These are the grand sections that protect Eldarisia and Cuth, all should be praised equally and given our utmost respect for their service and projection of our might. - The Heli-9 family at a Militarism festival.

With Militarism as a religious ideal, Eldarisia's military is extremely strong and determined with a single goal to eliminate and defeat all enemies to Cuth and the nation. With advanced technology for combat in almost all forms, Eldarisia prides itself greatly on it's powerful weaponry and agile troops. However, this makes the military weaker when it suffers direct damage since very reinforced armor is sacrificed for speed and power. Despite this, Eldarisia's military has proven itself successful and a major projector of Eldarisian power and influence.

Military parades are common in Eldarisia and are used to show the nations strength and utter dedication to the people they protect, the religion they adore and the nation they defend. This makes them prime places for speeches by Eldarisia's leaders and places for tourists to look upon in awe or fear.


  • 101st Elite Eldarisian Legion: The Elites of Eldarisia, this section is diverse in combat since it has elite spaceships and elite ground troops, however, the majority of the legion is ground forces.
  • Eldarisian Universal Legion: Formed out of combatants that are non-members who are loyal to Eldarisia and the religion, this section specializes in ground warfare and striking fear into the enemy.
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