They are no enemy, they are just victims of this cruel universe and so we should help them, not destroy them because of their arrogant creations. - Elka Cloden's statement to Eldarisia about the Multus Esse.


The day was October 3rd and it was a stressed day like many others. Eldarisian radars had detected a large vessel near the eastern border of the Eldarisian Mirus Colonies on the 1st. Scout ships were then sent out on the second and never returned, this made the Eldarisian leaders paranoid and angered by the loss. So now Elka Cloden has been sent out by the Homelands to help solve this issue and crush whatever threat dare stand in his way. With an entire military force at his command, Elka goes forth with determination in his heart.

Elka sat on a dark blue metal chair with comforting pads all within it, he was wearing a black robe and had his standard Eldarisian mask on. His amulet of Cuth hung from his right hand as he swayed it around in front of his face as he awaited news on the target. He was bored and annoyed by the fact that anyone would dare strike at his nation. He waited as crewmen walked by his elevated throne and carried holographic records and information on the scouts. He is soon approached by a young female who wears a military-grade gray suit that has symbols of Eldarisia, Cuth and the ship upon it. Her black hair falls slightly above her hips and she speaks in the aristocratic tone that all Eldarisian's are known for having.

  • Female: Judge Cloden, we have received new information on the conflict between the scouts and the unknown vessel.

Elka stops waving his amulet around and sits up in his chair.

  • Elka: Please continue.
  • Female: It appears that our forces were obliterated swiftly after they sent out a distress message, but they did not see the enemy directly when it attacked. Either our enemy has range weaponry beyond ours or they are using advanced stealth units capable of fooling even our best sensors.
  • Elka: Hmph, sounds like these aren't the foolish natives.
  • Female: Our technology excels the natives, their is no way they could have advanced this quickly without our spies informing us.
  • Elka: Indeed, inform the admirals about this new information.
  • Female: I shall.
  • Elka: Before you go, please remember that weapons crewmen should not have such long hair when in combat. While it is fine now, please remember to put it up once we engage the threat.
  • Female: Y-Yes, Judge Cloden.

The Eldarisian then leaves and around another hour passes by before she rushes back. Her black shoes clank on the metal floor as alarms begin to sound. Elka looks around in shock as she rushes towards him.

  • Female: Our fleet is taking fire, but our shields are holding for the time being. I spoke with the admirals and it seems that our new objective is to find and conquer this vessel.
  • Elka: How does one conquer which one cannot see?
  • Female: Sylo Ethland has given direct orders to capture the vessel for Eldarisia. We will be able to spot them if we successfully hit their vessel with a tracking device.
  • Elka: Lead me to the admirals council room, we must discuss our plan once we attack them directly.

The Female leads Elka through several corridors that show the battle roaring outside. Small ships race across the stars as Eldarisian warrior class ships try their best to shoot down the enemy fighters. The capital ship and it's escorts fire constantly at the enemy fighters as more approach from the west. Flashes of green and blue fill the black void as balls of fire and metal bloom all throughout. After around ten minutes of walking, Elka eventually arrives in the large council room. Inside sits seven admirals who all sit on elevated chairs as they discuss the matter at hand. Their gray uniforms have streaks of gold that cover the shoulders and the side of their arm. They stop suddenly once they notice Elka and one speaks up.

  • Admiral 1: Judge Cloden, what can we do for you?
  • Elka: I need to know our plan for this battle.

The admiral who spoke then stands up and comes down from his chair. A large holograph of the capital ship then appears in the center of the room and a small spiked ball appears to the left of it.

  • Admiral 1: Eldarisian detecting device V2, known commonly for it's ability to send a signal to the creator in almost mere seconds. We will be able to constantly track the vessel once even one of these touches the metal plating of it's walls. Our ships are stocked with them and it seems that now we must use them.
  • Elka: So then what shall we do once we find it?

The admirals smiles warmly.

  • Admiral 1: We shall destroy it's engines and make it in mobile, then we will raid it directly with our ground forces stationed in our ships. We will also be sending virtual viruses into their systems, maybe we could also cut some other necessities off.
  • Elka: Excellent, so is their anything I can do for you?
  • Admiral 2: S-Simple watch us at our finest my High Prophet.
  • Elka: Then so be it, make me proud my brothers.

Elka then leaves a room with a smile and heads back to his command room.

The End of Contact

Catching the serpentEdit

As Elka returned to his comrades, the battle waged on as the enemies came in swarms. Soon the once empty space became a grave of metal and fire as the enemy continued to throw wave after wave at the fleet. As they moved forward, it seemed that it only became even more deadly, until finally a purple ray of energy striked the escort vessel next to the capital ship. The shields began fighting against the constant blast, but ultimately failed as it cut through the metal and destroyed the main core of the ship. Elka looked at this in horror as crewmen raced around him. Soon another purple ray emerged from the blackness ahead and another vessel fell. This continued until finally the culprit could finally be seen in all of it's strength and power. The capital ship moved into view of the true enemy, it was larger then even some of the biggest capital fleets in all of Eldarisia and it striked fear into the many. This was not the technology of the natives, this was the technology of something grander then even their enemies.

  • Elka: We must fire all weapons at that target, remember the admirals plan.
  • Crewmen: Yes Judge Cloden!

The once loud and clanking room soon went silent as all men focused directly on the target in front of them. Now that it had been revealed for sometime, Elka could finally see it fully. The vessel was massive, maybe even the size of two moons placed next to one another. It was mainly orange, but had tints of green and brown that streaked throughout the outer armor. It's weaponry was almost hidden as it blended in with the rest of the ship. As he observed the vessel, the same Eldarisian from before had returned once more.

  • Female: All enemy ships have retreated or have been destroyed, it seems our only threat is that one. The admirals have told me to inform you of our current status, we have lost several Isolator vessel and some missionary ships.
  • Elka: How long would you believe it would take for us to break through their defenses?
  • Female: The shields are similar to ours, they deflect projectiles completely. Yet our best hope is to continue firing until their shield generator is overloaded.
  • Elka: We have no time for such things, we must act now before we are all slaughtered. We must use the Fist of Cuth now.
  • Female: That super weapon is meant for targeting planet-based cities, not vessels.
  • Elka: Well this thing is around the size of a planet, it might help us lower the shields quicker.

The Eldarisian mumbles to herself and pulls up a communications network with the admirals. She explains the idea to them and they barely agree to it, but say they will put it into action quickly. Five minutes then go by and Elka waits impatiently for something to happen as more vessels are recorded as destroyed by the minute. Finally a blue beam begins hitting the enemy vessel and the shields withstand it for about a minute. Yet the shields fell since the beam continuously fired upon it. The admirals then appear on every gunners position in a holographic form and then speak.

  • Admirals: We have hit the vessel directly, time to unload all fire on the exposed portion.

The once sparkling vessel now had a large black hole upon it's beautiful art and sparks could be seen from even here as the enemy tried to repair it. Yet this soon stopped as the fleets firepower made the wound worse. Soon an explosion occurred from within the vessel and the enemies shields fell completely. This gave the dying fleet hope as they unloaded all weapons on the exposed ship. The enemy then fired their purple beam once more into the fleet and several alerts began appearing at Elka's command center.

  • Female: By Cuth, several of the admirals command centers have been destroyed.
  • Elka: We need to fire the Fist once more, further losses are unacceptable at this point.
  • Female: The Fist is currently recharging, we cannot fire it at this moment.

Elka sits back in his seat and let's out a frustrated sigh as the fighting continues.

  • Elka: Then let us see how this turns out, I have no plans on dying this day.
  • Female: Do not worry, this command center can detach at anytime. It was made especially for you by the High King.

Elka smiles when he hears this and quietly speaks to himself.

  • Elka: It's good to hear he still thinks of me in these dark times.

The two forces continued fighting on as ships after ship fell to the enemies beam, but soon the tides began turning as the Fist of Cuth recharged. The Eldarisian popped her head up quickly and spoke joyfully.

  • Female: Judge Clouden, the Fist of Cuth is ready for another strike.
  • Elka: Excellent, fire directly into the same area.

The Eldarisian nodded and another blue beam hit the vessel, this time it seemed to have truly hit the enemy hard as weaponry began to deactive for sometime and come back online. Soon the enemies ship stopped completely and the turrets all activated once more.

  • Elka: Hmm, they have stopped.
  • Female: Maybe they are focusing all of their energy on defenses.
  • Elka: Indeed, it seems our foes have finally slipped.

Elka activates his holo-projector and the remaining admirals appear.

  • Admiral 3: Yes?
  • Elka: I believe the enemy has finally been stopped.
  • Admiral 2: Indeed, it seems our plan is working after all.
  • Admiral 1: We shall focus all firepower on the enemies defenses, Elka I will give you permission to begin sending out the raiding parties as you see fit.
  • Elka: Thank you admiral, I will begin sending them within ten minutes.

Elka then closes the holo-grams and gets up.

  • Female: Shall I prepare the troops?
  • Elka: Indeed, I shall go with you to give my speech.

She gives him a curious look and nods, the two then make their way to the capital ships hangar. The gigantic room is filled with marching soldiers, tanks and transport ships awaiting deployment. Several groups have entered a formation and their commanding officer speaks to them, these are truly men with experience. Disciplined and holding themselves up despite the circumstances, these must be veterans of the Second War of Mirusian Coalition. A balcony lies on the upper level for leaders to give speeches, Elka happily walks over to it and quickly grabs the attention of the men. They look at him and he puts his hands at the end of the podium to look upon them.

  • Elka: My fellow brothers, sisters and children. Today we fight once more for Eldarisia and Cuth, we fight not for our enemies deaths, we fight for our survival and progression. The actions of today lead to the happy smiles our children have tomorrow. The High King gave me direct orders to give you and all who watch me from the other ships, kill only those who fight against us. Spare the civilian and capture whoever dares to lead this band of killers. Go forth, Cuth watches and he protects. Your officers carry the gift of Essence, protect them and you too shall find a strong ally at your side. This Elka Cloden and today I gave my blessing to capture this vessel!

Elka takes his mask off and raises above his head along with his amulet. The soldiers cheer, clap and so on as they enter the large ships and leave the hangar. Elka then begins his walk back to his command center and places his mask back on.

  • Female: I never knew the Judge was so passionate about the military.
  • Elka: Well you become passionate once you realize how much they really do for us.

She gives a slight giggle, which shocks Elka since it is seen normally as unprofessional, but he ignores it for now. They eventually make it back and see the transport ships entering the largely charred part of the ship they had hit twice with their super weapon. Elka simply watches as he thinks about all of the ways this could end, but stops as the Eldarisian puts a hand on his shoulder with a smile on her face.

The End of Catching the Serpent

Battle for Maiin-HaelEdit

The entire Habitat ship shook as another beam of energy struck the ship. The Visionaries gathered around their leader, all of them casting worried looks to the ceiling and the area around them.

  • Locrin-noth Leader - Our shields are buckling. We need to retreat.
  • Chassin'ra Leader - We cannot. The visions tell we will be boarded in this battle, there will be no escape for us. We must prepare for battle.
  • Locrin-noth - We cannot afford a boarding action! We will need every warrior we can for the future.
  • Karar'korak - Calm yourselves brothers. If the gods call us for battle, we will show them the wrath of the Children of Light Queen.

The mighty Chassin'ra rose from his council seat, his armor shinning in the low light as he grabbed his war spear.

  • Karar'korak - Ready the Disciples and Militia for battle. Activate our ghost warriors and ready for battle.

The gathered council of Elders nodded as they grabbed their weapons and helmets and ventured out towards the rest of the city ship, as Karak walked off to the twin automatic doors, walking out into the pale light that covered the city as the Multus Warriors began preparing their weapon encampements and Resurrected Ghost Warriors.

  • Karar'Korak - Come if you like, your kind will not leave here alive, Eldarisian.


As the weapons continued firing, Eldarisian soldiers began landing upon the vessel. Scouts began pileing out as they activated their gravity boots. It took around five minutes before an entrance could be found, but one was and it seemed to be in terrible condition. Blasted by the fire of an explosion, the door was half opened and lead to vents, elevators and many more. After finding this, the scouts reported back to base and the remaining troops were given permission to deploy. So entire platoons, squads and more deployed with plasma rifle in hand as they entered the newly found room.

  • Kelica: Well it seems were screwed when it comes to vehicles support.
  • Harolca: You always complain about these assignments, pirates are always easy to kill. We don't need taks to kill off some low lives who steal spice for a living.
  • Kelica: Radio command that we will need to find a new passage way for the Taks.

Harolca nods and activates his communicatiosn system.

  • Harolca: Call back the vehicle transports Judge Clouden, it seems we have only found a passage way for foot soldiers.
  • Elka: So be it, make me proud brother.

Harolca shrugs at Kelica.

  • Harolca: Happy Princess.
  • Kelica: Keep talking like that and I'll make sure to use you as my shield, brave sir knight.

Harolca chuckles and the two begin opening the vents and passage ways. The then allow the foot soldiers to go before them and then follow behind.

  • Harolca: That took forever to haul all of them through.
  • Kelica: What do you expect, it's not like we crawl around in the Homeland.

The vent leads down to a main elevator and one vent that leads elsewhere. The main group waits on the elevator and engineers begins tinkering with the elevator mechanism.

  • Officer: Kelcia and Harolca, take that vent and try to find a way for us to bring in our vehicles. We will need all of the support for this battle and since we only have foot reinforcements currently, I fear we may not get far.

The two salute him and go through the other vent into the unknown. They turn their lights and spot something ahead of them in the vent. They raise their rifles and fire at the unsuspecting figure, a scream is heard and then a thunk. The two move up and observe the body closely.

  • Kelica: N-Natives!
  • Harolca: Ugandalorian has been eliminated, it seems we have natives.

Elka hears this on the other line and smiles with fury in his eyes. He says nothing and the two continue onward into the vents, they eventually make it to what seems to be a hangar. Yet it is abandoned and no ships nor soldiers are around. The two then give the coordinates to the vehicle carriers and help guide them to this new point. Then the soldiers are also guided there and soon a small strong point is established in the abandoned hangar.


Karar crouched with the rest of his advisers, hidden within one of the spires inside the city-ship. One of the Mendel auxiliaries approached Korak, bowing.

  • Mendel - Blessed one, one of my scouts has stopped reporting. Life signs are down.
  • Korak - Then they are here. The Visions foretold of this. Withdraw your scout teams to defensive positions and await further orders.
  • Mendel - Yes, My Lord.

Karar turned to the rest of his advisers and military commanders, their weapons readied.

  • Karar - Send out our Scout teams to the hangar. Begin the ambush, and withdraw once the right amount of time has passed.
  • Commander - We need to rush them! We cannot let them get a foothold here!
  • Karar - Patience sister. Such would lead to the loss of too many of our own kinds'

lives. Patient hunters find their prey.

They all nodded as they prepared for the inevitable battle to come. While they waited, multiple Multus warriors ran ahead of the army, disappearing into a number of vents as they loaded their Long Rifles, and activated their cloaking fields.


As the soldiers began settling down, Officers started giving individual troops positions and areas to defend. Soon a small base was setup with a large vehicle company at their disposal. With the space warfare finally over, the Eldarisian ships began repairing themselves and calling in reinforcements.

  • Officer: Essence users, command says you must be positioned accordingly to this map. I expect complete and total confidence in Elka for he himself is a user. You will call upon your powers if required and the defense of our troops minds is absolute.
  • Officer 2: What shall we do with all of these vents?
  • Officer: Just send Kelica and Harolca to go setup some sensors and traps, their lazy right now anyways.

The two look at the officer with annoyed expressions as they stand up from their one minute relax break. They then get their armor on and grab the bag filled with sensors.

  • Kelica: So why are we putting up sensors if we don't even know what were fighting?

Before any officer can says anything, Elka cuts into the chat.

  • Elka: The one who watches over you has demanded it, failure to Cuth is failure to Eldarisia my dear.
  • Kelica: S-So be it.

Kelica stammered as she did not expect the Judge to be listening in on their conversation, her and Harolca then get about their job and begin placing sensors in the vents.

  • Harolca: Let's put down some of these poison traps to, I love to see them flying out of the vents in fear once they get a whiff of this!
  • Kelica: Sometimes I wonder if your sadistic or just blood hungry, but I see you're point.

They then place several poison traps within the vents, but not all since they eventually ran out. Soon the two were done and returned back to resting before they got yelled at again. Yet while the base seemed secured, Elka feared what may come.

  • Elka: N-Never have I had vision like these without meeting with the other High prophets.
  • Female: What do you mean?
  • Elka: I-I see Cuth watching, it's unbearable how this may end.
  • Female: Then what shall we do Judge Cloden?

Elka looks at her with a completely serious face.

  • Elka: I want more troops within that hangar now, strength is nothing when you fight the unknown. We have defenders, but no offensive personnel.
  • Female: Then I shall dispatch several more carriers to the hangar, I will also assign them on the offensive.

Elka nods and returns to waiting. Officers continued patrolling the hangar as more carriers entered.

  • Officer: The Offensive personnel have arrived, along with two elite squads. I need twelve officers to report to the northern part of the hangar for positioning the arrivals.


One of the scouts took position, still invisible to most sensors as he watched the Eldarisian's begin to bring in more troops. The Chassin'ra narrowed his four eyes as he watched.

  • Pathfinder - Great Leader, more Eldarisian's are arriving. It seems something has them spooked.
  • Karar - You and your warriors may strike when ready. Do as much damage, and retreat within the time limit. Not a second after.
  • Pathfinder - Yes lord, as the Fallen gods say.

The leader made a shrill clicking sound, within his helmet, signalling his warriors to begin their attack. He pointed his rifle at his first target, what looked to be an Eldarisian officer. With a cold smile, he lined it up his sights with the Officer's neck, and opened fire. The Long Gun made only a sharp snap, causing only a few of the more alert soldiers to look around in confusion. This all stopped the moment the officer fell to his knees, his head sliding clean off. There was a moments hesitation, before the troops began running about in terror and confusion, looking to find cover, some trying to find the invisible attacker.

His comrades opened fire, Shrieker rounds slashing through their targets as they began coldly selecting their targets. The Pathfinder leader fired off another round, slicing through the heads of three more Eldarisian, before reloading. He had 17 more minutes before Karar ordered a retreat. They where making good time. Reaching into his cloak, he took out a small Plasma charge, and tossed it at one of the landed vehicles, identified as a Tak. A moment later, a large blue explosion ripped through the heavy vehicle, destroying it and several Eldarisian soldiers near it.

10 more minutes. Reloading once more, he fired at one of the psychics, attempting to cut the youngling psyker before he could become a threat. It activated his telepathic shielding, blocking the Shrieker round, and attempted to probe around to find the Pathfinder leader's position. The sniper smiled. What a primitive being, thinking he could find a Multus Pathfidner with rudimentary psychic powers. He signaled his team, using the loud clicking from before, as three of his snipers opened fire on the psychic, cutting him down.

More plasma Charges flew out, tearing through the area. Finally, the time ran out. the Sniper didn't know the importance of it. His Mind-Seer had warned him to only keep the attack up for 20 minutes. Cutting down one more Eldarisian, he clicked another signal out, telling his team to fall back into the vents and back to the main force. He cracked his neck about before moving out back to the vents.


With the attack finally over, the Eldarisian troops awaited orders from their officers and command. Officers began establishing order once more and the patrolling began once more along with a task force to pick up the bodies. Elka sat quietly in his chair and contacted the admirals after hearing the news.

  • Admiral: Judge Cloden, what may we do for you?
  • Elka: Fire the Fist of Cuth upon the vessel, but fire it at this specific location I have marked for you. I assure you it will help us greatly in our struggle to take the ship.

The Admirals were then sent a map of the ship and an area was marked with a red X, it was labelled Southern ship Life Support. They took it and programmed it into the super weapon as the ground forces were warned to put their armors on and activate the support systems. Soon a shake could once more be felt throughout the ship as the life support systems for the southern part of the ship shut off. With a large fire explosion like before, the vessel became more compromised as the southern vents became cut off from the rest by a self-activated system to preserve the ships remaining contained areas.

  • Elka: Let us not forget who has the advantage truly.

The vents within the hangar also closed to preserve the life support and soon the stronghold was secured once again with only two ways in and out. The hangar gate to space and the main entrance.

  • Officer: Elites, the time has come to strike our enemies at the heart. Activate your stealth units and teleportation devices, the time has come to scout the area outside the hangar. Any and all enemies can be shot on sight, remember that they too may be using some devices similar to yours. Cuth be with you all in this struggle for victory.

The Elites then teleported away and appeared outside the hangars entrance, their stealth units were active and the soldiers began scouting. Outside the hangar was a small city district that appeared to be completely abandoned, while intact, it seems as if the populace has left this area in favor of another. After giving the news to command, soldiers and vehicles began moving out of the hangar and into the small and linear district. With buildings to occupy and the dark as cover, this would be a great area to ambush enemies and appears to be the only way into the hangar. The soldiers then began occupying the buildings and furthering their plans for taking the rest of the vessel. Inside some houses were holo-maps of the vessel, this alone was a big step forward since now the Eldarisian's were aware of how big the ship is, the cities landscape and the different areas they will need to conquer. __________________________________________________________________________

Karar looked around in silence at the rest of his comrades sat around him. Finally, one of the commanders reported.

  • Commander - Our life support is gone.
  • Karar - I know.
  • Commander - This is growing dire. We need to contact the other Habit Ships for help.
  • Karar - Calm yourselves. Everything goes as envisioned. If not, then the others know of our position. They will come here, see what has transpired, and wipe out the Eldarisian animals.
  • Commander - I would prefer to live, my lord.
  • Karar - We will, do not worry. Victory will be ours. Activate the defenses, and prepare for Dark Matter mode.

They nodded, as one of the advisers ran off to carry out his orders, while the jewel and light structures on their armor changed from a white color to black, and a purple glow began to cover their bodies, encasing them in another layer of armor.

  • Karar - All will be ready for our defenses.


  • Elka: This map of the city is rather useful, it seems we will need to strike the populace district next. Officers, once you leave this district, you will find yourselves facing towers built upon years of work. These towers are your next target, troops have been sent to assist you in your siege and advanced detection technology has been supplied for your soldiers. Kill all who stand against you and capture all civilians for deportation off the vessel. It seems these are not pirates we are dealing with, no this is something bigger then them. I want all engineers to be hacking into their databases for information on this place and the peoples within it. Also our reinforcement fleets we sent for earlier will be arriving within the hour, so please prepare for another wave of troops.

The officer sign off after his plan and begin to move it into action. The docile soldiers soon begin to march as taks, artillery and other vehicles drive their way towards the civilian district. Militia's begin firing from the windows and carry a dark aura around them as their armor takes more then originally expected. Soon artillery begins firing upon the towers as civilians run about in panic as fleeing Militia's either give up, retreat or die fighting. It was then that the Eldarisian's knew these were not pirates, but instead they were most likely the fabled Multus Esse that the Waptorian's boasted about so often in the past.

  • Officers: Capture those civilians and bring them back for deportation, we need as many as possible.

Soldiers begin intimidating Multus families as civilians become shackled and driven back to the hangar. Soon the entire district was in chaos as more troops poured into the lands and fought against those who would dare stop their progress.

  • Elka: Once we own this district, the rest will soon follow since this is the main travel route based on these maps.
  • Officer: We will have the district within thirty minutes Judge Cloden, it seems the Multus professional military is also falling before us. We will keep you updated as we continue our fight.

Elka smiles and sends carriers to go pick the capture civilians. They soon arrive to the vessel and are filled instantly with families. The carriers then leave and are brought to the prison ship that the fleet has with them.

  • Elka: All civilians shall remain on the prison ship until further notice, they will be key in obtaining what we want.


Karar watched as Multus Conqueror and Peacebringer tanks began moving into position, followed by the massive Ghost Warrior Walkers. The Warriors and Militia took positions in buildings and conclaves all over the sitting, weapons primed and ready.

Karar Rose to his full height, raising his arms above his head as psychic energy flowed out from his form.

  • Karar - Brothers and Sisters, be ready. The battle for our home and habitat Ship begins! Do not let these interlopers have our families without retribution! Let them fear the legacy of the most terrible race to grace this galaxy!

The Warriors let out a cheer as Karar and his commanders went out to the front to join them. This required every Multus warrior to stand guard against the coming night.


Karar crouched down with a group of Multus Disciples, their arm canons primed and ready. The minutes seemed to pass by as they waited for the approaching Eldarisian forces. This would be their last stand. They had no choices now. Finally, one of the Pathfinders contacted Karar.

  • Pathfinder - Leader, they approach. I have spotted several platoons of warriors and tanks, artillery and heavy walkers. I am pulling back.
  • Karar - Excellent, do not let them spot you.
  • Pathfinder - Wait...I hear something.

Karar waited, before he heard the sound of gun fire from within the communion device. The Pathfinder grunted as he brought out his knife, the sharp sound of it meeting armor stabbing into Karar's ears. Then he heard a groan of pain, as the Pathfinder in question was stabbed. He reached out telepathically, trying to find the location through his mind's eye, but the attacker was already gone.

  • Karar - All Pathfinders, pull back, they appear to be deploying more advanced sensor equipment.

He watched as his scouts began falling back, his mind seeing their souls and minds, bright and clear from the void that surrounded them. He probed a little further back, and saw the massed Eldarisian's, also bright, but their minds mere candles before the advanced minds of his people. Strangely, even their walkers bristled with life energy. He scratched his chin, before returning to normal space.

The Eldarisian lines approached Taks ahead of their other troops, plasma weapon batteries charged. Karar held up his hand, signaling his Conquerors to fire. Their lines flashed with purple-black energy as the rounds collided with the first few armored columns, dark energy splashing out as they hit the enemy. The Eldarisian's marched through it, some of the taks crumbling from the repeated barrage, but most getting within range to fire their own weapons. Plasma rounds hit the Conquerors, at first not able to make a dent in the super-natural armor formed around the vehicles, though more Taks where able to move upward, followed by their infantry platoons.

Rising from their positions, the Disciple Warriors and Protector Militia rose, firing Plasma Canon rounds and Rifle shots at the approaching infantry. 5 Ghost Warriors lumbered forward, firing off their Plasma Fusion canons at the enemy, as the Eldarisian returned fire, fire exchanged across the city as more Eldarisian's poured through.

The Tanks continued their duel, wreckage from both Tak and Conqueor tanks left smoking as the troops continued their battle. Karar and his Council moved forward, followed by a Cadre of elite Sky-lord walkers, Karar's eyes glowing as he lifted his hand, energy spilling from it. With a mere motion, he unleashed a psychic bolt of powerful energy, totally annihilating 3 Taks and several Eldarisian warriors, leaving only smoking armor behind.

2 mighty Ghost Titans ran by with unnatural speed for creatures their size, crushing down several Eldarisian Warriors, before one leapt upon a Tak, using it's claws to tear through it's armor, as the other layed down fire with it's Shrieker canons, before two Eldarisian Soul Walkers charged forward, meeting the Ghost Titans in a brutal melee.

Another Visionary at Karar's side unleashed bolts of psychic lightning, as one of the Eldarisian psychics raised her arms, blocking it with her own psychic powers. Hardly impressed, the visionary raised his hand to his head, lashing out telepathically, and attacking the psychic mentally. The hapless Eldarisian screamed in pain and terror as the Eldarisian soldiers turned their fire upon him, plasma rounds scorching his armor and shields before Alimbic raised his own, stronger shield to protect the group.

Eldarisian Jackal troops rushed forward, cutting down several of the Protector Militia, before being meet with the wrath of the Multus Apostle Warriors, Soul Blades clashing with Psionic Halberds as the two enemies danced and whirled around one another, one hardly able to keep up with the movements of each. Finally, 3 mighty Peacebringer tanks charged in, though slow, laid down a barrage of fire, cutting down Eldarisian soldiers and vehicles alike, before Eldarisian Breaker tanks returned fire.

Yet more Eldarisian's kept coming, more then even the ancient warriors of the Multus could counter. Giving a silent order that echoed in the mind of every warrior with him, Karar ordered them to fall back, before he and his council reached out their arms, focusing with all their might, and summoning a mighty storm of psychic energy, channeled right at the Eldarisian lines, and creating a huge blast, frying several of them, and sending tank and infantryman alike off their feet, and creating a huge dust storm. Karar crouched slightly, breathing heavily from the excursion. One of his advisers swiped with his hand, his telepathic reach swiping through the dust and clearing the way.

Only to reveal even more Eldarisian's marching forward. Karar's eyes narrowed as he watched. He knew the Eldarisians would have numbers on their side, but he didn't think they would be this prepared. Perhaps he was not the only one gifted with foresight. He smiled sadly as he and his conclave rose once more, weapons ready, before Karar motioned for them to stop.

  • Karar - We know what they want. I will not deny destiny this day.
  • Alimbic - Visionary, please! We cannot afford your loss!
  • Chassin'ra - These savages are to be repulsed, not be bargained with!
  • Karar - Do not let your pride blind you. That has lead our people down many dark paths. It is either my soul that goes to them, or the entire ship. Stand down.

Reluctantly, they followed, lowering their weapons as he marched forward, relaxed and tall, despite his fatigue, and stood in front of the Eldarisian's, the soldiers raising their weapons at him. He reached behind him, putting away his staff and raising his arms.

  • Karar - The Dance of War ends here. I am the leader of his Habitat Ship. Take me if you wish.

Three Eldarisian inquisition guards appear from the group with their golden armor shining before Karar, they point at him and slowly approach with energy swords drawn.

  • Guard 1: Follow us, Judge Cloden wishes to speak with you. Death will not follow if you simply obey.
  • Guard 2: You're...subjects shall be transported elsewhere, we simply we need to take you for now.
  • Karar - Since you asked so nicely. Go ahead. But do not broach too forcefully. My warriors will only comply so far.

The Guards place a hand on either side of him and place shackles upon his arms, gently they slide it on and lock it in place. The Eldarisian group then marches on as a single guard escorts Karar to a carrier. The other two guards repeat the process with other two who stood next to Karar.

  • Guard 1: Elka Cloden will wish to show you something important, please be prepared for an...experience. Enlightening is the best way to describe it.
  • Chassin'ra - Spare me your nonsense, youngling. I only comply to protect the Children of Main-Hael. Do not test my patience.
  • Guard 2: It is not for us to explain it, but we simply wish to inform you ahead of time.

Karar is soon put onto a carrier ship and transported by the third and only guard who has not spoken. The trip is around ten minutes and eventually they arrive to the capital ship, they leave the carrier and Karkar is walked down a long hallway to Elka's command center. Within the room is only Elka with his black robe and mask on, he sits in a cleared area with another chair directly in front of him. He looks up at them and remains silent as the guard sits Karkar down and leaves the room.

  • Elka: Karar, lord of Main-Hael, Essence user and Visionary. All words used to describe you and your position, it was interesting to learn about you when I accessed your vessels databases. I am Elka Cloden, Judge of Eldarisia and High Prophet of Cuth. The reason I am here is because of your nations current actions against my nation and people, while peace may have been reached earlier, it seems that you had no thoughts in your mind. So I brought you here to speak, to tell me your reasoning and to give me the objective you wished to achieve. I will then be willing to give you an offer if you explain truthfully.
  • Karar - *chuckles* First, let me thank you for calling us a nation. It is has been so long since the Multus Esse where called as such, it makes me feel giddy to hear it from one so young. Secondly, my people where here only to observe. We are close with our Mendel creations. When they spoke so negatively of you, our interest was piqued. Our intentions where only to observe from a far. When we arrived here, I received visions from the Fallen Gods of the Multus that bloodshed would come from this. It had me on edge. When your little fleet came here, I was only doing what I had to to look out for my kindred.
  • Elka: Hmm, so you say. Well it seems our little fleet was capable of sieging your vessel, but we could attribute that to another entity. You see, we are not evil or wishing for anyone's destruction. We simply have goals and we wish to achieve them, sadly your nations creations have normally been against those goals. I sit before you with kind words and hospitality, I am no brute bent on your death. I even offer you a gift, knowledge if you even wish for it.
  • Karar - Oh, I do believe you. No race is completely lost, except for those that bend to the will of the Primordial Truth. But our goals date back millennia in the past, before your kind even mastered rock and wood for fire. These creations are part of that goal, one we worry you are intervening with. But I am willing to listen.
  • Elka: I do not believe Eldarisia would have ever fought against your creations if not for the event involving an area of land. While my nation is not personally an original taker of land, we are but one of the few who were given it. Those colonies in Mirus were originally French colonies, but they gifted them to us. Most simply assume we took the land and cared not for what the others thought. While the past cannot be reversed now, we most likely would have been more diplomatic with your creations if they had known this. Even now they simply see us as invaders bent on their destruction when in reality, we just want to be left alone.
  • Karar - My eyes have pierced the veil of time, and seen Mendel, but in the thrall of your empire, sent to spy on their brothers. Tell me, what part of being left alone entails spying on them?
  • Elka: Spying on the Mendel is but an action taken by Eldarisia to make sure they have no intentions of war. The reason for the strong military before you is because of this question.
  • Karar - It will be a long while before our children trust you again. They have seen genocidal beings before, many of them our creations as well. The Imperium of War, the Unified Nations of Spode, the Leivathan Hive-mind and the Alpha Cyber Collective. Such has hardened them against such actions. If you truly wish for peace, then you should make it believable. If I where to go to the Mendel with what I know, War would be the result.

Elka sits back and removes his hood, he then takes his amulet out and sits it on his lap.

  • Elka: Now that I have feel informed, I will now give you a piece of knowledge before our discussion of this situation currently in front of us. As a High prophet of Cuth, I have an attunement with him and I wish to share this with you. It will not harm you, but it will show you something words cannot describe. He is the reason behind my ability to see the visions so do not simply dismiss it as non-existent.
  • Karar - Then I accept. But we interacted with our gods in the ancient past, so do not believe I am not ready. You may begin.

Elka smiles and takes his amulet, he then pushes it against his chest and puts his left hand on Karar's head. Soon visions enter Karar's mind and a voice speaks to him directly, not a voice of hate, but a calm and orderly voice. It shares with him the truth behind the actions before him, the true goals of Eldarisia and who the voice itself is.

  • Elka: Cuth seems to have taken a liking to you, but you are in search of Knowledge so that does make sense.
  • Karar - We are a race of scientists and shamans first, warriors second. The Quest for knowledge runs deep within us.
  • Elka: So now I have a proposal to give you and your people. Your vessel lays shattered and to solve this, my High King has had an offer on the table for sometime. You wish to be a nation, you wish to spread, you wish to return to your former glory and we can see that passion within you and your soldiers. So Eldarisia will be willing to give Main-Haeal the ability to colonize worlds. Your choice, your domain, your sector, region and so forth. You get to decide where it will go and we will spend our resources to make it possible. You are not our enemy and so I give you this offer in friendship.
  • Karar - A generous offer, but I am afraid not. The Multus Esse have chosen to be nomads for a reason. The Alpha Cyber Collective and their kin shattered our empire and left what you see before you. We move so we will not be locked in one area when they come to hunt us down.
  • Elka: You wish to rebuild your nation, fear not the wicked who dare threatens you. Instead take up the flag and lead your peoples future. Through passion can come success and through your wisdom, production and creations shall come protection, prosperity and a future with the Multus flag upon worlds.
  • Karar - Our course is meant specifically for the Final Prophecy and the coming of our last War God. It is through the path of the nomad and living on the edge do we come closer to his coming. Besides, it is much to dangerous. The Collective tracks us at every moment. If we stop for a second, they will come to assimilate us for our mistakes in the past. This is for the best. But I thank you for your generosity.
  • Elka: So then what can we do about this? The vessel you wish to use is shattered, it would take weeks to maybe an entire month for you to repair it along with our help. Your people hate us also and it seems you are the only one who understands that we are not here for death. Do you want us to simply help get you on your way? Establish a Embassy upon your vessel? I just do not see what else we can do.
  • Karar - *Smiles* The visions fortold of the damage we would take. Our Supreme Leader, Kossi'Valicar himself and our best Engineers shall be arriving shortly. If you are willing to help, then it shall be far shorter then you believe. My people do not hate you, but are more or less worried for you. We once walked a path of Knowledge and dominion over this entire galaxy. Our own hubris lead to our near extinction. We worry when others follow a similar path. Our attempts to look out for ourselves and keep what we thought was a threat down lead to the Collective assimilating our worlds and most of our people. You may establish your embassy. Just make sure those within it are ready. The life aboard these Habitat ships is one fraught with danger. Do not chose anyone but the strongest of mind and body.
  • Elka: We could just give you A.I's instead of actual individuals for an Embassy, if it is that dangerous. Our Artificial intelligence is rather advanced compared to even France. Your worry is also noted, but I believe that we will not fall as long as we remain and loyal and faithful to what we believe.
  • Karar - I will also demand you return those you captured to their Habitat Ship. If you value peace, then release our brothers and sisters back to us. Otherwise, everything is in order.
  • Elka: The civilians have been safely stored upon a ship meant to hold them. We will return them, but I hope your supreme leader is aware that we mean no harm. My reinforcements have already been informed, they now have workers active instead of soldiers. For now we must part, I hope next time we meet will be less stressed.

Elka suddenly puts his pointer finger up and the guard from outside the room comes back in. They then unshackle Karar and leads him to the carrier, they then assist them in it and return to Elka after they give Karkar some parting words.

  • Guard 3: This carrier will return you to the hangar, they have been informed of the meeting and so none will fire upon you. Our troops will be deploying back to our vessels within ten hours and your people will be arriving shortly back. Repair groups have also been sent out to help repair the damages done to your vessel, I hope you take Judge Cloden's generous nature to heart for many Mirusian's never see it.

The Guard then returns to Elka and takes their helmet off, revealing the young Eldarisian who has been assisting Elka since tte begining of this battle.

  • Elka: Good work my dear, it seems you may find yourself as an honored guard soon.
  • Eldarisian: Let's hope I get a chance for actual combat, it's so fun to watch the battles that take place!

Elka smiles and looks back to see the carrier fly towards the broken vessel and enter the hangar.

  • Pilot: Your subordinates have been ordered to await your return, you will find them at the entrance to this hangar.


Karar returned to his ship, walking out of the carrier to be greeted by the Council of Visionaries and a cadre of warriors waiting for him. He glanced about to look at the damage done to the ship. He hoped Kossi would be arriving soon.

  • Alimbic Leader - Leader, I trust your stay there was not painful?
  • Karar - No, my friends. Everything is fine...for now.

They began to walk towards the central city of Maiin-hael, as their drones and Wraith-Singers got to work repairing the damage.

  • Chassin'ra Leader - What of the visions of Mendel spies, what is to be done?
  • Karar - We will wait for Kossi's arrival. If anyone is to be trusted in these dire times, it's our Hierarch.
  • Chassin'ra - As you say.

They contiued down to the city in silence, only the sound of repairs filling in the city ship now.


Soon after Karar's release, the Multus Esse reinforcements arrived with orders to not fire upon the enemy. Instead the reinforcements assisted with the repairing of the vessel and transporting the captured citizens back into Maiin-Hael. The Eldarisian fleets would also arrive and simply escorted Elka back to safety after their workers did what they could for the damaged city-ship.

Eldarisia was pleased with the conflict since it shed light on the Multus Esse and they also obtained a vast amount of knowledge on them and their creations. The hacking of their knowledge vaults during the siege ended in a large extract of information that scholars and the High King would soon look upon. A embassy was established on Maiin-Hael and the workers within it were only A.I. since the dangers that Karar warned about seemed too much for any who volunteered. These rewards along with a military victory would lead to Eldarisia believing this conflict as a huge success.

The Multus where left even more uncertain then when they had started. While they now knew the Eldarisian's goals, other things eluded them. As the workers labored to make the ship worthy again, Maiin-Hael's Council, Karar and Kossi spoke for many hours on what was to pass. One of the worries addressed where the Mendel spies under Eldarisian control. If they told the Mendel, they risked starting a bloody war once more. Ultimately, the Multus had to chose to wait and see what would happen, but still watch and be weary of the Eldarisian's. After all was finished, Karar met with Hierarch Kossi in private, telling him of a strange presence in his mind, and visions from somewhere else other then the Gods of the Multus. Concerned, Kossi told him to keep the matter private, until the Hierarch could send his own Seers to investigate Karar's Mind and see what had passed.

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