prepared to defend anything related to Eldarisia.


When your sword is above the weak and defenseless, it is for you to decided whether they are worthy of life and Cuth for we are the judges that shall decided which heretics are redeemable and which are lost. - Elka Cloden's speech to the first cutheran pure order division.

With respect and support from all of Eldarisia, the Inquisition has formed it's own personal military. Made up of truly religious followers of Cuth, the small army is growing quickly along with it's influence and power. With the same weaponry as Eldarisia's military, the Inquisition is capable of carrying out dangerous missions against hostile religions and enemies of the Empire. With devotion in their hearts, the Inquistion spreads it's influence all over Eldarisia and into allied populations which are willing to listen. With the growth of the Inquistion, Elka has taken it upon himself to assist Eldarisia with it's issues with enemy factions. Through the capture of enemy vessels and collection of data, Elka fights in shadows against the Empires enemies and is praised for it.


The Inquisition currently has two orders which deal with different religious goals.

Only through respect and happiness can we hope to see Cuth blossom in this universe, but we must always protect ourselves and him when the time requires it. - Moto of the Pure order

The Cutheran pure order is the first order to form and is the peaceful one of the two. Filled with brave men and women who wish to defend their nation and spread Cuth, this order mainly uses it's military to defend citizens of Eldarisia in case of an attack from enemies. When not defending the people, the pure order focuses mainly on the peaceful conversion of others and teaches Cuth to allied populations and enemies seeking redemption. It also takes part in church based activities and helps build new ones all over Eldarisia and in allied territory when given permission. Less trained then the blood order, the pure order mainly uses it's advanced technology to their advantage and defense based tactics. Despite being less trained, the pure order is still a force to be reckoned with and one that will not surrender to the enemy.

No blood too precious, no soul too pure, all enmies must either bow to Cuth or die. - Moto of the Blood order

The Cutheran blood order is the newest order and is formed from the hate and resentment built against the enemies of Eldarisia. Highly trained and given military grade weaponry, the blood orders main goal is the domination of enemies through fear, force or death. This order is normally assigned to deal with hostile religions that form in minor factions when it is not fighting against enemies of the Empire. When it is fighting Eldarisia's enemies, the blood order is a merciless machine that captures and kills as many enemies possible. Captured enemies are threatened to betray their nation and religion, they die if they refuse. If they accept, they will be transported to a E.E.P.F camp and will live our the rest of their days their unless Eldarisia says otherwise.

Major missionsEdit

These missions are huge goals that the Inquisition do for the progression of Cuth and the Empire.

Current missions

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