Eldarisia has had a long history, one that has been recorded since their birth and one that is quickly updated constantly. History is seen as one of the most valuable assets to Eldarisia, this makes their recordings more accurate and actually pretty unbiased since Eldarisia wants the true history and not biased propaganda on a piece of paper. This makes their history unique since it does not praise their own actions or condemn them, it leaves the decision up to the reader.

Founding: Age of EnlightenmentEdit

Age lifespan: 1784-2784

Eldarisia was founded when King Zeno reached enlightenment and convinced King Heli-9 to assist him. The two united and soon brought the whole Eldarisian race under one flag for order and prosperity by starting a large crusade all over Cyloia. This was known as the age of enlightenment since all Eldarisian's understood their goal and mission by the end of it.

This was a long age which lasted around one thousand years and was a time of contentment and a loss of expansion. With Eldarisia focused completely on the people, their happiness, culture and religion, territorial expansion was halted and so was it's funding since the whole world belonged to them. The scientific community also saw a large drop in funding as their funds were given to the church for total population conversion and assimilation into the Eldarisian Kingdoms culture. While this did prove ultimately successful and total loyalty and support was gained, Eldarisia was behind technologically and would soon suffer the consequences because of that.

Once the religious and cultural goal was achieved, Eldarisia returned to it's normal funding for all areas, but kept church funding above the other departments. They then moved on to expanding into the stars and were fully dedicated to that mission. Soon the first spaceships were made and tested, this brought great joy to the people and eventually colonization vessels were created and perfected. This lead Eldarisia to the Age of Order.

Expansion: Age of OrderEdit

Age lifespan: 2784-2788

As Eldarisia grew on Cyloia, the peoples desire grew to explore the stars and expand their people, ideals and religion. This soon became possible and the first missions to colonize other planets began. Eldarisia colonized the eight stars systems that surrounded their home world and named them the eight original kingdoms. The leaders of these systems would soon form a council to help organize Eldarisia and pass laws when necessary, this lead to the creation of the eight kings and their specified power.

As this occurred, Eldarisia began colonizing it's home system and eventually had a flag waving on every planet within it. This lead to a great migration of citizens as the many left their home world in favor of a new start and adventure. This caused to Eldarisia soon find itself in a colonial revolution that still has not completely ended to this day. The Age of Order marked the great beginning of Eldarisia's rise and was one of the earlier signs that told outsiders that this was a powerful and ambitious nation set on a narrow path. This great wave would soon lead Eldarisia to the age of chaos.

War: Age of ChaosEdit

Age lifespan: 2789-???

The age of chaos is the current age of Eldarisia, it began once the colonial revolution did and has proven to be an age of blood, pain, fear and victory. But it also has been an age of expansion, happiness, power, honor and loyalty. Despite everything, Eldarisia looks upon this age with favor and is proud and ready to see where it will lead them in the future.

Golden AgeEdit

Age lifespan: 2793-2802

During the age of chaos, their was a time when Eldarisia was at the height of it's potential and working around the clock just to see itself expand to the unknown. This time was known as the Golden age and it began once Eldarisia came into contact and received assistance from Seven Starr Alliance. Eldarisia took this assistance and used it until it was exhausted, this made production higher and lowered the overall bearing that the nation had to take on it's own. While this occurred, Eldarisia began forming a large military to help protect it's borders and people, this lead to hostility from their neighboring brothers, resulting in the first war. It ended in Eldarisian victory and the assimilation, conversion and total domination of the Ixplix confederacy. While rough at first, the Ixplix would eventually submit fully and become one of the most productive and loyal of Eldarisia's races. This also lead to the Eldarisian-Cultists War which would eventually devastate the Marko Sector and cause major environmental and political instability outside of Eldarisian borders. As war raged on against enemies of the Empire, the people took this new funding from the Alliance and used it to create one of Eldarisa's most prideful creation: The Energy Core. The creation and testing of it proved successful and mass integration of the invention began. Eldarisia also found their long lost brethren nicknamed: Cowbug and also the Galkian's. The two were quickly assimilated into Eldarisia as the nation grew even quicker and with more strength to back it. The Corplain confederacy was soon met and quickly absorbed once their people rebelled and slaughtered the main government, this lead to a land grab that removed the original occupants and replaced it with Eldarisian citizens.

Eventually Eldarisia came into contact with their future ally, France. Relations started off well with trade being established and an embassy. Eldarisia continued on with friendly relations and soon found itself as an ally to the Human nation, to strength this, the Franco-Eldarisian Alliance was created and put into effect swiftly. This gave Eldarisia a strong ally to call upon and one that intimated the nations current foes, the Marko natives. Nearing the end of the Golden age, the universes many factions began breaking down diplomatically as land grabs began, gigantic military movements and actions. One such movement was the Scramble for Mirus which resulted in Eldarisia obtaining colonies. This sparked outrage among the Mirusian natives and resulted in Eldarisia declaring a quick war on the Waptoria Alliance of Species'. This resulted in the controversial Eldarisian-Waptorian Conflict and the genocide that went along with it. This conflict resulted in both sides being more bruised and enraged along with fear. This power, quick drastic action and genocide resulted in fear that people began to feel towards Eldarisia. The reasoning was because they were drastic, unpredictable and were doing it all in the name of deity. The end of the Golden age would be left on a depressing note as the Mirusian colonies geared up for war, the Homeland began military actions against the Marko natives and the overall universe began collapsing into full out war and chaos.

Dark AgeEdit

Age lifespan: 2803-???

As the chaos continued, Eldarisia's milky way colonies quickly became occupied during the Great Xonexian Schism, this lead to outrage and a request for the neutral Algolurn Popular Republic to take over the duty of occupation while the enemy forces moved on to new targets. The request was passed and the colonies were safe from the punishments being given to them by the DCP, but peace did not last long since several Eldarisian rebellion forces waged a war against the APR for freedom and the ability to return the colonies to Eldarisia. While unsuccessful, it brought hope to many and the determination to crush Eldarisia's enemies returned to the people. This urge to defeat the enemy would soon be forced upon the natives and cultists of Marko, both resulting in Eldarisian victory and major power gains for the Empire. As wars raged on, two major inner-events happened in Eldarisia, the discovery of essence and the coldness that swept over the nation. Essence lead to major job openings and more powerful soldiers in combat, healers also became a more prominent site within civilian life and leaders using offensive and defensive essence also arose. The coldness however, was a natural event that occurred on almost all and only Eldarisian controlled worlds. It was mostly a major shift in planetary seasons that made winter dominate most of the year over the summer. Some believe it to be the work of their deity, but their is no real scientific explanation as of yet for the odd change. Energy cores have been assumed to have played a role in the change since they emit unique fums, but ones that are not harmful to living beings. While this was grand, war was still at hand and Eldarisia found itself battling the Mirusian natives in the First War of Mirusian Coalition and the Second War of Mirusian Coalition. This lead to a bitter hatred for them and a grand quest to dominate them all began. To help in their quest, Eldarisia decided to form an alliance with their ally, the APR. This would be placed into effect swiftly and showed once more how Eldarisia's power has grown in the past several years.

Yet with relations so strained with the natives, their was only one that they still had not made contact with. The Multus had been observing Eldarisia's Mirus colonies for sometimes and they soon found out, this lead to the Eldarisian-Multus Conflict and it ended in peace. The two factions came to an understanding, assisted one another and established an embassy. This surprised many, but made others realize that Eldarisia is not a cold blooded nation bent on genocide. After this event, Eldarisia focused itself completely on the Schism once more and helped fight off the DCP in Andromeda. They eventually were victorious and the schism ended after an event with the DCP and Civilization. This victory sent shock waves throughout Eldarisia as the people praised Cuth and worked even more so for this bright future ahead of them, the nation entered an age of extreme prosperity known as the great progression, also the reconstruction of the Eldarisian Milky Way Colonies began. With the nation once more flourishing, Eldarisia began the construction of an international Cutheran cathedral on Mountcourt III. The reasoning for this was to shed light on the many outer-race followers and to make them feel appreciated for their loyalty. The construction began in 2806 and ended in 2808, the result was a flourishing piece of art work that reminds all that Eldarisia is grateful for their faithfulness. While this all occurred, Eldarisia began an odd trend of being less active in the universal community. They were once extremely active and focused in the community they were never apart of and yet it seems they were once more isolating themselves or simply uncaring about other factions. The reasoning behind this was simple, Eldarisia was so focused on the community to the point where they neglected expansion in their own colonies and were behind in their plans for the Bunsen. So while still active in the sense of diplomacy, Eldarisia was not going to take part in any major events because they were craving progress for their Homeland and the nation as a whole.

However, despite this need to expand and being less active in the community, Eldarisia found the events coming to them. In 2808, the Marko Sector was at war as the natives fought the Marko Imperial State of Vixiliana and actually began pushing them back. This resulted in the Imperial state invading the Grand Spodist Church and conquering their Marko colonies for technology and supplies. Soon after, the GSC counter-attacked and drove the MISV away. However, the damage was done and the peoples loyalty to the GSC was falling rapidly in the liberated colonies. Soon they ended up seceding and called upon Eldarisia to protect them and in return, the colonies would happily be absorbed into the Empire. Eldarisia accepted this offer and the GSC soon demanded them to return the colonies to it's original owners. Eldarisia quickly rejected this demand and so began the Marko Colonial War.

For the next several weeks, the Grand Spodist and Eldarisian's would fight over Noregadan, making several minor pushes before the Levisala was called, the Eldarisian's began to be put on the defensive. With high reinforcements rates and space stations operating in dark space for an invasion, the Eldarisina's focused the main front on defense and even used Fists of Cuth as space defense platforms instead of their usual offensive purposes. Meanwhile, the Eldarisian's also prepared the invasion of Noregada from dark space and eventually commenced the operation, quickly landing safely and setting up a supply chain for the new front that will become active.

During this time, support from the Draconid Imperium was given to support the Eldarisian war effort and furthered along the relief of their war machine.

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