Science is a field for survival, fall behind and you will die; go ahead and you will prosper and we have no intention of falling behind. - Sylo Ethland

The Eldarisian Empire is a vary diverse faction when it comes to technology, while advanced in some areas; they also remain stagnant in others for either Religious or Cultural reasons.

Military Technology[edit | edit source]

The military is a obviously very valued part of Eldarisia and because of this, they are given some of the most advanced technology in the Empire and enough production to manufacturer them in large quantities.

Ammunition[edit | edit source]

Their are only two types of ammunition used in the Empire, Plasma and Laser.

Plasma is only available to the military and is the most used of the two. The ammunition on it's own is shot in bursts and is held in a circular container that is attached to the weapon and becomes emptied after one hundred and fifty shots. Ground troop weaponry is different from cannon based Plasma since they both are meant for different results. Ground troop plasma is quick and is meant to break through shields and armor, this makes it less deadly when only flesh is left; but it still can kill someone without armor rather quickly. Cannon plasma is used by vehicles, ships and artillery in the Empire, it is slower then ground troop plasma. Despite being slower, it is much more deadly and is meant to stick to the surface of vehicles and slowly degrade the armor, shields and hull.

Laser is used mostly by small forces sent to deal with enemy civilian populations and is the only Empire-wide weaponry available to citizens. Unlike plasma, laser is slower and shoots constantly until out of ammunition. It specializes in breaking down flesh and is less effective at breaking armor, but good at breaking shields. Laser ammunition is held in small circular containers and is permanently attached to the weaponry it was built with, to reload; one must simply wait for it to recharge itself. Usually a full recharge can take around two minutes and a half recharge is a single minute. Their is only one type of laser ammunition since it is no longer used by military vehicles and is not produced often by weapon manufacturing plants.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Only one type of armor exists in the Empire and their are two different versions of it.

Soul light armor is used by the ground forces of the Empire and is the only type of armor available to the troops of Eldarisia. A light armor that makes the wearer agile and rather fragile without shields. Soul light armor is created from Eldarisia's unique resource the Soul rock, a resource that has shown itself to be multi-purposeful. The armor is painted white to represent the Empire and is decorated in symbols of the soldiers family, Cuth and his rank. It is very strong with shields and is capable of getting very high and powerful shields that protects the user and his armor from all rounds shot at him. Despite being fragile and capable of having high shields, Soul armor can easily be molded to the users figure; making it feel more like a second skin then armor. This type is the most manufactured and used of the two types.

Soul reinforced armor is only used by ships and vehicles of the Empire. Created by reinforcing the light version with extra layers of soul stone; the reinforced version is a much more strong armor and one that can only have moderate shields without extra assistance. This armor is more expensive then the other and is built for vehicles wanting strength in armor and hull rather then their shields.

Cyber Warfare[edit | edit source]

Valued and useful for espionage and disabling enemy ships, Cyber Warfare is a useful naval tactic. Used commonly against enemies, Cyber Warfare is used in the form of an advanced virus that constantly changes to mimic the environment that it enters. With advanced scanners, the virus is capable of copying data to match itself within the system and to store for a later reveal to the Eldarisian's. Once in the system, the virus will target ship engine systems and will disable them along with overloading reactors for a explosive after effect. It will wreck havoc all over the ships systems and leave once the ship reaches a critical level and near destruction. If caught, the virus will combat the protection systems and literally corrupt the system and assimilate it. If successful, the virus will pose as the protection system and extract data along with disabling the ship. If it fails, the virus will try to manipulate itself within the ships systems and hide from the protection systems. It will then either dissolve itself since the protection system is on alert or it will try once more to overpower it.

The virus also is handy for spying on enemies and can collect vasts amounts of data in time. With some experience with enemy cyber systems, Eldarisia has enhanced it's virus with detection systems based on what is used to combat the virus.

The virus can also be used as an extra protection system that can assist the main one with defending a ships systems. To keep itself from also being hunted and eventually destroyed by the protection system, the virus is fitted with signalers that informs the protection system not to reject it. This makes the virus a prime target for enemy viruses, but to stop them from obtaining the signalers, a self destruction system is embedded into the virus once it is aware that it is failing and being overpowered. This eliminates it completely and purges all code used to create it.

Shielding systems[edit | edit source]

The most valued defensive measure for soldiers in Eldarisia, shields are a major player in it's success during war. Shield systems in Eldarisia are capable of destroying rounds shot at it and deflecting beam weaponry, this causes each hit to put pressure on the shields systems. This pressure will build up as more firepower is placed on the shield and it will eventually lead to the shield breaking down; allowing some shots to go through it and hit the user directly. To combat this, shields are given backup energy systems that will activate when the shield becomes low on energy; this allows the shield to recharge. Their are also attachments created for the shield which will increase the maximum pressure it can withstand.

Large shields are used on ships and in vehicles, they are the most powerful and have many backup systems/attachments. Smaller shields are used on soldiers and have significant smaller amount of pressure they can withstand, but they are also given backups and attachments to increase their performance.

Missiles[edit | edit source]

Fast and filled with combustible plasma, missiles are used mostly for space warfare and as anti-vehicle weaponry for ground forces. With enhanced armor and no shielding, missiles are not as protected as bombs since they are seen as not a major determiner of victory. Despite this, missiles are one of the most commonly used explosives in Eldarisia and are used for three different purposes with each having it's own unique effect.

Plasma Anti-vehicle missiles are filled with highly combustible plasma and contained in reinforced missiles. Meant to be projected at enemy vehicles, the missile will then stick to the surface where it lands and explode instantly. This also has a deteriorating affect that can chew into the armor of enemy vehicles and even the hull if it is exposed.

Plasma Anti-man missiles are used primarily by ships and are used to target enemy crewmen. Filled with plasma enhanced to have a larger spray area, this missile is useful for striking weakened command areas of the ship. If the missile is capable of breaking through the weakened armor and hull, it will enter the areas and spray the crews with plasma that eats at their flesh. This missile has the largest spray area and is the weakest of the three when it comes to destroying enemy armor.

Justice is a special missile type that specializes in destroying light armored ships. Equipped with advanced tracking devices, this missile is the hardest to escape from and destroys almost all light ships it explodes on. Larger then the other two, this missile has much more plasma in it and has a less decaying effect unlike the other two. Used primarily by larger ships to combat small fighters, this missile is normally seen by enemies as a death shot as it covers the ship in plasma slowly breaks it's armor down and eventually the hull.

Bombs[edit | edit source]

Similar to missiles, bombs are filled with combustible plasma that explodes when it hits it's target. Reinforced so they are more durable to weaponry shot at them, bombs have their own personal shields which deflects damage until the shields are overwhelmed. Usually large and used for seizing cities and destroying large ships, bombs are a major weapon that determines defeat or success for Eldarisia.

Enhanced with a deteriorating effect, bombs are capable of breaking down strong materials quickly before the effect is lost. This effect makes them more useful when destroying fortified positions and attacking enemy command ships.

Swords[edit | edit source]

Eldarisia equips each soldier with their own unique sword for close-combat and trains them in sword fighting. While each is unique, they are all made from the same materials and cause the same effect to their enemies. Swords in the Empire are metal blades sharpened normally to keep themselves from becoming dull, they are enhanced with small energy cores which adds a electrifying effect whenever activated by the users. This effect can last as long as the user wills it because they are powered by energy cores.

Grenades[edit | edit source]

Grenades are largely used by the military for flush tactics and killing off large numbers of enemies in a short time. Eldarisia's grenades are small gray metallic ball shaped explosives filled with plasma that spreads upon detention. The grenade is activated by pushing down on a button on the top of it, it will then be activated and glow a light green. It would then be thrown and explode after ten seconds. The plasma inside grenades is actually cannon plasma and will stick to any enemies caught in the blast, ensuring their deaths.

Plasmathrowers[edit | edit source]

Close-range weaponry developed for flushing enemies and killing them in large numbers, plasmathrowers work the same as flamethrowers; since their is no plasma type with the same effect as a flamethrower, Eldarisia has created it's own type which allows the plasma to act similar to fire. This ammunition can damage enemies very quickly and kill large numbers of them in a short time, but this makes the ammunition empty quickly. Plasmathrowers are only used for when advancing on enemies and for when close-combat defense is imminent, making it effective and a danger to all who face against it.

Jetpacks[edit | edit source]

The newest invention for the Eldarisian Military, Jetpacks are a useful tool for special operation soldiers and those assigned one for more diverse combat. With combat on the ground and air now, the Jetpack could prove to be a good overwhelm for enemy troops. While they still are in their testing phases, the tool seems promising and if successful, Eldarisia could make combat more difficult for it's enemies and easier for them. So far Jetpacks are being fueled by energy cores and the exhaust fumes are sent through a series of purifiers so no harmful fumes are released. This purifier has made stabilizing the control of the Jetpack harder, however, it is a requirement for the item to keep the ecosystems safe that it is used on.

Nuclear tech[edit | edit source]

An old field in Eldarisia and one that is studied greatly, but hardly used by the military and civilians. Nuclear warfare originally was founded near the mid-period of Eldarisia's crusade on Cyloia. Originally it was to be used as a scare tactic to beat enemies into submission, however, this changed after the first bomb was tested years later when the Empire was founded. After seeing the devastating effects of the nuclear weaponry, Eldarisia and it's scientists agreed to limit the use of nuclear warheads as a last resort for any enemies they find would defeat them on the battlefield and cause massive damage to Eldarisia in a short period of time with no chances of stopping them without destructive warfare. So then scientists began using uranium for nuclear plants and powering Eldarisia, while successful for a time, nuclear plants were eventually replaced with energy cores. Since uranium was no longer needed for power, scientists refocused on the military aspect of the technology and began creating more devastating and controlled nuclear warheads for war. Nuclear technology is no longer used in civilian life and is a military only technology used as a last resort in war.

Spacial Projectile Deflectors[edit | edit source]

After studying the other nations of the Gigaquadrant and coming to the conclusion that Eldarisia was not capable of defending itself from a spacial projectile delivered from a weapon owned by another nation in mere seconds, the scientific community was addressed with the issue and so came about the study for defensive systems capable of defending Eldarisia from inter-spacial weaponry which would otherwise decimate entire planets. The result of course was varied with different designs such as shields and mobile defense platforms, but the final 'winner' design for deflectors was a static platform which would have a weapon attached to it that is capable of shooting incoming projectiles before they reach their target.

The platform itself is not really the design, it is the weapon which is enhanced with advanced computation units that can have pin point accuracy with incoming projectiles. Equipped also to mobile space stations as a defense mechanism against mass-destruction projectiles as well, the technology would soon be incorporated into Sylo Ethlands eight year plan of building up Eldarisia after the first Grand Spodist Church war. With platforms being constructed along the borders of Eldarisia and being given to space stations as a defensive mechanism, the Deflectors would become a desired addition to everywhere along the borders of Eldarisia.

To combat border expansions need for more platforms, the designs for them would be made easy to transport as a solution to the issue. Adding upon that, the ammunition used by the platforms would be designed to combat spacial projectiles and take into account the different materials used by the various nations. This would result in a finished product which is a hybrid of various materials and substances that is highly combustible yet effective known as Glof goo.

Civilian Technology[edit | edit source]

The people are what makes Eldarisia whole, without them we would be nowhere; so we offer them grand and amazing technology that will last for the future generations to look upon in awe. - Eldarisa's scientific community on the reveal of the first robots.

Robotics[edit | edit source]

The first golden age in Eldarisia brought forth robotics and artificial intelligence, two great advancements along with the 3 laws.

Known for their advanced robotics, Eldarisia takes pride on this field and has advanced here more then they have in almost any other area. Starting off with primitive robots being powered for only a hour, they now are fully functional members of society who have personalities, a mind and a new power source known as the Energy core. Separated into three different groups, robots take on many diverse roles in Eldarisia and have become highly respected because of it.

Workbots: Mindless drones meant to accomplish a simple task and then return to their post, workbots are commonly seen doing work that citizens either find beneath them or too dangerous. Shaped to fit the job they are given, workbots are highly efficient and run on Energy cores like any other. Mass-produced and used everywhere, workbots are praised for their work despite being unable to comprehend praise.

A.I units: Commonly used to organize data, help command ships, store information or even destroy information; A.I's are a common and useful sight in Eldarisia. A.I's are self aware servants of Eldarisia with personality traits which fit their jobs and or tasks. Used almost anywhere that does not invade the privacy of citizens, A.I's are usually helpers for stores and businesses in the civilian world. Some are even installed into homes if their owner trusts them enough and needs a assistant. More expensive then Workbots and less then Truebots, A.I's are the middle robot type and are rather capable of keeping control over their jobs despite not having a body. Some A.I are even given control over workbots by their owners for self sufficiency purposes, they are also checked the most for any defective issues or loss of the three laws.

Truebots: The true goal of Eldarisia and the child of the Eldarisian people, Truebots are robotic self aware creations who have personalities and personal goals. While still bound by the three laws, Truebots are normally integrated into families at creation and are treated as equals despite being synthetic. Powered by a Energy core, Truebots never need to recharge and are capable of working longer periods of time. They only need to shut down when their Energy core is overheating from days of constant activity and no cool downs. Yet they can still go for around five days without any permanent damage to their energy systems or body. Treated as citizens, Truebots are given the same freedoms and restrictions like any other member. The most life-like and active, Truebots are amazing creations that are not traded or shared to other factions.

The three laws were established by Eldarisian robotics scientists as a form of protection for themselves and their creations.

1. The protection of all citizens of Eldarisia is absolute, all robots are to protect them and those they or themselves love as long as it does not conflict with the third law.

2. Self preservation is necessary as long as it does not conflict with the first or third law.

3. Betrayal of Eldarisia or Cuth is forbidden, the defense of them is required from all.

Quantum computers[edit | edit source]

A older technology in Eldarisia and one given much care, quantum computers are commonly used all throughout Eldarisia. Varying in size and purpose, QC's have become less expensive overtime and can be found in smaller devices for in-field use.

Alpha series computers are very large systems capable of multi-tasking and carrying out advanced tasks that the Beta series cannot. Usually very expensive and hard to make with all of the components required and time, the Alpha series makes up for this with it's almost unlimited purposes for calculations, Generation of realtime space maps of star systems, the simulation of a certain species' evolution and even the different outcomes in social scenarios. From the calculations of the whole Eldarisian military's supplies, to giving information on how much coin goes in and out of the ports on a daily basis. Alpha series is very valuable and used less by civilians and more by the government and military.

Beta series computers are small systems only capable of doing one task at a time, but still in a quick amount of time. Despite being less capable, they make up for this with how light weight they are and the fact that they can be used in the field when Alpha series computers are unavailable. This series also is used often for creating maps of the universe by scientists who adventure out into the unknown. This series is used more by civilians and is cheaper and easier to make then the Alpha series.

Eldarisianet[edit | edit source]

Used mostly by civilians, Eldarisianet is Eldarisia's version of the internet. Created at the founding of the Empire, Eldarisianet is not monitored by the government and is a free form of communication, entertainment and art. Commonly used by new artists to sell their artwork and music, Eldarisianet has created a reputation for itself as a major breeding ground for artists. It also is a place for virtual entertainment and education for those unable to attend a university for either location issues or a lack of transportation.

While very productive and peaceful, Eldarisianet also has it's own issue it must face. The only real issue for Eldarisianet is alien powers wishing to tap into it. Without any monitorization from the government, protection of Eldarisianet is at risk; but the government does not wish to invade their peoples privacy and so nothing is done virtually. To protect Eldarisianet, the government has established network towers all over Eldarisia for the people to connect easier to the web and so alien powers can no longer connect to it without being spotted by sensors. With no real history of cyber hacking because of their citizens loyalty, Eldarisia is a virgin country to cyber warfare and has received protection systems form their allies to help combat the unknown threat. This along with the towers is the current solution for Eldarisianets protection and it has so far proved successful.

Bio Technology[edit | edit source]

A valuable, yet semi-forbidden technology in Eldarisia; Bio technology is a useful, but hated technology used commonly in Agritech. Feared because of it's dangerous potential, Eldarisia has restricted Bio technology to Agritech and can only be used on specific animals and plants.

Used to enhance the amount of seeds bore by plants, the strength of their stalks, increased muscle mass of animals and many more, Bio technology has become a very useful tool for Eldarisia. To stop the enhanced products from changing citizens in anyway, the products are enhanced with elements that are destroyed when they enter the systems of consumers. This stops any unwanted growth or changes to citizens, keeping them pure and free of any changes. Scientists are forbidden from using Bio technology to create life or to enhance any citizens, since these two end results are seen as abominations, unnatural and unholy.

Engineering[edit | edit source]

Eldarisia's common design for capital buildings.

The most common design for civilian homes.

A rare factory design which uses the Eldarisa's towers tall style.

Common entertainment centers look like this in Eldarisia.

Eldarisia's buildings have been described as a step into the past, older looking and made from stone; they are all surprisingly tall despite their older appearance. Made from stone and supported by inner metals, the two are molded together to form a very strong and sturdy structure that is more likely to be swept away by a storm then destroyed by one. This older appearance pays respect to the homeland and is it's own unique style within the universe, known commonly as Eldarisa's towers. Besides the material, this style of engineering creates very tall and slim buildings with many small levels. Each level is usually dedicated to some area of a home or business and these levels also give a good view of the city while citizens work or play within their walls.

Their are smaller buildings within Eldarisia that are more wide then tall, but they are rare and this style is only used for certain reasons. Besides this, Eldarisia only uses the Eldarisia's towers style and allows no other style to exist within their lands.

Cloning Technology[edit | edit source]

A well known technology in Eldarisia and one that is extremely restricted. Cloning technology is a well known technology that is used for only one type of cloning, the cloning of valuable resources such as gold or iron. With biological cloning forbidden, scientists are only left with improving material cloning and have been very progressive with it. It soon advanced to mass cloning and factories soon existed with the sole purpose of cloning resources for Eldarisia.

With a constant need for resources, cloning has surprisingly become rather important to Eldarisia despite being one of the most hated technologies within it. Cloning devices have also been enhanced with Energy cores for optimal production and to increase the time allowed for cloning before the device enters a overheating phase. Scientists have discussed the creation of advanced cooling systems for cloning devices, this was soon passed and development of one is still happening.

Agritech[edit | edit source]

Eldarisia has always valued the hard labor of Agriculture and has made it much more advanced and easier as time has gone on.

While farmland does still exist, the large majority of them are now within cities in buildings dedicated to agriculture. Plants and animals are separated into two different branches of agriculture in these buildings and are separated from one another until food is required for the animals.

The Wildlife branch is the branch that deals with the animals used for food, liquids and fur. While they sleep in designated stables for each one, they are released into large sanctuaries when they are not getting extracted of liquids, killed for meat or their fur. This freedom allows the final product to be very fresh, energizing, healthy and nutrient filled. To keep them happy, these sanctuaries are filled with vegetation's meant for being consumed by the animals and have been genetically modified to grow back fairly quickly. These sanctuaries are also filled with small purified streams for the animals to drink from and clean themselves in, these streams eventually end and any remaining water is purified and reintroduced into the stream along with the new batch of water. Wildlife sanctuaries are only allowed to group herbivore animals with each other since carnivores would kill them off. To please carnivores and omnivores, small mini sanctuaries and made for them; there they can hunt against some of the fastest animals in Eldarisia and feast on the corpse. Once they are put back into their stables, the corpse is cleaned up by a workbot. All animals are allowed to live peacefully for 28 days, after 28 days; the animals are randomly selected and carried out for either killing, butchering or for the simple collection of liquids. These products are then transported off to markets for selling and consumption, while fur is sold off to clothing stores and those who place special orders.

The Vegetation branch is the branch that deals with vegetation used for food, dyes and other needs. The seeds are stored in dark rooms under the facility and are separated in compartments for each individual type, with instructions on how to grow it and a large quantity of seeds for mass planting. Usually seeds are ordered if the facility runs low on them and are not meeting the demands required from markets. Besides the back room, their are three large rooms dedicated to the different types of plants in the facility. Each room has a reinforced glass ceiling that allows light in, each room has a different glass type to allow more or less sunlight into the room. Plants are placed in these rooms based on how much sunlight they need and are observed daily by A.I's and workers. Water is constantly sprayed on the plants by a timed sprinkler above the plants and workers inspect the plants for any diseases or issue with them. Once they are ready for harvest, workers go in and harvest the plants for seeds and the final product. The products are then sent to flower shops, markets, dye creators and more. The workers then remove any plants that died or are unable to produce more products and replant in the same spot they were once in. Extra seeds and then put in storage and the process repeats.

Virtual reality[edit | edit source]

Currently used only for military training and simulation tests, virtual reality is a highly restricted technology that is semi-forbidden because of it's harmful affects on society. While scientists still work to improve it's realism, it is not allowed to the public out of fear of them becoming lazy and only productive to return to their fantasy realities. Despite this, Virtual reality is used commonly for new recruits in the military and is well liked; but not addictive based on what soldiers have said.

Users enter Virtual reality by sitting in a chair and allowing a rhombus shaped screen to approach them, it will then spray the user in the eyes with a chemical that will protect their eyes from degrading when looking so closely at the screen. The rhombus will then latch itself to the user and shape itself to fit the users face. They will then be in virtual reality, but will not be able to move their body yet or even interact in the world. When this is detected, the screen will release very small metallic arms to enter the users ear canal and eventually connect to the users brain. It will scan the brain with the small arms and then gently latch itself to the areas which deal with movement, speech and receptors for pain. They will then be able to enter virtual reality and do what they must within it. To get out of virtual reality, the user must simply enter a designated point in the world for leaving. The screen will then detect this and detach it's arms and self from the user, They will then be able to leave and return whenever they are allowed to.

Possible brain damage to users has been discussed and has been proven false. The arms are coated in a protective chemical that will numb the users senses for sometime and the connectors to the brain have been covered in a soft material to keep the metal from hitting the brain directly and damaging it.

EssenceTech[edit | edit source]

Eldarisia has only hit the surface of Essence technology, but it holds much potential as scientists discover more about it. The only real technology to come out of essence is a very unique type of staff that is useful for essence users.

Created out of metal, the hollow staff has a small circular piece of soul rock at the top of it. Essence user can concentrate their energy to this rock and imbue it with their powers. The staff will then detect the type of energy and will alert the user about what it must be filled with. The user will then go acquire this resource and fill their hollow staff full of it, this will allow the staff to be able to inject the resource into the air when the user requires it. Since users currently cannot create ice spikes or flaming spears out of nothing, they must use the moisture and elements around them to manifest a weapon for combat or for whatever. If none of this element is detected, the staff will inject it into the air; allowing the user to now defend themselves with essence powers. The staff will not need be refilled since it constantly clones the element within it, until it is full.

Universal Technology[edit | edit source]

Power sources[edit | edit source]

Eldarisia uses many power sources, but their are only three main sources for power.

Solar Energy is the oldest type and is used only as a backup source of energy in case of a emergency or loss of energy core power. Despite hardly being used, solar panels have advanced over the years and they are now rather good at collecting a vast amount of energy, also with large storage compartments for it.

Nuclear power is also a backup source of energy and is the least used. With the plants hardly used since Energy cores were invented, most have been demolished for their high upkeep and minor threat to civilian populations. The remaining plants are on less populated worlds and might eventually be demolished also if solar energy begins to extract more energy then them.

Energy Cores are the most used and is a native invention to Eldarisia and only Eldarisia. They were created from taking direct energy from a star and putting it in a highly protected and reinforced core. The result was mostly a mini-star with the ability to create energy that can be extracted. Energy cores are used all throughout Eldarisia and are one of the biggest factors in their quick progression and expansion during 2800. Energy cores are currently not being shared with other factions and the exact way to make them is also a mystery to everyone, but the Eldarisian's.

Transportation[edit | edit source]

Vehicles in Eldarisia vary when it comes to how they move around. Their are some which still use wheels, but most hover above the ground. Vehicles are powered by Energy cores in Eldarisia and emit no harmful fumes, making them very popular and a clean way to travel across the universe.

Wheels have been reinforced over the years and are rather durable, the material has also been changed several times to decrease intense friction with the ground; for faster movement. Wheels are normally on civilian only vehicles since it is obviously slower then hover technology and is not really necessary for civilians to have hover vehicles. Scientists are hoping to create slower hover technology for citizens so they can travel faster, but still at a safe speed.

Hover technology is the most advanced form of land movement for Eldarisia and is treated as so. Used by the military and government officials, hover technology is a very fast replacement for wheels and one that has no friction. It is becoming more useful in almost all areas of the Eldarisia and is slowly being integrated into the civilian populace.

Besides planetary travel, their is also Inter-galactic travel. It is normal within Eldarisia and is made possible thanks to the warp drive, originally acquired by the TIAF. While a mystery at first, scientists soon found out how to advance the primitive warp drive and it now makes ships arrive to other galaxies in only mere hours rather then weeks. Warp drives are the only devices available in Eldarisia for inter-galactic travel and are manufactured in high numbers. Scientists are hoping to create a stationary structure that can transport ships to other galaxies in mere minutes, with the warp drive as it's power.

Holographic projection systems[edit | edit source]

Holograms are rather advanced in the Empire and it has become the largest way of communicating in Eldarisa. Projection systems are very commonly carried since they have been made small and light weight. Instead of needing a pad to scan their whole body, the system can be activated and hovers in front of them; it scans their body and allows them to project it to another system or create a recording on one. This allows for fast communication and a more lively one since you can have virtual conversations with other people.

Hologram systems are all connected to networks which span all over Eldarisia, they also can connect to other Eldarisian networks in the other galaxies. This network allows fast travel for information, one that is also free and unmonitored by the government.

Teleportation[edit | edit source]

Teleportation is a newer discovery in Eldarisia is not used often, it is mostly used for teleporting supplies and components. So far it is unable to teleport large creatures and only small ones seem capable of whole transportation. Scientists have started to take a interest in this field and are hoping to eventually be able to teleport their own citizens and men around the same planet and eventually galaxy. So far they can only teleport to other teleportation pads and teleportation to non-pads seems to be a very far goal right now.

Cloaking devices[edit | edit source]

Cloaking devices is another technology Eldarisia has put much time and effort into. Normally used by the military, cloaking devices are a common device used by spies and advanced soldiers. Powered by small energy cores, cloaking devices can last almost eternally; that is until they overheat which will happen after being constantly on for six hours. While energy cores are amazing, they overheat in cloaking devices because of how demanding it is.

The device does not silence any sounds the wearer makes, but it can make them almost completely invisible. With a scan of the entire body already in it's database, the device covers the whole body in microscopic molecules that reflect light and makes the user blend into the surroundings around them. The molecules remove any signs of the user and makes them almost completely undetectable, the only thing that will cause detection is if the user bumps into another individual or if a new entity is added to the user. A new entity would be anything that remains on the user after another coat of molecules is added. A good example is blood, it is a entity that can stick to the user and is not detectable by the device since it was not in the scan. This will appear visible by anyone who looks at it and could eventually give away the user. The molecules are removed by simply waiting for them to expire with no new layers being added, so the device will need to be turned off so new layers are not added.

To combat this, users are given constant scans to see if anything has changed on them; they can then remove the entity or scan themselves again to include it in the scan. While rather easy to get ride of, this could be easily forgotten by a rookie and could lead to their death.

Ships also have stealth devices that covers them in the same molecule, this keeps them from being detected visibly; until the enemy uses a heat signature or power detector. So ships only use these devices when the enemy is unaware of any threats at all. Scientists are hoping to improve ship stealth devices greatly and eventually manipulate the molecules so they can also become invisible to these detectors.

Terraformation[edit | edit source]

A rather old group of technology which is made up of various pieces of equipment to stabilize and create environments inhabitable by creatures, Terraformations main strength in Eldarisia is more of the technique then it is the technology, hence it's age. The official technique is actually rather simple and it involves sending Terraformation workers to the planets surface, establishing the technology, repairing it and while adding seeds to the soil and water as the world becomes more habitable. This constant interaction with the world causes it to stabilize much more quickly and Terraform at a more rapid rate. While dangerous, it has been proven to be more effective then to rely on the machinery and then return later with the actually seeds, animals and water. This technique has caused Eldarisia to expand rapidly with effective and lively planets, it has even got to the point where the Eldarisian's have created a modified version of the universial environmental tier system to suit this expansion.

Forbidden Technology[edit | edit source]

Not all things were meant to be found and this is our collection of technology we find born of the demons and heretics that wish to destroy us, all of these should be destroyed and looked down upon for their selfish and unholy properties. - The scientific community at the reveal of the forbidden vault.

Stored in the forbidden vault on Cyloia, these are the demonic technologies that lie within for scientists to study and to make sure to never create nor promote. From being deemed unmoral to down right evil, this is a collection of Eldarisia's most hated forbidden technologies.

Cybernetics[edit | edit source]

The most hated, feared and banned of all technologies, Cybernetics is marked as the highest form of heretic technology and one that is seen as extremely dangerous and counter-productive to Eldarisia. Banned at the founding of Eldarisia, it is has been completely removed besides only three pieces that remain in the forbidden vault.

The use of cybernetics is seen as betrayal of Eldarisia and Cuth, making it only punishable by death. This along with the fear of manipulation through the implants has lead to paranoia and extreme xenophobia towards it. All production, experimentation and non-forbidden vault research is punishable by death and is banned in it's entirety. This extreme opinion of cybernetics arose from now dead enemies of Eldarisia who used the technology to enslave their soldiers mentally for better combat, but it also resulted in a loss of free will. This horrifying discovery along with a already wary approach to enhancements results in the complete ban of the technology and a extremely closed mind towards it and one that citizens of Eldarisia support completely.

Neuro-implants[edit | edit source]

Almost hated with the same passion as Cybernetics, Neuro-implants are banned completely in Eldarisia out of fear and the close ties it has with mind control and cybernetics. Unnatural and treated as heretic technology, Neuro-implants were banned at the founding of Eldarisia and all research and production of such technology was banned and completely destroyed. The remains of this technology lies within the forbidden vault and is hated greatly for it's mockery of biological independence. This technology has been marked as extremely dangerous and a mockery created by the heretics to insult them and Cuth.

All research, production and items of this type of technology are forbidden in Eldarisia and all trace of Neuro-implants have been destroyed, besides the forbidden vault.

Enhancing drugs and Entertainment drugs[edit | edit source]

An especially hated and feared technology, drugs in Eldarisia are only legal and used if medically required for a individual to live, to remain stable or without pain for a period of time. Drugs meant to assist the depressed and insane are banned since mental recovery is a process that the individual must wish to improve and assistance with those two are offered to anyone with it. The reason for the ban on mental recovery drugs is since they are classified as entertainment drugs and are used to enhance the users mood, this is unacceptable and is not seen as a permanent fix to the issue and one that only slows it down. Entertainment drugs are banned overall since they are seen as counter-productive, selfish and evil in Cuths eyes. This along with the fact that it causes health issues has lead to the ban and hatred of entertainment drugs in Eldarisia.

Enhancing drugs are also banned since they are seen as unnatural and as the tools of a heretic. Eldarisia believes them to be pure evil incarnation and believes their citizens to be capable enough with their natural strengths and weaknesses. Scientists are banned from ever researching, creating or experimenting with entertainment or enhancing drugs, restricting them to only medical drugs. This restriction has enhanced medical drugs greatly and as a result the nation has advanced medical treatment for their citizens and soldiers.

Slave Tech[edit | edit source]

Slavery is banned within Eldarisia and is seen as a act of evil and tyranny. Also the subject itself is seen as immoral, a large factor for it being banned and removed. It is useless to study since it's use is banned and seen as counter-productive by the people of Eldarisia. All of these factors along with the unquestioned words of Cuth has lead to the hatred and total ban on Slave tech.

Scientists are hoping to study the technology for Agritech, it could be useful for creating more advanced passive equipment for animals. This has been approved by the High King and Cuth which now allows scientists to study it, but not recreate it or use it for slavery purposes.

Chemical Warfare[edit | edit source]

A surprisingly banned weapon of mass-destruction since nuclear weaponry is allowed, Chemical warfare is now a unused tactic of war that is feared and disliked by Eldarisia. With a bloody history that almost ended in the destruction of a entire planet, chemical warfare has been labeled as a dangerous and potentially uncontrollable weapon that could end in their own demise. It was banned in 2799 by the High King and the 8 original kings, since then their has been no production of chemical weaponry and all remaining weaponry has been disarmed.

All scientists have been banned from researching new ways for chemical weaponry to be used for war, but they are allowed to study it for other uses besides war. This change in use has created several major chemicals useful for fighting back over vegetation, insects capable of destroying the crops of Eldarisia and other civilian based uses.

Mind control Tech[edit | edit source]

Seen as immoral, counter-productive and against what Eldarisia stands, mind control tech is a permanently banned technology. Originally seen as useful and as a way to extract information from enemies of Eldarisia, it soon was seen in a different light after scientists and doctors found out the side effects of such a technology and the dangerous potential it could have.

All scientists are allowed to study science involving the brain and it's mental capacities, but the manipulation of it has been banned permanently by Cuth and the High King. All mind control tools and technology has been either dismantled, destroyed or placed into the forbidden vault so scientists will never make the mistake of finding it useful.

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