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Xonexi Allies 2
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This nation is a member of the Xonexi Allies.

Our Empire shall spread Cuth to the universe and we shall destroy chaos, tyranny and corruption, for this is our time and we must use it to the fullest, may Cuth bless Eldarisia and it's allies. Long live Cuth, long live the king and long live Eldarisa!. - Sylo Ethland

Eldarisia is an quasi-Pariah state that is known for it's religious devotion and upholding of honor, loyalty and respect. It is a nation that has shown to be very successful despite it's independent mindset and rejection of dependency on other nations. Eldarisia also has an extremely zealous people that have shown to unite and still stand by their nations actions even if it is seen as morally unacceptable by the universal community. This has lead to more self alienation and loyalty to those they call allies and despite this, Eldarisia has shown itself as a competent nation and one with the determination and effort to complete it's goals.


Major events within Eldarisia's history

  • First war: The first war with a outer faction,it ended in victory for the Eldarisia, the surviving Ixplix were forced to join.
  • The Marko crusades: The crusade that eventually established Eldarisian control over almost all of Marko.
  • The Coldness: The unexplained seasonal changes on almost all Eldarisian controlled worlds.
  • Essence boom: The founding and integration of essence into Eldarisia's society and military.
  • Eldarisian-Multus Conflict: A conflict between Eldarisia and Maiin-Hael, it resulted in increased relations with the Multus after a discussion with their leader.
  • Great Xonexian Schism: A war that ended in victory for the Allies, the schism brought forth a new era of prosperity for Eldarisia.
  • The Great Progression: The post-Schism period that involved Eldarisia expanding and growing at a rapid rate.

Culture and SocietyEdit


Eldarisia wishes for perfection when it comes to every planet and system they own, it must have the Eldarisian flag on it and the planets must be terraformed to their full potential. Eldarisia is protective of nature on their planets and allies, as they see nature as the key to their overall prosperity, so they protect nature in every system they own and keep it healthy. Despite this love for nature, all of Eldarisia's planets are cold and are covered in snow for most of the year, this has caused some of the more warm races to adapt.

There are many things to do in Eldarisia, but people still keep to the old traditions and definitely praying to Cuth. The buildings within Eldarisia all use a Victorian inspired theme, the buildings are usually made of stone and sometimes have wooden interiors instead of stone. Creativity is also very easy to see when looking upon the many different structures within the Empire. The insides are decorated with religious and national symbols alongside pieces of family art that are commonly displayed to show pride and beauty.

Eldarisia also has underwater cities, these are used for back up if the colonies are bombed up top. Yet their are some people who live in the underwater cities, so they are not deprived of life and productivity. During times of peace, citizen's live their daily lives in the cities and tourists can come to see the beauty of the sea.

Education is highly valued in Eldarisia. Stupidity is shunned, so every new race must educate themselves if they are below the requirements. Citizens normally increase their knowledge overtime and intellectuals make up the majority of the population. However, adding cybernetics and being a cyborg is forbidden and is even looked down upon fiercely. No citizen is a cyborg as it is seen as a demonic curse, so no one supports it either. Eldarisia also zealously teaches tradition, it is seen as a necessary good within the Empire and life itself. Alongside this, Eldarisia records the cultures of every race it assimilates for research purposes and to remember the past. These cultures are preserved for their races to look upon past and for others to learn about them and is a way of paying respect to those who join Eldarisia. Despite this though, promotion for the Eldarisian culture is still taught zealously in school and educators treat the preserved cultures as a way to pay homage to many races who have joined.

Essence and it's powers are a welcomed thing in Eldarisia, since the military and many leaders of the Empire use it and can harness it. Citizen's however, cannot be given Essence powers for the sake of how chaotic it could get if the citizen's abuse it. Yet some Eldarisian citizens have been taught restricted essence powers for the sake of healing, these individuals are known as healers. Essence is also treated as a religious ability within Eldarisia and has become part of the church. Pastors, priests and more are allowed to be trained in passive essence abilities and are capable of minor healing.

Time is different in the Empire and the days are Vonday, Cuthday, Sriday, Slyday, Moneday, Scienday, Faitday, Honoday, Kinday, and Surdays. Their are 708 days in a year, and their are around 31 hours in a day, it just matters on the planets location. On Cuth day, all work in the morning ceases so Eldarisian families can go to church and pray. Their are no months within the Empire, only the three seasons that have the same amount of days, 236 days. The seasons are named after the weather conditions that are dominate in that season. The first is the season of Waterfall, the days in this season normally have rain and it contributes towards the harvest in next season, this season is counted as a cold one. The next is the season of Harvest, the days in this season are normally sunny and rain every once and awhile, this season is for harvesting crops and being active, it is normally hot, to the displeasure of the Eldarisian race. The next season is the season of Darkness, the days in this season are often cloudy and filled with snow, it is called Darkness since it is often dark and cold. This season is highly liked by the Eldarisian's and is still a active season. The Darkness, even though it lasts for 236 days, still has a affect on Waterfall for the first half of the season as the rain and remaining snow creates a very cold atmosphere similar to the Darkness.

Crime is almost extinct/minor in Eldarisia. Laws made by the Government and Cuth keep crime dead since most of the citizen's listen. Crime is mostly a outer system problem and it usually is just pirates from outer-races. The police force must have at-least five bases on every planet to secure that absence of crime or just minor activity.

Poverty is minimal or even non-existing within Eldarisia since a system is inplace for those who reach that point. If a family or person is close to poverty, they are restricted from buying anything while they enter the indentured path. If a citizen can't pay their taxes, they are placed into the indentured path, where they work extra hours at their job and their basic needs are paid for. Once the citizen's coin is high enough, the government will take them out of the indentured path and they will be back to normal. If a citizen repeatedly ends up on this path in a certain time period then the government will ethier revoke assistance and/or setup mandatory classes for the offender to take and pay for or. This strict view on poverty has lowered it greatly or even removed it entirely since the nation and it's people view someone entering poverty constantly to be the fault of the offender themselves instead of an external issue. Those with disabilites are restricted from working in fields that are physically or mentally too straining, which has also helped reduce poverty and the excuse for offenders to state that they are simply not capable of the work. With the high education and oppertunities for all in the job market, poverty should not be seen as an issue in the eyes of the Eldarisian's since many fields are present for citizens to work in and education teaching about how to handle money efficently is mandatory. These two factors has made those that enter poverty constantly to be seen as the detrements of society and people who are lazy and unable to be motivated and strong as Cuth wishes. While not a permanet label, it is a very horrible one to have since people and future employers will take it into consideration when hiring citizens who still bare it.

Honor, Faith and Conservatism dominates Eldarisia, the old ways are preserved and taught. Citizen's seek more knowledge as they study in the many libraries and places of education and also attend Church to enforce the rules of their religion in everyday life and society. This way of life makes all citizen's of Eldarisia loyal to the government and totally faithful to their religion. Propaganda is very common in Eldarisia, as it empowers the citizens and is accepted by them. Propaganda comes in the forms of posters, speeches and discussions. It is seen as a good attribute by the citizens and it reinforces the Eldarisian culture, religion and loyalty to Eldarisia.

Music and ArtEdit

The music and art of Eldarisia is a very important part of the culture.

While others may use paint or a virtual system for art, the Eldarisian's use frost. With a brush that can manipulate where the frost goes and a coolant case to save the work, frost art is very beautiful. Frost is a unique kind of art within Eldarisia and is not very well known in the universe.

Another major type of artwork is clothing. This type of artwork comes directly from the Eldarisian people. The artwork consists of different designs in clothing and symbols upon parts of it. The Eldarisian military's armor and combat wear is one of the many places were this type of artwork is found.

Music is also valued and is created based on emotions. Each song is meant to spark an emotion within the listener, along with lyrics to keep them entertained and interested. Music in Eldarisia is separated into four genres: Frontier, Old World, Religious and Electronic. Each genre has a specific style and a format used by artists of that genre, hardly any attention is given to artists who break from the genres since it is different and does not give that emotional impact that formatted songs do.


The advancement of the Empire is a high priority and so scientists are highly respected within Eldarisia. Despite wanting knowledge and facts, scientists are seen as some of the most religious people within society. Wanting to unravel the mysteries of the universe and trying to find true logic behind their connection with their religion is one of the main goals of Eldarisia. Since the goals of science are tied with the religion, scientists are funded usually by the church or the people; leading to quick advancements. With the religion in their hearts, science also does not conflict with the Church; creating a unity not seen often elsewhere.


The Eldarisian Flag is different from others, for how it looks. It has three symbols, the middle is the Eldarisian Empires symbol. The one to the left is the symbol of the Eldarisian people. The one to the right is the symbol of unity, it stands for all of the species of the Eldarisian Empire united for the better.

Middle symbols colors.

  • Grey: The allies and friends of the Empire.
  • Gold: The order that spreads through the galaxies.
  • Green: The heart of the Eldarisian Empire.
  • White: Purity

Right symbols colors.

  • Gold: The spread of creatures under the banner of the Eldarisian Empire.
  • Red: The support of the races.
  • Grey: The Home worlds.

Left symbols colors.

  • Gold: The strength of the Eldarisian's.
  • Blue: The Faith of the Eldarisian's.
  • Grey: The Will of the Eldarisian's.
  • White: Enlightenment.

Bottom Color

  • Blue: For space and the unexplored mysteries to be found.


Eldarisian, the only language of Eldarisia.

Eldarisian Empires Language


The Eldarisian religion states that one day, a God by the name of Cuth created the universe and made chaos and order. One day, his creations fled him and betrayed him, they started to worship false gods. So Cuth made the ultimate's, he made them to tower over the others and control them, some did this, but most joined chaos. So he tried one last time, he created a legion of knights that started the great crusade and killed many races in Cuths name. They eventually made it to their goal, the Grox. They fought but lost and so the knights went extinct. Until Cuth made the Eldarisian's, he made them to believe in honor and to be faithful and intelligent so that the Eldarisian's could stand a chance, and so far it's been true, so now the Eldarisian's spread Cuths religion to those who will listen and purges chaos in Cuths name.

Elka Cloden is a high prophet and is the highest judge for Cuth in the Empire.

The GovernmentEdit

The Eldarisian government is a Constitutional Monarchy, listening to everything the prophets say and the High King's orders are mandatory but minimized in the event of a national-wide ordeal which leads to a democratic process.

The main laws are:

1. Freedom of speech;
2. Freedom of press;
3. One religion, Cuth;
4. Right to rally or form a group;
5.Freedom of trade;

The government of Eldarisia is a unique mixture of Monarchist qualities with a Religious Democracy-Autocracy, the latter two switching depending on the circumstances of the nation. Ruled by a High King, Eldarisia's major powers in the government structure are the High King, the High Prophets and the eight original kings who work as the representatives of the nation when a democratic process takes place and as councilmen when the autocratic process is taking place. Underneath them is the Colony true kings who work as governors of their galactic territories and mostly miniature High Kings who also work as assistants for the eight original kings and the voting power for their galaxy during democratic processes. Next is the Kings who rule over several solar systems and then the Dukes who rule over a single planet within a solar system. The kings and dukes governor their systems and planets with their own minor councils and representatives for their people, however besides governing their territory and working as a representative for their people during a democratic process, the dukes and kings have no power.

Starting with the lowest power, dukes are a democratically elected royal family which is locally elected and his family is given power for three generations until either his offspring abandon their duty of Duke-Hood or the two generations is up and a new family must be given power for another three generations. With term cool downs being five generations after a royal family has had Duke-Hood, Duke-ship is regulated greatly and the job itself entitles the governing of a single planet and all of it's inhabitants, suggesting and passing laws on the planet and seeing to it that the planetary electoral decisions are tallied up for the King to receive when he requests them for nation or System wide elections.

Kings unlike dukes though are given several more privileges and time during their rule, in charge of a set number of systems that never fluctuates, the Kings govern the systems needs by seeing to it that trade is fine, planets remain safe from outer-threats, elections and laws passed are just and fair and is required to listen to the commands made by his higher ups, whether it be a colony true king, their council, the eight kings or even the Prophets. Working alongside his fellow Kings, the King helps make sure everything flows well and can assist his dukes with their problems and vice-versa. While not a powerful role by any means, the Kings ensure trust and work as a regulation system for the dukes and tally up the election results for their system to give to the council they are associated with. Kings are given power through a democratic process like Dukes, but the systems under a Kings control all vote for their new king and once voted in, the King will rule for four generations and have a cool down of ten generations after finishing their service to their territory.

Colony True Kings are created when Eldarisia decides to colonize another galaxy, so in other words they are the Kings of all of the Empires colonies in another galaxy. Working as miniature High Kings, the colonial true kings govern their galaxies colonies and have their own kings, dukes and council like the High King. They are considered on par with the eight original kings in terms of power and during a voting sessions they count as a single vote, the majority from their councils votes deciding their overall vote. Along with voting, the colonial true kings assist the eight original kings with their work when they are available and work as assistants to the council, but also voice their problems to them when a problem occurs that should require the High Kings attention. These powers overall make the colonial true kings assistants to the eight kings council and a voter within it during a decision and governors of their territory and their miniature councils, dukes and kings.

The Prophets are the speakers for Cuth. Their are three Prophets and they are in charge of the Religion of Cuths needs as they meditate in silence for hours to have a conversation with Cuth to keep him updated on Eldarisia's progress and to ask him what he wants them to do. If given an order, the prophets then tell the High King, which then places the High King in a position were he must decide to obey or reject the order. If rejected, a nation-wide vote is started to see if the people want the order to go through. If it is successful, the eight original kings tally up the votes from the various regions and either vote in favor or against the order based on the results. Also adding on to the legitimacy of the prophets, they cannot lie as they have devoted themselves to Cuth and to lie to the High king about Cuths plans would kill them from the spiritual energy they hold simply snapping from them so drastically that their mind works against itself and destroys itself internally without the conscious.

The eight original kingdoms or kings are the rulers of the first eight outer-Cyloia colonies and the founders of modern colonization procedures and actions. Given power by the High King as councilmen to assist his rule, the eight original kings are trusted with the eight powers, Freedom, Strength, Wisdom, Courage, Religion, Production, Commerce and Peace. The king entrusted with said power then becomes the councilor of that field for the High King and also a manager and organizer of the Kings orders regarding that area. Alongside management and counseling, the eight kings work with the Dukes and Kings who request assistance from them in their specified areas and work to resolve their issues unless found problematic enough to be brought to the kings attention. When nation wide voting occurs, the eight kings work as representatives for the specific areas they have been assigned and tally up the votes from the kings and dukes within there governed area. Once tallied up they deliver their final result to the king which decides if his decision passes or fails.

The High King is the ruler and he can declare war or peace alongside various other actions. Usually not requiring a democratic process during his rule on normal matters, the High King requires the peoples consent when declaring major events for his nation including war, peace, alliances, declaration of hostilities and so forth. Without much to deal with besides major events and his schedule he creates for himself, the High king only needs to deal with Colony true kings, the three Prophets and the eight original kings within his own empire.

The Eldarisian Empires Political InfluenceEdit

Bunsen Political Map 2800AD

The Eldarisia has spread it's Empires homeland over time and owns 598,698 systems and 540,675 are inhabited. The Milky way colonies have 53,234 systems, the Mirus colonies have 226 and the Andromedian colonies have 85.

  • Eldarisian Province

This province is the first province since this province is the holy lands or the first lands of the Empire. This province is made up of Cyloia and the 8 star systems, also known as the 8 original Kingdoms.

  • Empire Province

This province is simply the other star systems that have been colonized and do not count as the other provinces. This province merged with the Corplian Confederacy colonies, the trade province and the Grand Spodist Churches Marko colonies making it bigger.

  • The Milky Way Province

This province is literally all of the Eldarisian Milky Way Colonies. This province is largely agriculture and minor production based. The milky way colonies were made to spread Cuth to others.

  • The Mirus Province

This is all of the Eldarisian Mirus Colonies in the Mirus galaxy. These colonies are based in major production and minor agriculture. Owning some tyranny manufacturing planets have made the Mirus colonies very productive.

  • The Andromeda Province

All of the colonies in Andromeda is this province, it is officially known as Eldarisian Andromeda Colonies. These colonies are known for their extreme income of wealth for the Empire and their secondary focus on Production for the Empire.


The Eldarisian military is a strong force that is large in size and technologically advanced for better defense and offense capabilities. With the recent wars and constant fear of outsider influence, Eldarisia's borders are constantly patrolled and any wishing to enter must have a valid reason and information to reinforce their reason.


The major military leaders

  • Black ops specialists Rv-709.


Sections are the different Military groups in Eldarisia and vary in tactics and use. With Eldarisia being a militaristic nation, the sections are highly respected and sometimes are refereed to as the Knights of Cuth by Militarist leaders. Though young, the sections have proven themselves capable and effective, making them a leading reason as to why the Eldarisian's are respected for their military capability and total passion of it. Eldarisia's religion also praises militarism, making soldiers religious warriors and highly cared for individuals.

Since the military is shared throughout all of the nation and their colonies, the sections are widespread and normally carry out several objectives at once. With constant travel and moving troops, Eldarisia has become a very secure nation with a quick defense force that is spread out equally and capable of destroying invading forces.

Super WeaponsEdit

The Eldarisian's do not have many super weapons, but the two that they have are devastating. Also the super weapons that the Eldarisian's have, will be only used if it is necessary.

  • Galkian Parasite

This super weapon is made by those of the galkian people. It is made by the queen. This parasite is galkian seekers or better known as a sub-species of the galkians. This parasite cannot harm galkian's because it is their own kind and the rest of the races in the Empire are immune thanks to their immune system that will kill it and the seekers are sentient so they can be loyal to who they serve.

This parasite is were galkian Seekers are put into the environment by dropping them from above or landing on the planet and putting them on it. Then the seekers find those of intelligence on the planet, and they can do this thanks to their senses. They then implant themselves into the brains of the victims and over time they will begin to take control of the victim by making them have illusions and the brain will begin to be manipulate and the victim will begin to believe the seekers to be a good thing and will spread it. Seekers also can lay eggs in water which can infect a water supply with their eggs while also speeding up their birth rate, inside our outside victims who drank the water. Soon seeker eggs will begin to pop up on the victims skin and soon baby seekers will begin to form. Once the planet is completely infected, the seekers will begin to manipulate the victims behavior, mood and their daily tasks and as this is going on, the eggs on the skin begin to spread all over the body except the front and soon they will grow bigger so more room is available for the hatch-lings. Finally the eggs will over weigh the person making them collapse and be stuck on the ground with seekers forming on their backs and once the hatch-lings are ready on the back, they burst out of their eggs, killing the victim most of the time and they go back to the canister and await pickup.

The galkian seekers have acid fangs so if they need to carve a path to the brain, they will. Once there and manipulating the creature, they will proceed based on which stage they are on and once done, they leave the the host and go too the Canister for pickup.

The downside of this is that the eggs on the skin can be seen easily if up close with a host and also the fact that after they are done, their are more seekers then when they landed so room must be made for them, but it is also good since their aren't many seekers left in the universe.

  • Fist of Cuth

A high-powered weapon meant for destroying entire cities, the Fist of Cuth is a super weapon that was created for combat against the mirusian natives. The Fist is powered by several energy cores and is a space platform with light armor and a strong beam that can deal a heavy blow to enemies once activated. The platform is enhanced with self defense systems and is capable of defending itself for a period of time and has strong shields to stop damage until the shields are deactivated or destroyed.

The Fist is used for targeting places of interests on planets and then destroying them completely with a atomizing beam that takes around thirty minutes to charge up. It is capable of destroying cities, forts and even entire moons and is only used when fighting against heavily defended planets. The weapon has also been enhanced to fire against space vessels and can be used as a deadly long range combat platform for space battles.

It's beam is fueled by energy cores, plasma weaponry and lasers; so that the fist is strong and capable of breaking all defense. With a constant ray of destructive power, the Fist is capable of breaking many advanced shields and almost all armors as it pierces the flesh of it's enemies and destroys it entirely. While effective, the Fist of Cuth is slower then other super weapons since it takes half of an hour to even do anything. Hence the fleet needing to protect it at all times during a space battle. The Fist is also a controversial weapon since it is capable of committing large scale annihilation of a populace in seconds.

With the outbreak of the Marko Colonial War the fist of Cuth has seen itself on the defense more commonly then ever before as a space defense platform. To compliment this change and help reinforce it's defensive capabilities, the fist of Cuth was given a design upgrade alongside a new feature to increase fire power. Nicknamed the bloom effect, the fist of Cuths main weapon is now protected by five elongated arms that stretch out in front of it. Said arms are coated in medium armor to help protect the weapon more effectively and the inner arms are coated in soul stone that has been manufactured specifically for the collection of energy. What this does is that when the fist opens up like a flower blooming and fires it's weapon, the soul stone inside the arms will collect energy that passes by it from the charged beam, reducing the next beams charge up speed greatly. This constant collection of energy and recycling of energy allows for more consistent beam attacks to help turn the tide and it also relieves the energy cores from working as hard. However, since the soul stone collects energy from the beams that pass it, every beam is more consistent but also weaker since a portion of it is recollected for the next attack. To combat this issue and to allow the beams to be stronger, the fists collection panels have been resized to contain only a certain amount of energy before they stop collecting energy until it is expended. This tweak has slightly strengthened the beams back to their once powerful state.

Empire Police forceEdit

Eldarisian Empire Police officer

Only Eldarisia has Knights that protect their citizen's, we will not falter and become corrupt like the others.

The Empire has a police force, it keeps crime extinct or very low since their is hardly any crime. The Empire police focus mainly on rooting out pirates and shady trade deals in the outer systems , but they still are on every planet in the Empire to keep crime gone or minor.

They wear Soul rock based armor, it is severely light and can take a average amount of hits. They wear a mask that conceals their face and they use plasma pistols and stun batons.

The Empires police force is dangerous to those of pirating for they mostly hunt pirates. Captured pirate's are asked for information and then they are thrown in jail. If a citizen commits a crime, they are jailed and given a punishment.

The force is known as Knights by it's citizens.


Their are many races that make up the Eldarisian empire and they all do their part, and in return they get what they need. The Eldarisian's are the most seen race by outsiders, but this is simply because the Eldarisian's make up most of the population and usually have very active jobs.

  • Eldarisian: The first race to even start the empire, they are the most seen and make up most of the Empire. Thirsting for knowledge, the Eldarisian's wish to know all and excel in science. Being very religious, the Eldarisian's always put Cuth first and will listen to him, no matter the cost.
  • Ixplix: The scientists of the empire, with a high passion for knowledge, the Ixplix people are very productive and involved in science and the teaching of it.
  • Robot: The robots of the Empire, they are very valuable as they make up some of the army and do jobs that would be hard or gross for the organics, robots also can live in society as citizens and are given the same rights as any other citizen.
  • Cowbug: The Cowbugs are a old friend of the Eldarisian's and have two heads, one of a Cyloian cow and one of a unknown insect, thank so this they have split personalities. They are known for being great in commerce and are naturally charismatic, they are the trader of the Eldarisian Empire.
  • Galkian: A race of worm-like creatures, they are natives to the island planet of Govo. They are a very peaceful and a nice race over all, they are the shaman of the Empire.
  • Knecht: A race of insect Bug-like Humanoids, this race is very strong when it comes to faith so they are great entertainers. The Knecht's at one point in time almost went extinct, but after the Eldarisian-Cultists war, the Eldarisian Empire gave them a choice to be a race of the Eldarisian Empire and they agreed. Soon they were no longer close to extinction and became a normal part of the Empire. They are the bard of the Empire.


Foreign PolicyEdit

The Eldarisian's are usually open to others and will wish to trade with them and will wish to add Cuth to that faction's people. However, they are isolationist's when it comes to foreign cultures and religions. They will keep them out and mostly see forcing a religion and culture into the Empire as an act of hostility. Other then that, they are open to sharing their religion and culture to others and will defend their ideals and people if needed. Immigrants are also a non-existing thing in Eldarisia since a non-member cannot live within the nation permanently.

Eldarisia's plan for peace: An old plan made by Eldarisia for the Schism, it is now a recorded piece of data for the schism era.

Eldarisian Ministry of Foreign AffairsEdit

Until 2804, the Empire had always had a small ministry for foreign affairs, it was once a very small group and only focused on where the High King told them to focus. But in 2804, the French Colonial Empire gave them a offer to set up a western-style Ministry of Foreign Affairs for analyzing foreign relations, drawing meaningful conclusions, and maintain existing relationships in an effective manner. The Empire agreed and so French universities were opened to them, said to be the best institutions for diplomacy and states craft in the Gigaquadrant, young intelligent Eldarisian's decided to go there to study and help form the Ministry. With a slowly growing group of graduates, the Ministry was finally forming and becoming a government organization that was no longer in need of the High Kings orders. The Ministry is now currently funding the construction for two universities in Eldarisia and the appointment of a Minister of Foreign affairs is being discussed. In 2805, Sikolia Heli-9 was appointed Minister because of her remarkable diplomatic performances in the past, her personality and training.


Political and diplomatic leaders.

Member SystemEdit

This is a system the Eldarisian Empire created and use when they are adding a new member race to the Empire. When a group of people belonging to a different faction wish to live on Eldarisian soil and become a citizen, they can join if the faction they belong to is absorbed. Other wise they cannot become a citizen and can't work or live in the Eldarisian Empire. A race that is a member is given a archtype based on which their original was. Once a archtype is given to a race, they can then work in any area, but if they work in the given archtype; they are given higher pay. If a faction is surrounded by Eldarisian borders and they don't want to be a member. They won't be allowed to trade with other factions unless they join or relocate. Almost all factions relocate. If good relations are established, then the Empire will help that faction relocate and will help them get their bearings. Races that become members of the Empire must give up their original culture and religion and must be assimilated into the Eldarisian culture and religion.

Those wishing to join Eldarisia must pass a series of intelligence tests and loyalty tests with a lie detector active to see if they answer the loyalty questions truthfully. Those who pass are allowed into Eldarisia and are permanent members of the Empire and faith. Those who fail are deported to the nearest station, there they can either leave to go elsewhere or try the test again. With unlimited retries and a constant jumble of the questions to stop cheating, the tests are pretty fair and challenging for those who do not put effort into them.

When a territory or nation is annexed after war, the conquered races are allowed two options. They can ethier take the loyalty test and assimilate to the Eldarisian culture and religion which will make them a citizen of Eldarisia is they pass or they can leave Eldarisia all together on exile vessels provided by the Eldarisian's. The majority of the time, races choose the exile option and if a certain set number of individuals wishing to stay is not met, all of the individuals including the loyal ones must leave since the required number of individuals for a new member race was not met. This set number system was established so that member races can grow and become a fixed part of Eldarisia. If that minimum requirement is not met, the new member race would eventually become extinct from a lack of genetic diversity in their own species and would make the entire process of giving them an archetype and a permanent membership pointless.

Any new races which join from being conquered and wishing to stay are treated as equals alongside the rest of Eldarisia's populace since they have proven themselves to be willing to change their culture and religion alongside who they are loyal to. Yet even if the entire species is sent into exile, Eldarisia still treats them with compassion since the races are sent away from Eldarisia's territory and once they arrive to their new home, the Eldarisian's themselves begin to build their homes and establishments for them. This unique system was created so that the races which have been defeated by Eldarisia live on elsewhere independent of a foreign rule they do not agree with. This system to them is far better then just committing genocide or occupying the races forcefully since no unrest can be gained from exiling them nor can other nations disown the compassionate act done to an enemy of all.

Protectorate ShieldColonies and Protectorates: Your banner sways amoungst our own as Cuth fills your heart, welcome to your home brother.

Green face Part of: Through cooperation we shall bring order and prosperity to this universes righteous.

Green faceAllies: Welcome my ally, a seat always awaits you in the house of Cuth and Eldarisia.

Blue faceFriends: Hello, it is good to see another one on the path of righteousness.

Yellow faceNeutral: Hmm, what will you be?

  • Yellow faceTheian Technocracy: A mysterious group indeed.
  • Yellow faceDrodo Empire: An enemy to the French currently, relations are to stay stagnate until the issue is resolved.
  • Yellow faceMilla Empire: A newer addition to our universe, they are warriors, but they may not be like the rest of the barbarians.
  • Yellow faceFarengeto Republic: We shall see if they decide to pursue relations with us.
  • Yellow faceThe Hegemony: Militarism on a fine plate.
  • Yellow faceSovereign Republic of Gradesia: An APR puppet state, relations should improve overtime.
  • Yellow faceFarengeto Trade Coalition: Relations have been established, but we are not sure what to think of them.
  • Yellow faceUmbris: We were the first to contact them, we have a embassy on their capital.
  • Yellow faceSovereign Caribbean Federation: Humans who called us Cultists, not a good way to accept a embassy....
  • Yellow faceKingdom of Agethime: The more loose one of the two brother nations, we just wish they would be strict every once and awhile.
  • Yellow faceNew Tadpole Empire: It is good to see another faction that holds onto tradition so strongly.
  • Yellow faceMultus Esse: Worrying for our people is very warming to hear, we just wish you wouldn't have such loyalty to your creations.
  • Yellow faceTalven Empire: Ambitious and Expansive, just like us.

Orange faceDisliked: Your goals intertwine with that of the arrogant, corrupted and wicked, begone or change your ways.

  • Orange faceUnited Persan Descendants: Betraying your word I see, might as well paint a bulls-eye on your back now.
  • Orange faceMou'Cyran Accords: Hope once existed in our hearts, we now know how useless and corrupted this faction really is, it is disappointing.
  • Orange faceThe Zarbania Powers: Only the ambitious are granted glory, no wonder why you haven't accomplished your goals.
  • Orange faceMendel Pact: Hopefully the new administration is more intelligent then the last, hunting down your men is dearly tiring and somewhat painful for the soul.
  • Orange faceArgexantine Warrior Alliance: You would side with the Spodists speaks tenfolds about how single minded you are, but what is to be expected of warriors.
  • Orange faceBunsen Grox Republic: Old and wise yet unable to see the big picture. Looks like your emotions overpower your logic, ironic for Grox.

Red faceEnemy's: You have angered our people and insulted our God. You are declared an enemy you wicked heretic!

  • Red faceThe Civilisation: Trust is something you no longer deserve.
  • Crossed SwordsGrand Spodist Church: You remind us of every ignorant and corrupt nation which once nestled itself in Marko, sucking the life force from it's people with false promises.
  • Crossed SwordsLevisala Confederacy: For men of science you sure are ignorant and blind to not see our nonalignment to the Bunsen natives, why is it only the few who think in this galaxy?
  • Crossed SwordsImperium of War: You rejected the word of Cuth just to fight us, for that you will die.


Leave your thoughts on Eldarisia here.

ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US! Ho wait... Wrong channel...

- Chairman Vostok

Pfft...You think you are a closer ally to our Algolurn comrades than us ourselves? Fat chance! It should also have come to your attention by now that we don't try to spread our own religion to others like a plague. Or perhaps you simply can't accept that religion does not matter that much to us. Your constant self-delusion is rather amusing.

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

We will not change what has worked for centuries. Our gods do not ask for the genocide of innocent beings, or tell us to slaughter women and children. They do not ask us to be what we are not. They merely ask us to be strong of body and mind. You are the aggressors here. You came to our galaxy, and have continued to stir up trouble since you got here. That is why we went to war, and that is why we will continue to oppose you. You offer this galaxy nothing but bloodshed and tears, and do not think for a second we merely opposed you for any other reason. We protect, where's you destroy.

- Barda Clett of the Mendel Pact

Truly I have never seen a group with such an unfathomably narrow mind as the Eldarisian. Even a Scelus has the excuse of being a mindless drone and the Dragowar cannot contain their rage. But the Eldarisian, there's nothing wrong with them other then a profound inability to comprehend that other beings have opinions that matter nor that their way may not be best for everyone. All that ever comes from their mouths in an endless stream of black and white dogma without even an inkling of self reflection on their own moral standing. I have never invited them over for any of my parties and conferences for I am sure that after hearing the name Cuth spouted for the umpteenth time at every available moment I would be sorely tempted to violate sacred hospitality and allow the other guests to rip them limb from limb just so the conversation can move on to other topics!

- Overseer Zuki of the United Persan Descendants

A recent, but rapidly expanding empire with interesting philosophy and a drive to expand and improve that is much like our own. They would make excellent allies one day.

- A CAAON foreign judge

These Cuth worshipers will die! They plague the Consumer of Souls holy land and they must be punished , soon Cuth shall die and the Eldarisian Empire with it.

- A Cultists of The Cult of the Consumer of Souls

A truly great empire, they have shown diligence in every aspect. We are happy to be friends.

- Emin'Keres of the Plazith League

An empire who wipes out valued cultures and religions and replaces it with their own! I have heard of them for a few decades now, and I do not, or ever will, trust them. The Plazith League is infatuated with you for reasons beyond my understanding, and the only Councillor of Eight that even thinks about you is Dreza'Dero. I do not understand why one would respect such an empire. Me and the other Councillors of Eight want you nowhere near our space, or we will open fire. Consider this a warning Eldarisians, as me and the other natives will not tolerate your invasion of our land and your destruction of various cultures.

- Drakan Thel'Vimicelnes of the Draekar Remnant

The hand of God has many fingers, each one different and given to different peoples so they may know God in their own way. The fact that you do not see this and insist your way is the only way means that either you have misheard the word of God or are mislead by a devil wearing the mask of God.

- A Vanara Shaman


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