Eldarisia is obviously dominated by the Eldarisian people, but their are still other races that make up the Empire and helped mold it into what it is today.

Empire racesEdit

These are the races that make up the Empire and live within it. Once a race becomes a member, they are permanently a member unless their entire race is wiped out within the Empire. This permanent rule also keeps the citizens from immigrating to other countries since that isn't allowed. But the main positives of becoming a member are simple, a designated archtype which allows increase pay in that area of work, protection, equal rights and a religion to help guide their life. Some have found the positives to be overwhelming and those that do are part of the Empire.


Eldarisian Race

A Eldarisian

Description: The founding race of the Empire and the most dominate, the Eldarisian's are a Conservative and Religious people that focuses heavily on Knowledge, Religion and progression. Normally logical and less emotional, the Eldarisian's are known to take drastic measures against their enemies and damage them permanently, Being very odd and unique has lead to alienation from most of the universe, whether culturally, religiously or diplomatically. The Eldarisian's see the many factions that disagree with them as foolish, chaotic, evil, corrupted or anti-religious. The Eldarisian's are very strict when it comes to their religion and follow it zealously, sometimes so zealously that they go over their allies permission in certain situations. This zealous following has lead to major restrictions within their Empire, these restrictions are usually social based as cybernetics, inter-species romance, homosexuality and the worship of other religions is banned and fiercely looked down upon. These restrictions alienate them from a much more freedom based and liberal universe. The Eldarisian's see their Empire as a chance to please their God and carry out his will and so they spread their religion while combating those they find demonic, evil and corrupt.

Government status: Active

Loyalty to the Empire: 100%

Empire population: 70% of the whole Empire.

Archtype: Knight


Eldarisian Ixplix Race

A Ixplix member

Description: The second race to join the Empire and the first to be forced to join. These Ixplix originated from a unstable faction known as the Ixplix confederacy. The confederacy was destroyed in the war known as the first war and their population was forced to join the Empire. These Ixplix are very logical based and have had a prideful past of a science based community that had barely any place for religion. When they were first forced to believe in Cuth they obviously disobeyed and were very rebellious in their first years as a dominated race. After three years, Pro-Eldarisian Ixplix individuals began to appear and rally against the independent minded Ixplix. This created a social wall between the two and eventually lead to the downfall of the rebellious spirit most had. Now the Ixplix are happy with their situation as a race within the Empire and are one of the most productive members within it. The remaining rebellious Ixplix have died out or given up on freedom, embracing the fact that they are now helping the Eldarisian's.

Government status: Destroyed

Loyalty to the Empire: 100%

Empire population: 10% of the whole Empire

Archtype: Scientists


Eldarisian Galkian Race

A Galkian

Description: The second race to join diplomatically. The Galkians are a race of tribals from the planet Govo that were found during a Eldarisian patrol routine. They were friendly and diplomacy started swiftly, it was soon discovered that the Galkian's use a similar monarchy system to the Eldarisian's. Except instead of a King and a Queen, only a Queen is involved in the Galkian system. This similar design in Government and the curiosity of both sides soon lead to the Galkian's joining. With a less advanced faction under their control, the Eldarisian's began to teach the Galkian's their ways, traditions, religion, laws and so on. Soon the Galkian's were intelligent and persuaded into abandoning their own cultural and worship for the Eldarisian's version. This transfer was hardly noticed, making the Galkian's unsupported for a rebellious nature and making them loyal to the Empire and it's leaders.

Government status: Active/Absorbed

Loyalty to the Empire: 100%

Empire population: 5% of the whole Empire

Archtype: Shaman


Eldarisian Knecht Race

A Knecht

Description: The Knecht is the only race to join out of desperation for the future of their race. After the Eldarisan-Cultist war, the Knecht were almost extinct and open for attack, their leaders saw this and sought help from their ally, the Eldarisian's. The Eldarisian's told them that they could join the Empire, but would need to give up their culture and religion for theirs, the Knecht refused at first. They returned home and were constantly attacked by pirates and unable to defend themselves until they returned to the Empire and pleaded to join. The Eldarisian's accepted and brought all of the Knecht into their territory to live. The deal seemed obviously unfair and Pro-Eldarisian to the Knecht, but they ended up accepting the situation for the sake of realizing what would happen if they didn't join.

Government status: Active/Absorbed

Loyalty to the Empire: 100%

Empire population: 4% of the whole Empire

Archtype: Bard


Eldarisian Cowbug Race

A CowBug

Description: The first race to join diplomatically and the only one to have a true history with the Eldarisian's. The Cowbug's originated on the Eldarisian's homeworld, Cyloia. They were given the name Cowbug by the fact that their lower body is similar to a cow and the upper is similar to a insect. Their original name is no longer used since the name originated from the arid planes they once thrived in, something that hardly matters now since they aren't a tribe anymore. The Cowbug's left Cyloia in search for another homeworld that didn't have such severe winters many years ago and we're assisted by the Eldarisian's. This makes the Cowbug's the closest ally that the Eldarisian's has ever had. Years after the formation of the Empire, the Eldarisian's found the Cowbug's once more, now in the form of the Cowbug republic. The two started diplomacy and this soon lead to the Cowbug's joining the Empire and becoming one of the very first members.

Government status: Active/Absorbed

Loyalty to the Empire: 100%

Empire population: 11%

Archtype: Trader


Description: Robotics is a major part of the Empire and it's future progression. Being the main trade resource, the Eldarisian's have obviously advanced their robotics for higher prices and performance. Overtime, these advancements lead to self awareness, it was disliked at first out of fear, but was soon accepted after the aware robots were programed with the three laws. After this, the advancement of robotics was not halted or slowed in the Empire since their fear was completely solved. Soon Robots were accepted as normal citizens and allowed to live independently or with the family they were first assigned to. These advancements and laws brought both the creators and creations into a strong bond of loyalty, respect and friendliness that seems to be permanent.

Government status: Active

Loyalty to the Empire: 100%

Empire population: The Robotics population does not count towards the Empire-wide population.

Archtype: None


There are some races that would like to join the Empire, all different and unique in their own way. But, their are only three major factions that have a population interested and some devoted to the idea of joining.


French Bunsen Colonies

The French Bunsen Colonies flag

The French were one of the first to contact us and ally with us, we are very flattered to hear that you would love to join the Empire, but we must not forget that you are our allies citizens, we cannot allow you to join since we would be betraying our closest ally and we have no intentions of doing such a thing. - Captain Ioi to a crowd of French followers

Description: The most fragile and explosive of the outer-factions, the French Bunsen Colonies is the only French group that has major influence from the Empire. It started off with simple missionaries going to Mountcourt lll of the colonies and converting the local population with permission. The religion soon spread to other planets in the colonies and became a major religion and a influential one non the less. The Empire then took this opportunity to sell Eldarisian cultural items and works. This lead to a huge following of French Bunsen colonist who wanted more Eldarisian items and were interested in the traditions and way of life that the Eldarisian's followed. This shocked the Empire since they didn't expect such a large boom and liking towards the Eldarisian culture. Soon small groups of French colonists wanted to join the Empire and this surprised the Eldarisian's but not as much since they knew the situation. With a heart full of devotion and a motivation to be closer to the communicators with Cuth, these groups began to grow and their voices became stronger. Anti-Eldarisian groups also formed and made a large split within the colonies social standards, structure and style. Two factions had formed in the colonies with two different goals, one for acceptance and the other for rejection. This situation was getting worse by the days as more French pleaded to join and all the Eldarisian's needed to do was just say yes. But, the Eldarisian's had tied themselves to a honor system that was religious and cultural. A system that hated betraying Allies and praised loyalty. So the Eldarisian's choose to be loyal to their allies as they normally would and decided not to allow them to join, but still closely monitored the situation within the colonies.

Government status: Active and United

Population loyal to the Empire: 32%

Majority opinion of the Empire: Good


Algolurn Popular Republic

The Algolurn Popular Republic's flag

Communism? I have never really been interested in such a thing, but I can promise you a King and beautiful lands to explore for eternity. - Sylo Ethland to a group of interested Algolurns.

Description: The APR is a Communist based republic that focuses on progression and the advancement of science. The Eldarisian's are strong allies to them and are one of their main trade partners. This bond has caused tourism to the Empire, conversions in the APR homeland and minor curiosity towards the Eldarisian culture. Soon this curiosity grew into enjoyment and accepting the idea of joining the Empire, creating a very small following of Algolurns who would like to join the Empire. Even though the thought is interesting, the Empire has no plans to betray the APR since they are very close allies and the idea of stealing citizen's is a crime on it's own in the Eldarisian's eyes. The Empire hopes that these followers continue to spread their religion, but stay content with their current government and people.

Government status: Thriving and Active

Population loyal to the Empire: 6%

Majority opinion of the Empire: Excellent

Draconid-House of KreigalEdit

House-of-Kriegal crest

The crest of Kreigal

The wise Draconis wish to join, it seems we are attractive in some way. - An excited diplomat at the reveal of the Houses plans.

Description: The House of Kreigal is a Draconis royal family that is loyal to Eldarisia and Cuth. Followers of our ways and religion, the House has found favor in Eldarisia and their militaristic manner has also caused relations to sky-rocket. They are currently alienating themselves from the majority of their people to help preserve our influence upon them. They follow the religion as closely as us and are part of the Eldarisian culture. While their has been discussion on helping them secede, the idea has been denied completely since we must remain loyal to the Draconid Imperium. If we hope to improve relations with their father-state, we will need to remain neutral in the event of a secession conflict.

Government status: Active/Planning secession

Population loyal to the Empire: 100%

Majority opinion of the Empire: Excellent

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