The MeetingEdit

October 26th, 2804 The Covenant of Mirus' special meeting rooms.

The morning was cold and damp, rain constantly hit the glass of the well lit room that Sikolia sat in. Elka sat in the far left of the gray room and sipped silently on some Eldarisian wine as he awaits any orders from the young representative. He wears a long black robe that is traditional to Eldarisia and his religion, his hood also is up so his face is not revealed to much. Normally used to intimidate enemies of Cuth, this attire was only chosen to keep attention away from Elka and to allow him to hide weapons encase of a incident. On the other hand, Sikolia wears a business outfit; with a white long sleeve top that has frills at her wrist and a black skirt that goes over her knees. She sits in a metal chair with comfortable padding and looks outside the window and at the dark, dreary weather that is so common in the colder months of Eldarisia. While Elka remains silent, Sikolia constantly stirs her wine as she waitings nervously for the Mendel diplomat to arrive. With hidden cameras that are used to record the meeting and any threats or dangers, Sikolia feels some form of protection. It was already one in the afternoon and they had only five more minutes before the scheduled meeting would begin, the two started to fear that the Mendel may have blown the meeting over. After realizing the time, Elka looks at Sikolia and asks a question.

  • Elka - Are you sure this is not a trap?

Sikolia only shrugs, which makes Elka become more aware and suspicious of this whole meeting; he stands up.

  • Elka - If you will excuse me, I will be outside and getting more wine for the room.
  • Sikolia - Go ahead, but remember to return at the first sight of any Mendel's.

Elka nods and leaves, with only the sound of the metal door closing to comfort her. Around two minutes goes by and a hurried Elka comes back into the room with seven wine bottles and a holo-projector. Sikolia stands up and looks at him questioningly, she then puts her glass down and crosses her arms.

  • Sikolia - What is with all of the wine and this projector?
  • Elka - T-they are here, I decided to get some extra refreshments encase of any heated moments. This projector is actually mine, you can use it to display information.

Sikolia laughs and sits down, facing the door.

  • Sikolia - You do realize that they cannot drink our wine, it would most likely poison them after they take a single drop.
  • Elka - Well I guess more for us then, afterwards though.

Elka then sits down with his hood back up and his amulet showing across his covered chest, he sits in silence as Sikolia smiles passionately; in a excellent attempt to hide her true feelings of nervous fear. Loud steps echo outside the room as they get closer and closer, until finally the door knob turns and marched in the Mendel diplomatic group, one of them dressed in fine robes of satin and other clothes, and followed in by 6 Mendel warriors, and 2 drone units. The Diplomat was a tall Ugandalorian, his eyes bright and alert as he studied the 2 Eldarisians, as the 5 warriors took position near the door and behind, staying out of his way, as the leader, dressed in a a more ritualized design of armor, took position behind the diplomat, as the two drone units flanked his side, floating near his chest.

  • Diplomat - I hope I didn't keep you waiting. I am Barkka Juvonan. I speak for the Mendel High Kings. Let's get started, shall we?

Elka remains in his seat and quiet while Sikolia stands up to shake the hand of the diplomat. Barkka takes it, giving a firm hand shake, he then sits down and gives a polite bow.

  • Sikolia - I am Sikolia Heli-9 of Eldarisia and this is Elka Cloden, the highest judge within our religion.

With her aristocratic voice, Barkka felt somewhat secured about these talks. While, like most Mendel, he did not care for those of "high class", he had dealt with enough races to get used to them, and he himself tended to listen to the individual, and not the voice. She did seem capable. Elka on the other hand made him nervous. He knew not all the details, but he had heard quite a bit about an individual named Elka. He brushed it aside from his mind. Elka's actions where for another time. While Sikolia seemed rather energetic, Elka seemed somewhat removed from everything going on around him; to the point where it felt like he was not in his own mind. The robed figure remained silent as Sikolia sat in a seat next to him.

  • Sikolia - So, what would you like to discuss first? Business, entertainment or both?
  • Barkka - *Smiles* How about business.
  • Sikolia - I have around seventy topics of interest, but I have categorized them into only ten topics overall.

Sikolia leans forward in her seat and activates the Holo-projector, it then projects ten different symbols. The flag of Waptoria, the symbol of Cuth, the Mirus galaxy, the Covenants symbol and Eldarisia's flag. It only shows five despite her saying their were ten topics. As this happens, Elka pours himself a glass of wine. Barkka cocked an eyebrow in mild surprise, but kept silent. Perhaps the Eldarisian had something planned.

  • Sikolia: Here are the main topics of interest, our past with Waptoria, our religions teachings and goals, our Mirus goals, the Covenant and Eldarisia as a whole. So which would you like to discuss first?

The Eldarisian smiles brightly, showing perfectly aligned teeth and a hint of nervousness and security. The reason for this is because of the hidden cameras within the room and the fact that she had a essence user along side her.

  • Barkka - *smiles cooly* Let's discuss your goals for Mirus and the like. We'll find some common ground there. Possibly.
  • Sikolia - Our goals for Mirus are actually pretty peaceful then from what some may think. We wish to expand our Mirus colonies away from the other powers, to cease any border tension, we also wish to industrialize these new worlds within Mirus for trade and Military purposes. See, our colonies here are some of the most production focused and loyal to Eldarisia, along with tyranny factories and their technology; we have created an amazing group of people who are work oriented and ready to create anything for Eldarisia.

As she speaks, several images appear from the projection and show a variety of different things. From pictures of happy citizens at work, to charts showing the increase in population and economic growth within the colonies.

  • Barkka - *nodding* Understandably. You wish to see your colonies and people happy. Who wouldn't? Though this does bring us to our next subject, your dealings with the Waptoria.

Sikolia sighs as the projector changes to a picture of the Waptorian flag.

  • Sikolia - The Waptorians are a group of people we still have conflict with as you may know. While most may think that the Eldarisian-Waptorian Conflict originated from differences in ideals, it did not. The original reason for war was mostly because of contact with our religions deity, who instructed us to destroy the Waptorian world known as Vecila. His reason: To show the power of Eldarisia and to punish those he found so far gone to the point of not being able to be saved at death. This was never applied to Waptoria as whole, only the major leaders of Vecila. That is our reasoning for war with them.

The holo-projector shows a series of images during the war, from the burnt chapel on Vecila, to the super weapon Eldarisia uses known as the Galkaian seekers.

  • Barkka - Hm, it is difficult to justify your peaceful goals with your actions. Your deity doesn't strike me as a very peaceful type, if you don't mind me saying. An outsider might even say that your actions bordered on genocide.
  • Sikolia - Cuth is a stern god, he desires justice and order; but not tyrannical order. He is peaceful, but only when he finds justice available for the wicked. An example: He will not command us to attack a nation that is a friend since we have respect with that nation and influence that can destroy the corruption within it. But, those who are against us, end up with very sad punishments that scar them for sometime or even eternity. Genocide of the Waptorian's is but an example of a scar upon a once enemy on the battlefield. The exact reason for it to have even happened was because of what we witnessed on those frontier worlds. While their worlds in their heartlands and beyond may be peaceful and rather calm, the cluster we stumbled across were chaotic and filled with evil. Not what we stamp as evil, but what all see as evil. Whether these were worlds inhabited by a minor sect of that Ishaa'nesh godess, or where part of a wider complex, we are not certain. But we were sure that these worlds could no longer exist with such evil, while we could have captured them; we found that to be to challenging based off of the pride that Waptorians hold and the amazing amount of biologically twisted lifeforms they could muster, this is what lead to our ultimate decision of using the Galkian seekers. Some may find it immoral and wrong, and trust me I can relate and understand why; but it was our only option.
  • Barkka - I have a lot of trouble buying some of this. What you hold as sin is very different from what other races may hold as sin. For a god, this Cuth appears very narrow-minded. And I'm glad you reminded me of the Galkians, because I brought my own holograms.

He pressed a button on his wrist as one of his drones lowered itself slightly, it's disc-like top opening as various holograms appeared, each showing the various civilian causlities caused by the Galkians.

  • Barkka - I see a lot of women and children in these holograms. Are we seeing the same thing?

As if to answer his question, a breeze of cold air fills the room. Sikolia remains silent as Elka stands up quickly and speaks with his intimidatingly deep voice that holds the aristocratic style along with slightly hidden anger. Elka puts his hands on the table as he rises above the diplomat and looks down upon him.

  • Elka - I was not aware that capturing trade vessels and slaughtering those within them for being loyal to our ways was also allowed. Or are we seeing the same thing?

The lead warrior in the ancient suit of armor stepped forward, hand on his sheathed blade.

  • Artiko - Not quite fun now that the shoe is on the other foot, is it, killer?
  • Elka - See, those people, those women and children were killed because of what happened there. There where indulgences as far as the eye could see. The goddess they worshiped, in the way they did, made lust run wild without any checks. The children on that world were just as damned as their parents, making love with whatever aliens they could find as part of their lifetime cycle instead of sticking to their own kind! Absolutely horrid! We had over fifty love crimes a night when we tried to simply control them for the remaining time of the war. So do not act as if they were innocent, for I saw no soul that could redeem their people. Cuth is a god who shows justice and justice can be cold, kind, bloody, peaceful and even destructive towards the punisher or the receiver.
  • Artiko - So, your saying those children where beyond redemption? I see no justice when the fields are filled with young ones cut down before they have a chance at life. We have our own gods, none of which, no matter how blood-thirsty or warlike, have ever condoned such an act.
  • Elka - I am a judge for Cuth, my life is to judge the wicked, to decide their faith and eventually death or punishment. Everyday I sit and have the weight of thousands of souls on my shoulder, some wishing for justice and some wishing for redemption. Cuth does what no other does because he must, for a future of order and peace.

The room becomes colder as Sikolia's hologram shuts off from inactivity, Elka sits back down slowly and the room begins to return to a warm temperature. Sikolia then begins to speak with slight stuttering from total shock as to what Elka had just done.

  • Sikolia - Y-yes, their is also the concern of you killing our civilians when capable. Our people are extremely loyal and taught so at birth, so reeducation is a very unsuccessful way of going about.
  • Barkka - Then stay out. We know perfectly well what your Cuth demands. We know you want to dismantle our culture and replace it with your own. My kind tend not to like that sort of thing.
  • Sikolia - You mistake choice with force, we do not force our views and religion on others, we only give it to those who want it. This explains why those who have it are not disloyal or very destructive towards us. The French Bunsen colonies are a good example of a people who have chosen to accept our faith and culture. If your people wish for neither one, then we will not give them to you.
  • Barkka - Then let it be known, the Mendel want none what so ever. In exchange, we will stop the capturing of Eldarisian citizens, but be sure they keep their beliefs to themselves.

Elka smiles and even with the hood above his head, Barkka could feel the delight and entertainment he was getting out of this whole conversation.

  • Elka - Good, so what else must we discuss?
  • Barkka - I believe we also where to discuss the goals of your kin for the Covenant and the like.
  • Sikolia - Well, you already know our goals for the Mirus colonies, but you do not know our goals for the Covenant and it's members.
  • Elka - The Covenant is an organization we wish to see prosper and expand, we want to see what it is capable of and how far it can go towards our goal of order. The members within it are to be treated as any other faction we cooperate with. While we do disagree on subjects and have had a past, we have a honor towards organizations and treat all within it equally.

Sikolia sits down and refills her wine glass as Elka stands up with a less hostile manner.

  • Barkka - Sounds noble enough, but be aware, we Mendel have had many demagogues in our history give our people such honeyed words. You'll have to forgive us if we're a little skeptical until proven otherwise.
  • Elka - You do not understand, we are not like other nations. We are not weak liberals or corrupted politicians, for we are religious men and women who wish for the progression of our people, nation and religion. We do not lie when we tell you these words, for lieing will lead us nowhere but into the same hell that the corrupted fall into.
  • Barkka - Can you keep your dog on his leash, I prefer to speak with a diplomat, and not a extremist inquisitor. And while you are not "weak liberals", you are religious extremists who have shown that you have no qualms about using whatever means needed so long as your little god is ok with it. Trust me when I say it's hard to trust someone with such an itchy trigger finger.
  • Elka - We have discussed the issue about the citizen abductions, so why not speak about our extremism as you could call it. You see, you are simply not understanding the situation. You and others in this universe use the same methods as us, but you only use it on those you marked as unworthy of life. An example: the Xhodocto. A faction of universe destroyers and bent on the domination of all, this is true, but are they really deserving of being slaughtered instead of being reeducated? Those who follow the religion and are not demons, you find them incapable of hope and so you kill them. You are nothing but a hypocrite.
  • Barkka - Except we have never had dealings with Xhodocto worshippers. They briefly lived in our galaxy, but we never had close encounters. But, know this, we have the same treatment for any that act just like them, ready to slaughter and burn those who don't follow their dogma. Tell me, would you try and save a rabid dog? Try reeducating someone corrupted by the Xhodocto. They are lost.
  • Elka - Welln maybe we held that idea of lost toward another faction in the past. You simply reinforce my point since your excuse is them being lost, maybe we find the ideals of another so far gone to the point of being dangerous and capable of the destruction of others by simply existing.
  • Artiko - Tell me, savage, when was the last time the Waptoria summoned demons, or destroyed civilizations? Have they ever slaughtered most of the Universe's population in a mad crusade?
  • Elka - Demons come in many forms, sometimes through sin and actions. So yes, they have summoned demons; but not in the physical form of a being. I am also sure they have destroyed civilizations in their past, how else would they have united all of those people behind a single idea and way of life. But the last one is tricky since one can kill a person through many means; physical, mental and spiritual. I would say that they have killed their people off through spiritual means, this is because of their lack of discipline and acceptance of almost anything that does not shoot them in the face.
  • Artiko - We Mendel have stood with the Waptorian since ages past. We almost fought over differing ideals. Trust me, they accept those willing to join them. You will find many Orgaat and Walgolorian in their borders, and you would find many of the Waptorian species within ours. However, you have no right to speak of destroying other races spiritually, you also have conquered others and forced them into your culture, have you not? You just tried to destroy the Waptorians off for their religion. Do not accuse them of sin when you have committed it worse.
  • Elka - Those that are within our walls are there for their own safety and future. They joined and those who did not are most likely drifitng through space as skeletons since they were a small minority. Waptoria was attacked by us for a reason you already know, I believe Sikolia explained it earlier.
  • Artiko - So you admit that, if they had not joined you, you would've destroyed them. The Waptoria does not destroy, they negotiate and talk. The only races that do not join are the ones like the Alpha Cyber Collective, who strip whole planets bare. And your reasons are preposterous. How can we trust your god is real, and actually spoke to you?
  • Elka - Those who do not join were allowed to leave, I assume that they died from a lack of resources and personal. Also our reasoning for Cuths existence stems from the events that happened on Cyloia after the founding of Eldarisia. Along with our prophets that communicate with him, the constant spiritual presence on our worlds only and the fact that entities of extreme power have revealed themselves as angels of Cuth are our reasons.
  • Artiko - How do you know you are not dealing with a high powered alien of a begone area? You blindly follow, without thinking. And those aliens that join, do they keep their culture, their traditions, their own believes? Or are they stripped of all identity like the planet-eaters I spoke of?
  • Elka - They are not aliens, any fool could see that.

Elka touches the Eldarisian hologram and gets out a flash drive and places it within the device. The images soon fade and a tall being wearing armor appears and seems to be made out of pure energy, besides his armor plating. It is not aware of anything around it and begins to speak.

  • ??? - In the time since our creation, Cuth has found arrogance and stupidity within almost all races he has come across. So instead of finding a race that is of value and worthy of our servitude, Cuth instead created one and a planet for it's future. You call this by the name of Cyloia, we call it Heavlo. You are an Eldarisian, you shall lead this universe into an age of prosperity and order, through you and all of Eldarisia. The other races are nothing compared to you and will understand nothing you shall do in your life, that is because they are unworthy of leading all to glory. So spread the word, spread the news and bring those around you into the warm arms of Cuth.

Elka smiles and folds his arms as the device stops.

  • Elka - That was recorded on Cyloia during the crusade that happened upon it, a scouting party was lost and was found by this entity. It soon left, but they recorded what they could within the time available. Several events have occurred with entities similar to this, along with direct communication with Cuth through the prophets has lead to our undying loyalty and faith that he exists.
  • Artiko - And how does that prove he is a god? High powered races, of the time of precurors and the like, can summon incredible power like that as well. How do you know a highly advanced race of essence users isn't using you? I've seen many essence users give similar light shows. I've fought creatures very similar to that one. Energy-based, reside in armor. They're powerful, but they're mortal.
  • Elka - The fact that I show you evidence, their direct communication and no evidence of holographic technology tied to this enitity has made me dumbfounded that you are so stubborn. Must I bring it here as a pet to satisfy your denial?
  • Artiko - I'm not talking holographic toying and photo manipulation. How do you know that's an angel, god or what have you, and not a highly advanced alien?
  • Elka - You're curious, yet unable to realize the obvious. I am a judge for Cuth, I cannot give you a scientific atomized answer as to what it was, all I can give you is what I have currently. Other then that, how come I hear so much about myself from within the Pact? I was not aware that my duties and position were so valuable for you all to know.

Sikolia looks at Elka and he instantly sits down, but still participating.

  • Sikolia - We can return to our business, Barkka, if you wish. Unless you would like to answer Elka's question? For I am curious also as to why he is so known.
  • Barkka - Why yes, I think we should...
  • Artiko - Not so fast! You can't give an answer cause you have none. You blindly trust a being and assume he's a god because he gives you a pretty light show?

Elka smiles and actually unleashes his Essence abilities upon the weapon Artiko carries. The gun slowly begins to freeze as ice covers it completely and breaks it into pieces.

  • Elka - You blindly trust your weapon and assume it is capable of firing a pretty light show, but now it is nothing.
  • Artiko - We have Koatria who can do that exact same thing. Waptorian, Mendel, what have you, and they do not gain their powers from a god. And you have still not answered my question.
  • Elka - Did I not? You trust your weapon greatly and believe it capable of protecting you, similar to how I feel about my god. But your weapon feel apart before your eyes and you have no major scientific explination as to why it occured, similar to how Cuth's angel appeared and yet their is no major scientific evidence as to why it exists our is even capable of remaining invisible to our sensors. Yet you still believe those ice pieces to be a weapon and yet we still believe that angel to be servant of Cuth.

The Artiko reached into his hip and pulled out his Claymore, as Barkka rose to object. Instead, the warrior merely placed it on the table, for the two Eldarisians to see.

  • Artiko - I forged this blade with my uncle when I came of age with my brother. I held this blade in my hand as I slayed Darkling and Rebel Mendel alike, as a young soldier, a shock Trooper, and Super Commando, before gaining the rank of Artiko. I believe it to be a weapon because it has done as I asked it to, and it proved itself a weapon. As your god ever appeared on a beam of light? Have his angels ever reshaped moutains and sky to prove their power? No, they merely appeared and said what "Cuth" wants and you took it as fact.

He took his sword and re-sheathed it, before crossing his arms.

  • Elka - That sword is an object able to be controlled; Cuth is not controllable. Our god has done many things throughout our history on Cyloia and has appeared several times in a form similar to that entity. He spoke to us, made us respect, love and fear him at the sametime and lead us to the founding of civilization. Along with his angels, he forged the stone statues that remain on Cyloia, unaltered by time and war. He has been seen, he has taken action and he has his thoughts on us and you. Cuth is active, but he does not shape other worlds because of entites that would wish to hinder him and stop his progression if he were to move power elsewhere. He is strong, but he fights a war against demons with immense strength, some of which are worshipped by people not of our nation.

Elka points at his Claymore.

  • Elka - You say you forged that, but I cannot believe you unless I witnessed it with my own eyes, but you cannot reverse time and prove it because time only moves on. But I believe and have faith that you forged it, so I ask that you believe and have faith that I am also speaking truth.
  • Artiko - You honor me with such words, but I cannot hide my doubts. Time has done much to etch away my own faith, much less an alien's. So forgive me if I am still skeptical.

Elka bows and looks at Barkka.

  • Elka - You may continue.

Elka then sits down with a smile on his face.

  • Barkka - Yes, and, Corin, please try not to start another fight, please. I'd perfer to avoid any un-needed bloodshed. *sighs* Where were we?
  • Sikolia - We had just finished discussing our goals when it comes to the Covenant.
  • Barkka - What else, my dear?
  • Sikolia - We can still discuss Eldarisia or something of your choosing since that is the last topic I have. Elka has suprisingly acomplished most of our topics through his debate with Corin.
  • Barkka - Ah, yes, religion, politics, wars. Such fine things. I believe we have talked enough. This has shed light on a good many things, but I will have to report back to my lords of course to see if we can steer things in a less..barbaric path.
  • Sikolia - Well, then. Have a good day.

Sikolia deactivates her device and helps the Mendel out of the room. After a brief farewell, the two return to the room and obtain their hidden camera. They push a botton underneath the table and a camera appears in the left hand corner. They take the whole thing and pack it up. As they pack, Sikolia looks at Elka.

  • Sikolia - Thank you for coming. Tt is a pleasure to have one of the high prophets and a friend along with me on work.
  • Elka - Indeed, the Mendel are going to be the hardest to convince out of all of the natives. I believe we have done well today.
  • Sikolia - Only Barkka can answer that question. Let us get this recording to the High King, we must report to him in two days.
  • Elka - I will get the ship started.

Elka leaves as Sikolia cleans up the ice mess and gets everything see needs. She leaves the white corridor and enters the main entrance. The room has white tile flooring and windows showing the dreary weather still persisting outside. She see's Elka return and he picks up their stuff and they enter Sikolia's private Scoutain. The last they see is Barkka and his men as they board their own ship. Sikolia sighs and the two feel relieved as they had just faced one of the toughest opponents to the stability of the covenant. With hope for a good report, Sikolia and Elka pray that Eldarisia is seen in a better light because of this since their interests and expansion into Mirus counts on it.

As Barkka and his guard enter the Transport, he turns toward the Artiko.

  • Barkka - You seem very angered at religious topics.
  • Artiko - I do not have issue with their religion. I have issue when they use it as an excuse to genocide.
  • Barkka - *nods slightly* Do you believe their claims of rape and child molestation on those worlds?
  • Artiko - We have stood with the Waptoria for ages. They have their eccentricities, but so do our Vanara and Volver allies. We will have to just bring what we heard and recorded to the High Kings and go from there.
  • Barkka - Indeed. Let us, or at least me and the others, pray to Zaraturai for guidance in these dark times.

The Artiko snorted as the transport picked up and made it's way back to Mendel space.

The End

Aftermath Edit

After the meeting on Oct 26th, the Mendel declared that, while they would be more open to the Eldarisian's diplomatically, the Council would still maintain isolation towards Eldarisian visitation and especially towards missionary work. They would need time to process other claims, such as the debauchery the Eldarisians claimed to encountered on the world of Vecila, though many voiced that the Eldarisian's where trying to divide the natives further with lies. The Council remained generally silent on the reports of the Waptorian behavior on Velcia, and many within the Council asked if Eldarisia did had not mistaken the "Waptoria" with one of their splinter groups.

Eldarisia overlooked the evidence found on the footage and was quite pleased with the newly elected minister of foreign affairs. Sikolia Heli-9's work and diplomatic abilities were praised and respected by Eldarisian officials, while Elka was also praised for his defense of Cuth and quick thinking when the Artiko became angered. Overall, Eldarisa saw the meeting as a success and believes it dispelled many rumors, while maybe verifying a few. The meeting displayed Eldarisia's ability on a diplomatic scale, their power, influence, quick thinking and ability to even cause enemies to yield the sword.


  • It also became possible since Ecoraptor gave Knight Alien the idea of creating meetings with the natives for a better understanding.
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