An empire spanning the stars and spreading their faith and influence throughout races, factions and tribes all across the universe. I never thought I would live to see such a magnificent sight. - Calver Zeno, 1st High king of the Eldarisian Empire

The Eldarisian ProvinceEdit

Eldarisian Province

The first province and the most holy of all lands in the universe to the Eldarisian's. This province is rather small and consists of the capital planet of Cyloia and the first eight stars systems to be colonized, which are known as the eight original kingdoms. This province is known for having the the finest religious studying buildings within the whole Empire and those lucky enough to be picked to attend these buildings are invaluable to any church, religious gathering or even the Inquisitation who hire only the most righteous. This province is the heart of the Empires religion and culture, great artists come to these lands to build art houses to teach future generations while also spreading the knowledge of frost art which is native to the Empire.

Known organizations

Since it is the most valuable province to the Empire, many resources have been donated to these nine planets to help build up their agricultural, production and economic value. The result was nine super powered planets with the ability to feed and produce enough resources to send themselves into prosperity and sustain many neighboring planets. In recent years the Empire has been pushing for turning Cyloia into a Regional capital within the Gigaquadrantic Intergalactic Trade Organization, but have been unsuccessful so far. This province is the oldest and still has five families of royalty within it, while other families of royalty moved out to other provinces to claim their hand of land, these five decided to stay back. Whether too prideful to leave or honor bound to protect the land their great grandfather built with his bare hands, they all stay and while some conflict, one wishes for peace to finally settle between the families.

Eldarisian 1st royalty

Remaining Families of Royalty in the province

  • Seal of SyloEthland The Ethland family: The oldest and most influential of all of them, this family wishes to finally bring the royal families together through a series of arranged marriages into the Ethland family, with the eventual goal of making them all Ethland's. The reason they wish to use marriage is because no one would deny entering into the family that is currently the rulers of the Empire and the wealthiest in all the lands.
  • The Zeno family: The smallest and most alienated of the rest, the Zeno's are a hard working hands-on family that dominates the construction market. Being one of biggest suppliers of building creation and repair has made the Zeno's wealthy and arrogant towards the other families. They only wish to continue dominating the construction market and keep to themselves while the other families slowly destroy each other.
  • The Heli-9's: A militaristic family of generals and some of the greatest military minds in all of the Empires history, the Heli-9's were a great asset in the founding and expansion of the Empire police force. They now are currently in charge of large manufacturing plants which produce military grade weaponry for the Empires military and police force. Their goal is to wipe all competition out in the production area of the province and take over as the leading figures in production and manufacturing.
  • The Landers: A very religious family with strong ties to the church, royalty and Ethland family. With only the goal to continuing creating future generations of priests and religious figures, they are not put at odd with any family and so they are friendly with all. But, they seem to be very close to the Ethland family and only do major trading with them.
  • The Cutherans: The founders of the Cutheran branch of The Religion of Cuth and one of the most well known and respected families in the Empire. The Cutherans are mostly religious and wish to continue a holy line of sons and daughters that are blessed by Cuth and can write his words into the holy book of the religion. This family is the most open and invites the others constantly to large ball parties and friendly gatherings.

Empire ProvinceEdit

Eldarisian Flag

The largest province, these are the rest of the Bunsen systems that are not part of the Eldarisian province. The second oldest and constantly expanding, this province has several sub-provinces which are made up of the territory of the other races that joined the Empire. Being the largest territory, it has many religious buildings and tourist attractions that make outsiders curious as to what exactly the Eldarisian's are hiding from the rest of the universe.

Known Organizations

  • Eldarisian-Inquisitation Headquarters of the Eldarisian Inquisition (Activity: Medium )
  • Merchant Cult Eldarisa's spirit (Tourists: High )
  • Symbol of The Religion of Cuth Cutheran family writing houses
  • Eldarisian Flag Empire archive of Eldarisa's history


  • Ixplix Confederacy: The territory of the now destroyed Confederacy, these worlds have since been wiped of the old culture and religion and replaced with the Eldarisian's. This sub-province has many scientific bases and it's industrialization has been removed greatly and replaced with agriculture. (Assimilation: 100% )
  • Cowbug republic: Territory that once belonged to a Eldarisian ally, this sub-province has been assimilated and industrialized. Many cities span the lands of the worlds in this sub-province and many Eldarisian artists are born here. (Assimilation: 100% )
  • Galkian Tribes: A single planet that's natives joined the Empire, the planet has been assimilated and urbanized overtime. It now is a world with major tourism buildings and many attractions to quench a curious mind. (Assimilation: 100% )
  • Republic of Noregada: Once members of the GSC, the Noregadan people left after their parent nation failed to protect them from a smaller invasion force. They are now members of Eldarisia after an agreement was made for them to be protected and in return would be absorbed into the Empire. (Assimilation: 37%)

The factions that have been absorbed into the Empire still have their capitals, but they are transformed into major cities and places of Eldarisian culture and religion. These cities become very pro-Eldarisian and is a major factor in what influences the other races to listen and allow assimilation. Other then the members, this province as a whole is the most visited by outsiders and so it has many tourist organizations, such as Eldarisa's spirit. The wide variety of unique wildlife, art, culture and religion is what draws many to Eldarisia, but only few ever see the original world where they came from. In this province, Cyloia is treasured greatly and so many artists take inspiration from it, creating a large variety of art based on Cyloia. Ironically, this province is looked up to by the colonial provinces for being the largest supporter of Eldarisa.

Milky Way ProvinceEdit

MilkyWay Colony Flag

The first colonies to have been created by the Empire outside of the Bunsen, located in the Carina-Sagittarius Arm of the Milky way galaxy in a secluded and peaceful area. Mainly an agricultural colony group, the Milky way colonies creates an over-abundance amount of food for the Empire and is the main cause for the rapid expansion that has been taking place all over Eldarisian territory.

Depsite this, the Milky Way colonies has had many changes in the time it has existed. It started off small and very friendly to outer-races, these colonies believed their purpose was to make food for the Empire and spread Cuth to those with open ears. As time went on, they grew and soon a war erupted near them. This war eventually made it to their borders and the citizens began to defend what they found rightfully theirs alongside the Empires military which knew this would end in their defeat. The DCP then began to occupy the colonies for the duration of the war, but soon made a deal with the Algolurn Popular Republic to change which military would keep control of the land. This change brought hope to some and it lead to rebel wars against the APR, but it was ultimately pointless and it only hardened the hearts of the citizens. Torture, mass-killings and discrimination in their own lands is what lead to the major shift in the colonies. The once open lands became more closed, the friendly people became resentful of the betrayers.

Religious information

  • Eldarisian-Inquisitation Headquarters of the Milky Way Eldarisian Inquisition operations (Activity: High )
  • Outer-citizen Converts ( Algolurn Popular Republic Above average, Flag of France Low )

The Mirus ProvinceEdit

Eldarisian Empire Mirus Colonies

Eldarisia will become a Imperium and our men and women are ready to work for that future, we will strike the hammer and sing praise to our lord and Empire until the end of times. - A Eldarisian Mirus King

The Mirus province is literally all of the Empires colonies in the Mirus galaxy, this province is very production focused. With giant tyranny factory worlds in their hands, the Empire has used them to their fullest and has turned the Mirus colonies into a loyal place of high militarism and faith. While strong in production, the colonies suffer from a lack of many native artists and must acquire Eldarisian's from other galaxies to add beautiful artwork to their lands. Their also are not many resources left on their worlds since the tyranny used what they had to build their war machines. This lack of resources means the colonies must buy them from the other galaxies and their citizens are doomed not to have the same luxuries of other colonies. Despite these hardships, the Mirus colonies have proven themselves to be a valuable part of the Empire and one that is still happy even though their brothers are experiencing more relaxation in other galaxies.

The Andromeda ProvinceEdit

Eldarisian Andromedian Colonies

First starting off as militaristic colonies, the Andromeda colonies soon took a different turn then what was expected. Instead of becoming nationalists like the Mirus colonies or Missionaries of Cuth like the Milky Way colonies, Andromeda decided to become a economic focused province and started selling many of their goods with GITO members since they are the only real Andromedian's they trusted at the time. As time went on, the colonies became a hot spot for F.E.S and new scientific bases were setup all around the colonies, adding more to the economy. Andromeda has become a asset to the Empire and is a proud example of Eldarisian coin always at work.

The Andromeda colonies of Eldarisia are known to hold the largest A.I systems within the Empire, this makes the colonies a hotspot for F.E.S bases and research teams. The reason behind this strong A.I presence is because of the colonies location, a dead zone with many ancient ruins of now dead civilizations. The reason for this loss of life is unknown to Eldarisia, this makes the area a grand place for adventurers wishing to uncover the secrets of this mysterious loss. So to help organize all information gathered and to help scan more effectively, a super A.I was created to store all collected information and come up with a logic conclusion as to why this happened. With this vast wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, the Andromeda colonies found itself with another prospering way to earn coin and sustain that thirst of knowledge Eldarisia has.

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